Acute Hypersensitivity Reaction Following Radiesse Injections - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Terrible experience. The injector did not inform...

Terrible experience. The injector did not inform me that I even had a choice to try, for the first time, try try a filler that is HA based, which has an antidote or Radiesse, which has not antidote for its effects.

The injector did not, as I learned later, approach me with any form of an aesthetic analysis, nor analyze my facial proportions using "Hinger's lines". She just use some cookie cutter approach and placed the filler in according to some diagram. She failed to follow the critical steps of "right drug, right site, right dose". So, by the 14th day, my face was swollen like a grape, itchy and bloated. I went to a very competent plastic surgeon's office in Miami, Fl and they assured me, despite my tears, the product will eventually biodegrade and that I obviously had a cross reaction to the carrier gel. They placed me on a step down course of cortisone pills, antihistamines, and NSAIDS. But the best therapy they have performed on me is lymphatic drainage with a machine called Electro-Lymphatic Drainage (by Right Way Health). This machine is a miracle worker and started reducing my swelling immediately. After only 3 treatments, I was able to be presentable in public and have the confidence to survive this ordeal.
So, if this type of reaction or anything similar has happened to you, seek out this form of therapy too. It is a lifesaver! I am going for therapy 3 times a week, performing manual lymphatic massage to my neck and chest (avoiding massaging the face because it is over-stimulating) in the evening and taking the NSAIDS, antihistamines. I'll keep you posted - its been 24 days. DO NOT USE RADIESSE.
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So sorry. Who is the doctor treating you now? I also had a filler nightmare in ft laud
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So sorry you has such a terrible reaction. Mine was awful also. You sound like an RN as am I and we should have been better consented if nothing else. I have had many trips to the emergency room due to an immune response to the Radiesse or the carrier which is essentially a foreign body. My lungs and most of my body had deep tissue swellings which led the radiologists to think I had lung cancer. Thank goodness my internist refused to believe that. Please file a Medwatch 3500B with the FDA . This site will not allow me to post a link. I have been scolded twice and they remove the link. Until the FDA gets enough reports of an adverse reaction they will not remove it from the market. Merz Aesthetics who now own Radiesse will not even respond to my request for the name of their rep who did the injection and a copy of my signed consent. This has cost me almost 3 years of pain and a horrible amount of money in medical bills. I had no health issues until I did the Radiesse. Good Luck to you.
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These bad reviews of Radiesse are really scary. I had Radiesse for my cheeks about 3 weeks ago, and, thank God, I haven't had any of the problems I've been reading about here. I actually had a good outcome and am very happy with the result. But after reading all these bad reviews, I won't use Radiesse again. I will go for the Juvaderm Voluma next time for my cheeks. Had I seen this website with these reviews, I wouldn't have done Radiesse. However, I go to an excellent doctor who is one of the best at injectables. I trust him, and when he recommended this, I went for it. I had no bruising at all (and I'm a person who bruises very easily), and very little swelling which went down pretty quickly. I'm so sorry for you bad experience. I won't use it again, no way.
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Yes they are Kittycat please read what I posted above. I am Neuro1, a registered nurse who had a whole body immune response to the Radiesse. I hope you remain healthy but my reaction occurred 4 weeks after injection. I also had no bruising but I woke up one morning with my face flame red and hard matching exactly the drawing the rep had made of her injections. That is not an unusual length of time for an immune system to respond and I have been in the ER so many times because of this. Good luck
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OMG, that is so scary! So before you woke up with your face red, was everything ok? Did you initially have any signs of problems within the first four weeks? So far, everything seems fine but I'm really worried now.
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From reading the bad reviews, it also like a lot of the problems are caused by bad injectors. Or some people are just flat out allergic to it. I'm hoping that I'm one of the ones that can tolerate it without any issues. The doctor said this one lasts for a year while the Juvaderm lasts for almost 2 years. I opted for this one because it was less expensive.
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No initial reaction at all that I could see. No bruising, no pain in my face. I developed some joint inflammation which I ignored. My face went from normal to hard, red to so swollen I was not recognized by my husband. I couldn't even see out of my eyes or breathe through my nose due to the swelling. This process continued for almost 2 years, sending me to the ER many times. The pain in the tendons and ligaments and the lung problems are better now but still not completely gone after almost 3 years. Just be alert for an changes. I hope you have nothing.
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I think the good thing is that Radiesse is becoming less and less popular due to all the complications, which I believe are very underreported. With Juvederm Voluma available now, I see virtually no point in using Radiesse since the main selling point was that it was very long lasting. Voluma actually has better longevity AND is reversible. This product will probably be obsolete in a couple of years.
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"Obsolete in a couple of years" isn't going to help those people who get it in the meantime. My advice to all is: Do your homework. Choose another product which has no history of causing a foreign body immune system reaction. Quiz your provider about his/her education skill and number of times he has done the procedure. Report any and all reactions which follow the injection for several months, to the Food and Drug Administration using Medwatch 3500B. We need to protect others as well.
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Good girl.
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My hypersensitivity reaction started on day 14. It finally resolved (85%) by day 28. Thank God.
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