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I have wanted this done for a long time now,...

I have wanted this done for a long time now, because I have always had puffy lower lids. I had a gastric sleeve earlier this year and have lost right at 60 lbs now. With the drastic weight loss my skin on my face has become more loose and droopy so my eyes have become more pronounced with the excess skin and puffiness. I thought it was time to do something about it, because all the cosmetic treatments, creams lotions and empty promises and several hundreds of dollars to Bio Derm was not getting it. It was not a bad procedure, I did it without a sedative just local anesthesia that's all. It went well my Doctor who I absolutely love said I was a great patient even without a sedative. It took about 2.5 hours for both upper and lower on both eyes. Unfortunately I'm not a person who heals fast or well. I have had minor complications like my stitches opening and had to be re-closed today that is why my left eye looks more swollen and red in the pictures. If you look closely you can see I still have stitches in that eye. 5 days after the procedure Doc removed the stitches, 2 days later I came down with an eye infection and an allergic reaction to the eye drops he prescribed for the infection. After a few days it cleared up and my eyes begin to heal and look better. Dr. Thomassen said he would have preferred to see me less bruised and swollen but that happens with some patients, we all are different and heal different. I bruise easy all the time and it takes a long time for my bruising to go away even if some one pinches me it will last over a week. :-( Other than that I'm doing fine now. I was a little depressed and scared at first but that is now going away, not depressed about my face any more but still watching and looking at it all the time like a hawk, lol. That's my personality a little obsessive I know, but don't tell anyone. I think it is worth it I can see the change today and I think it will come out better than I expect so I will keep you posted.
You look fabulous! Congratulations!
Congratulations on the weight loss...you are looking great. I like your review because it is helpful to know that things can happen unexpectedly...but that in the end, with patience, things get so much better. Great result!

Thanks for sharing!  Despite the setbacks in your healing with the infection and allergic reaction, you look great for 14 days out.  Congrats on the weight loss, too!  I think your face looks lean and healthy.  Keep us posted on your continued healing.  I know arnica montana gel applied topically really helped my bruises break down (I was also taking arnica and bromelein pills). 


I Forgot To Tell You...

We already know how great Dr. Thomassen is but I failed to mention he ask me if I wanted him to remove all of the skin tags on my eyes and around my eyes because he did not like them. What do you think I said? Heck Yes! Remove all them suckers as much as you want! Man this Dr. Is amazing he wants you to look better than you think you want to look yourself. BTW my surgery was $3,700 not $4,700 I just noticed I pressed 4 instead of 3. I hope they can change this here. If you are looking for just upper lids you can look on Groupon if he still is offering the discount there. I did not pay for it through Groupon I just mentioned I seen it there and they honored it. What a great office. Can you tell I love my Doctor and his staff! Just Awesome!
I meant it's getting better....
Is it normal for my eye muscle to be twitching while it's getting very. It's the left swollen eye that bothers me the most. It's also sore. It's it normal?
Hey Jill, Yes I do sleep on my side. I did the back thing post up on pillows for as long as I could but it makes me very uncomfortable to the point of agitation. So I sleep in the lazy boy upright for about 6-7 days then started sleeping in the bed. you can always tell which side I slept on the longest by which eye is more puffy in the morning. I don't know if I will ever be able to sleep on my back. I'm going to give it two more weeks before I voice any concerns to the doctor, hoping it will all look great by then.

Ugh!!!! Need my stiches fixed again

Well as much as I love Dr. T's bedside manner... I have to go back to FL for more stitches, my left eye is not healing properly because my stitches came open after the first surgery he restitched them and then 2 days latter it came open again. Now I'm back in Texas and it's not healing properly it has a whelped type of scar. He looked at my pictures and wanted me to come back right away but unfortunately I need to work and make some money first. I guess I will go 1st or 2nd week of December. Thank goodness I go out there like every 6 weeks anyway to visit my sweetie. Well I have to tell you guys the truth or the way my heart feels right now. Even though I adore Dr. Thomassen as I said, I'm not sure if I'm going to be happy with the final results. The jury is still out. I'm 3 weeks out today and I'm not very happy. I'm still very swollen, bruised and scars are still very noticeable. Dr. T says I look fine and he is confident that the end results will look very good. I pray he is right. This is my face we are talking about. I will keep you posted.ee
Visit was good. Dr. said it's normal and it will be healed with time. I like the fact that he sounded confident. I came back home with a new perspective. My left eye is less swollen but with some weird shapes normal I believe as one parts heals faster than others. I call my dr... Dr R as his last name is so difficult for me. He is a sweet dr and I appreciate the way he treated me on this visit.
Hey Gudepy! I'm glad to hear all went well! I'm anxious to see my Dr. my eyes are not going as well for me (my perspective). I love my Dr. he also is very sweet, considerate and takes the time with you, so I'm praying he skills live up to his reputation. My scars look pretty bad and I'm still swollen a few days over a month now. I'm putting scare away on my scars now every night and that sees to help. Scar Away suppose to flatten, lighten and diminish scars. I hope it works before the second week of Dec. because I don't want to go back to Florida to have more surgery and look horrible for the holidays. I want to go there to enjoy my time with my sweetie. Well keep me post and put some pictures up that really helps others and keeps this site going. I love this site for searching for Dr. and reviews with pictures are the best. TTYL
Having a revision will send me trough the roof. Let's pray all is well with you. I'm believing for you total recovery in Jesus Holy Name.

Revison & Update

Hi All,

Well I had to have my eyes re-done. Dr. Thomassen was very good about it and got me in ASAP. I so love his personality and bedside manner I will not take that away from him at all. I am beginning to love my eyes! This time it was not so bad and the bruising and swelling is going down much faster. I guess I'm just a slow healer. Doctor did have to remove more fat and lift the upper eye more and revise some scaring. I will update again with pictures with now make. These are just some I took today so I could get an update on here. Hope all of you who just had surgery or getting ready to have it I wish you the best and pray that you LOVE your results.
Thanks so much for sharing the various stages of your healing, I found the info very helpful. How are your eyes after the revision surgery? Are you happy with the outcome? Would love another update to know how you are doing. Congrats as well on your weight-loss journey!
Hi Lisa, I just watched your weight loss video that you uploaded on Youtube in Feb. Wow, you look amazing and your eyes are so beautiful!!! I couldn't tell from your latest eyelid pics if the scars flattened out from your revision. It looks as if this is the case in your video. The final result looks smooth and very natural. It may have taken two surgeries to resolve the problems you had, but in the end, your eyes look amazing! If there is one thing I am avoiding it is the over-corrected look that results from the removal of too much skin and fat. The horrible "doll eye" look with the hollowed out eye sockets is so unattractive to me as it makes a women look older instead of younger. Finding a surgeon who removes just the right amount has been challenging for me. I am definitely going to look into your surgeon further - thanks again for sharing! :)
@Torontochica, Hi and thank you for the wonderful comments! My eyes look much better the second go-round. Am I completely happy? No, or to be fair I will say "No, not yet". The right eye is better than the left which I thought it would be the other way around, so you never know how you will heal. The left eye is still puffy on the bottoms on most days and is up a little higher than the right eye. I still have scarring on both eyes top, bottom and side of eyes. Yes, I think the Doctor (even though I adore him) could improve his sewing technique but then again I don't know if its just me so I'm trying to be a little more understanding because I know he truly did his best the second time around. The scars are not so bad I want to go through it for a third time so I will live with it if they do not go away completely. I just wished if I was going to have scaring he would have put the scars in the fold/crease. So make sure you tell your doctor on the day of surgery put the scars in the crease/fold and on the bottom put them all the way up to the lash line and don't have them wing out as mine are. The people that I see who have those types of lasting scars you can't tell unless they point it out to you when they close their eyes or open them wide and point. My upper lid scars are up above my fold so you can see them when I'm just looking forward if I don't cover them with makeup. ugh! Other than that I feel I look 75% better (would give it 100% if I did not have scarring and left eye puffiness still). Still is is a great improvement and everyone thinks I look sooo much younger and rested now. They all thought I was being ridiculous at first but now when they look back at pictures they understand and say Wow!!!! Good luck and post pictures when your ready. Rock it Right! Lisa
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Dr. Thomassen, he is so nice, caring, gentle and truly listens to you. I could not have felt any safer. His staff is very nice and helpful also. I have been very blessed to find two great Doctors on this site. Thanks to all who post and put their pictures up so people can make informed decisions. We need to help each other because finding a great Doctor is not easy so this site helps tremendously. Thank you Real Self.com I truly appreciate you and I'm a big fan!

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