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I had a lifestyle lift at Ft Lauderdale everyone...

I had a lifestyle lift at Ft Lauderdale everyone in the office was friendly and professional and I never had to wait long for my appointments.

Everything was explained in great detail and they lived up to everything it is only 2 weeks after surgery and I went back to work after 8 days. I still have some swelling and numbness but I look great 10 years younger I think. My sister says I look like I always did when I was young I am 54 years old.

I would highly recomend the facility I totally trusted him and his nurses and would do it again in a heartbeat it was not too uncomfortable ice and painkillers for the first few days.

I had lifestyle lift neck prcedure with lipo and upper eyelids and lazer on lower eyes and nose.

I read all the horror stories before but I think most people that are happy don't take the time to write I promised myself that I would because anyone wanting this done needs to hear good news too. It is a real facelift just do not get put to sleep and that is why the recovery is quicker. I was in and out of sleep and never felt stressed. I say go for it.

It is 3 weeks now and continue to improve I am...

It is 3 weeks now and continue to improve I am going home to visit in August and cant wait to see my familys reaction I tried to keep it secret but some of them know.

Here are pictures of my scars everyone seems so...

Here are pictures of my scars everyone seems so anxious to see.

Here are pictures of my so called scars that...

Here are pictures of my so called scars that everyone is so anxious to see.
Only 6 weeks they are great.

Here are my scars 6 weeks after almost gone .

Here are my scars 6 weeks after almost gone .

It has been three months now and most of the...

It has been three months now and most of the numbness is gone face looks better than ever.
Feel a little tender on the sides of my face now that I can feel it but still feel a little better everyday.
It is worth any little discomfort to have the improvement in my appearance.
Went home last month and everyone thought I looked great.
One brother I saw I had not seen him in 8 years and I did not tell him what I had done he told 2 of my sisters that I looked good and had not changed a bit in 8 years so that was a good review I never did tell him.

2 years later

It has been almost two years now and I still feel great it was well worth it people tell meal the time that they cant believe thatI am 56 . I will not hesitate to do it again in thefuture if I need it.

recent picture

Plantation Facial Plastic Surgeon

Everyone was great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I just wanted to thank Deb for posting 2 years later. I am happy with my result so far (32 days) and it is good to hear from someone who took the time to post after a couple of years. Thank you.
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Well, you and I are the ones who were lucky enough to have Dr. Rodriguez-yes-great! I do not have time right now to figure out how to post photos, but will soon. I a still wearing the chin/head strap when inside the house. I just returned from a face/body art convention, and, it was tough NOT being able to get painted myself. I accidentally let my grandson paint me last night when he asked--for my birthday--should I tell the age? (75) LSL instructed me, "NO face paint till totally healed--I remembered at convention--totally forgot when grandson asked. He is age 6 and I was impressed. I am feeling fine. Yes, the first days were challenging, but, I went out in public to my classes with a pretty scarf wrapped around my very RED face (and the elastic wrap). I give my doctor 5 stars.
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It looks like your ALL worked very well for you. I am looking forward to just as great results. Thanks for updating.
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connie lea I guess you are not seeing my posts.
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Thanks to ALL of you who posted years later. I trust I will have great luck too. Just deciding , do I want to "find" more down time and go back to get my eyes done. Lower is fine. My neck profile amazing!!
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Deb, thank you for posting a pic....looks great!
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dr. rodriguez I am sure you are terrific but are you aware of your colleagues who have scarred others for life?
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Dr. Rodriguez: I would love for you to review my case and my horrific results.... honestly pre op and post op pictures don't lie. please feel free to contact me and review my case.... I hate my scars.... I hated my results Joanne M. Marko
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Are you in South Florida? Dr. Rodriguez also has another practice.
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hope picture works
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Hi Deb, thank you so much for your comments. Do you have any recent pics? There is so much anxiety about LSL and it lasting. I am so happy to see some positive feedback. Thank you.
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I am having trouble with dowloading pictures I ncantfigure out wat is wrong I just think speed too slow. LSL is a face lift without general anethstesia all Dr have their own techniques and do what needs to be done fr individuals we all have differant problems that need to be address so it cannot be a cookie cutter proceedure. I dont think I have changed in 2 years at least not that I can tell
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Deb, thank you again. That is awesome. And yes I agree. My Dr customized to me and I got the sense that he has perfected the LSL procedure so it would last....I am very happy with my results so far on day 28....still some healing of course but for the most part all good!
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Hi there,

Here's a brief tutorial on how to upload photos. Please PM me if you're still having trouble.

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oh you are so very lucky!! I have permanent cross hatch scars..and brown mottled stains on my neck due to blood pooling in m neck. they did cut my muscles so that causes deep tissue bleeding....and to think they gave me an ice pack and shoved me out the back door of their "laboratory" they left me to find my own car with 60++ stitches on each side of my face.
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Hi everyone,

While we welcome all opinions on RealSelf (both positive and negative), I think we're going around in circles a bit now. We've removed some comments that violated our Community Guidelines, but the back-and-forth fighting isn't in keeping with the spirit of RealSelf either.

No surgery has a 100% satisfaction rate, or dissatisfaction rate for that matter. RealSelf really is about the middle ground -- doing your research and using all available information to make a decision for yourself. Deb's result happened to turn out well; UGLYSCARS and 2trusting's did not. (We can all agree on this, right?)

We're going to close this thread for a few days so everyone has a chance to step back and take a deep breath. Once we re-open it, please remain civil towards each other. It's inevitable that people will have differing experiences, but they all deserve the chance to share their story in a place free from confrontation and criticism.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM.


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you can see my pictures.....
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Where? All I have seen is this one picture of your ear do you have recent pictures or at least of the rest of your face.
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Who cares,Deb? Maybe if we ignore these negative people and their woe-is-me attitude, they might decide to leave :)
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Jeeze,so many remarks on one page. First off Deb you look Great! To all of you that had bad experience with this im sorry. I had a breast reduction & tummy tuck 5 yrs ago. Do I have scars....yes its surgery ppl & major at that. Can you get bad procedures & shady Dr.? Yes you can. Do not shop around for a bargin this is your life & body we are talking.about. I research my surgery for almost 6 yrs befor choosing a dr. To all the ppl with negative results, let ppl know wher to stay away from & your story but dont knock all surgeons. And as far as lsl they are not God & im sure have put Dr. on ther list that have been taken off or should be. Thats just like hospitals & clinics. My mom had a stroke 2 yrs ago & was airlifted to one of the nations too voted hospitals that almost killed her. That does not mean the whole hospital is bad. Do the research & take time deciding. But remember it is surgery & also everyone heals different. Also remember like all things in life nothing is a guarentee. And if you are a nitpicky person who bitches & picks apart everything or a perfectionist DO Not have any plastic surgery to begin with. This post is for Deb & im pretty sure the ones with negative outcomes have gotten their point across.

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You are so correct in warning people not to shop around for a bargain. The "revolutionary minimally invasive procedure" IS full blown surgery and should be done in a hosp. where emergency measures can be taken if anything goes wrong. Many people have been duped and you have made some very good points. Thank you.
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"And if you are a nitpicky person who bitches & picks apart everything or a perfectionist DO Not have any plastic surgery to begin with"--


as I get older the scars on my face get whiter and more noticeable-- the hematoma's get darker....

I don't think it is nit picking to not want it to look like my face got sewn back on.

it's very humiliating for me.

as for it being surgery and everyone healing differently--
I wish I would have had the proper post op instructions to follow.

I am very compliant and would have done what I WAS LATER told I should have done.

I have to live with my ugly face
Life style lift or DEb or rose does not.
and neither do you.
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Bless you sweet heart. Boy do I know it! We're not going to fade into the background just because of a bunch of insulting comments. Why do happy people always become so insulting and demeaning and telling us to stop posting if they really are Americans and hold fast to the tenants of being able to speak out if something is wrong. And trust me THEY are not hurting and don't care about anyone else but themselves and seemingly getting more people lured in by their comments. But when they start name calling they show their true colors.
You hang in there, girl. I suppose the British were the same way about the colonists speaking out against them. And people who owned slaves, resistant to losing their way of life when slavery was abolished. Maybe some people were nice to their slaves but that was not the case across the board. So things changed, thank GOD. Corporate medical practice in this country will see it's own demise, yet they will go down kicking and screaming.
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Most of the nasty comments have been coming from you it is hard to feel sorry for people that are so mean to everyone that posts a positive review you will not be happy until you either fix your problem or accept it . No one can
do that for you but yourself but negativity is not a positive thing no matter how many times you keep repeating it I wish we could all help you heal but we cant and calling us names and accusing us of things that are not true will not help what ever your problem is I don't
know I have never seen any pictures of you for all we know you never had surgery.
I wish you luck in finding happiness but you won't find it like this.
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No, dear. The NASTY comments have been made by other of your friends and they have been deleted, just like yours were.
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