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I have skin graft scars from over 30 yrs ago....

I have skin graft scars from over 30 yrs ago. Flat, skin color mostly. I have an area on one of the scars, (I had this done on four scars 3 different parts of my body) that I had a laser treatment done about 15 yrs ago when it resurfaced the top layer like a third degree burn that ended up sticking to the bandages and loosing some pigment.

I had a Fraxel done, No change not even on the parts where it was already faint.

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I was told I would get good results because of my skin color. The scars were already mostly flat and skin color. im not done but I dont see how 1 more treatment will make magic happen.

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To be honest with you ...I think you should save your money and keep it how it is. It really doesn't look bad to me. My son has scars from hemangiomas and they don't bother me a bit....I am really into keeping scars (though I don't like aging in my face...this I will treat someday). The scar has a story...and it is part of you. Good luck to you!
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Thank you for the comment.
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How much the treatment cost you. will you Please
explain in detail.
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it cost 500 per treatment I had 5
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look up recell
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FYI Lana. Ablative fractional lasers are about 3x more effective than non-ablative for scar revision. Which one are you getting? 10% density is about the right fractional coverage for a scar; being more aggressive with the dosimetry does not give better results. Hyperpigmentation resolves quicker (weeks) than texture or hypopigmentation (months) after treatment. Four to eight treatments are typically needed for great results. There isn't much else that works for large hypopigmented flat scars like yours... hang in there.
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I got 5 treatments of the nonablative, this is what the plastic surgeon chose for me. I know the strength was good just cant remember the strength because with each treatment the strength was increased I also inquired about the passes and he gave me a little extra like 8 I think. I also had this done on my leg so far not impressed.
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To reply, I had five treatments done over 5 mths. The doctor wasnt sure why the results where nill I will go to see him in January to talk more about the results.
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Wow, 5 treatments was going back. I wonder if it wasn't a strong enough setting. I'm glad you are going back to talk to your doctor and find out what's up. Please keep us updated. 



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Hi Lana,

Hmm, I wonder if going again would help. Some community members have mentioned they had to go more than once to see full effects especially on such a large area of Hyperpigmentation. Did you go back and ask your doctor why it didn't work? 

Thank you,


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