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Hi Ladies, I am 47 and would like my implants...

Hi Ladies, I am 47 and would like my implants removed as well! I had them done in 2004 under the muscle, 350 + cc's! Like a few of you I am so tired of the fake feeling! Not to knock anyone else be I do regret gettingnthem in!

My concern is that my natural breast will look horribel afterwards. I have a scar on my left breast after a mastitis! :,

I've narrowed my search down to 2 doctors and plan on selecting one for the removal the first week of May! Although I am sure this is what I want, I really need support through this! I have the most amazing husband in the world who will see me through this, but he doesn't really understand what I am going through at this point!

Thanks for any words of encouragement! I promise to post pictures! Before and after!

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I am scheduled for my explant on 2 May!

I am scheduled for my explant on 2 May!


Thanks so much responding, I see we have similar fears! I look forward to wearing my tops as well without feeling as though I am going explode out! My goal is to create "green temple"! It's ironic but I believe without the implants I will feel better about myself! ;) I am scheduled for 2 May - can't wait!
I pray that your surgery goes well and you will heal quickly! Keep me posted! P.s. losing a few pounds instantly sounds wonderful!
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Hi Tamara and Not looking Back! I am so excited for you both. I just had my implant removal two weeks ago after having them for 22+ years. After so many years of problems, (capsular contractions with 3 revisions because of it), allergy problems and more, I am rejoicing that they are out:) I am 47 years old and was so worried with the outcome in the beginning because I am asian, very VERY tiny. I was a 30AAA 22 years ago with whopping 475CC implants! My doctor was shocked as to how well I've done post op no Mastopexy or lift. I do say that I work out a lot and am a group fitness instructor so hopefully that'll help my healing in not being so saggy. I am noticing a bit of buckling now but my doctor has pushed the skin up and taped them while securing my chest in a tight fitting girdle. Both Doctor and I are very happy with how I am healing. Hope my story has helped bring your worries down a bit. Of course no one can ever prepare you for how you look afterwards, as I was a bit taken back BUT I'm on my way to a healthier me, my husband loves ME for me, not what's in me, AND I'm ok with being flat as a pancake again! Well, I AM Asian and now prouder to be one!
I am scheduled for explant in a few days and have some of the same fears. I am really trying to focus on the benefits like:

Wearing most of the tops in my closet that are so cute, but have been too self-conscious to wear because of feeling too big.

Not wearing an extreme sports bra that feels like a vice when I run.

Losing a couple of pounds instantly!

Not noticing when another woman notices-if you know what I mean.

Being able to sleep on my stomach.

There are many more...

I'm convinced this will be hard, but it is also the right thing for some women. Good luck!
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I just wanted to share more about my journey with...

I just wanted to share more about my journey with implants. I originally got them in 1999. The first set were removed after I developed a matitis in 2002. Then I let my SIL convince me to ge them again with her and I did! Since then I was somewhat happy but always worried that they we just to big! After being sick with asthma and allergies I have decided to take anything out that was not causing "good" and yes the implants are part of that! They are not necessary and do not contribute to the greater good! I want to be whole and clean inside out and this is the beginning of my quest!


This forum has been more helpful than I could ever express! Thank you!
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It sounds like an amazing quest. I'm really happy for you! I'm glad you've become part of this tight-knit group of ladies all supporting each other. Looking forward to reading more...

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Good luck on your surgery and I can tell you that from just having one out it feels so much better! And it feels good to know we're never gonna have to replace them in the future and out our selfs trough more surgiers. Yay to us going back to natural and being healthy!
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Hello Ladies! 5 days prior to surgery and I'm...

Hello Ladies! 5 days prior to surgery and I'm going to have to reschedule until the 7th! I am so bumbed right now but its for the best!



I pray that your surgery goes superbly! I didn't have my capsules removed and all is doing very well with me. What my PS did was score the capsules so that the tissue would fuse back together and it's doing very well. I am now post op a month from last Tuesday and am so HAPPY! I have so much energy that I can't believe I ever suffered pain for so long. Please keep writing in so we can all be uplift and encourage each other's progress!
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Wish i had read your profile earlier GT and Committed to stay Fit. It late now and i got work early am butkeep logging on to this website as it so so reassurring!! GT you are due for your op 2 days before me and going for the capsules removing . Most women who i am asking on real self are advising this too which is helpful. Just read Committed to stay fit comments above and what a story and so inspiring too-- i am only a 32a before implants and very bit ribby at top and so dont want to lose too much tissue with capsules but will go or it and hope my health improves overall too. We are all the same years young ie 47yrs!! Keep strong and keep us posted and thank you all for such support.
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Hi just read your review and good luck for the 7th May, i will be following you 2 days later.My explant is due 9th May! I am still deciding whether to have all capsules out at same time so any advice welcome. My gut feeling is to do this but am worried about my tiny natural boobs being even smaller. But this forum is such a support. Good luck GreenTemple and others shortly to explant I will be thinking of you all!
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Hello ladies! I am proud to say my procedure went...

Hello ladies! I am proud to say my procedure went well!
I arrived at the surgical center at 1015 and taken back to the OR about 1115, where i underwent general anesthesia (happy juice) then my doctor conducted the removal of my implants!!!!! As I stated previously I also opted to have the capsules removed as wee, my biggest concern was the scarring on the left breast due to mastitis which is why I convenced myself to get implants the second time! Well my wonderful Dr Eric Desman did a great job revising my scar!

I departed the center around 2:30 pm feeling very groggy but no pain - well at least none in the surgical area! I did however receive laser actions to my throat which made it very difficult to swallow for a few hours! Which was my reason for taking my pain mess, I have drains inserted and they've been empted twice- ranging anywhere from 60-75 cc and starting to clear up.

I slept comfortably for a few hours but was awaken to use the bathroom several imes (my body was flushing the IV fluids out). The incision area is starting liven up with minor burning, and other than minor discomfort on my left side where the tube is inserted - I feel great! My 3 year old decided he wanted to get up at 0530 so I am entertaining him in bed until he goes to school.

Mt look very flat like squished pancakes but appear to have begun to fluff already!


Send some more pics thanks
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Yes Flashgirl it was a major issue! I feel satisfied on day one!
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i am so pleased that youre happy with your scar revision. i know that this was an issue for you so well done to your ps!! happy recovering. x
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So far only minor discomfort where the drains are...

So far only minor discomfort where the drains are attached on one side. Not enough to take any pain medication. Overall I feel fantastic! Although, I did have a minor scare yesterday when the drainage on the left side increased substantially! Okay, I'll admit I was feeling so good I was doing entirely to much for day 2 post-op! You can't keep a type-A down! lol However, the drainage decreased by late evening and its minimal again! Still more on the left than right but we always heal on one side faster than the other! Honestly the left side was always a problem for me! But day 3 and I feel GREAT!!!!


I commend you on your positive attitude! Thats the way I need to be thinking :) My surgery is scheduled for Tues May 29, and I am kinda freaking out now.... Yikes! But best of luck on your recovery it sounds as though you will be just fine :)
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Great to hear that you are doing well! I'm going in on May 25. I have to have the capsules removed and drains on both sides. I'm freaking out.
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Well I can tell you that from everything I read having the capsules removed is the best decision. There are some that are able to tolerate leaving them in pace but there are others that had to undergo a second surgery - and that was not an option for me! As for the drains you will hardly notice them there aside from the fact you have to milk them (squeeze the fluid down) every 4 hours or so and of course empty and measure the output! Getting dressed with them are a bit tricky but so were having big boobs! hahaha I am hoping they will come out tomorrow which will be day 4 (since its Mother's Day weekend) but I think the output has be be down to about 2/3 tablespoons within a 24 hour period and I am a little over at this point! Oh well! I am still going to enjoy my weekend! Stay calm knowing that you are doing what is BEST for YOU!!!!! I am praying for your peace!

Day 4 post-op and I am feeling great! I saw my PS...

Day 4 post-op and I am feeling great! I saw my PS who said I had minimal capsule which is good. I was also told because of my previous surgery for a severe mastitis I have very little breast tissue in my left breast which is somewhat disheartening! Also, I still have my drains in uuuuuughhhhhhhhhh I was hoping to get them out for Mother's Day weekend but such is life! I tried talking to the girl in the office who's scheduled for breast augmentation next week but she's stuck in a cloud - the same fantasy that we all get caught in - at least I thought having implants was the answer to having beautiful sexy breast! Not! These two saggy deflated puppies are mine, all mine............and I am okay with that! I am happy to be me again itty bitty tatas and all! It's crazy how far we go away from ourselves only to end up back to what is right - me!


Thanks, Adjan. I'm a bit sore. But I didn't need pain pills, tylenol ES seems to be working fine. Implants were under the muscle. Incision was under the breast for removal. I'm confused about the "capsules" being out. What do you all mean by that? That's separate and apart from the implants? I see my doc on Monday a.m. for follow up. I remember him saying something about stitching up the space left by the implants. I didn't pay much attention to the word "capsule" although I know he mentioned it. Dummy me!!!
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Nowandzen, Congratulations on making such a huge step! I pray that your recovery will be fast! As for the capsules it's actually the scar tissue that you body forms around the implant. Some have problems with it hardening causing a capsular contraction. Some PS remove it and some don't it varies. There's so much going on from the decision to remove the implants to the actual surgery we all forget to ask something! I didn't know I was getting drains (although I thought about it) until I woke up from surgery! Lol. Oh! Did I tell you how surprised I was when I realized I was not wrapped in an ACE bandages post- op? Bottom line don't be so hard on yourself, you've been through a lot! Hang in there and get some rest!
Had mine out on 2 days ago and had capsules out so extra sore today. Bit worried as i have so little breast tissue left and they are so flat and sagging lots. Still better than huge implants that had sagged more than i realized. Want to try and put my pics on but i am much smaller than most of pics on here. Green Temple you are so lucky you seem to have ample without implants. Good luck nowandzen with your recovery i am one day ahead of you!!
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Day 5 Post-op and I am doing great! My left side...

Day 5 Post-op and I am doing great! My left side where the tube is sticking out is still sore and the stitches are starting to itch!!!! Now I just need to keep an eye on the drainage output which is much lower. I will call on Monday with a the report and hopefully get these darn things out by Tuesday! Welll....its Mother's Day weekend I am going to dinner tonight with my Honey any suggestions on hiding these darn drains??? hahaha Tomorrow will be much better because I am spending tomorrow in PJ's - just because!


Follow up: It's been 11 days for me and the only thing I'm feeling are the stitches if I stretch too much. I laid on my stomach yesterday and it felt normal!!!! There's not that fullness on the top, that's about it. I did go down from a D to a C bra size which I'm thrilled about. It's funny because when I lay on my back, they flop all the way to the side. LOLOLOL!!! I didn't remember that happening before implants. I'm sure it did. But during the "implantation" at least part of them stood up like a muffin top. Now, it's the pancake look.
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You are brave! I haven't attempted to lay on my stomach yet! I am however, getting the disappearing breast trick when I lay on my back...lol! I am not sure what size I am (post-op 2 weeks today) but feel as though I will be a low C! As for the fullness you will notice a change each day...as my friend said they will fluff soon! Life's good! Happy healing!
It has been a few weeks since your surgery, how are the "girls" shaping up? And how are you feeling?
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Well ladies it has been 2 weeks and the swelling...

Well ladies it has been 2 weeks and the swelling is finally subsiding! I am still feeling a little tender under my breast where my incision are (I have steri strips). Also, on the left side where the drain stayed for two weeks - I have what appears to be scar tissue around the opening! Other that I am noticing more fluffiness - Yeah! Dong well over all but wish I could work out! I am getting read for my 30th - shut up - class reunion in June! Wish me 15 lbs away.....lol!

Take care and God bless each of you for taking such an amazing journey!


Hi! I had my implants removed on Friday. I can't believe it's been almost a week! My incisions are still sore and my new wireless bra still presses against them. I was pretty sore for the first few days. The Dr said that when he took out the scar tissue that it looked like broken egg shells. Yikes!
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I love the way you are so positive and uplifting to everyone GreenTemple, thank you! And you have very nice looking breasts now :) x
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Andi22 I love this community and truly care about the women that are on this journey with me! Thank you for your kind words!

I am about 45 days+ and I am feeling great! I love...

I am about 45 days+ and I am feeling great! I love that I now fit into my tops/shirts without stretching the buttons! I feel much lighter as though a weight was literally lifted off me chest! I am comfortable in my own skin! I am however watching to see how women are tolerating the fat injections versus implantation! Since I lost a great deal of tissue in one breast after a sever mastis this is a future option. But for now I am now life's good! I wish the best to those who are making or have made the decision to remove implants! This is an important step in reclaiming who we really are and accepting our bodies for their uniqueness / individual beauty!


Thank you Green Temple for sharing your story and congrats on the new healthy you - you look great!
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Wow you look fabulous, I'm reasearching Dr's right now hope I have as good as results as you!
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