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So Scared, I Could Cry But This Surgery is a Long Time Coming - Fort Belvoir, VA

Freaking out is an understatement. after being so...

freaking out is an understatement. after being so heavy for so long, then losing half of my self over 5 years ago and keeping it off for 5 years, I finally got my DR to give me referral for surgery. Part of me wants to just skip and deal w/ the skin. but when I look in the mirror, I dont like what I see. And I know that even after this surgery I will find something else about myself I dont like. so then whats the point.

I am so confused, scared, worried, and the list goes on.
The surgeon did tell me that since I lost my weight the right way, that I will heal faster then those who have had GBP surgery.
but no matter what they say, I am still going to feel the same way.
anyone with some advise on how to get threw just getting too "THE DAY OF", I would greatly love to hear anything you have to say.
thanks for listening


Hi mishie268!

I am 7 days PO TT and IT IS WORTH IT! Like you, I have contemplated this surgery for many years, after having very large baby that ravaged my relatively small frame.

Like you, I freaked myself out waiting - this site helped me, but then I got to a place where I had to stop looking, be comfortable with this choice, and know that I was NEVER going to find another person on here with the exact same tummy, anatomy and results.

My results are better (so far) than I could have imagined. The first few days are a blur (filled with lots of medication and assistance), but each day has been better and I am fairly mobile now. I need to take it easy and lie down often, but I would do it all again in a heart beat.

You didn't make this decision lightly, so you need to make sure you have all the information you want/need in the lead up, but trust yourself. I truly hope you feel happy on the flat side, like so many of us do.

I know there is a long journey ahead to heal, but I almost can't remember my tummy any other way - and it's only been 7 days!

All the best. X
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Hi. Congratulations on your weight loss. We always find something we could improve with ourselves. Even though I haven't had my surgery yet I can promise you (and I'm sure the ladies on this site will agree) when you look in the mirror after you're healed, you'll feel 1000 x's better about your appearance. This site and the people on it are very supportive so if you have any doubts or questions, I can guarantee someone will be there for support.
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Thank you Miss Bella for the kind words. At times I feel comforted when reading the posts on here then when Im in bed trying to fall asleep, my mind wonders. I guess thats human nature.
SOmetimes i wish I could speed up time just to get it over with, cuz I think its the antisipation that is getting the best of me.

Well its been a few days since I've posted...

Well its been a few days since I've posted anything. was still trying to figure out if I was coming or going. So many mixed emotions past through this body in the last couple days. but I did start to pack my bag for my stay at my cousins. My surgery is not here is town so we have to travel. (Its 3 hrs from here) SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TOO THAT AT ALLL. NOthing like being in your own bed or own house, on the plus side, since I will be cooped up for so long the change to being back home will be GREAT.
anyone had to deal with surgery away from home, please let me know how it was for you. Since are Miltary we pretty much have to go where they send us, and since the Navy wouldnt do the surgery and the Army would, (Need I say more) but I am thankful that I can have this done,
WEll I guess thats all for now, I will post more as time marches on and butterflies become more prominant.


Hi there. I lost my weight the right way as well. Took me 6 years, but I did it. It left me with so much excess skin on my tummy that surgery would be the only thing that would help it. I am almost 8 weeks post op, and I'm still feeling like I'm freaking out. The results are not what I was wanting/expecting. I just have to keep focusing on the fact that I no longer have this huge flap of skin that makes me look pregnant. It will be painful, and it will suck. But it gets better. (Sorry, but I'm going to give you the real story- not the "Oh, you'll love every second of every day" story. It's a rough journey, but I found that I like "spooning" with my boyfriend now, where before I wouldn't let him touch my stomach because there was so much skin.

So even though we are women, and will always hate stuff about our bodies, there are some really positive things that happen. I even found that I had to learn how to shower differently because it was habit to lift my tummy in order to clean "down under". It was a weird yet great feeling when I didn't have to do that anymore. So just keep weighing the good with the bad. The good should win.

Good luck to you!
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Thank you for your response. I feel as tho I am at peace with it right now. My Pre-op apt is this friday...so I will probably feel a bit more at ease after I get that over with until a few days before the actual surgery.
I know there are no 2 like ppl and everyones body will heal as it will. and we all have our pain tolerance levels. so after reading so many stories on here. I have not taken to heart everything everyone says. cuz if I did, I would make myself super crazy. MOre then I already am. A wise friend once told me, that your mind is worse then reality...in this case, i am hoping the same applies..trying to stay positive.
not looking forward to the few days at my cousins house but its better then trying to drive all the way home (3 HRS) after surgery. anyway. I did some some advisse from here...Like going away for the weekend before the surgery. It wont take the butterflies away but it will help keep my mind occupied.
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone
LOL, I just realized that my pix is upside down. wow, how do i fix that? anyone know?
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Pre=op today...13 days to go til TT. I feel...

Pre=op today...13 days to go til TT. I feel better after talking to the DR and got all my lab work taken care of.
I just want to get this over this.
Am I getting a little ahead of my self?
or will I be going through another wave of emotions right before?

Not sure if I mentioned that my husband is taking me too a bed and breakfast next weekend.....he thinks it will be good for me, us, ETC. plus I mentioned too him that I read on here that another Ladies hubby took her away for the weekend.


hope your surgery went well, i cant wait to have one! its going to be a few years till i can afford one
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2 days away from my surgery.....butterflies like crazy. trying to stay positive tho.
Just got back from a wonderful weekend with my husband. that helped alot.
so my suggestion too you is if you can get away, take advantage of the tranquility...it was fabulous.
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Alrighty guys..surgery is over. my journey home...

alrighty guys..surgery is over. my journey home from our 3 hr trip is over. we had to travel to get this done.
anyway.....here is my advise too you who are about to get this done.
Do Not read too much into some of the things ppl say on here. it is your journey and you should choose to deal with it in your own way.
I read a lot of stories on here which I think made things worse in just getting too the day of the surgery.
I had a friend that I had to tell off cuz she kept telling me how I was going too feel...Well how the heck do you know, you've never had this done, so you have no idea what I am going through.
every day for the last couple of days I would get a text from her telling me what was gonna happen. REally? I dont think so.
so i told her off. cuz I coudnt take it anymore
needless tosay when I spoke too her today she didnt even mention it.

As for pain yes i had some....only took the pain pills every 4 hrs for the 1st 24 hrs, then we too every 6hr for about 12 hrs of so, and havent had any since. I am on day 5 PO.
one drain has also been removed. Going back in a week to have the other removed.
so this far I feel pretty good.
Laughing sucks cuz that hurts, coughing is no picinic either.
so on that note, I am going to eat my dinner my hubby just went to fetch for me.

Enjoy your journey, you desrve it


Thanks, it really wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.
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