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As I completed my first consultation with Dr....

As I completed my first consultation with Dr. Mayl, I felt confident that my goal to change the effects of time, genetics, and lifestyle of my sixty-eight year old face would be accomplished. He listened intently to my expectations and concerns. Then, after an examination and photography¸ Dr. Mayl described the process and ultimate effect of doing a traditional facelift followed immediately with the Micro Fractional Laser Treatment or MiXto. More Q and A followed. Then, time to go home and make the decision. As I was leaving the office building, my decision had been made, but did not schedule the surgical appointment until I arrived home and researched the MiXto treatment.

In February, at age 68, I retired. What could be better than to start the next plateau of life with my face without wrinkles, age spots and sun spots. So, on May 6th I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale for my rejuvenation. The next day, I had a pre op and met Dr. Mayl’s team who would support me throughout the process. Dr. Mayl and his team were patient, informative and prepared. I thrive on knowledge and they responded. No food after midnight, shower, fill prescriptions-start on antibiotics and valium at night. Take another before leaving for his office where he did the surgery (adjacent to the hospital). Also, I was told to wear comfortable clothes with a shirt that buttoned in the front, stock up on food to have for the next few days when I needed to refrain from ‘chewing’, arrange for a driver who they would call when I was ready to be picked up and how I would feel for the next few days. To insure that I would be prepared for the big day, I was given a PRE-OP INSTRUCTION SHEET with everything spelled out. I was listening during the visit, but my recall was like Swiss cheese. They anticipated my pre-surgery nervousness. This was repeated at each office visit. Following the explanation of home care, I received a color coded instruction sheet describing all the instructions and phone numbers to call with question or concerns.

This was typical of each visit. The high level of patient care influenced my confidence that I had made the best choice and this ultimately would become a win-win experience for me and Dr. Mayl and his staff.

Thursday-6:30 a.m. Rhona greeted me with a smile, introduced the anestheologist, and everything progressed as had been described at the Pre-op. Within moments of inserting the line for the anesthesia, I was out. I awakened to hear the nurse ask me how I was feeling. My answer was, “Is it over already?” Next, she said she was going to wheel me to the bathroom and as soon as I passed my water, I could go home with my “helmet” dressing with drainage tubes on each side and a list of instructions. At 1:00, we were heading home holding two plastic gloves filled with frozen peas for compresses to reduce the swelling.

Fortunately, no nausea, no vomiting, so I took the antibiotics and bed rest on two pillows. Minimal discomfort, so I did not use any of the pain meds. Just slept, didn’t talk, drank Gatorade, used the iced gloves and slept.

Friday-1:00 Returned to the office where Dr. Mayl removed the helmet and showed me in the mirror how everything was progressing on schedule. Rhona and Luz presented me with a bag filled with all the products needs for each step of home care. They gave me guidance on shampooing (with Baby Shampoo and No More Tangles), clearly reminded me NOT to pick at the brown flaking skin and to call if I experienced any pain.

How soothing it was to stand under the soft shower and wash clean the sutures on my face and behind my ears. I slowly combed my towel dried hair, and then applied a thin coat of Gentamycin. Still, only minor discomfort: behind the ear lobes and near the temples, but not enough to take the pain pills. The glove filled ice packs for a 15 minute treatment followed with MiXto Cream was very soothing. Still drank Gatorade, ate a poached egg and slept.

Reading, TV, texting (too greasy to hold the phone to my ear), napping and an occasional smoothie was the agenda for the holiday weekend. The swelling lessened daily. The soft showers, ice packs and lotions helped the flaking of the brown skin---first from the forehead, then the cheeks and slowly from the outer part of the face. Each day brought me closer to my goal. The progress was so observable. I started to go out for walks after sundown.

Tuesday-Rented a car and drove myself to the office. Luz gently cleansed much of the brown loose skin from my face and neck. What an improvement! Now the swelling had gone down due to the compresses. Unblemished new skin was appearing on my 68 year old face. Magic. Luz schooled me on applying the next stage of Home Care: special cleanser, two different moisturizers and replenishing sun block at different intervals during the day. As Dr Mayl examined my progress, he showed signs of satisfaction and encouraged me to stay on track with lotions and rest. Only four days since surgery and the recovery has been as explained in the pre-op: rewarding.

Monday-It’s been eleven days since surgery and it feels as if today is my Commencement, or new beginning. Tomorrow, I fly home to enjoy the benefits of a rather painless, quick recovery. Each member of the team offered their advice, congratulations and best wishes on my return home. Again they presented me with all the products necessary for Stages 4 and 5. Dr. Mayl’s impressive ability to alter the effects of time will have long lasting effects on my self esteem as I live in this ever changing world where youth and appearance is so valued..

My appearance was not basically changed; just my look is more youthful and refreshed by the skillful way Dr. Mayl lifted the skin to correct the lack of elasticity. By following the traditional lift with the MiXto, he eliminated signs of aging and encouraged the skin to produce new collagen. The look is very subtle, but very profound and personally, most satisfying.

Important to note that I flew into Lauderdale from...

Important to note that I flew into Lauderdale from the south west after researching the benefits of choosing the right doctor for a facelift and MiXto.

Dr. Mayl's education, his experiences and his artistic ability to improve both the lack of elasticity and the effects of the sun was the reason I relocated for two weeks.

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Doctor and staff are compassionate, dedicated professionals. I feel I received the best personal care from each from the first interview to the last. As I recuperated at the home of a friend, someone called daily to check in with me. The doctor and staff are current with the most up-to-date procedures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Three years later. How r u doing?
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Allthough I am not completely healed, I feel the same way. I feel like I'm back to being my old/new self. It is the best money that I have ever spent, except for my Enbrel which gave me my life back. I am so glad to have been born during a time when all of these medical wonders are possible. I agree that are bodies are awesome - a true miracle.
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I need to clarify on the brow lift that it was endoscopic. I had 4 small incisions (2 on top/1 on each side), so my recovery time is definitely going to be less than Gmom. I admit that I am not a very patient person - I don't know if I could handle a whole year of healing. My hat is off to you Gmom. I even told my surgeon about your procedure, I was so impressed with you.
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Hi Wild Bird. I have an incision completely around my head except for two inches at the base of my skull. The healing process for me now at four months is internal as the muscles deep inside get used to their new position and the fat transfer settles down. Absolutely no pain for 2.75 months now but I did go through about a month of scalp itching, also normal. Now, nothing but enjoyment every time I look in the mirror. :-) Happy !! Nothing endoscopic was done on me. Our bodies are made so awesome in that they heal themselves so rapidly. Thank you G-d!
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wild bird, it is great to hear from someone else who still has some swelling. I am two months into healing after a facelift/necklift. My doctor told me people heal at different rates. I am healing slower than some people do.the swelling seems to come and go on face but the under chin part has some mild swelling. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted which I am wondering was a mistake bc now I have to wait til healing is done so I can have botox and fillers...I have videoed and taken pictures continuously through healing process. Doctor still sees me once a week still.
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I am still in the middle of my recovery, which is going on 2 months but the bruising and swelling is mostly gone. My experience was very similar to yours, except that I am on Enbrel for RA which has slowed the healing somewhat. I had the neck, brow lift, some minimal surgery on my eyes, and a mid-face lift, which involved a small cut in front of the upper portion of each ear. No pain, but the catheter used during surgery caused me a little grief in the surgical recovery room since I felt like I couldn't swallow, but I had a great recovery nurse and she kept me calm. Also my husband was the true hero in all of this who slept on the couch and nursed my sutures day and night for the first 72 hours. My surgeon was well suited for me - with a sense of humor. He took one look at me after surgery and just shook his head. I have never had any of my patients bruise or swell the way that you are doing (my eyes looked like there were a couple of golf balls attached, and I couldn't see for 2 days, but I repeat no pain). He told me I looked like I had been in a bar fight. I had gotten off my Enbrel for 1 week prior to the surgery, and I told him I thought my immune was so happy not be hogtied, it went a little overboard. :) Everything is coming along fine, and I have been pretty open with people about the process. My contractors were especially interested (which surprised me), and feel the outcome is great - even though I haven't completely healed. (Of course, maybe they are just looking for more work. :) ) I got a loan. My total was $12,500 which included the anethesologist. I said I would rather have this then a different used car. Billings, MT
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wild bird, it is great to hear from someone else who still has some swelling. I am two months into healing after a facelift/necklift. My doctor told me people heal at different rates. I am healing slower than some people do.the swelling seems to come and go on face but the under chin part has some mild swelling. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted which I am wondering was a mistake bc now I have to wait til healing is done so I can have botox and fillers...I have videoed and taken pictures continuously through healing process. Doctor still sees me once a week still.
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Heartofabutterfly, I had the skin cut and loosened completely around my head except for a two inch area at the back. The muscles were cut and tied higher. Skin redraped and excess cut off. I am four months out now and still improving. It takes much longer to heal than I knew going in to this. The lipo under my jawline is still a little swollen and tender. My incision still tender in places and the itching and numbness was a total surprise. Common after a browlift, it is going away slowly . I am very happy with the results and feel it is worth everything. I wish women were told everything that happens after during the healing process so that we are prepared. We need to know it will take a year to heal completely and have the muscles and nerves settle down. Patience is the key.
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Gmom...did your face lift involve tightening the tissues and muscles or did you have skin lifted only..the reason I ask I am trying to decide next after the facelift Ihad in feb 2012.....I am thinking laser and deciding how aggressive to go.......I love your results
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wild bird...did you have your surgery
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Thank you so much for the blow by blow. I am scheduled to have a full facelift on February 9th - very excited and a little nervous. Your account is just what I needed. After searching the web, I find very few individuals who thought they had made a mistake.
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my cost for neck/face and resty under eyes was $25,000.i live in los angeles and all my consults i went on said it would be in this price range.i saved for 2 years.
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So I guess my cost is in the ballpark. Thanks so much for the reply.
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Can I ask the cost? I had my second consultation in Bellevue, WA today. The cost for Face/Neck Lift-including neck lipo $8,825.00 Blepharoplasty Lower $2,100.00 Brow Lift $4,500.00 Fat Grafting (Tear Troughs) $4,250.00 Facility fee $3,675.00 Anesthesia $ 1,257.00 Total Cost $24,532.00
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You are 68? Dang you look good! Your Doc did good, and I suspect you have avoided the sun and have good genes. Really nice. Congrats.
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you look great!very natural,a beautiful result. i am going in 1 week for a fl and am feeling nervous about the recovery.i hope i look as good as you!
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Thanks for posting your story and photos. You do look "Refreshed." :)

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