60 Years Old and Decided to Give Myself the Gift of Liposuction on my Flanks and Stomach - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I can't express enough gratitude and appreciation...

I can't express enough gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Russ Sassani and all of the other wonderful people that I met at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. I went in for Lippo Suction and truth be told I was quite nervous and apprehensive about having this work done. My initial meeting was with Maritza and I found her to be a a sweet, dear and very sincere individual. She immediately allayed any fears and concerns about the procedure and reassured me that I was making the right decision. I felt comfortable and at ease after this meeting and decided to go forward and schedule the procedure. On the day of my procedure I met Tammie and Daniella in the operating room area. They prepped me and they sensed that I was a bit nervous and their bed side manner was so real, caring and genuine that I immediately felt at ease and I knew deep down that I would be in great care. Shortly after that I met Dr. Don who is the anesthesiologist and he too has a wonderful bed side manner and made me feel comfortable and I knew deep down that I would be in good hands and my worries immediately went away. Prior to going to the operating room, Dr. Sassani came out and chatted with me and drew on my body so that he would know what areas to work on once I went under. Dr. Sassani is a perfect gentlemen, with the best bed side manner imaginable and again reassured me that everything would be fine. The next thing I knew I woke up from my procedure and it was all done. I went in the next day and met with Dr. Sassani and he removed the bandages and immediately I was able to see the results of his work, despite the fact that I was bruised I could see what a wonderful job he did getting rid of the excess fat in my flanks and stomachs. It is too bad that I am only able to give 5 Stars to Take Shape Plastic Surgery and all of the wonderful, warm and friendly people that I met as they are all rock stars and deserve 10 Stars and mountains more praise than I am able to write. Once again, my sincerest thanks to everyone at Take Shape I am extremely pleased with my decision to have this work done and I urge anyone considering this kind of procedure to visit Take Shape Plastic Surgery for a consultation as I know you will be thrilled with all of the personnel employed their and the final results.


Thank you for your review. I am similar age considering similar procedure. Look forward to more posts!
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I was so pleased to see your review as I am also an older canditate for this proceedure and I am worried that my skin would not contract after the fat has been removed making my stomach and thighs look like empty saggy after christmas balloons. I am really interested in knowing after a month how you feel and again after 6 months when most of the swelling will have gone down and your body tone as near to normal as it can be. Good for you, and the rest of us, for making the best of us for the rest of our lives.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I am 53 and getting my first time Plastic Surgery experience this fall, October. I would greatly appreciate you sharing any before and after pics if you feel comfortable. As I am not a young lady I am anxious that the results will be not as good since my skin is not elastic like a 35 year olds :( .....Glad to hear you are happy with results!
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