Tummy Tuck in Miami Traveled from ATL - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to Florida Center where my long time doctor...

I went to Florida Center where my long time doctor is Dr. Timothy Alexander. He done my breast aug, and Lipo on me three times.

He and the staff are ALWAY PLEASANT and comforting. From my 1 visit with them til now. I love South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery. My Anestecialogist Is the most humble caring man I know.

Anyway, my surgery took place today, and at first I was very fatigue and drowsy but the pain was bareable UNTIL I had a vomit spell. Having had my muscles tightened and to have to throw up is excruciating pain. I feel better tonight then I did earlier today. Draining the pump, blowing the ball thing and having to pee every 2 hours is required and ANNOYING. But I'm praying for a speedy recovery and great results.

1 day post op visit

I'm very sore after my sugery yesterday, I live in a reclining chair and have to have someone help her up and down. All in all I'm do happy to have had the surgery. The pain isn't that bad, my tummy is just really sore. I went for my 1st post op and they cleaned my new navel and that was it. But I was happy to see some instant results!


I'm so sick of sitting on this couch, day in and day out! I am able to get up and down without help but I want to feel normal again. I can't laugh, cough or sneeze. I'm always tired, and my feet are swollen. I'm not in any pain I'm just uncomfortable.

Day 5

5 days later! Swollen swollen swollen. My tummy is so numb and I'm always so sleepy!


So today I went to my last post op visit before I leave for Atlanta tonight and had the drain plug removed. That was almost the worst part of the surgery! The nurse told me she would could to 10 then pull it out! UUUUGGGHHHH!! It burned so bad! It was the 1st time I cried. It was the 1st time I decided that I wasn't going to do anymore surgeries. :-( I did however find old pics from 2005 before and after where I got my breast done. Back to this TT, I also hate the whole that the drain plug left. The drain plug is the worst!

2005 Breast implants and lift 250cc filled to 275cc

PO Day 12

Today I had my annual visit with my primary care physician. Who was nice enough to remove my stitches and clean my incision. However, there were a few blisters that he though he should cover with the tape provided by my surgeon and leave the rest of the incision open to get air. I call and spoke with a PO nurse who stated that is backwards, that he should not put the tape on the blisters. So I removed them and took pics and emailed them to the office in Miami so they can give me some directions. So I'm at work, in my office, panties halfway down, scared to move, waiting on a response from the Miami office. Dr.A has been my doc for years but I'm not sure if having such a procedure out of state was such a smart idea now. Ugh!


This can't be REAL!!! (Tears) I did everything right, and I have a Seromas, Im scared and not living in the same city ad my PS! I don't know what to do!! I have a little tiny blister on my right hip on the incision that hurts like hell!! This is not what I pictured this to be... I'm feeling regret right now, seriously! I don't have anyone here with me to help me physically or emotionally, what the hell was I thinking!

15 days PO TT

Well 15 days PO and I have developed a seromas, I was worried and crying yesterday but I'm feeling blessed and in good spirit. I'm cover in the blood of Jesus.

Day 19

Got the Seromas drained by a very nice, well informed PS by the name of Dr. Mark F. Deutsch. Thank God, because I was so worried about infection. He sprayed something to numb my skin, inserted the needle and out it came! Yellowy, reddish, fluid....

Day 20

Almost there to the 1 month mark, I'm going to place this garnet on the grill and light it up! Can't wait to transfer into a more comfortable garment! So and very soon I will be a normal person again!

Day 21 Officially 3 weeks

I feel and look like an old lady ????, this process is VERY slow! I'm 3 weeks today ????just so uncomfortable, unable to breath, unable to walk upright, and so numb.


So I got dress, I was feeling really pretty. I wore heals for the 1st time and I felt line my Belly button was ripping apart, taking my lower body south and my upper north! It was awful! LOL I'm gonna try it again next weekend though ;-)

1 month PO

Okay here are my 1 month post op pics no clothes. My scar is healing beautifully!

1 more, 1 month post op pic

Heals lol

Heels not heals smh

Grrrrrr!! Seromas and incision opening

So I go have my seromas drained again tomorrow I'm sure this is the last time, it's really small, but how about my incision have a small opening (really small) but had a little bit of pus/blood that came out. I though there would be a piece of threat that would have been lerkinv around trying to be free but no, it's just a little whole there now. Ugh!! Just heal already, you were doing so well little ms. Incision. Well I just put some peroxide on it, lathered some neosporin and place a gauze on top. It really tiny but is a nuisance.

Bye bye seroma and hello incision opening...

So I went to my alternant PS to drain the seromas but nothing came out, although he said that he felt a Lil fluid. Now between this opening in my incision and this thread in my BB I don't know what to do.

Bye bye seroma and hello incision opening...

So I went to my alternant PS to drain the seromas but nothing came out, although he said that he felt a Lil fluid. Now between this opening in my incision and this thread in my BB I don't know what to do.

It's all coming together!

Yesss!!! when this swelling goes does its gonna be mid drift shirts in the Winter time.

Saturday Night!

I had a blast, I am 5 weeks post op. I went out on Saturday. I wore a girdle that help me in place. I was able to dance really good, unlike last week at 4 weeks po I felt like my body was ripping apart and I could barelt walk. the next day I felt REALLY sore tough. I may have over did it. :-( but today is Monday and I'm feel great!

7 weeks 3 days PO

The process of healing is sure but very slow. I don't have and more seroma, I still wear my garment (7 weeks PO) l started seeing results but with all the swelling still I don't really see anymore progress. But all and all I'm bless so no complaints here.

Not really feeling my results 13 weeks PO

I feel really fat around my mod section, maybe it's time to hit the gym. I still feel numb and I think I'm still swollen, but I'm not feeling it! Ugh!

Feeling fat at 13weeks PO

Not happy!

Ugh! So my idea was that after my tummy tuck I would have this nice flat washboard tummy. Nope, not the case! Yes I look better but still not as at as I think I should be co side ring the dam pain of having my muscles tightened.
South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Timothy Alexander is the Best!! Oh and Melinda the procedure coordinator, treats you like a sister, she is the best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think you look amazing!
  • Reply
I think U look great!
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You look good in my eyes! I know we all see something totally different than others but in my opinion I think you look great!
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Hey luv how service doing. So I did my tummy tuck 3weeks ago w dr Timothy. N d o far I guess so good but to me one side looks different then the other. I hope in due time that changes. U still look great do u still wear ur garment my friend tells me o should wear mines all day while at work n when u go out take it off... I been foing ot and im mot as swollen as b4. Hope all is well ttys
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You are looking great. Can't wait to see the pictures of you in your wedding dress.
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You look great love, this swelling is a nightmare but it wont last forever. Good luck love!
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Don't be discouraged. The swelling could be due to excessive movement. I am 11 wks po-op and struggle with swelling. I was released to workout. However, the very next day I swelled like a pumpkin. Dr. says fuid can build up especially if lipo was involved.
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hey I'm glad all is good and it seems like your recovery is going well still looking fabulous. that is one of my main concerns when I'm done with the proceddure I want to make sure that I do go back to the gym because I do not want to waste all that money for nothing.but it is easier said then done. I'm going Thursday for the consultation for the first time and then Friday will hopefully be the day of my surgery have you been using anything for the stars if so how long after the procedure are you allowed to start using cream then silicone tape
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Hi Drama, no I haven't used anything on my scar for a month but my scar isn't a d issue for me. I should. Go get something though. Good luck with your consult and surgery. Can't wait to see your results!
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Thank u how long Did they say the swelling sup to last
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Hi Drama Mama, I am sure you will look fabulous. I would say take it slow when going back to the gym. Every movement affects the core. I just started to at the gym at 11 weeks and feel slight pulls through the belly button. Let you body talk to you.
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Thank You diva t. damn 11 weeks I guess I will get fat before I get skinny again lol I guess I'll just try and watch what I eat until I'm able to do exercise again because I want to put on more weight thank you for the advice
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Lol. Believe me you will not get fat. You're going to look too fabulous for that to happen. Walking and elliptical is good. No kickboxing, z
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Diva. Ok thanks so ill do that something is better then nothing at all. When can u use silicone sheets or anything for scars?
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Well, I didn't use the silicone sheets. Once approve (3 wks), I used Kelocote advanced scar gel or spray that worked wonders. It helped with my incision and the any raised keloids the developed.
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Such a transformation Hun your looking great
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Thank you!
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Your procedures look awesome!!!
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Thank you jcast27!
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hello my love I hope all is well I have made my appointment for surgery for December 5th and was wondering if there was any suggestions or advice that you can give me I really love your results so.. I thought twice and got the money together to do both the tummy tuck and boob at the same time I was wondering what kind of garment did the Dr give you was it binder? he put tummy tuck and lipo but I'm wondering what does the lipo consist of only the stomach and/ or flanks if so what is flanks? is that just your hips what is that the side of your waist I am hoping when I do it they take a little bit of the fat from my underwear your Bra goes!!! any advice is much appreciated
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Hey pretty lady was wondering how ur recovery is going? Hope all is well xoxo
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Lookin good! It's been 2 months already? Wow!
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I see you!
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@Boss your day is coming very soon!
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