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I had this done 48 hours ago. While it is fresh,...

I had this done 48 hours ago. While it is fresh, there are a couple of things to note. First- do NOT consider doing the eyeliner without heavy anesthetic. I had it done in a surgery center, with numbing shots on eyebrow and eyeliner and was given pain meds when I got there as a Pysician is on site.

The shots do hurt and burn, but make things very tolerable. This is not something you shop the price or use a coupon! It is permanent on your FACE! Take your time, see photos, get all the info you can and make an informed decision on using a very experienced tech. Know that you will be very bruised and look hideous afterward.

Plan this on vaca or at a time you can work from home. Makeup will NOT cover the bruises in the first 72 hours. I can tell I will be thrilled under all the bruises and ink. I can't wait until the final result appears. Also touchups should be at no charge as you may need touchups and you should negotiate that initially in the price. Additionaly touch ups are imp. because it is something you can add to, but not take away, so heavy tatooing may be something you regret later.

Day 4, still bruised, but much better. Now can...

Day 4, still bruised, but much better. Now can cover with some makeup and it just looks like my own make up is smeared. No pain or discomfort at all after the first day. Will need touch up, but was told I probably would. Very, very pleased thus far. Eyebrows are brown, eyeliner is charcoal grey. Scabbing is starting to fall off and reveal what is underneath. The pic is from day 2 and will take another in a few days.

OK, had the touch up 2 weeks ago and it was sooo...

OK, had the touch up 2 weeks ago and it was sooo worth the extra time hiding! I took arnica this time for several days before and I only bruised on 1 eye and it was gone in a week. The results... amazing. The msg... a touch up on eye and eyebrow tatooing is really important for definition and filling in any missed or faded spots. Even if your are thrilled with the first go round, you will be so much more thrilled with the touch up. I am so happy with my result! My only regret is not doing this years ago.

I went to the most well known Tech in my area with years of experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Oh boy! Another self-promoter! One does not need to bash a technique to sell their own! Nor is this forum a platform for you to promote your product. It's a shame you are so uniformed regarding PMU, and spew your falsehoods as if they are fact. NOT SO! Unfortunately your post won't last long, as the moderator will remove it, but until that happens: Permanent makeup is NOT painful, toxic, nor does it have ANY downtime.Heavy Gauge needles? Are you insane? That is absolutely a false statement! We utilize very fine configurations of needles that do not traumatize the skin. If correct high quality pigments are used, there are no color changes. And just for the record, I trained for over 4 months, not 4 days. Permanent makeup has been around for hundreds of years, and yours is suddenly a BREAK THROUGH? That's just funny!
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Your eyeliner looks beautiful! They did a really nice job. It looks like it accentuates the color of your eyes, too. I've thought about doing it too because even with dark features, I have deep set eyes, so without liner, they can look really small and squinty. As far as injections, you gotta do what works for you. Bruising can happen for many reasons for different individuals, regardless of the experience of the tech/doc, etc. For some reason, I bruise easily at times, but not others. The first time I did Juvederm, my face looked like I'd been through some sort of gang initiation. I was black and blue and swollen for three days. I've had the procedure again since by the same person and haven't had the bruising since the first time. To make the assumption that the person who did my work wasn't trained or qualified just because I experienced some bruising would be unfair, because she is excellent at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone.
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Kind words of wisdom... finally! Thanks a million.
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As a permanent makeup artist for the past 14 years and working with an eye surgeon. I have never seen such bruising. With the topicals and work being done in the hands of a trained professional there should be no reason for this bruising or for injections. If you have any questions just ask.
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I am so surprised at these responses! I have read so many posts of horrible jobs. Of unclean places, of extreme pain. I have seen botched up nightmares. My liner is perfect. Still is. People stop me whenever I tell them it is not make up and ask me who did it. I went to a Dr's office, not a back alley. My eyeliner and eyebrows turned out amazing and it has been months- like 8. I chose injections. I was offered options. I bruise with everything I have ever done. The bruises heal- a bad job is forever. I am a chicken, would not have done it otherwise. So for me- this was the ticket.
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I look worse than over 40 did so it happens.
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I've got to agree with Lqqk4lips. I'm a permanent makeup artist in California and just happened to see your post on this forum as it popped up in my email. I was pretty shocked to see the condition of your eye area and also hear you needed injections to get numb? I'm just happy that you are happy with the result in the end and sad that you had to go through the trauma of injections as well as a beat up looking eye area post procedure. The only thing my clients experience is mild swelling.
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P.S. I went to work approx 5 hrs after doing my own eyeliner, with NO swelling, bruising, or problems.
Anyone that doesnt tell you the fact about using injections/skin not taking the pigment has NOT told you all of the facts.
SO if you are happy with bruising, and swelling, then so be it.
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Ladies, I am a REGISTERED NURSE and a Permanent Makeup Artist.
I want to assure you that it is NOT necessary to use anything more than a topical anesthetic for ANY permanent cosmetic procedure.
1.having injections of lidocaine make the area swell, bruise, and DRASTICALLY affects the area from picking up pigment from the tattoo needle.
2. this causes the technician to have to repeatedly go back and forth over the site to get the area to become pigmented.
3. obviously this can cause MORE pain than necessary, and SWELLING and BRUISING.
4. I have NEVER seen anything NEAR the bruising you have had after an eyeliner procedure, it makes me think the tecnician was not skilled/knowledgeable in her art.....regardless of a doctor being there or not.

i did MY OWN eyeliner. I use the newest machine out there a digital, that literally glides over your skin w/ 99.9% minimal pain. I use a topical lidocaine solution, and it produced GREAT effects, I have to admit that I went back about 45 minutes later to add more pigment, and the lidocaine had worn off. but even so, i was able to tolerate it WITHOUT applying more. And believe me, my pain threshold is NOT high.
To have PAIN MEDS administered AND lidocaine injections before the procedure is CRAZY.
This is NOT plastic surgery!!!

Please respond if you guys have any questions. This whole thread/discussion makes me feel really bad for everyone who has fallen victim to these "bad jobs".
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Hi!!! I have been debating this for several years and I would really love to get this done however there are very few places that I know of who do this in my area. You seem very knowledgable and I was wondering if you could assist me. Are there certain questions I should ask? and what machines are preferable, I'll be honest I'm a little afraid of the pain so if there is a machine that is less painful, I'm all in for that! I appreciate any assistance you could offer
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i just had numbing cream doing my eyliner 5 years ago, i really need to do it again and am thinking doing bith top and bottom eyeliner now.
it wasnt pleasent but i think i have a high pain treshold, i may have chosen to have pain injections if i was given the choice i could live with 10 days of bruising.
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The pain was excruciating with numbing cream ill agree to that, i haaaated it! but what i meant about the wrong machine, is that is a medical one with a very fine needle, and there are others with thicker needles, that produce stronger deeper lines. Frankly I would like to try the injections, just to see if my lines could be a little bit thicker and stronger.
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And just a PS- I have read all of the blogs regarding this procedure in addition to speaking with several people. I am big on research. Pls read the blogs on pain and things going wrong. Trust me, I am thrilled at my choices. So many people who said the pain was "unbearable" with numbing creme prob would have loved the option of injections.
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I want to be clear, I was given choices, I chose injections for pain. It worked for me. I have spoken to several people who said the pain was excrutiating with numbing crm and they all went to dift places. This was MY choice and I am thrilled at the outcome AND not feeling an ounce of pain. Otherwise, I would not have had the procedure. Again, I go Monday for my free touch up and again I have chosen injections. It works for me. There was no "wrong machine", a "person who was clueless", or any of that. This was a choice I was given, and I made and I was told the trade off for pain would be bruising. I was still ok and still am. Thanks.
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I really dont get why u have to defend yourself so much, cant ppl just leave it with you chose the bruises for less pain< if it was offered in Norway so would I to be honest.

I will try to add of mine, done 3 ish years ago and i m not happy as it hardly shows, and it didnt show much more just after i did it either...
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The procedure doesn't take that long too do and I would rather go a few minutes of discomfort than to look like that and have bruises. I went to work the following week and no one could notice that I had my eyes and lips done. That's too bad she was not informed properly that topical would have sufficed. And, I agree with the comment that is not even close to being that painful.
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I had topical only and look like someone beat me up. My esthitician said she's never seen anything like it. I don't know why it happened but I am here to tell everyone that it does. I look horrible!
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Sorry to hear the results of your aftermath! It can have a lot to do with one's menstrual cycle. PMS can and will create more swelling. I always ask prior to scheduling what the clients' cycle is ike. Also, If one is prone to bruising, Arnica Montana is what I recommend be taken for 5-7 days sublingulally (under the tongue) prior to any procedure. It helps tremendously with bruising.
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Thank you Stylishus. Yes, was during MS when I went in yesterday and am prone to bruising. I am currently using topical Arnica Montana (thank you for the recommendation) but still look like someone beat me up. I've also heard that it has a lot to do with the tool that is used. She used a topical cream before the procedure but it was still pretty painful. I wonder what machine she used.
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I think the lady who did hers, did it with the wrong type of machine.
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Hi ladies. I got my eyebrows and eyeliner done at "Long Time Liner". All I got was topical anesthesia. I am fine as long as the technician leaves it on for a minimum of 15 min (the discomfort is minimal). I had a little bit of swelling on the eyelids for a couple of days but only I could notice them. No bruising whatsoever and the same goes for every other Long Time Liner client I have met. Over-I hope everything turned out okay. I was also a bit shocked to see your bruising. Looks like it was really painful. I don't think that should have happened. Cheers, Betty
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It looks great over 40 but the bruising looks sore.  Do you think the injections are what cause you to bruise?  I don't blame you for getting them because the numbing cream didn't work for me.

Your lines look perfect though and I love the thickness!  

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An added comment: There is NO reason that permanent makeup would hurt more than chidbirth!!!! Perhaps the tech's Topical numbing creme is past the expiration date on the package. Also, the tech may not have left the numbing creme on the skin for an adequate amount of time. I use 2 different topicals. One for the pre-deadening on top of the skin, and another once I perforate the skin. This second topical is a gel and it goes into the skin furthering the numbing effects. I've had clients fall asleep! Honestly, I have never had a client say that they felt much of anything other than pressure. It kind of goes to show you, not all Permanent Makeup artists are created equal!!!
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Just a note people injecting the anesthesia is wrong any specialist who does this does not know what they are doing, in addition the bruising may be as a result, I just got mine done 2 weeks ago and did the touch up I did not have a single bruise. The work she did was nice on your eyes but it seems like it was just to hard on your eyes, it took me a half a day for my swelling to go down.
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