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Bruised and Swollen After 2 Months P.o. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pro:I only had a bit of pain on day one after the...

Pro:I only had a bit of pain on day one after the surgery.
Cons: Way too long to heal. Still have bruising and sweling on one side of my face as well as my neck is a mess and looks rope-like.
I wanted to look much younger than 68. It is too early to say what the results will be but I am very optimistic that I will look much younger.
I wish that I had known that it would potentially take so long to heal.

Bruised and Swollen after 2 months

It is now 5 months, 8 days p.o. I have a lot of issues that my PS is trying to resolve.
I still have constant scalp itching which is being treated with local injections in my scalp that only helps for about 6-12 hours. My lower lid still has that total hollow look and on June 19th, my PS did a TCA peel under the lower lid. Today, it is red and ugly. I forgot that I have an outside event this weekend that I cannot attend because I can't be out in the heat with the peel. I asked my PS about the bruising that is still on my lower right cheek that is not going away. He said it will need to be zapped. I think that means he will be injecting it with something. It can't be done until my TCA peel is healed. I'm a little discouraged because I have too many issues that have to be resolved and his office is 75 miles round-trip. I just never thought I would be going back so many times in 5 months. I am making an appointment to see a neurologist about my scalp itching. I'll update you in 3 months. I hope the rest of you are doing better than I am.

Mid-face and lower eye revision

I had my PS (the same one I used in late 2012) to do a revision on my mid-face and lower eye lids.
It has been almost 4 weeks now and the lower lids are looking great - just still bruised.
My mid-face revision through the inside of my ears doesn't look good as of now. However it turns out, I am not having any more surgery on my face.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I am not unhappy with my PS. I have complications that can happen from surgery so I just need to be patient. Eventually, I will have a permanent lower eye revision done wth fat grafting. (I have read about that being done). My PS has not talked about that procedure at this time. We are still working out the other issues.

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Hey there! So good to see you posting! I had upper eyelid revisions and to be honest, I don't see any difference and perhaps my right lid might look worse in the inner corner. My left lid has partial white scar but that was from the first surgery. :-< Anyway, I just saw him this week. I'll be having a secondary facelift next Jan or Feb. He won't charge but I'll have to pay hospital fees. I have neck issues under my jawline. these pouch things I hate. It sounds like he will be doing what you had done. Why did you have a mid-face revision? He said he would be cutting just like he did before, around my ears to pull up the loose skin (my left side is loose for some reason but he will do both sides and correct under my jaw. He went inside my ears the first time.
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The scalp itching sounds horrible! What about a topical steroid for that? I have to treat my scalp with clobetasol (sp?) once or twice a week. I haven't had a facelift (yet), but have really bad scalp eczema and the topical application helps immensely.

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So sorry for all your complications! Do you think is was your surgeon or just bad luck? I feel lucky having had surgery in Mexico and I haven't had any serious issues. If I had to go back to Mexico as much as you've had to go back to your doctor I'd be crazy. It will be 6 weeks on next Tuesday and my neck is still my slowest heal. The numbness around my ears is slowing going away. My neck still hurts when rubbed and is lumpy and swells. I wear a compression garment while at home and at night while sleeping. The under chin scar is purple and looks bad I can cover it with makeup. I had a really bad turkey neck so I expect there was a lot done there to fix that. Everyone's experiences are so different. I think it's a crap-shoot. Even if you have the same surgeon, everyone's experiences will be different. I hope everything is resolved soon and you feel better about your outcome. Take good care.
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Hi Cassielin, I'm so sorry to hear about all you are enduring! It's funny, but I'm just about six months out and now it seems like I'm having more issues than I did initially, or maybe it's just that as the healing process goes on, I'm more aware of things or tired of the process. Who knows. I would be upset with the issues you are having. I'm sorry you can't make your outside event this weekend. :-(
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I was thinking of face lift May but I have to appear at a meeting first week of July. maybe I should hold off until after meeting
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After 2 months things should be improving and i just hope that very soon you will be feeling much happier.?
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Hi Secrets. I do have improvements but my neck is being very stubborn. How are you doing?
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Thanks. I am pleased but the neck is being stubborn with the rope effect and bruising. Just have to be patient. Hope you are doing well....
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Pleased to know the improvements are showing. I am doing ok ish,thankyou for asking.!
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! I hope you'll keep us updated as you continue to get back to yourself.

Here's a thread wherein women discuss what a long healing process a facelift can be. I hope you find it helpful.

Take care of yourself. This can be a lengthy recovery time.

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Thanks, Angie. I will keep discussing this for others to see. I hope you have good weekend.
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Wow, sorry to here this and I hope it's not much longer for you to heal. Did you PS say your slow healing is normal? Are you taking anything to help speed the healing process and help with the swelling? Really hoping your recovery speeds up.
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Thanks, 5DogMa, My PS said I was a very slow to heal. I am 68 so that may be the reason why ( he did not say that to me).I was never told to do anything to help the recovery until earlier this week, he told me to massage my neck as often as I can. I feel great and have for a long time so it is all about being patient. Take care.
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Since I have this concern for me also I did some research on Arnica, Bruisekare and Boiron. I'm going to try both pill forms and cream of the Arnica and I bought some CSI Recovery Eye Cream with Vitamin K & Arnica from VitaCost I'm going to try. I'll let you know if they do help speed up recovery from bruising and swelling.
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Hi 5GodMa, Thanks. I wish I had thought of using those products but I guess it isn't too late to try the Arnica cream. I hope you have a great weekend.
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