Asthmatic Getting Breast Lift and Implants and Upper/lower Eyes Done! Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ok, first of all I am scared to death! I had a...

Ok, first of all I am scared to death! I had a collapsed lung at the age of 23 and had to be on life support for 2 weeks, and been an asthmatic since age 3 with yearly bouts of hospital stays. Needless to say, I am traumatized and have a deathly fear of not being able to breathe. Anyone with asthma out there, i Know you understand

Surgery tomorrow at 6am

Went for consultation today to show Dr. exactly what I wanted. I have a small frame, always had 36 c naturally, but now they are deflated and ummm not sexy. Going for high profile, full c, 350cc saline implants. I like the fake look with cleavage that looks like you have a corset on. I think they've sagged for so long I just want those ladies up!!!! :-) will post before and after.
Good luck tomorrow! As long as your doctor is aware of your past medical history, you should be fine. Some doctors even prescribe a small pre-med to help with any anxiety that might overwhelm you. Here is a helpful list of recovery items you may want to have on hand. Will you have someone helping you the first day or two of your recovery? Keep us posted!
Yes I will, my husband took 2 days off :) Thank you so much for the info and support!! This forum is great, full of wonderful people!!
Good luck tomorrow, you'll do great!

Surgery didn't happen ...yet

I had an asthma attack yesterday evening and had to go to the ER to get a breathing treatment, and put on prednisone ( a steroid). Got home at midnight, was at surgery center at 5:30 am. Got prepped in gown, hair cap and bootie socks and waited for the anesthesiologist and Doctor. (Doctor was 2 hours late for surgery...unreal) Anesthesiologist listened to my lungs and wouldn't clear me for surgery due to wheezing she heard. Too risky to be put under. Could go into fatal attack while intebated. Back home I went. Waiting for lungs to clear up,hopefully reschedule next month...or maybe it was divine intervention,. We will see....
Hi Tammy. How were your chest xray results? Update us pleaseeeee, take care and thanks for sharing your journey
Just checking in on you, see how you're doing and if you've been given the all clear yet.....
Thanks for checking Michele :) Current update..had chest xray last week, found a spot on my lung, went for ct scan today (my mom had lung cancer) and getting results of test tomorrow. Hopefully I will get a clearance, and if so my surgery is tentatively scheduled for July 16. :) If no clearance, then I'm going to take it as a sign and just have to deal with these saggy maggies and be :)
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