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Smart Lipo One Week Away - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi everyone names Chris! I am a 21 year old male,...

Hi everyone names Chris! I am a 21 year old male, I weigh 164 pounds. Let me tell you a little about my journey and why I decided smart lipo. I weighed 200 pounds before my journey to lose weight, I went all the way down to 160 where my ideal weight is suppose to be. If I lost more weight, I would of been under my ideal weight which could of been un healthy.

I noticed I had the same belly and man boobs on where I was at around 200 pounds. My legs, arms, thighs and everywhere else lost an significantly amount of weight. But my problems were my flanks, belly, man boobs and upper abdomens. I just had to get this removed. I found out about smart lipo, and was quoted $5200 for my upper/lower abdomens, flanks, and man breast. I was fine with that.

My surgery is on July 20th! Just a couple of days away. I will keep everyone updated. I am quite nervous but also excited. I am trying not to think about it. I took before pictures and of course will take after pictures. Like I said I will keep everyone updated.

Well. Day after the surgery I took the pictures. I...

Well. Day after the surgery I took the pictures. I took tall the compression pads off and the garments once in the shower. I took some pictures. I am very impressed with the results. I am very happy.

Once after I put my garment on, I am itchy a lot. Maybe I need to get some itching medication somewhere. Doctor said to wear the garment on for at least 2 weeks. That's what I am going to do. I will give a next week update and so on. Will keep guys updated.

Okay this will be my first full week since my...

Okay this will be my first full week since my surgery on Friday last week. I am swollen like a balloon. It looks like I gained weight, however my Dr. told me yesterday at the check up, that it was because I still had fluid in me and I will see the final result in 5 to 6 months. That I will still swollen. I asked him numerous times was he sure I just didn't gain the weight back? It really looks like my stomach looks a bit like my old stomach. He rest assures it's because of the remaining fluid and it will take weeks for it to get removed. I will update pictures this weekend. I do not look like the pictures that I updated, like I said I look more swollen...


Thanks Hector for pointing that out. You are right...

Thanks Hector for pointing that out. You are right.

I purchased something called Diuretics pills. For Water Retention. I found another forum on Smart lipo, a couple of patients after the surgery, we're complaining sorta like me, that they thought they gained the "weight back again." Well its because of the fluid you are consuming after the surgery, and it's building up. I stopped leaking 3-4 days after my surgery but I still had lots of fluid in my love handles and near my lower tummy area which my Dr. pointed out. He said this will flush out the next coming months.
Maybe he is right, however, I googled water retention and found Diuretics pills. I took a couple of them, right away I was going to the bathroom maybe 7 times in one hour flushing the liquids out. I did notice my swelling has been down and looks like some of my water or liquid retention is slowly on the way out. I am not as big as I was, but yes I am still holding water. I will be taking these pills on the next couple of days.

Not saying this is the cure to the water retention could be a key role on why I think I was getting fat again.

I purchased another garment as my job requires me to do heavy lifting so I can not wear the one they provided. However it is sorta like a spandex one and it is just as tight maybe even a little bit tighter but it is more flexible. The one they provided me at the Dr.s office I could not even bend down due to the material that garment was made of.

I will be going next week to get massages to maybe get more swelling out.

Will keep updated.
Dr. Stratt

Found them on this forum. Dr. Stratt didn't have much negative feedback about him and most of the reviews and pictures seemed like he knows what he is doing.

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The draining lasted about 3-4 days. I had to put a shower curtain over my bed because I was leakly badly. I was even leaking at work. I went ahead and put paper towels taped to my body for the first two days, but after that i was fine. I am not leaking anymore.
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Hi, borinquen. Im 28 yrs old and weight 161. Im getting my slim lipo done in 1 week.Im getting my lower and upper abs nd flants. Im very nervous as it gets closer to my surgery. I am scared of going under the knife in getting a tummy tuck so Im taking the lipo approach. Let me just say' your results look amazing. Did you need someone their to help you after your surgery?

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Borinquen, glad I could help! How was the draining and the bruising shortly after your procedure, if I may ask?
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Boriquen, I had my surgery on the 20th as well. My stomach feels very hard, it's still pretty num and it's itching me like crazy lol. I had my stomach and lower back done. Are your areas hard? I can't really sit up, I still need some support. I had vaser lipo, not smart lipo. Email me if you don't mind xxx@yahoo.com

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Newlex exactly what FrederickN pointed out you should ask. If they do touch ups. That could be a key role if you aren't satisfied and you want work done.

Hector like I said, thank you! I am taking pills to remove the water out of my body like I said in my update, a couple of people thought they gained weight after the procedure. Well it turned out that they we're holding water. They seen improvements with the pills and eliminate water retention. I am going to try to exercise next week as well. I am going to start off slowly by walking as I still can't run. But at least I can exercise.

Yes I am still swollen but not as bad as one of my updates I mentioned. From 1-10 I am around a 6.5 or 7 and we will see how this week plays out and how I look after the 2nd full week. After all the swelling and water retention.

I have an appointment for therapy this week. Will keep up on the water retention pills as well. Let's Get Er' Done!
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The swelling is what make me nervous, but from what ive read and seen on other reviews swelling is common shortly after the procedure and you may gain weight (due to water gain, after all you are swollen), but that it goes away. Keep us posted!
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newlex, ask them if they do free touch-ups if you don't get the desired result. i'm 2 months post op and see virtually no results at all. you want someone who is going to do the job right the first time, considering the recovery time, and the fact that most say that you should wait a year before doing lipo on the same area again.
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Hey I got a question. My consultation is next week n am thinking smart lipo but I want to know what should I ask my doctor durin that meetin ? Like I know the basics but what else can I ask? How did your consultation go thnks
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WOW amazing results, congrats!!
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Hi Hector! Yes I am surprised my self. I knew going through smart lipo, I didn't have too much fat to take off. Swelling and Soreness for the first two days was a major factor. Felt like I got ran over literally by a car. But after the night of the surgery and the next day , today is Sunday and I feel much more like myself. My stomach is still a bit numb, however I can move around now. Before I couldn't even get off the bed! I am able to sit down on a computer and type all of this, before I was posting the pictures and writing from my IPhone! lol. If you work a desk job like me, I return to work tommorow, than two days rest will pretty much recover you to a status to function. Like I said, I got it done Friday and that night was painful because of the swelling and the next day which was Saturday. I ate soup for all my meals, and today (sunday) I ate a real meal which was rice, beans and chicken. I think that is a good price, mines would of been the same price but my man breast we're a bit bigger and I wanted that down as well. I'll be 22 years old in a couple of weeks and I'm glad I did this while I am in my 20's. I say you will be happy with the results too. If we we're in our 30's or 40's it would of cost more due to the fat we will have than. The goal now is to maintain this body, I absolutely love it. I signed up for 24 hour fitness over the web a few hours ago, and I am probably going to start working out in a week in a half. I honestly did not pay attention to the machines he used. He used two different machines. One for smart lipo and he used another for the body contouring. It was weird because I signed up for Smart Lipo and he said he mixes his smart lipo with body contouring and used some weird machine to finally shape the belly. I had a towel over my face over the whole procedure due to the fact I am kinda weezy when I see blood and over react haha! But procedure though itself was a breeze, they num you and talk too you, really It goes by quick and just not painful at all. Like I said right after the surgery you will be swollen and very sore but it will last just two days. Get those two days like a champ and on your third day like I am on currently you will feel 70% back to normal. Even though I have bruises all over my body from the surgery they will go away in the next couple of weeks.

Any more questions let me know. Good luck to you Hector and also Newlex! I will keep this page updated every week.
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Thanks for sharing. I have a similar story to yours and have the same problem areas. Your results look great so far, you can definately see a diffrence! Also would you mind sharing how things are going with the swelling and soreness. Admitedly that's what is giving me cold feet from going through with it. Ive visited the clinic where I'm getting the procedure done like 3 times with more concerns. I got quaoted 3,500 for flanks upper and lower abs. the doctor said that I have a small frame and dont have that much to remove so that plays a big role in how swollen and sore you'll be also age ect, I'm 25 and weight 165, down from 220 so i do have that saggy skin issue too which is supposed to improve with smart lipo. What machine did your doctor use was it the smart lipo triplex? Sorry for the long post! :-)
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Yes! I was pretty much around 45 pounds overweight and now I am suppose to be where I'm at, however stomach and chest area is the same. It surprises me. I did weight lifting, basketball, swiming and every cardio you can imagine. I just have to get this done. I didn't know what else to do!I One more day until surgery date. I can't wait! I will keep everyone posted! :)
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Yeah . Doing this will get my confidence back I jus want to be comfortable with myself
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hi chris .. wow your story sounds much like mine.. am 21 years old too and i used to be fat when i was younger but decied to loose a lot of wieght. am 175 wright know but for some reason working out isnt making my stomach or thighs hard..its saggy .. today i made my appointment to see a doctor..tell me how it goes take care
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Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us and good luck for your upcoming surgery. Please do keep us informed and let us know how you're doing!

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