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Referred to Dr. Revis by a friend, who herself was...

Referred to Dr. Revis by a friend, who herself was a referral from another friend. Very nice staff, everything explained to my satisfaction. Dr. Revis was extremely nice & took all the time I needed. He is immensely qualified, so I'm not nervous about that, just happy & excited & a bit nervous about getting these ruptured (from age) implants out, finally! I'm 66 & very health conscious. Implant removal only, no replacement. Just looking forward to being 'me' again!


Thinking of you and best wishes! X
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Best of luck today verana! Happy healing!!
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Very best wishes for today. I'm so excited for you :o) Will be thinking of you and sending you positve and warmest wishes x
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I made it to the other side of the road today!!

Hello girls.....I was at hospital by 5:30, operation right on schedule @ 7:30, back in recovery at 9:15 & released at noon! Words can't describe how happy I am to have done this. Dr. Revis was a dream, so very nice & friendly, met my hubby prior to surgery & answered any questions I had. He took lots of pics of the removed implants. It's weird, they were soft & ruptured, but he showed me on the pictures where the capsule had calcium on it which had started to flake off, like paint, inside. He removed the capsules & spent a lot of time removing capsule & calcium bits, cleaned it all out. The left capsule with the leak in it, had a strange protusion at the bottom - Dr. Revis said it had, entangled itself with my muscles, making things grow together, distorting the left breast badly. No wonder stretching my left arm kind of hurt! From what I can see peeking down the top, I look small but there's a little cleavage, which I never had in my life....interesting! I don't need the pain pills at all this afternoon. Very little blood draining, so drains probably coming out on Thurs, they said. Pretty sure he did the cutting on the bottom side, not aerola. After the surgery, the only discomfort I had, aside from the giant Velcro wrap he's got going around my bod, was nausea, & a bit of pain...she gave me nausea stuff through a drip, as well as pain meds through the drip. Will update more on Thurs after the post-op. I'm starving...sending hubby out for loaded potato skins, which is what I feel like now. Earlier, all I wanted was tea & a banana....I am so, so, so happy with both the surgery, the doc, his office, and everyone's efficiency. I'm blessed! will start collecting the paperwork & pics to send to Medicare to see if they'll pay for any of it.....I'm so happy I went with this surgeon, who is one of the top guys in FLorida, double-board certified, and Consumer's Research Council of America listed him as on of America's Top Surgeons. To me, he looked about 15, but then again I'm 66 so what do I know! Thank you, girls, for all the's so comforting having those old bags out!!


Just wondering how you are feeling?
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I feel wonderful!! No pain at all, just a bit of ache here & there....draining is down to 10-15, so hopefully he'll take them out tomorrow as I have to work on Monday. Really, this was so much better than I expected, the worst thing are the drains & this compression wrap around my torso! had a shower today....yay!
I bet that was a million dollar shower!!! I know that's how I felt!

This is what came out of me on Monday!

Hope I posted these ok....we'll see! Taken the 17th in the operating room. You can see inside the capsule where the calcium had built up over the implant.....and mine were soft! To think this is what we're ending up with....and the 'tail' on (my) left boob was where the leaky bit started to tangle with my muscle, tissue, implant, left scar won't be as neat as my right one, but that's due to the tangle...


Gruesome shots! Thank goodness they're out! Wonder how long they wouldve lasted! My implants could be like that. Mine are very soft. I was hoping a lot of softness would equal more tissue! Lol. I'll have to wait and see. How are you feeling? X
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Feeling really good, Rosey. Chest is sore, of course, but I go back to work today - wonder how that will go? Still mushy-shaped from the compression stuff, & nipples are flat, but I know that will change as I heal up. Stitches come out next Tues, July 2nd. Can't wait, they're starting to itch a bit! I'll have to go back & remind myself how others looked at the first week, and then later on! This has been such a good experience & I'm so glad I did it, after waiting for ages!! Can't wait to see what I end up looking like, but it'll be ok, whatever!
I think the relief of having them removed will override anxieties of appearance :o) My surgeon said after 6 weeks, that's how many ladies began to then feel. Your boobs just need that time to mould back together. I suppose at the moment, like many ladies have commented, you're in the jello phase. LuvRealBoobsOr explanied it so well about boobs being like a doghnut after explant. Check out her review. Its very informative :o) How did work go? Hope it wasn't too much for you? How's the itching? I'm worried about itching. I can't bear it. Is it because you get your stitches out perhaps? Or its just a general wound healer side effect? X

Three weeks post op now!

Feeling much better, scars healing well, I'm still a bit sore - especially after working, having worn the tight sports bra for 5 hours, but soooo happy I did all this! Still massaging with the coconut oil, and next week I can start the ScarGuard. Left side underneath still a bit wonky-looking, but you can see from the 'tail' on one implant that he had to dig a bit to get it untangled from my tissue. Doesn't matter if it's not perfectly rounded, I'm very happy anyway. After having original implants for 35 years, it's so wonderful to have my soft, little boobs back! Good luck to everyone who is going to do this - totally worth it. Never too late...I'm 66 & still in good shape, luckily. Didn't want to live the last third of my life with the old ruptured bags inside me....PS said I didn't have a choice anyway, they had to come out. Happy girl!!


Wow! Verana!!!!!Thank Goodness you got that s***t out!!!!!! Oh my! I felt kind of woozie looking at your pic's. thank you so much for sharing. It's truly amazing what our bodies put up with because of our lack of knowing better. I'm so happy for you! Congrats on being natural again. Much Love, Birdie
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Hi Birdie! Hope all is well. I'm 7 weeks post now, & soooo happy I did this, even though I don't look as perfect as most of you seem to! One nipple still hasn't popped out yet, and the other boob is weirdly shaped on the bottom, like a badge of honor - that implant capsule had tangled itself in my tissue & it had to be wrestled out, the PS said.....that's ok, bras are wonderful, & my husband doesn't care either.....benefits of an ancient marriage!! Take care, Birdie - good to see you on the site once in a while!
Thank you so much for posting those pics....I'm 51 and have had my implants for 20 years and am just now looing into getting them out. It was good (and scary) to see another woman who had them for a long time. I'm very scared, about the surgery and the appearance after....I'm trying to get up the nerve to go to my first consultation.
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Medicare reimbursement!

Ok girls, for those of us over 65, I finally got a reimbursement check last night, after 6 months. It wasn't a ton, $535, but better than nothing, for sure. Hopefully my supplement will do the other 20%. I got the form 1490S from, and submitted the bill from my PS, with doctor's notes & the pics he took. They denied me twice, since he wasn't a Medicare doc (a lot of PS's aren't). However, a couple of you posted the codes, which I resubmitted in October, and I got the check yesterday. His total bill was $4750, including everything (hospital fee, anesthesiologist, etc) of which Medicare approved $681, so they sent me 80%. Just FYI, the code for an intact implant is 19328, and for ruptured was 19330. I looked them up on a Medicare code chart I found online. Once I resubmitted with the code, they paid up. A doc told me you could have your arm chopped off, but if there's no Medicare code next to the procedure, the computer can't process it. Anyway, I'm happy I got something! By the way, it's been 6 months now, I'm so very happy I had my 35 year old original implants removed, but I do kind of look saggy-baggy, but it's ok, Am sure I could have a revision to look perfect, or maybe they'll fill in, but small is good and it feels great to have real boobs again. Sports bras work wonders anyway. One of my nipples has yet to peek out, but that is fixable, and the bottom of the other boob still looks a bit odd, because the surgeon had to dig the implant out as it was attaching to tissues...anyway, I didn't have a choice, and it was a wonderful decision! Sorry for this long update, but I know the Medicare thing will interest some of you! Happy New Year!


Hi verena! I've been emailing with Dr. Revis about removing my implants as well! Mine aren't ruptured and I have no contracture but they are causing me pain. Would love to hear more about your experience with Dr. Revis! I've heard he is wonderful and has been so kind and quick to respond to my emails! Have your breasts chamged alot since your surgery? So happy for you that you got those bags out!! :) Happy New Year!
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The whole staff is wonderful, caring, & nice. They made everything easy for me, and my experience was a good one. Yes, my boobs changed a lot after the implants were removed, but remember, I'm 66 & had them for over 35 years; I wear sports bras as they are comfy & I still have a bit of a shape, but I have a problem with one inverted nipple (can be common after long-term implants) which may or may not pop out, but can be fixed with revision. Also, the other boob had a problem with the implant attaching itself to my tissue, which you can see from my photos the doc took. He kind of had to dig it out, so the bottom of the boob isn't as rounded as I'd like, but again, it's fixable. It's only been 6 mos out for me, so if I decide to fix stuff, I'll wait a while. At any rate, I'm thrilled that they're out, it's much more comfortable, and I love it - besides, I didn't have any choice after so many years. Most people wouldn't have the problem I did, as my old plastic baggies were sooooo old!! Happy New Year to you, too!
Thank you so much for responding back to me! :) I am definitely planning on having Dr. Revis do my explant if I don't like what my original PS suggests on his approach to removal. I'm so happy you had a great experience with him!! Im sure you feel so much better! You were cracking me up talking about your old plastic baggies!!! :)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Chosen by friend referrals & my own research, qualifications (voted one of Ameriica's top surgeons by Consumer Research Council), etc. So far, I would rate him highly. Surgery 6/17/13. Post Op:....Dr. Revis & staff could not have been nicer, more efficient, or more concerned with my welfare. Everything went beautifully, at first meeting, Pre-op & Post-Op and I feel great - only tightness & still very tired - 6 hours after getting home. Dr. Revis is very well qualified, and now I understand why people fly in from all over to see him, and current patients want repeat visits for other procedures. I'm a happy girl!

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