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I'm so happy to come across realself. Having to...

I'm so happy to come across realself. Having to express the feelings that are going through your body as you go on a life changing experience with other woman that can relate to one another :)

So my story starts off with wanting BA since I can last remember and now that I'm 27, I can now afford it and have decided to go through with the procedure! Cannot express how excited I am for this and it's happening in a month to be exact. Been dreaming and living boobs for the past month as well lol. I'm from Alberta Canada and will be flying out to Fort Lauderdale to get these girls done which makes me extra nervous, hoping things will go down smoothly, and flying will be a breeze. Will be staying 7 days from pre op to post op within that week. Has anyone flew to a diff state or country to get them done? And how was your experience.

My stats are 5'3 and fluctuate between 115-119lbs. Physically active with lifting weights and cardio. I'm originally a full B to small C in the bra category hoping to become a D-DD but I have researched that cup size has nothing to do with it as every body type is different, so I'll just go with the advice from my PS with the different sizes of cc's.

So the shitty part of this whole journey is that my boyfriend does not support this at all. And does not understand why I want to go through with it, he thinks I'm gunna look so top heavy or Unproportional, pornstar boobs, etc that it will mess up what he loves already. Also brings up the cost of it (which we don't share finances to begin with) I almost feel like he doesn't think I know what I'm doing. But I am 100% sure I'm making the right choice for Myself. Am I being selfish for not taking into consideration of my boyfriends opinions? This whole process would just be so much better if I had his blessing and not feel like whenever I want to talk about it, it's not gunna turn into an arguement.


So I wanted to post some pics of my goal result. I feel I have enough natural breast tissue to achieve these looks to fill out the volume. I'll post my selfie in a later post :) what do you think are the average cc's in most if these pics?

Truth be told.

So I got the balls to mention again to the BF that I'm going through with the procedure and everything is already on a roll, no backing out now! boy was he upset. He was saying so many different things about how it was a bad move and going to be a bad investment etc. so I couldn't even pinpoint the main reason why he is so against it? he even said why I couldn't wait till after I had kids to get them done. Why would that matter, I would still be getting them done. Now at this point we've exchanged words, some were hurtful on his part and now we are in a minor civil war not speaking to one another. UGH just what I needed.

On a side note I am still extremely excited 1 MORE MONTH!! yipppy

Relieved :)

My boyfriend is no longer mad and going to accept the fact that this is what I'm going to do. I guess he was able to put his thoughts together after our arguement and come to a conclusion on how to deal with it. He told me there was no point in staying mad at me, and that I am the best thing that has ever happened to him and if this makes me happy then he's going to have to get over it. It makes my heart smile to know he will be there for me in the end.

I've also told my sister about it now, and she freaked me out like no tomorrow! the way she says things just made me think twice. Such a rollercoaster! holy moly.. I'm sure I covered everything from researching the good and bad about BA and its my choice for taking a risk and going through with it, being from Canada and going to the states to get them ladies done. My sister is also worried cause she says I'm not a normal candidate because when I was younger I had open heart surgery and that i have built up scar tissue etc. (that was 21 years ago) I forgot to take into consideration that part !_! so I'm going to go ask my doctor about it. I have even asked my PS regarding my situation and if I'm still a good candidate, and he absolutely agreed I was. I'm sure he wouldn't do it if there would be complications cause it would be a bad reputation on his part? I'm healthy, active and overall my well being is great. So I'm trying to stay positive.

2 Weeks!!

It's literally 2.5 weeks left till I get the girls! :D
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I'm not telling my bf. he's against it, as well
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Who is going to look after you post op if you are flying somewhere else and BF does not support you? You need someone to get your meals and help you get dressed etc for at least a few days post op. Also it is not just a revision you need to think about post kids it can also affect your ability to breast feed so maybe this is what your boyfriend is referring to. Just some things to think about before you make your decision.
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My guess is your BF loves you, I would see it as a positive reaction (read the Huffington Post article "25 Reasons to Not Get Breast Implants"). Perhaps he's thinking into the future (to a time when you will share finances)? This won't be your only surgery, so it is a considerable investment. Kinda sounds like he's thinking practically, "if it ain't broke" sort of thinking...after kids things sag/deflate, so surgery to correct that may be more worth it in his eyes.
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I can see his point of view, and I know that I may have a revision down the road and I'm fully aware of that. It would just be nice if I can share this experience with him. :(
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I'm sure it's a complicated thing for a loved one to deal with a surgery of this type, not everyone handles it well. Hopefully you guys can talk it over more and his concerns should come to light and then you could address them. Good luck, hope it goes well!
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I agree. If your doing this for yourself and it'll make you feel good then do it. He will come around once he understands better.
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Welcome to realself, the name says it all. If this is what is in your heart than do it, your BF will come around. This is a very exciting, nervous, anxious but most importantly fun experience. Don't let anyone steel your joy! Keep us posted on your journey:)
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Thank you :) I'm gunna do my best to not let anyone put me down cause of something I want for myself.
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