Cannot Wait Until Next Week!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Ladies. I have enjoyed all the reviews I have...

Hi Ladies. I have enjoyed all the reviews I have come across on RealSelf and it is time for me to start my own.:)

I am having a short scar FL plus a brow lift on 6/3/14, and I am apprehensive, nervous, and excited all at the same time.

I turned 48 last month, and basically up until 2011 had not had any PS work done..........not even botox. So......I am a late bloomer:)

My lovely husband is pretty supportive, but worries. I promised this is it for a while (oops... I plan on getting my BA lifted:) BUT THAT"S IT!!!!!!!!!

I am traveling to Fort Lauderdale Florida for the lift, so I will be recovering on a beach front condo. Yay! I am doing this solo, as my hubby has to tend to my children.

Main concerns besides something going wrong......plane ride home, taxi's back and forth to doctors, food issues, and basically hope it turns out well!

I am posting a few pictures for now. I have many more I will put in as necessary.

Be talking to you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi MiMom, Wishing You the Very Best of Luck, and quick healing... Ypu are so beautiful, you will be absolutely Gorgeous.... Keep us Posted .... We are all thinking bout You!!!!
Good luck tomorrow MiMom! You look so good in your before picture that I can't even imagine after. Let us all know how you are doing? Sending healing vibes to you!
Thinking of you MiMom you gonna look great - you r already beautiful :-)

Yeah.. its done.

Took 4.5 hours, and no real issues at all. Local was more than adequate. Will post more later. Oh its so windy here today in fort lauderdale that my disguise (big hat and scarf) flew off my head and into a busy road in front of the hotel. Loads of spectators! So much for keeping this on the down low:))))))
MiMom, how are you doing today? ok?
Good for you -- rest up and let the healing begin! :)
Happy Healing MiMom sorry bout da hat. can just imagine lol I going into day 2, so far so good. - couldn't run a marathon or anything but couldn't b4 the op anyway lol so there you go. Thinking of you x

24 hours

Sorry that I am not posting much: Condo wifi is pretty on/off. Here a few pics 24 hours out. I was told I could shower, etc... Yeah!!!!!! Fell really good. Off pain killers. On antibiotic. Life is good. My other pictures apparently cannot load do to the wifi, so will try later. I am in love so far with the PS's skill:)))))) No bruising and scars look great. Oh... here the pictures come. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great. Sorry if I double post any pictures. Now, as instructed, placing my compression garb back on:) 24/7 until stitches out. XOXO girls.

These did not download

I forgot something:)

I have always had this ridiculously thin neck. Any skin laxity showed up as "skinny neck" if that makes any sense. I love my neck now!!!! LOVE.
You are so tiny MiMom exquisite comes to mind :-)
Ah, sorry I seeyou had a local. Excellent, very safe.
Absolutely no issues with the local. And the Valium was strong enough for me to put me in a very light sleep here and there (also due to very little shut-eye for 2 days prior):) Great Dr. Meticulous. Best, M
Reply is the swelling I have been looking for (not):)))))

Okay. So, I was all "I guess I have been such a GOOD girl this time around, I am going to escape any bad swelling". I soooo... should not have been bragging about that! I now have a moon-pie face. Ah well. Going to skip my walks tomorrow if it gets worse. Bahhhh. Hope all you gals are doing really well. Have a great night. M
You look wonderful!!! What kind of brow lift did you have?
Yes it seems that swelling peaks at 3 days. No worries it will be gone in no time. (This girl says after eating popcorn)
Hee hee!!! I KNOW you did not put salt on that:) Hope you are progressing beautifully. M

Day 3 swelling

I work up with some neck swelling, and throughout the day, my face got puffy!

Pic day 3

MiMom...can not believe you managed this alone. Quite gutsy and obviously worked for you. How was the brow lift in terms of pain and swelling immediately after and now? And under local was it an endoscopic and where were the incisions for it? Btw you look great! grace
Well the incisions are along the crown hairline. Of all the work I had done this surgery, that hurt the most recovery wise. Yeah, going it alone was perfectly fine. I looked at it as a vacation since I had no dishes to wash, kids to cart around, laundry etc. It was actually refreshing. I am, however, ready to head home:) No swelling in the forehead as far as I could tell, but I did get a bit of bruising surrounding eyes.I will take a picture of the incisions and face sometime today. I am not sure if it was called endoscopic. He cut the crown, pulled skin flap back, cut some under skin flap, cut & stitch. No pain during surgery. Talk to you soon! M
MiMom, how are you doing? I hope your last couple of days have been ok?

Day 6

Feeling fine, looking forward to heading home. Had all but 6 stitches removed today, and cleared to head back to MI. Still very swollen, but it is not too noticeable to anyone who does not know me.
Hope everyone is well, and will be thinking of you. M

Day 6

Did not load. Here goes:))
You look amazing
Wow, you look so amazing for the first week!!
Ahhh... thank you A-Z. I was really worried about what I would look like to fellow airplane passengers at day 8. It is was all worry for naught: No real issues. How are you?

2 Weeks out!

Everything super here. Have tightness in neck, behind ears, and in hairline. Other than that, this FL experience has gone really well. I am convinced, by the way, that the key to a decent picture is distance, angle, and lighting:))))))) I have a couple doosy's I am not sharing:))))))))))))) Blessings all! M

Another pic

Couple of things...incision areas are still red and some blood. I have been biking, but not back to lifting for 3 more weeks per Dr. instructions. Cannot WAIT!!!
Lovely result and very natural too. Amazing suture work, must have been a tailor in a past life. Enjoy your new look.
Really amazing results
You look lovely! I'm glad things have gone so smoothly for you and that your recovery is well on its way. For what it's worth, your before pictures were quite lovely too, but you look rejuvenated and refreshed. How are the incisions at the temple and the brow healing? I couldn't quite make out the placement of the brow incision from the photo you posted that showed it - I've generally seen brow lift incisions placed back behind the hairline in the scalp or right along the edge of the hairline. Do you know what type of brow lift you had done? Just curious, as I couldn't tell from the photo. In any case you look great and appear to have pulled off the hardest part of the challenge with finesse.

Pic 2 weeks

Wish I knew how to add photos to prior update:)
Your before and afters were both beautiful! You didn't need it in my opinion. Question you mentioned thin skin? But no wrinkles on neck before surgery? I have thin skin and my neck shows a bit of crepey skin.
Hi MiMom, how are you doing? I have a quick question...I see that at about the 2 week mark you felt like you weren't seeing much improvement, but were chalking it up to swelling. At about the 6 week mark you seemed to think you were seeing some real improvement and were loving the results. I am at about 4 weeks and feeling a little skeptical about the level of improvement I have in the lower face...I want to convince myself that it is swelling :) but not sure if I can still blame swelling at 4 weeks??? What was the point that you felt like you could see your true improvement...thanks!
Hi K. I know exactly what you are speaking of!!! I was lamenting my "not dramatic" FL. I think after 4-5 weeks I started to see some improvement and now I LOVE my face:))) My husband, who is wary of PS, said " I am not a proponent of lots of PS, but I have to say - your FL is really great. I have my girl from 20 years ago back." Now he was exaggerating:) but he is correct - I DO look like I did years ago. It's like one day, everything comes together. It does take a while to settle. Also, and this is important, you probably had little excess skin and mild droop in the SMAS. You will never be able to compare your FL with say a 60 year old with lots more skin. I still feel the tugging in my SMAS, and this is a good sign as it is indicative of more tightening going on currently. You will still have swelling at 4 weeks. Your recovery is not 100% complete yet. Patience:)))))) Blesssings M
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Wonderfully competent surgeon who is very good at FL's. His staff is happy. That tells you a lot. Go see him for any face work. I am not privy to his skill in any other body parts, but I can imagine he is just as competent. Top notch. And by the way, if I could give him more than 5 stars for bedside manner I would. He is a nice guy.

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