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I am a 35 year old mommy of four great kiddos,...

I am a 35 year old mommy of four great kiddos, (the two youngest are 4year old twinners!) And a happily married wifey. I finally got a breast augmentation after wanting one since i got married almost 12 years ago. No soecial reason besides the fact that i had small ones. I really enjoy lifting and workingout bloody hard, but with that hard work comes the price of loosing breast fat!! I was sceptical for YEARS of breast augmentation and the pro's and con's, deciding wether it was truly right for me. Plus i knew it wasn't going to be just a "one time" proceedure (although it woukd be nice if it was, wouldn't it?!), so that weighed heavy on my decision making over the years and I finally decided I wanted to wait until we were done having children so there would be absolutely no risk of not being able to breastfeed.
After the twins, we were done! Wow, twins are more like quadrupolets quadrupolets!! I breast fed my first two kiddos for 12 and 13 months a piece but the twins I had a harder time and was only able to breastfeed for 6 months. after my milk was gone, I was left with a smaller breast size than ever which was a very small B (almost an A), and with my right breast smaller than my left- which had never happened before!
so after saving up the cash, researching more, and overcoming my fears, I finally flew out to sunny Florida and got it done with wonderful Dr Revis, almost 2 weeks ago. (10 days post op as i type).
I Will fill in more a bit later on my experience and on how my post op is going, but for now, kids are calling! :) Here are a few pre photos.

700 cc of silicone healing! 2 weeks post op

As of today i am 2 weeks post op, woohoo! i don't know what it is about a two week mark, but no matter what it is, that mark always seems to be a milestone: having a baby (its like you're finally getting it figured out, workout goal, diet goal, and surgery too!!) Yes its been a SLOW going proccess, but everyday seems a tad better than the last.
A quick overview:
My stats:
700cc silicone, high profile, full sub muscular
Pre-op: 5'10', 150 lbs, small 36B
Post op: still 5'10' ;), and 153!! Not sure on a cup yet, but my HOPES are at leasr a DD.
When i woke up from surgery i was in PAIN!! Not ganna lie, fortunately they gave me pain medicine right away when I needed it, but it only seemed to kill about how to the pain. And even with my pain meds, thats kinda how i felt for the first 24 hours. I know some women don't experience too much pain but my PA said Since i was getting XL implants, i might a little bit longer recovery. Day 2 was a tad better, but really i just hung at the hotel for the first 2 days and rested/slept (get ready though pain pills and muscle relaxers really knock you out). Day 4 i flew back home. I only took the Lorbatol for the first 3 days, and switch to extra strenght Tylenol but kept on the muscle relaxer for a few more day, my chest muscles were SUPER STRETCHED AND TIGHT!! Couldn't lift my arms for about 6 days. Heres a few more pics. I'll have to type more later- bedtime story for the kiddos is calling!!

3 weeks out, still soar, but getting better every week

Three weeks and things seem to be "settling". I finally have full rang of motion in my arms (something we really take for granted!) And the muscles are loosening up, but still a little tight. My breast still FEEL hard (outside and inside), which i was hoping they would be softening up by now, but i did go big, so i have to remember to be a little more patient! The last few days my boobs have been really tender and soar to the touch. I suppose i will take this as a continued sign of healing. My nipple sesation has returned (already!) And OUCH!! They are soar and healing up. So general consensus for week 3: 'pain' is gone, and 'soarness' has set in. I started the massaging last week (my doc said wait 10-14 days to allow the pain to subside) and that helps ALOT with the stiffness and soarness! I don't think my implants have dropped yet.
I finally took My steri strips off today! (Those things are better than duct tape!) The scaring isn't as bad as i was expecting and i am now applying scargaurd that i got from my Doctor.
Still not sure what i think of my boobs yet.
1.)I have boobs!
2.)My husband really likes them ;)
3.)They seem to be healing well, which honostly was always my biggest concern.
1.)They are not turning out to be as big as i hoped ( i don't don't know why this bothers me, i should be happy, they are WAY bigger than before and everything seems healthy healing so far.)
2.)I do have a stinging pain in my left breast near my sternum that is healing a little each day,but gosh it hurts!! I only feel it when i turn my arm a certain way or jerk around suddenly, but it a pain! My doc says its normal and just more nerves waking up and it will e gone in a few weeks. i hope so!
3.) Was hoping to feel good enough to start workingout again at 3 weeks, but no way. The muscles are still too tight (and soar) and i'm afraid i would possibly injure or pull something.

Still don't know what size i am as i am following the docs orders to a tee!: NO bra's except the bra i got from surgery or a sports bra, until 3-6 weeks. He says the underwire could keep the implants from dropping. YES SIR!!

Ps- muscle cream works WONDERS on those soar boobie muscles and a heating pad for the achy back muscles! Happy healing!
Here are some week 3pics of my 700cc's!!

6 weeks out and feeling GREAT!

6 weeks and i can finally say they feel a part of me. They don't feel like a foreigner anymore! No more soarness just the occasional tightness in the evening after a long day, but nothing about 15 minutes of massaging can't normally eliviate.
I waited to start working out untill week 5. Truly there is no point in pushing anything and having a life time of injury or capsluar contracture due to not allowing the muscles to heal and loosen. Its not worth it! After doing some light exercises the last few weeks i am slowly easing back into cardio but have decided to still hold off on my lifting and pushups (i do ALOT of pushups with bootcamp stuff!) My chest just isn't ready and i've invested to much to have an injury!! It will come....patience is key through this whole post-op and healing process!!
The nipples are still a little soar and still about half numb, but i am slowly getting feeling back. They have dropped quite a bit in just the last 2 weeks and have FLUFFED. I gained some volume (thankfully!! with them dropping into place- yeah! As my husband likes to say: "THANK YOU DR. REVIS!" Haha)
Overall i feel great! I massage about 15 minuted 3-4 times a day which has made a huge difference in them softening up and helping the painful muscles as they stretch and accommodate.
I think i can finally say this has bern "worth it"! Good luck all and happy healing!
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Omg!!,absolutely love your results may i ask what profile and overs or unders?
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Thanks for sharing. I am almost 5 weeks post opt and I have one boob that is still squarish. I hope that it will drop by week 6. I am also holding off on my workouts until I'm ready. Soon I hope
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It will! My doc even said that sometimrs it takes as long as 3 months. You have had a LOT done, congrats! Give it time...patience, i have learned, is soooo key.
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Yes, That is what I keep on hearing. I have noticed a little improvement since last week. and I am working on patience.
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Please keep us updated! Thanks
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you look really great...congrats!
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Your boobs look amazing!!
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Those look great. I thought that 700s would be ridiculous but they look good on you. Massaging most definitely helps and makes them feel softer. You gotta love that moment when they finally start feeling like you! Congrats!
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Thank you maam! You were one of the first posts i read and progress i followed, which was a huge help in setting my mind at ease!! Is everything pretty normal now? I'm still having a hard time getting back into my workouts. But i gatta stay patient!!
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Everything is pretty normal now I even catch myself sleeping on my stomach sometimes. Its amazing how they don't feel heavy at all anymore.
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Do your muscles sort of cramp like? I mean it's hard to describe but mine right now tense up then relax then tense up and relax...and it goes like that alllll throughout the day. Sometime the tense part is painful but most times just annoying. I still can't sleep through the night and that's the worst part because I'm trying to go back to work. I haven't been able to make it the whole day tho...keep getting there late or leaving early. The pressure is killer. By like 3:30pm I am short of breath and feeling like I need some rest. I've been trying to take it as easy as I can other than that. I work at an office so it's not too bad. I heard they get bigger when they drop so don't be discouraged. Stay positive. You're healing well and that's awesome!
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Hi Miami! So sorry to hear about your muscle spasms. I had just a few muscles spasms within the first week of recovery but not much after that. After that my muscles remained very tight and tense and would even get painful by the end of the day, odviously from being worked throughout the day. We just don't realize how much we use those pecks for everyday things!! My doctor did warn me of muscles spasms that may or may not occur and that it would be completely normal. If you have the "band", that helps TREMENDESLY with the muscles. It is actually sort-of a cast for them, not so much the boobs. I used it up until last week! (almost 24-7). So, maybe make that a little tighter. Use a heating pad on the muscles, NOT ice. Heat is for muscles stretching, ect while ice is for injury/swelling, Also, try muscle cream-ohhh what a life saver. I use "Pain-a- Treat" by Meleluca, or get vics vapor rub, then rub it on the boobs, and get a hot wash cloth and put in on the boobs for about 10 minutes. FEELS WONDERFUL ON THOSE SPASMS. Give it time! I now know that is what it takes! You are doing great!
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Wow can't wait to see them as they heal more x
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Thanks! I am ganna try to update with some photos today as they are FINALLY starting to look normal at the 4 week mark!
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700 cc is HUGE. Try on dresses and sweaters with 700s in a bra before you commit to surgery. You will find you look FAT --unless you are quite tall. Flat looks great in clothes. I'm sorry I got large implants. I hope this makes you research better than I did.
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Agreed. Let alone the strain on your poor neck, shoulders and back...which will not go away. I only had 350ccs for ten years and am so happy so have them gone.
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Hi Jeanne cordeiro, Hey thanks for sharing your story, it's helpful to know about these things. I'm still searching for a good surgeon and was wondering more about your story, what size did you and your Doctor decide in before the surgery and did he change the size you agreed upon ?
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You are looking great already! Can't wait to see them after they drop fully :-)
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thanks Suzy, just this week they are starting too drop a bit! Woohoo
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I know you feel like they are small, but from an outsiders perspective, trust me they are pretty big!
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Thank you!
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You are going to have amazing results!!
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Good to hear, thank you!!!
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