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Well my first tt was done 6 months ago....had a...

Well my first tt was done 6 months ago....had a serious seroma which i had drained....after the draining the layers of skind never adhered and scar tissue began its did the surgery for free but im stil paying by being cut up again....scar looks amazing...this time im wearing my compression garment w a layer of anti-allergenic foam under it...i dont seem to b forming the creases that the garment itself makes on my skin...anywYs just thought id share...good luck to u all


I'll be seeing this Dr. for my TT in about 3 weeks. What's your overall rating on him as well as your end result? Do you feel he pays attention to detail on what the PT needs and wants are?
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Yes he was a great PS...whatever issues i had he adressed and fixed....the staff is competent and the anasteseologist was amazing.... Good luck w ur surgery recovery and new look
Thank you so much for the reply. It means so much to me to personal feedback from past patients. ;) Tks again Hun... How are you feeling these days?
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It was good

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