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DR .Don Revis Fort Lauderdale Florida I...

DR .Don Revis Fort Lauderdale Florida
I contacted his office and asked if he could do a skype interview or how does he do out of town consults and Renea his receptionist was very friendly and cooperative and patient with me lol. I
I chose the email consult after learning you have to pay for skype these days .
so easy ..... I had my mammogram results and blood work done at the community health screen for 25.00 a few months earlier so after I told Dr. REVIS I would like very high nipples he decided that he could do it with a peri aerioliar lift because I was scared of the scars of a lollipop.
my first set of implants 350 cc mentor saline did not correct the cone shape of my breast and I have never been able to see my lower fold of my breast so I was adiment that this be corrected...
I wanted pam boobs I think hers are extremily awesome and let me tell you ....
this man delivered and I told his office that I would like to be called if anyone cancelled because I could just hop on a plane and come at last minute notice.
Consult may 28th surgery June 9th I was so excited when they called n said they had a cancelation.......
when I got there Dr. Revis said I would need to have the lollipop to achieve the results I wanted and I immediatly agreed he made me feel safe and he was very confident in his abilities
Very talented surgeon....
I have 900cc saline mentor overfill with internal bra
one of the only surgeons who performs this and his technique is his own...
I am totally in love with my new boobs and this guy will always get my repeat bussiness ...
I think my before and afters speak for them selves ;)
I am so happy with my results ....I should be his poster child lol....

6 wks Post Op before n after

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Amazingly talented gifted and skilled surgeon great bedside manor personality and humorous my husband joked with him Like he had known him for years.... patient driven results highly recommended staff sweet and prompt and informative he spent alot of time never felt rushed and never waited in the waiting room more than 5 min..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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AMazzzing... They look fantastic. I'm so excited for my appointment with Dr . Revis :)
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You should be his poster child. Really, really awesome results. I will be using him if I need a revision. I love my doctor but he is much older, so he may be retired in 10 yrs.
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Puppydog ahh thank you so much and your doc did a.heck of a job as.well thank u.for.sharing.your story ... oh and I happen to.love coconut.oil as.well I have a list.of.95 things it.is useful for so might as well say everything :) Happyhealing
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awesome results...after much though about my tuberous breasts I've been consulting Dr. Revis via email and am so happy with his fast and honest responses. If you don't mind me asking, how far did you travel for your surgery? That's the part that worries me most honestly b/c his pics are amazing as you know!! Did you ever go back for f/ups or have you done that through email/pics? thanks!!
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Hello twinmama24 Thank you so much if.you have.tuberous breast like I did the peri aurola lift is ideal beacause sometimes it can make your nipples flat so I would def recommend the peri lift with lollipop.I had never been able to see the underside of my breast... I traveled all the way from Fairview Oklahoma that 800 miles one way and I will.go back definitely for my.post op at 3 months. I think it would be a dis service to him and his work if I didnt. Results like these need to be seen I would totally recommend him I wish you the best and please share your story... GOD BLESS LEANN
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WOW 800 miles!!! I'm definitely not that far away at all---now I have NO excuse ;)! Yeah the more and more I think of it, it's better to get it right the first time than to end up with Dr. R for a revision in the future!
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Yes totally agree 1st time is very important however if all ekse fails his staff have nicknamed him Dr. Revision lol.. Please stay in touch and share your story :)
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hahaha I've noticed that in reviews.
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I am so glad that you chose him and went thru with it! Looks awesome!!!
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Revis is an artist, great pick for a surgeon becauae hes great at xxl implants. How is the healing process going so far?
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I agree and thank you for asking healing is going great still feels tight but I am getting around fine going to start scar therapy today.
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What are you going to use for scar therapy?
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Im using bio oil and scar away silicone sheets and make me heal silicone nipple rounds sometimes mederma Do you have any advice my scars are barely noticable on r i ght but the left will need extra help Thks
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