Po weeks 3, 4 and 5. Softening?

You ever look in the mirror and all you think is...

You ever look in the mirror and all you think is "yikes, what happened to me?" That is me. I warned my husband 6 years ago when our first was born that this was going to happen. I am my mothers daughter so I got the stretchy waist that, well, didn't stretch back. I seem to gain weight in my waist first and the loose skin just gives it more room! I had both my kids via c-section so i have scar tissue built up on one side more than the other. Here i am 3 years after my second and I finally decided to schedule my tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo of the bilateral flank area. I am 35 with two kiddos, 6 and 3. I weigh 138. I am excited to introduce myself to the new me in 26 days! All I can tell you is "she" is in for a treat when all this is over!

CG/ Bodyshaper question: So my PS says they will...

CG/ Bodyshaper question: So my PS says they will provide one CG and that is all I need. In conversations with other realselfers and family friends I understand that a lot of people decide to go with Spanx or other body shapers after a couple of weeks. I also hear some ladies wear both the CG and the body shaper at the same time...when do you start doing this and which do you put on first? I found myself at target today staring at the two isles of body shapers feeling like a fish out of water. I mean, do you get a tank shaper, bodyslip, one you pull up, hole or no hole? Really? I left empty-handed...any suggestions?

Bromelain question...When are people taking this. No, my doctor did not have this on the list of medicines but I hear it does wonders for swelling.

Scared I am going to get sick before the big day. I almost broke down and bought a surgical mask to wear when I take kids to get the flu shot tomorrow. I am not a germophobe but I am starting to avoid some public places like the plague...like kids play placesand the like. Hope this in normal
20 days to go!!

15 more days and I added new before pictures. I am...

15 more days and I added new before pictures. I am hoping to wear the same thing for my after pictures for a comparison.

I had my prepop appointment today and I feel as...

I had my prepop appointment today and I feel as prepared as i can be now. I have my prescriptions filled and my post op bedside table bag ready to go. My PS gave me an extra Marena body garment and compression socks to have on hand when the ones I go home with need to be washed. My prescriptions include, Sinnech, tramadol, Vicodin, cephalexin and hibiclens. She gave me a thumbs up when I asked her a about taking bromelain for swelling. My gauze, petroleum dressing, hand sanitizer, body wipes, dry shampoo and surgery pads are all purchased and ready for use.
After talking with my PS today I feel more comfortable with her than ever and I think that is very important. After taking another set of pictures of my body she showed me somethings that were quite interesting. I had no idea that one of my hips is taller than the other and that one side of my body carries more fat on the hip than the other. This will cause the scar on one side to be a little higher and she will have to concentrate on one side with lipo more so than the other. I was glad for her honesty bc I wouldn't want to be unaware of this and then sadly disappointed later. She said to still bring in my best bikini that sits low to see what she can do with scar placement. Out of all the pictures I have seen of her work I don't see this being an issue. She also mentioned something else that I found interesting...she said that for at least one year she would suggest covering my belly at the beach or pool so it doesn't burn. She had a patient who didn't follow these instructions and burned pretty good and it created a black spot on her tummy where her skin died. Since I burn easily she said to wear something that has an SPF barrier. I love my bikinis but I plan on protecting my investment this summer!
On the home front...I have all my kids valentines cards purchased for classes, husbands gift, teacher gift and one for my mom (for helping out)and the kids of course. I still have one week to go but I am feeling pretty good about where I am right now. Til next time!

My nerves are on high alert today. All I can think...

My nerves are on high alert today. All I can think about is tomorrow's surgery and I can't relax. This morning I was rationalizing with myself that my belly isn't that bad and I should just cancel. I know I won't cancel but it's interesting what fear can do. I have been having what I think are panic attacks this week even though the days I did I was actually calm. My subconscious is playing tricks on me. I think today I need to find time to relax (as much as I can with my youngest at home today) even if it means doing something mindless like folding laundry. Maybe I will google breathing techniques unless someone here has any suggestions?

All this waiting has been a bit of a blessing though b/c it gave me time to visit this site (a lot) and prepare myself with all your amazing stories and experiences. I know, generally, what to expect and that is a GOOD thing. One thing that I am excited about is wearing my pj's/yoga pants all week (and more). I also bought one of those sports bras that zips in the front so I don't have to clasp my bra in the back...excited to wear that too! It's the little things :)

I can't believe it's here. The 5th of February...

I can't believe it's here. The 5th of February when it all goes down. I have such a range of emotions and I can't wait to shake most of them like fear being the top one. Ill tell you what....I am missing my cup of coffee this morning. Not taking anything for granted today. I am taking in every movement I make, including the sneeze I just had! I'm staring at my recliner wondering what type of relationship I will have with it in a few days, lol! I plan on picking up both my kids when they wake up and giving them the biggest cuddles ever. Only two more hours! Eeeekk!

Here's a new pic. I'll update my experience when...

Here's a new pic. I'll update my experience when I'm feeling better.thanks for all the well wishes.

I went in for my tummy tuck, muscle repair and...

I went in for my tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo of flanks on feb 5 early morning. I was nervous and not sure what to expect but wasn't going to back out at this point. The surgery was being done in a special OR in the doctors facility. I met with the nurses and they started to prep me for surgery. After my gown was on the nurse came in and started with the IV. She had warmed the bag of fluids in the microwave so it would be warm and not cold going in my system. I was thankful for that. When she flicked my arm trying to get my vein to appear it hurt and I said "ow" then I giggled saying..."we'll, if THAT hurt then..." Everyone laughed and it lightened my mood. My doctor came in and marked me. She listened to every word of what I was expecting my scar location to be...I think this is the most important thing -communicating with your doc about the scar location. Then within 10 min we were walking back to the OR. My nerves started rise again when I hit the cold air of the room. I laid in the bed and they put a special warm air blanket on me to make me warm and calm. It worked a little. Then they put in the cocktail in my IV that made me feel like I had a couple glasses of wine. They asked me a question about my kids and before I could get my entire answer out I was under. Next thing I know I am waking in the recovery room in pain. I can't tell you exactly bc it's a fog but I remember my chest feeling tight like I couldn't take a deep breath and my back and obliques were sore. I must have been in there an hour but it felt like minutes bc they were having me get up to the car. Getting out of the bed was really painful but they upped my meds for the ride home. I was in a wheel chair to make it to the car but getting in the car was an art. Anyway, I made it home within 15 min but the bumps along the way as well as every ripple are still very fresh in my memory. I was thankful my husband remembered the pillow for my arms to squeeze to make it easier. We made it in the house and straight to my recliner and then I was out and whiny most of the night.
Post op day 1: muscle spasms, hurt to move, take five minutes to get to the bathroom...that's about 10 yards. Husband had to put a suppository in for me (that's love alright) it had anti nausea meds in it, lipo hurt worse than muscle repair

Post op day two:recliner is just another form of mid evil torture, muscle spams not as bad, lipo area hurt like hell, fatigue and quick breathing on the way back from bathroom, lower back supports everything and I feel like I can't manage the pain it brings, only eating crackers, just want sleep, wishing i could take it all back, saw doctor...she took off CG and I felt like my belly fell on the floor and that was a scary feeling. They changed my bandages and put CG back on. Doc was proud of her work and said I would be too.

Post op day 3: appetite still gone, peeing is hard bc my bowels are waking up and pressing on everything with major gas, gas keeping me from breathing deep bc I have CG and muscle repair pain. Tired and sleep most day and night

Post op day 4: gas is soo bad. I cried a lot bc I couldn't breath. Back is swollen from lipo. My biggest problem was gas and pain from it. Later in the day I was able to let out a big portion of it and yelled out hallelujah and everyone in the house cracked up. I could eat now.

Post op day 5-7: each day I walked farther or faster than days before without fatiguing as bad. My appetite came back and by day 6 I was eating normal meals but in smaller portions. I am able to stay awake longer. It if I am up too long I listen to my body when it tells me to rest. When I sleep at night I find myself jerking an arm or hand or foot in the air...something I never did prior to surgery. I dream really good dreams normally but my dreams lately have been pretty cool. I attached some pics for the last few days. I am swollen ESP in the back but when it goings down I know I will be happy.

Yay! Got my my sutures and drain removed today! It...

Yay! Got my my sutures and drain removed today! It did not hurt to get the drain out. I could tell something was coming out but no pain at all. Oh and I should mention the pain pump I had in I removed myself (per doc instructions) and it was no big deal. It didn't hurt either and I I could feel was something moving inside but that's it. Best news of all is I get to shower tomorrow morning...yes, that is after 10 days!!!! Yikes.

I drove for the first time yesterday...I waited as...

I drove for the first time yesterday...I waited as long as possible and I am glad I did. I felt vulnerable on the road. I am always amazed at how much our bodies use our abs. I have to say I was a slow poke on the road and for once happy to be "that" person. My back is still so swollen and I go through a lot of numbness back there when I sit in my recliner or car. I don't like it, but it is a part of what I signed up for. That's the thing though, I didn't REALLY realize what I was signing up for. Even with this site everyone's recovery is different. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret this at all. Daunting things...It's always in the back of my mind that a seroma or hematoma is a possibility and I should be more careful. I don't allow myself to sneeze or put my toothbrush too far in my mouth when I'm cleaning my tongue for fear of gagging. I haven't vomited once during this experience and feel bad for my realself buddies who have. Ouch! Not cleaning my house is frustrating, you know my husband is awesome but we differ on what clean really is. Stretching is not the same. I want to pick up my boys and swing them around and wrestle but that isn't happening yet. Ok, ok...Im really not complaining (i know it sounds like I am) I am just saying that I didn't realize these things would take time to happen again. So, let me talk about the little things that make me happy....I am very attached to my binder! I take it off to shower and silently excited to put it back on. I love that I'm starting to see some upper swelling go down. I see a little definition. My husband is happy for me and he is excited to pick out some fun things from Victoria's Secret with me. I don't know what's going on with my back...is that dimpling or something that will smooth out with time? Either way I like that my love handles are gone. I have some new pics that I'm excited about and just posted them. Til next time my friends...good healing to those who have gone and many good thoughts to those who are going. ;)

I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to...

I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to post pictures of the last few weeks. This last few days have been interesting. I noticed that the areas that were hard before from the surgery are now softening and it looks like I am chubby in those areas. It doesn't show in the pictures in the week 5 shots but I see it today. My husband notices it too. Boo. I was hoping it was all in my head! I would like to say its swelling and perhaps it is but it sure doesn't look like it. It looks like my upper back fat fell down lower to my love handles and that is the area I had sucked out. I didn't add those pictures...I will this week.
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon

I did a search for doctors in my area and looked at many pictures of their work to see their artistic style. I loved what I saw from Dr. Duncan. As an artist myself I liked that she took pride in her work and spent more time with her patients to make sure she did her best. She positively is the best at what she does or she wouldn't have gotten so many awards. Simply amazing that she spent an extra hour with me while I was under so she could get things perfect. I was not charged more for that hour (except by anesethiology) and I am excited about my results. Her bedside manner is great and her staff has always been wonderful. 100% recommend her.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello :) I don't know if your still on this site but I have a consultation tomorrow with Dr. Diane Duncan and I'm nervous. Was she good? Can you inbox me pictures of your tummy now? Anything would be great! Thank you. :)
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You look great! Keep you head up and give yourself time to heal completely! You look awesome!!
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Thanks! I have to keep reminding myself that I am still healing. I guess it is easy to forget as time goes by. I am sure that, like mommaoffour said, working out will tighten all this back up. I still look better than before. :)
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You look really good. I'm not sure if you are working out yet but I'm sure everything will tighten back up. It hasn't been that long since you had major surgery. Give your self time to heal.
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Thank you. After I posted I realized that I am being hard on myself. Looking at my before and then my after pics I know that I am so much happier. I am not working out yet...my ps said to wait til 6 weeks and that is tues! Looking forward to it for sure.
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Hang in there chica! You're doing great! I'm 4 weeks PO today exactly and my 3rd week was the worst. I feel like a different person this week!
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You are looking great! I don't think you will have dimpling. It's hard to imagine with swelling and bruising and shadows in pics...I bet it will all be smooth. I had my husband take picks of my backside first thing yesterday morning and wondered why my bottom looked so SO dimply & weird...took this blonde girl all day to remember...oh yeah, I slept on a little piece of egg crate foam under my butt...duh!! lol Your results look really great. Congratulations
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Oh my gosh that's hilarious about the egg crate! You are probably right that it'll all be fine and smooth out. I am trying to have a normal outlook here and not have some glorified idea that all will be amazing all at once. I haven't even weighed myself yet just so I don't see the numbers higher from swelling. Don't need anything bring me down. Thanks for the compliment too, it makes me feel really good!
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You are looking great! Keep taking it easy. :)
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Thanks! Your turn soon!
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28 more big ones! LOL :)
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You're looking great girl! I know its a harsh realization when you see just exactly how much you can't do for a while but it'll all come back soon enough. So soon you'll likely forget that you just recently had major surgery!
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It's nice hearing from someone who has been there before! And holy smokes your 6week progression is awesome. I bet you are so happy! How are you feeling at the 6 week point? Does you muscle repair still hurt?
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Thanks! The first 1.5 weeks were the worst with the MR for me. After that it was no big deal at all unless I twisted the wrong way or something like that. Even then I would just sort of have a quick warning stab of pain rather than a persistent type of pain.
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One more question...are you taking Bromelain and has it been working? I may ask for some at my appointment tomorrow because of the amount of swelling I'm still having.
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Hey! I had mine done on the same day as you and you are right...it's no joke! I also drove for the first time yesterday and it was not comfortable on my lower back either. I had to sit hunched and I was also "that person" that went slow because any bumps in the road hurt my back. I still have both of my drains in and my first app't is tomorrow. I allowed myself to start sneezing yesterday....LOL But still no real coughing! What a ride this has been! All will be worth it in the end. Did your doc talk to you yet about scar therapy? Did you get a new CG from him or have you chosen one to purchase? Just curious!
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Hey gw8772! Tell me more about that sneeze! I used to like sneezing for some reason and I'm totally holding back. Yeah, bumps in the road hurt my back too and that's with the numbness too! I will have my fingers crossed that your drains come out tomorrow! Mine didn't bother me since they were in my hip region, but it did feel nice to have it gone. Scar therapy is going to be discussed on march 28th appointment...seems soo far away. My ps gave me two binders and while I am not in love with the zippers and claps on the sides it keeps me together. I have purchased a Spanx but to be honest I am a rule follower and don't plan on using it til I'm cleared by my ps. And for bromelain, my ps gave me the thumbs up to use it the day after my surgery. I think it has helped! I got it at the vitamin shoppe and didn't need a prescription.
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If and when you allow yourself to sneeze, put a pillow over your tummy. It lessens the impact. You'll probably also find yourself holding back a little bit on coughs and sneezes...whatever you have to do to make it through LOL! Thank you for the bromelain info...I am hoping he gives me the thumbs up for that or something else, this swelling is crazy! Happy healing, I hope you are doing well today!
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You look fantastic hon! Remember not to push yourself too hard and rest! :) Thanks for such a detailed recovery, it's really helpful to read the good/bad and the ugly. I hope my 'ordeal' is a positive one like yours!
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You are awesome and thanks for understanding that I am trying to just share my story. I don't want to scare anyone especially since we all heal in our own way. Good luck to you and I can't wait to read your story!
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You look awesome!!!!! There's still so much healing - don't worry about the dimple yet.. It should smooth out.
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Oh I hope so! Thank you so much three boys!!
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You are looking just wonderful! I can't wait to see more photos!
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Thanks for making me smile!
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YAY on the removal of drains, pain pump, and shower! That will be the best shower of your life. LOL I hope you are feeling well and can't wait to see more pics. :)
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