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Ready to Get my Body Back...- Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey everyone, I'm 20 years old. I had my first son...

Hey everyone, I'm 20 years old. I had my first son 3 months ago, he's the best thing that ever happened to me. But unfortunately during my pregnancy I gained 65 pounds out of being greedy lol. (it's not really funny:/ ) I was 124 before my pregnancy now I am 175, (wtf). I hate how I look, and how I feel about myself. I hate to admitt it but I'm so insecure now. I used to be on top of everything but now it seems like everything is on top of me. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. My boyfriend doesn't mention my weight, he acts like its okay. He doesn't want me to do the surgery but he doesn't understand how I feel. I really don't want anymore kids, I wasnt ready for my son but he's here and I love him to death. But here I am now 175 and insecure... I'm doing a TT in a couple days, 03/11/13... I'm scared as hell but they say it's a piece of cake compared to my c-section... After I have this surgery I'm keeping my figure, a lot people gain weight after (witch is crazy). But not me I'm to conscious of my weight... I pray everything goes well and I get my body back... (or close to it)...

I too am getting my TT on monday 3/11, also in ft Lauderdale. Good luck and ill see you on the flat side. ( I havent done my review yet)
I guess your gonna be flat before me I got my dates mixed up. :-(
Really... just hang in there. The day im sure is right around the corner and you'll be there in no time. Good luck

Crap I got my dates mixed up I'm doing my tt on...

Crap I got my dates mixed up I'm doing my tt on Tuesday 03\12\13 I guess I was to excited. Anyways until then I'll update you guys...
I had two c sections, and my tummy tuck was much harder to get over. No way was it a piece of cake. Your scar is going to be so much bigger than a c section scar. Your belly looks like you have very few stretch marks. It looks really good. You could maybe try myfitnesspal.com to help you get the weight off. A tummy tuck is not going to take 50 pounds off. You could also try Tupler Technique to help your ab muscles get back in shape. I ordered the belt, the video, book and reminder card and used it as directed. After just two weeks, I dropped from size 9 jeans down to a 5 because my belly got that much smaller. The whole program can take up to 6 months to complete, but I was thrilled with the early results I got. I still had a tummy tuck to deal with saggy skin, and a hernia. If my belly had looked as good as yours, I would have skipped the HUGE hip to hip scar. Your belly looks so good, with some time and work you could save yourself a lot of pain and about $5900. Look up tuplertechnique.com and try it first. You can postpone your surgery for a few months to try it and give yourself a chance to skip the scar. There are before pics on there that look just like yours. And, having done both, I promise that doing the exercises and wearing the belt are much less painful than recovering from a tummy tuck.
sorry i don't know why that has come out twice...
I certainly wouldn't say that a C-section is a piece of cake compared to a tummy tuck, you have got to be kidding. I have had 3 C-sections and they were all easy with very quick healing time and i was very much up and about in a short time. I'm 6 and half weeks post op with my tummy tuck and no way would i say its a piece of cake compared to C-section. I was hunched over for 4 weeks and i still feel stiff in my belly and still have bruising. I'm happy with results but it has taken a long time to get back to normal. I wish you all the very best and i know that everyone heals differently so i wish you a speedy recovery.

Okay I'm soooo nervous......... I go in at 8:30a.m...

Okay I'm soooo nervous......... I go in at 8:30a.m tomorrow, I hope everything goes good... I will update as soon as Im drug free lol....
Good luck with your journey girl, happy healing!
I'm surprised they will give you a TT so soon after giving birth. To get the best results from a TT you should be in VERY good shape, this will also help the healing process. I worked out hard for 1 year prior to my TT, i'm 6 weeks post op and am still sore and I can't lift too much, even rolling over in bed is difficult. Its the most intense plastic surgery there is. I wish you good luck, its a long hard road to recovery.

Helllllooooooo!!!!!! I did it, and I feel great....

Helllllooooooo!!!!!! I did it, and I feel great. Pain killers are my best friend at this point. It actually did go better than my c-section but everybody do heal different. Today is actually the day after my surgery and I can stand straight with my meds only. I went to go see the doctor and he said wow you look good for someone who just did surgery. Honestly my results are exactly what I wanted, I'm thin again. I have drains on each side but they do not bother me, march 20th they are coming out. I'm going to post some pictures soon. Only thing is I can't see my scar yet because it all covered up in tape but I hope it heals good. Update you guys in a couple of days. ;)
You look so good!! My tummy looks just lie yours but ihavearoad map! Wish you the best recovery:) ill be on the flat side 3/28
Good luck tooo you
Can't wait to see your results sexy mama! :)

I'm feeling a lot better, I stop taking my pain...

I'm feeling a lot better, I stop taking my pain meds, it's really more uncomfortable than pain I would say. But I got Bruising on both sides of my hips from the lipo that hurts a lil... I can't wait for these drains to come off so I can start wearing normal clothes... 03/20 they come off. Other than that I'm still swollen on both sides and on top of my stomach... I was everybody test dummy, now my mom and friends want to get there's done... If I had advice for someone I would say lose as much weight first then do it... You want the best outcome possible and you will not get it if your 180plus, unless your thick in all the right places...
Excellent advice in the weight loss your looking great and I can't wait to see more pics

Hey guy im at my ps office going to get my drains...

Hey guy im at my ps office going to get my drains removed. Thank god!!!!!! he said it doesnt hurt.. I get to wear normal clothes Again. i have to come back in 2weeks for the tape to come off... Other than im back to work tonight... Ugh lol update u later...

Hey ladies, here I am 2 weeks post, I feel better...

Hey ladies, here I am 2 weeks post, I feel better but I don't kno if I like my results, my sides got hard and swollen and is freaking me out, did this happen to anyone?. The top part of my stomach is thicker as well... Idk should I complain or wait???

1 & 3months later

who did you go to?

190 to 135

Did your BB get a lot of scarring by any chance?
Way to go! You must be so proud of yourself. Congratulations!
Thank u
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