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Im 41yrs old. I had a tummy tuck in March 2013...

Im 41yrs old. I had a Tummy Tuck in March 2013 and yesterday I had my breast lift and breast reduction and a tummy tuck revision yesterday..
I'm in a lot pain, I don't remember being in this much pain when I got my TT..but it's all worth it..went today to my post op appt..Dr said it all looks good..when I saw them I couldn't believe it..I've wanted this done for so long and my dream came true. I know I'm just 1 day POKER and it's a long road to recovery but I'm glad I did it..I also have a post in the TT section of RS. Unable to upload pics from my phone. Will try later


Girl you got the works!  Love it...Please do upload your pics as soon as you are able.
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2wk po

So the side swelling on the side of my breast running underneath my arm has me it swelling, fat? I dont know..I just hope it goes down soon..has anyone else experienced this? My tummy is doing great so far..I go back to the Dr. On the 16th and I'm assuming the tape will be removed then and hope to be able to start the silicone gel strips..back to work on Monday..I took 2 wks off..I have a desk job so I think I'll be ok..I will update in a week and hope swelling is down by then..


You look amazing! I also had some side swelling and it definitely goes down with time. I am not sure if you had lipo on the sides. If so that swelling can take up to 2 months to go down. I did end up having a revision at 4 1/2 months post-op and it did help as PS didn't feel as though I was swollen anymore. Take a look at my review. I have posted pictures of before/after my revision.
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Your Results look great for your Frame ! I STILL HAVE that Under Arm Swelling YET and I'm 12 Weeks Post Op ! I'm TRYING to be Patient - as this is NOT like going and getting an Easy Operation done - it has to heal from the Inside Out ! Mine feels almost - like you could put an Empty Paper Towel Roll - Under each of my Arms - at my Sides ! My Arms still don't go all the way down and when I Bump it - it still is super sore ! You look so Great ! You will be very happy as the healing goes along ! Sending you good vibes !
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you look wonderful, it will take up to 4 months for all swelling to go down so don't worry about details
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3wks PO and concerned with swelling

So today im 3wks po..the swelling on the side just isnt getting any better and I know Ive been told to be patient but Im just scared that It'll stay like this and I refuse to go under again after having TT 1yr ago and now a BL/BR and tummy tuck there anyone iut there that this happened to? As many reviews that I've read I dont think I've come across many if any of girls complaining about the same thing..anyway other than that I am very pleased with the shape and with my TT revision...not much more had changed...oh yes wait..sensation..ok so I was never one to really have much to begin with and I know the lost of sensation is a possibility but OMG, what about the total opposite!! I have to cover them with blankets and pillow when im around a fan..the cold from a/c at work is killing me..the are so so sensitive to air..whats up with that??


You look FANTASTIC!!! I bet you are pleased?!
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Thank you bambi..I am, cant wait to be fully recovered but so far ao good..thanks again
You certainly still have plenty of swelling. I had the same thing and it drastically got better over the first couple months. I did have a scar revision at 4 1/2 months which helped as well. An in office procedure which only required a local anesthetic. I was completely awake and did not have any sedation. It was well worth it and I was I only sore for a couple days. You may take a look at my photos to see the difference. I hope you continue to recover well.
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