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I'm a 40 old mom of a 17 yo breast fed daughter....

I'm a 40 old mom of a 17 yo breast fed daughter. Over the past few years I have lost over 80 pounds. Big boobs have been part of my identity since highschool. For years I was 38DD. Since my weight loss, I still have quite a bit of breast tissue, but it just looks like a puddle in and out of my bra. I need "ME" back. I am having 2 separate procedures, a full anchor lift 9/26, and implants approx 3 months later. I'm very nervous as this is the first surgery I've ever had. My husband is so supportive and just plain amazing. I'll be traveling out of state to have this done, so that adds an element of difficulty to the post-op process. But I chose my Dr. after a lot of research so I feel comfortable with this choice. I wish this was as easy as buying a car... You know what you're gonna get before you buy! At this point I have no idea of cc's, I just know I want that really big 'in your face' look! I've had my blood work and mammogram and I'm ready to roll!


So excited for you and can't wait to see the outcome. I'm going 800cc what are your thoughts on CC's?
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All the afters I see that I love are over 700. So I'm in love with the bigger look. The wish pics you have posted look great!
How exciting, I hope everything goes smoothly & that you recover well from your procedures! I remember being nervous too. I really struggled with what size of implants to choose. I had a major anchor lift with augmention under muscle all at once & my dr helped choose 425cc implants for me the morning of my procedure based on my goals. We were looking at 450cc -475cc's moderate plus profile silicone gels. Do you know what size of implants & profile you want? I wish you all the best & look forward to seeing your transformation :) September will be here before u know it....
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Will September EVER get here??

Trying to throw myself into work, family, and just life in general to hopefully make the time pass faster. Family reunion this weekend, so that will be a nice distraction. My upcoming lift tends to consume my thoughts, but I guess that's normal. Thought I'd take the plunge and post a 'real' pic of my girls. 9/26 please hurry!


Thank u for taking the time to answer the question as well, I appreciate it sweetheart ! :)
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Awww your time will be here before you know it. My last month before my BA i was feeling like i could not stay busy to by time and then super bowl sunday came and before i knew it i was on the road to Miami. woke up and still could not believe i had the boobs i have been dreaming about since i was 19. Good luck with your surgery. I really like your wish pictures especially the one after your in the pink tank top. My boobs actually look similar to that wish pic lol.
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You'll be in good hands with Dr. Revis :) good luck with yer upcoming surgery. You will look fantastic! Can't wait to see yer results....
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The last 10 lbs...ugh!!

Trying hard to lose those last stubborn pounds before my breast lift and lipo! So hard! Was down a few this morning, 155 and I would love to be 150 before my surgery. Either way I've come a long way since my heaviest at 235!


Oh and I LOVE that first wish pic!!!!! Wow!
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Thanks! I want to go pretty big. That is the reason for 2 stages. A lift and implants create two opposing forces...the lift tightening and pulling everything in...implants the opposite, stretching and making bigger. Doing 2 stages allows healing time for the anchor lift scars, thus decreasing the chances of complications.
Oh I see!! That makes sense. I'll be following your journey!

So Ready For This!

I can't believe next week is my surgery! I'm so ready to do this. I had my husband take a pic of me this evening and seeing myself in this picture just rekindles the excitement and desire to transform my saggy, baggy body! I've started telling people I work with why I'll be gone and its so funny to see their reactions! Just trying to get everything ready to be gone for 6 days. My dad will be house/dog sitting(he's the most wonderful daddy in the world!), so I have to grocery shop and stock the house for him. I hope I haven't forgotten anything I need to take. My Dr.'s office called in all my prescriptions so I have those, I have my arnica pills and gel, easy on and off clothes...I'm sure I'll add to the list as the day I leave approaches. I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Yay!!! So excited for you, praying for you a smooth surgery and good recovery babe;•}
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Good luck!!! :D
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Thank you!

My Pre Op Appointment

I met Dr. Revis today for the first time, but I felt like I already knew him! He has been so great to respond to my every question so quickly. I really feel like he is an artist and boobs are his clay! My sx was originally scheduled for 7:30 am tomorrow, but it was changed to 11:30. I'm really thankful for the change because originally I had to be at the hospital by 5:30 am. I'm so tired tonight, had to leave for the airport at 5 this morning...its been a long day! The anticipation of the surgery is stressful in itself, add on packing, travel, etc...its just plain draining. I'm blessed to have my husband with me every step of the way and he is wonderful! My original plan remains-full anchor lift and lipo of inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abs, back/flank area. Dr. Revis also wants to lipo the area on the sides of my boobs (sort of the underarm area) and he said he will actually do a slight reduction on my lefty since it is bigger. He says if you're gonna do it do it right and make it look as good as possible. The look I want to end up with, Dr. Revis says will take anywhere from 800-1000 cc's to achieve. I couldn't believe it! But that part won't happen for about 3 months. I started taking arnica on Monday and will continue for a while post op, also started my antibiotic tonight. Have my pain medicine and muscle relaxers ready for tomorrow.I hope to update as soon as possible tomorrow post op. I'm nestled in bed here at Hyatt and hope to have a peaceful night.


Hi my friend , hope you are doing ok today and not too nervous. * Dear Lord, lay your calming hand my friend today and plz keep her safe. I pray her surgery goes well and she has a smooth recovery. I pray you keep her and hers safe on their travels to and from Lord. I pray you keep them well. In Jesuses name I pray , Amen.
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Thanks so much for your prayer. Like I said earlier I can really feel your spirit and sincerity!
How exciting your surgery is today your in my prayers ☺ Glad you liked him as much as I did and still do ☺ he's an amazing PS ☺
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Night of surgery

Well...I DID IT! Surgery ended up beginning around noon, took about 4 hours. Again, Dr. Revis was wonderful pre op. He brought in his rainbow of sharpies to mark me up. My husband had a lot of fun with that! We all joked around and kept lite. I remember all that, but pretty much my next memory is waking up in the recovery room. Talk about couture, you should see my outfit! I asked for my husband, but they wouldn't let him come to the recovery room. As soon as they took me back to my regular room he was allowed to come in. Dr. Revis then came in to talk to us. He said he didn't have to do the full anchor lift! He did the lollipop lift instead. I was so happy! One less incision to worry about. The boob area feels fine. I can lift my arms and use them without pain but I'm trying not to. This lipo though is a monster! He said everything went great, no complications. He removed 5 liters of fat...woohoo! I'm so swollen right now it looks like he injected 5 liters! I'm taking my arnica, antibiotics, vicadin, flexeril, and zofran(for nausea). I was pretty sick when I woke up. They gave me anti nausea medicine prior to surgery so I can't even imagine how it would have been without it! I've had some cheerios and fresh pineapple so far to eat, don't feel like eating much. Also drinking Gatorade trying to stay hydrated. I've slept so much today hopefully all the meds will help me sleep tonight. My husband is babying me, won't let me lift a finger. Can't imagine not having him here with me. Good night everyone, I'll update again tomorrow.


Awww i think thats beyond sweet your husband is babying you. It really means alot to us when we are in that vulnerable position and the Man we rely on is there to aid us really helps out with our recovery process. He did a great job. Sorry you had to deal with the nausea. I had that same problem and i was wondering the same thing if i was not given anti nausea meds before the surgery how would i feel after i woke up.
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First stage complete!!! So sorry you struggled with nausea. :( Praying for quick healing for you!!!
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Oh my gosh girl!!! You had the works, congratulations. I'm so excited for you. I'm glad he was able to take out 5 liters. That is awesome. Can't wait to see your progress :-) take care and happy healing
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Day 2, first shower, yay!

I completely missed posting anything my first day post op. I was pretty much out of it. My husband made sure I didn't miss a dose of my meds. I definitely feel better today, but there is still pain. The pain pills don't make the pain go away they just make you not care that you hurt. I've been trying to get up and walk around as much as possible. We even went out for a while today. I wasn't up for much shopping, but it felt good to get away from the hotel! Took my first shower this evening and that felt OK. I hated taking my cg off! The compression actually feels good. I know all this looks worse before it looks better, but the swelling really sucks! A word of advice... Wear a pair of tight undies over your cg! The cg is crotchless, so that puts a lot of pressure on your entire vaginal area. I started to swell, so we went to Marshall's and bought a pair of under armor 'boy short' type underwear. That helped immediately! My thoughts and prayers are with all the others out there going through this with me. Now I can not wait for my implants!!!


Looks like the lift came out really good, they will look soooo awesome when you get yer implants :) GO REVIS!!! Hope yer pain gets better and you heal relatively fast...XXXX
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Thanks! I can't wait for implant time!

Day 3 and 4 update...

Yesterday (day 3) was OK, just tried to keep medicated. The swelling from the lipo is very aggravating! Can't wait to get beyond the "I'm ugly" phase. After my shower last night while my husband was rubbing arnica gel on me I almost passed out. Ended up on my hands and knees for a minute. I hurried and got back into my cg and laid back down. Having the same constipation problems as most others. Took one dose of miralax and that didn't phase it. Hoping to start taking something once I get home. Hate the thought of having bathroom issues on the plane. Dr. Revis was great today at my post op appt. He explained to me again why he only had to do the lollipop lift instead of full anchor. He seems almost as excited as I am to get the implants in. Sitting at the Atlanta airport right now waiting on our flight home. I'm sooooo ready to get in my own bed! Had planned on going back to work tomorrow but I think I'll make it Thursday. The pics I'm posting are day 3. Hope everyone is healing well, you're all in my prayers!


Praying for you sweetheart, I hope your flight home went well! I think your girls are going to look amazing with your implants! I hope your recovery is very smooth & uneventful. I definitely think taking the day off is wise... xoxo thank u for your update & I'm glad you're doing well!
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Thanks for checking on me. Flight home was good. My calves and ankles swelled pretty bad from not being able to elevate them much. Our last leg wasn't even close to full so my husband moved to another row and I was able to lay down and get my feet up above my heart. It definitely helped. It feels soooo very good to be home. My dog was so excited but he just doesn't understand! He's such a cuddler and always wants to be laying on you and that just doesn't work for me right now. So glad I took today off, gives me one more day to medicate. Hopefully I'll be able to go in tomorrow! Again, thanks for the prayers and for checking on me!
Sorry for all the nausea, pain,constipation no fun :( But wow your already taking shape and lift looks great and you still have a ton of natural breast tissue lucky girl once you get those 800-1000 ccs your going to have some big gorgeous Boob's!!!!!! I'm jelly of your Boob's in good way ☺ Keeping you in my prayers Lipo sounds rough!!!!
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Broward Health Medical Center

In addition to my amazing plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Revis, I can't say enough about how wonderful the hospital was! It was my first surgery ever, so I guess I don't have anything to compare it to, but it was a wonderful experience! I had a whole team there for me. Prior to surgery while we were waiting on Dr. Revis to come and mark me, they kept me wrapped in warm blankets and just made sure I was good every second of the way. The hospital has called me twice since my surgery to check on me. I would recommend this facility to anyone for any procedure...they are awesome!


I agree on the hospital, and I hate hospitals lol. It just has a nice atmosphere and doesn't seem so scary to me. All the staff was great to me too, before and after to check on me. Best of all was Dr. Revis :) glad yer doing good and i can't wait to see how awesome you'll look and feel after yer BA with him. Hope you continue to heal and feel fabulous soon...XXXX
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hi are you happy with the symmetry?
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Yes, live and in person they look better than the pictures, but I am very happy. I had a lot of asymmetry before and they are way better now. Of course when I go back in January and have all the loose breast tissue filled up, everything's going to change again.


Today I am 12 days post op. Yesterday was my first full day back to work and it was a long one! I finally stopped the pain pills, I think they were doing more harm than good. I don't really have too much pain now, more like tightness and discomfort. I've been taking Tylenol PM to help make sleeping a little easier, but no more narcotics. Nothing much has changed as far as my boobs go. The steri strips are hanging on for dear life! I can't wait to see what my areolas look like! The most discomfort I have is from the lipo, now that was brutal! I'm still bruised and swollen, but its getting better every day. I take my cg off every night to shower and my husband massages me (as much as I can stand it) with arnica gel and it feels sooooo good! I have some weird numbness in my left hand and upper right arm that I hope is normal. I emailed Dr. Revis about it today so hopefully he can ease my mind about it. I'm so excited for January to get here so I can complete my transformation with the implants! Hope everyone out there is happily healing. I pray for all of you everyday. Take care ladies!


So glad you've made it over the hump with the first phase of your procedure. We will need to support you over the next few months to help the time pass quickly. I think the implant surgery will be a piece of cake for you! ;)
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Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I can't imagine a better experience than the one I've had with Dr. Revis and his staff. I flew in from another state so I had the added stress of travel but they were all so great to work with its like I was at home. I know there are other Dr.s I could have worked with for less money, but I have no regrets! The whole process has been great! With all the patients he has and a wife and kids, he still manages to make me feel like I'm the only one. He is so quick to answer all my emails. He is a joy to work with and I HIGHLY recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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