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Hello everyone, First off I just want to say...

Hello everyone,
First off I just want to say that I am so happy I found this site! I am on it all day at work (my job is kind of boring at times) reading, no more like devouring every bit of information, stories, recovery tips, just anything that has to do with my upcoming surgery. My friends and family have been so supportive and by my side since I decided to finally have a TT w/ liposuction and MR but I think I may be wearing on their patience considering this has become the main topic of my life for the past month. lol :)

A little about me... I am 41 yrs old and have 4 beautiful daughters from ages 23 to 17 yoa. They are what keeps me going but they have definitely done a number on my once 120lb cute petite lil bod...I have known for hmmm lets see, about 23 years that I have wanted this done. With my first pregnancy I gained 85lbs and well some of you can relate to what happens when you just don't stop at 1 or 2 or 3...the years pass by, income tax refunds get spent on the kids, and before you know it, your wondering what your vagina actually looks like after all these years! lol

Oh let me mention Iam 5' and 189lbs. My highest...

Oh let me mention Iam 5' and 189lbs. My highest weight was 235. I lost the weight taking Phentermine that was prescribed by my Dr. I go to the gym a few times a week but I'll be honest I'm not a gym fanatic. I actually like being thick and curvy just minus this big fat gut!
I am so scared about my surgery. I already postponed once. This should be something I should be excited for right? My biggest fear is going under ( I never have been put under) I don't know what to expect, what if I am allergic to the medicine they put me to sleep with? :( I'm also in fear of my skin dying and turning black. I did a lot of research on that because I am or shall I say I was a smoker. I'll have only been smoke free 9 days by the time my surgery takes place. I am taking Zinc and Vitamin C religiously and have been for about a month now. I will be posting my before pictures in a little bit. Any words of encouragement or tips advice ect... Would be greatly appreciated :)

Well, its Thursday... 6 days away and now Im...

Well, its Thursday... 6 days away and now Im trying to get all the things I will need for the recovery. I do have a recliner being delivered on Tuesday. My best friend is flying down from Ohio on Monday to spend the week with me. I went to get some compression socks at the medical supply store and the man started throwing out all these different numbers at me.... I felt sorta stupid , I didn't know they came with numbers?? LOL I was thinking small medium or large.... I really feel silly calling the Dr.'s office to ask them about the socks :o/ Any suggestions on what compression socks one needs for this type of recovery? When I get off work Im going to go TT recovery shopping with my daughter .. I have made a list from all the posts from others I have seen. This site is awesome!! :)

TGIF girls! Ok so 5 days until I'm on the flat...

TGIF girls! Ok so 5 days until I'm on the flat side!!..I went to the gym last night and worked it out, I was proud of myself (pat on back) .. Im going to spend the weekend with friends, family, and doing as much as I can do in one weekend!! lol :) Also, I have to finish getting the last remaining things for post op... Soooo nervous but excited!...

YESSS!! The monthly just arrived, it will be over...

YESSS!! The monthly just arrived, it will be over before surgery on Wed. I was stressin that, I bloat enough as it is! :(

Well 4 days and counting...went out today and...

Well 4 days and counting...went out today and bought more stuff for recovery along with some soft cotton lounge pants ,tops and panties from the Jockey store... My poor Ma, she is so nervous and scared. That bums me out, she is supportive though but says age doesn't know what she would do of anything bad happened.. She is still grieving the loss of my brother. He passed away last May on mothers day from pancreatic cancer.young too he was only 45.. Dont worry Mommy everything is gonna be fine :) Tomorrow I plan to head to Church with my daughters. Need to have a heart to heart with the man upstairs. Anyway Im gonna go out with friends for a bit and have a drink..Its been a long week! Lol

Well its Monday and back to work....Only 2 days...

Well its Monday and back to work....Only 2 days left....Wow it is just really creeping up on me!! lol Tonight my best friend is flying in to be with me.. Excited about that... Still not fully prepared... I'm really debating on getting the recliner.... Any thoughts on that? I'm really going to miss my bed! :( Please advise girls from your experiences... Do you think the recliner is really needed and I will be more comfortable??

Post op 10 hrs Hi Girls!!! I'm alive!!! ...

Post op 10 hrs Hi Girls!!! I'm alive!!! Lol,,Don't really feel up for blogging,bit I will write, tomorrow on how surgery went. I'm not really not in pain just groggy as hell...i posted 2 pics more to come tomorrow ... Xo

Post op day 1.... so the recliner finally got here...

Post op day 1.... so the recliner finally got here.. I haven't slept in 24 hours. I feel like a fricken zombie... I, went to dr far so good, do have some bleeding from incision.. Its hard above my bb , not sure wth that's all about, nurse said swelling im thinking hmm i don't think so..belly,is numb no,feeling....ill update later :)

So it's been 3 days since my tt... My belly is so...

So it's been 3 days since my tt... My belly is so numb:(. It's weird feeling lol. How long does this last for? I really don't have pain which is good but my back and neck are killing me!! My drains are coming out tues which is good cuz I'm not really draining much. My appetite is pretty good ,feel groggy. Should I be up doing more than I am? What did most of u girls do on the third day? I'm very moody that's for sure . I'm happy but then I'll cry and don't know why.. Thoughts? Advice?

Heres a couple of new pics :)

Heres a couple of new pics :)

5 days post op... I think this is the worst ive...

5 days post op... I think this is the worst ive felt since my tt... Im a bundle of emotions and cry at the drop of a hat.. :( i feel a small tugging in my bb when i get up from, the recliner... And sometimes when i go to the bathroom when i sit i feel like my belly is gonna bust open :( has anyone else felt like this? Tomorrow im going to the drs to have my drains removed.. Looking forward to that! Don't get me wrong i love my belly and its great to see my vjay, im just venting.. One day at a time i guess ...

8 days post op... okay so seriously I am done with...

8 days post op... okay so seriously I am done with this swelling and numbness :( I'm tired of this recliner already, I miss my bed and I want to sleep on my side so bad.. I tried to lay in my bed but I feel some tightness and pulling in my stomach..not cool ..., I'm no longer wearing the binder that I purchased for the surgery, I'm wearing one of those girdle panties its very tight tighter than the binder actually I sorta like it and holds everything in really... Ladies how Long did U wear a garment for compression in total?
Jeffrey Hamm

Hmm ill tell u when i see his work

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Hey there I was curious about the phentermine? DId it make you sick at all.. How are you feeling after yoru surgery?
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How are you??? Just checking on you
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I am 6 weeks post op and still wearing my compression garment!
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You look great, the longer you wear the compression gartment the better the results, l have the preo today, lam ready for next friday, take care and happy healing.
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I think your doctor did an awesome job! You look good girl!
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Confession: When I saw your first pre-op pictures I screamed and said she did it and she looks good. My co-workers came running down to my office asking was everything okay. I am like she did it, she did it and she looks dam good. I even shared your photo with boyfriend and of course he was as excited but he did say now he definetly can't wait to see how I look. Because our bodies types are well were so similar I am really watching you so I can't wait to see the next updated picture.(it is almost like it is me) Yes you are looking good chica.............
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Awww thank u boo :) i will post new pics tomorrow. Xx im watchin u too! ;)
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you look so good im so proud for you
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Your results look great so far. I can just imagine how awesome the final results will be..happy healing.
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Thank u chave :) i sing and dance when i look in the mirror..i can't wait till the final result.. I feel like its never gonna get here...,how long before u seen your final results?
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It'll still be a while before I see my final results. I'll be 7wks PO on Monday. They say true final results can take a year..I cant wait. Im happy so far. Good luck and I look forward to reading yout posts.
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Chave at 7 weeks are u starting to feel your tummy or is,it,still numb? Also how is your swelling? Any, updates on this would be greatly appreciated...thank u hun
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Hola Estrellita..My swellung has gone down now I would say about a week. I went back to work at 4 wks( I tries at 2wks but that didnt work out) so once I went back to work is when the swelling qas thw worse. I sit all day (8-12hrs a day)at work so when I would get home and take off my CG the swelling was out of this world. I then started to use the abdominal board while at work and that has helped with the swelling dramatically. I see my PS on Monday and cant wait just to hear What he has to say abouabout my Progress. Anyway feel free to ask me any questions anytime. Ill post updated pics this weekend.
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Where would I get an abdominal board from is it good for protecting incisions while wearing a binder!
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Omg your results are looking better and better with each day your making me super excited for my up coming surgery
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Yea honey but its not constant.. Sometimes uncomfortable though..
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You look fabulous! Your tummy is 1/2 the size!! Did your doc say how much he took off? I hope you feel better each day and heal quickly :)
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Thank u soon2be... 8lbs of fat ;) im at olive garden right now..sorta my first outing... Grrr all i can,say is i wish i didn't venture out just yet :(
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how are you friend?
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hey honey I'm hanging in there one week today post op... I got my dreams taken out yesterday that hurt like a b****!! Lol don't really have much pain just numbness pulling tightness in my stomach but I'm very very happy you're going to be very happy too... I'm going to post a couple of pictures in about one minute ... let me know what you think
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Girl do you want to know what I think OH MY FREAKN GOODNESS, even with swelling you are the I love your results makes me anxious about my results. I hope I am up and out and looking FAN TAB U LOUS like you…
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Thank u boo :) when u goin for yours? Ohh big tip here if u don't have one rent a recliner from rent a center!!!! U Will be sorry U didn't.. It has been my best friend lol
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May 8 and I have I went Monday to rent one that is electric. It doesn't stand you up but it does keep you from pulling the lever. did you ask the doc about your tugging if so what did he say
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You look great. Pray fully what you are feeling is the discomfort the ladles speak of Let us know tomorrow what the PS says.
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