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Has anyone gone to strax rejuvenation for bbl? I...

Has anyone gone to strax rejuvenation for bbl? I have my consult tomorrow and plan to move fast if everything goes well. This will be my 4th consult, 3 with places here in Orlando. I'm looking to have this done in the last week of January. I've considered having this procedure for a little over a year. I'm really nervous and scared of post surgery recovery.

I did I consider them at 1st for their prices but I decided to go with another doc. That i felt can help me get the results that I want n that doc was telling me that i can sit on my butt after one week lol
They told me the samething. I went in for a consult this past Saturday. Have you had the procedure yet?

Hi there, welcome!

I haven't heard many people talk about Strax, which doctor is it that you will be having a consult with?


Change of plans I will be going to body sculptique...

Change of plans I will be going to body sculptique in Weston, Fl March 2nd! I'm so excited, just making payments at this time. The price is $4,600.
I saw Doctor Thomas pane and he told that I can sit on my butt in a week too.
Please go to google and search their practice first.
I haven't seen their work and do to reading reviews online I have changed my mind about going. Thanks
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A friend told me about them she did not receive any services though. She heard they offer great prices.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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