My Jouney for Removal of Giant Implants - Forked River, NJ

Hi everyone. Thank you all for reading my forum...

Hi everyone. Thank you all for reading my forum and going thru this journey with me. When I was about 20 years old I was so excited to get breast implants. I was fit but curvy and I felt i needed the extra curves on top. I was barly a small C cup. I am a total extremist and everything I do always have to be over and above. So when I got my breast implants I wanted the biggest she could do. I was a large D cup. Two years go by and they were not big enough for me. So again, I go back under the knife for even bigger implants. Then I was a large 36DDD. Both sets of implants were over the muscle. Cause I liked the "round look". I was young and skinny and they looked great on me at that time.
Well now I am a 37 year old wife and mother of 2 boys. I am much much thicker (we dont say fat) lol. I feel ridiculous with these objects in my chest. Its amazing, the older you get, when you have a large chest all of a sudden you appear older and heavier. I started noticing in pictures that I just looked huge and old. It was because of my enormous chest. Then I started looking online at breast implant removal and I saw that I liked all the small breasts the best. I thought the small breasts were so much more attractive. Now, when I look at people on tv with small "barley there" breasts they are acually more appealing to me. Its amazing how tastes change so drasticly!
I havent had any medical problems with the implants, just mild rippling. They are so uncomfortable and heavy. Im over it!
I want to share my journey with my fellow explanters and do this together. Its so cool I feel like I have a huge group of friends all going thru the same thing. Love you all and thank you for all of your storys courage and just learning to love the skin we are in!
I totally relate to envying the small sexy breasts on tv! Large breasts seem grotesque now. I
btw yours are stunning for the round look!
Right isent that weird? Yea with large breasts I now relate them to age and being fat, and small breast to youth and being fit. So weird cause large breasts always always appealed to me. Where and how did this change happen, I have no idea. Prior in my life I thought, the uncomfort of the implants is just worth I deal! Now I wishi could just remove them myself cause they gross me out. I feel ridiculous large and old. Im obsessing over it. Lol I just keep thinking ok my appointment is not untill April, the positive side is that I can lose weight in the time that I have. But who am I kidding. Im always trying to lose and it seems impossable. Lol.

Forgot to mention

That I am going to also get a lift and fat transfer. They are going to use ssome fat cells from my inner thigh via: lipo.
I probably wont see any change in my thighs because they dont have to use that much. My goal is to have small tiny bobbies. I want to sit without a bra and not feel like there laying on my belly. Lol
When I sleep now I have to put a pillow in between by breasts to avoid the "pulling feeling". I really look foward to laying on my side and my 2 breasts dont touch and squeeze together... ahh that will be awsome!

I started my forum a lil late

Cause I already have a surgeon lined up. But let me tell you shopping for a doctor to explant your implants is like going out to buy a car!
Just a consistent case of disappointment!
After almost every consultation my time was left crying in my car.
Every doctor was like over an hour away! I heard everything from ... that "I will not like what my breasts look like if I just remove them", to "no I dont do fat transfer", to "yea, but it will cost you $15, 000!.
It was just one thing after another.
I know that the pain that I felt with all the disappointments with the ps is nothing that I will have to deal with post op.
But yea, it was a nightmare. Thank god that search is over! Now the ps that I chose is 30 min from me and im really confident with him. He was my first choice the whole time. :)
I had the same experience... Every doctor tried to convince me to leave them in and just go down in the implant size. I wonder why they are so eager to not explant? I heard the exact same thing... "you wont like your breasts afterward" I finally said Ef it... and just did it :D
Yea the ps I'm actually going with almost had me convinced to get really small implants! What the he'll was I thinking, 2 days later I called back and told him no! Who knows, Mabry it's easier to do for them. It's crazy!
Finding the right surgeon can be a nightmare! The one who did my implants had the worse bed side mannor but I was to young to realize that I deserved to be treated like a person and not a "job." I'm glad you are not making that mistake :)

I'm so impatient!

I want to call the office so bad today and see if any surgeries had gotten canceled so they can get me in sooner. But I know they already think I'm a major pain in the ass. I'm calling all the time. I have 91 days to go and that seems like forever!!!! I am ready now. It's so frustrating. Ya think I should keep calling?? Lol
The time will fly by!!! Get in shape so you will feel awesome afterwards. I gained weight thinking I would have fat transfer but, I didn't in the end. So now 10 lbs to lose :-/
Thank you! You almost made me pee! That totally sounds like me. I'm always on a constant weight battle (as with all women) but I am always trying I am trying to tell myself that to make me feel better. " you have this time to get skinny, use it"! So I am going to try I really am. You really make me laugh though.
I wonder why they scheduled your surgey so far out. 91 days seems like a long time. I had mine put in jan 9th and I'm getting them removed feb 5th. I would keep calling.

The saga continues. ..

I did call, they said "no cancelations yet" So I Continue To Watch My Office Countdown on my phone. Ha ha!
As my lovely ladies on here keep telling me, "use the time to get in shape"
I really am going to take there advice cause I know I'll enjoy the end result much better if I'm happier with my body. I'm sure it will make the transition easier too.
My husband is so supportive he loves me anyway I look I truly feel like the luckiest woman on the planet.
However, he's also not a "boob man". All he cares about is that I have an ass. Lol
I on the other hand am the worst critic of myself. I guess as we all are.
Well... I'm babbling my point is that.. I'm putting it out there that I'm going to try my best to get in shape since I have 91 days till my big surgery day!
I'm so lucky I have all of you to talk too. I'm sure my Husband thanks you too...cause my boobs seem to be the only thing I talk about. Now I can just vent to u girls! Yay!! *kisses*
Hi derasha! Thank you for sharing your story, and for posting on my page too. I had to come check out your story too! I completely know what you mean that you are just over it! Those boobies served their purpose so to speak, and now you are just at a different point in your life. I don't know about you, but when I became a mom I just felt totally different about my body and my breasts. I'm in awe of what my body has been able to accomplish by giving me my beautiful daughter, I just don't want these fake things inside me anymore! And you are so right about meeting with the plastic surgeons-- they ARE car salesmen in a lot of ways. They are surgeons and are doing their best to sell you another surgery. I think of it this way- having implants is like leasing a car, every so many years you are BOUND to need new ones (another surgery and more $ for them!) cause these things don't last forever! I'm glad you stuck with your gut and are just getting those things out! I honestly haven't seen one review yet that says "I hate my boobs after explant" so tell those surgeons to shove it!
We are so lucky to be with guys who enjoy what we have. LOL No Brazilian butt lift needed here! I know my bf likes pretty shiny things and will enjoy the view. However I know he loves me and he was been super supportive. Your guy sounds great!
Ha ha ha! We are lucky girls!!

I'm so bizarre. . but I gotta share

So I know I have been writing about how I can't wait to remove these balls from my chest, and yes I really am excited and I can't wait (90 days by the way).
Is this normal??
I was just at work and I looked down at "the girls" and started thinking all the things I'll miss about them. The shirts that they look good in, I feel sometimes your eyes divert to my chest instead of the many areas I'm self conscious about, how they look in a bathing suit. Just all these things that I enjoyed about them. Do any of you go thru this? Like I am so ready to have them gone, I just still feel like my best friend is moving away and I'll never see her again. Lol
Oh god, being a girl really is hard!
I guess in reality it's just like they have been a part of me for so many years that I'm just questioning myself that I'm going to be OK with the change.
Am I going to be more confident in myself? Or more self conscious?
Am I going to regret taking them out or wish I did it sooner ....
Mabel I'm just having one of those days... I do feel fat and gross today so mabey that's what's going on. I'm just an emotional mess. Lol
Well since you all are basic lyrics my only friends that will listen to me, I needed to share my feelings with you.
Thank you my girls, all of you. You make this so much easier for me to do such a drastic change. *kisses*
Wow.... I just read your most recent post and I can relate. Mine our coming out on Monday and it is really becoming real and I feel panicky. Like you said about it feeling like your best friend is moving away and you willnever see her again. That's how I'm feeling today.
It sucks right. You actually have memory's of your boobs. How weird but true. Ugh
NICE ink Derasha! My kids would slather over your tats. I tired one on my hip and gave up after 3 hrs! You are gorgeous! I am going to go get a henna tattoo honoring my breasts asap!

Having a better day today.

So I am having a better day today, thank god. Lol
I found pictures of my goal breasts. This is what I'm hoping for! Realistic? Not sure...
Hey a girl can dream!
And yes.... I had to look thru porn pics to find good ones. Lmao! But I tastefully cropped. Lol
Hey Derasha! Thank you for commenting on my "blog" here :) I really enjoyed them :) I just read your review and to be honest i am a bit shocked because of th drastic change you want. You have a really hot shape now ( ok i understand that you don't like your big boobs anymore because i jusrt got rif of mine ) but i doubt that you will feel feminine if you are left with an A / B cup? On the picture you showed it looks like almost nothing. Obviously it is your body and your decision, i just made the experience that, if you lived with big boobs you are getting used to it. After the surgery having a full C / D seems like having a normal, feminine breast. I can still wear things and look sexy if i want, and if i don't i can hide them under something wider. But i already had a time in front of a mirror where i put on a jeansn-button-up-blouse and thought.. whew... the curves are gone.. i look skinnier.. but i also need something with waist now otherwise i -felt- kind of flat. I must sound ridiculous to some women but if you lived most of your life with a DDD and then you have a D/C you may feel "small"... where others still think "big".. There was a moment before the surgery where i thought, well i etter go down to a B Cup... but i am so happy i didn't now ! You have geourgous body, are you sure you want to go down that much ?
Hi Raboobsel ...I Totally understand what your saying and Thank you for your advise and telling me that my shape is hot! Yay!! But Im acually feeling discustingly fat right now! As far as the size, I dont know... The samller ones are what is appelling to me right now, Honestly I dont think I am going to even end up that small. I have significant breast tissue left and I am also getting the fat transfer so ultimatly my breasts prob wont even be that small. It is what my body gives me... Im giving my body every oportunity to go as big as they can by using all my breast tissue "fat" lol and doing the fat transfer... so what they will look like is anyones guess. lol But thank you again and again for your sweet comments you acually made me feel really good, I kinda needed that today.
Derasha, are you sure you will even need the fat transfer since you are wanted to go much smaller? I don't think you look fat at all! But I'm also hoping to look slender in my yoga clothes. Right now I feel like I'm busting out of them.btw you got Awesome tats too! Tats and tits :) heres to small boobs!!

Hello Girls..

Officially 68 days untill I've crossed over to the other side! (But whos counting?) Lmao!
Ok so I officially started working out last night. I made my son do it with me. Lol.
So im partially motivated to not feel gross and do something about it. I want to feel great about my body when I get the surgery cause I know if im fat with small boobs im going to focus on my belly. So I really have to stop being impulsive with food and work my ass off to get in shape! Im not sure if im telling you or me. Lmao. I kinda feel if I tell you girls then I have to not f up. Ya know.
So I will keep you posted!


All of my post-explanters did you feel the extreme urge to buy cute bras prior to your surgery? I keep finding myself shopping online and putting a ton of bras in my shopping cart. I havent actually purchased them yet but I really want to!! Should I? I am assuming I will be a 36B. I am a 36DD now pushing a 36DDD. Thats just cause im getting bigger everyday. Lmao!
Is there any way to kinda figure out what size you will end up being?
I know.... im totally just being impatient. I know I should wait.. but do you reallize how cool it will be not to wear huge ugly bras and have pretty small feminine ones!!
Sorry not scare but scar!:)
I think we should start a club with all of us that just want to be a size B again! I am just starting this journey also having lipo and a burn reconstruction surgery on April 14 and the ps says I have to wait 6 months to do the explant and arm lipo! I agree with you regardless where you got your pictures from, they are great!:) Good Luck to you!!
Yay thats so fun! We totally should! Those are great pictures, right. I mean the girls are probably like 19/20 years old but ... hey a girl can dream.

Fingers crossed

Just emailed my surgical coordinator to see if theres been any cancelations or anything and to see if I can get a sooner surgery date!
Ugh .. patience is not my strongest quality. Lmao!
Ill let you know what she says!


Lol. No luck. She just emailed me back, "No we dident have any cancelations. But we have you on the list"
Damn you woman!
Im over these titties over them!
I SO agree, Callee. Sign me up for the B club! We'll be B--utiful. I'm scheduled for March 28, and I'm counting the minutes.
It's amazing to me too how appealing small boobs are to me now (like a had naturally 12 years ago) ugh! I'm being explanted on 3/6/14 and I hope I have perky but small boobs - I don't even want big boobs anymore, just more to sag as I age! Ha! I just scheduled my surgery TODAY, and went to VS and bought a bra (I'll leave the tags on for now :) ). I haven't been able to wear a real bra since I've had mine. Just the stretchy type that come in S M L type sizes. And mine aren't big, they just don't sit like natural breasts do. But yes, I've had the moments where I think I may miss them sometimes - like certain outfits I won't be able to wear without them but other things I WILL be able to wear that I haven't been able a fitted Tshirt that's not too tight in the bust. I have boys too. Three of them ages 3, 4, and 7. My boobs are just gross to me now for the most part. :)
Isent it true! I think it has something to due with us getting older... I used to love big giant round boobs. Now practically flat perky boobs are appealing to me, and big boobs just remind me of fattness and age. Its amazing I guess I have changed alot... we all have! Mabey all women go thru this.. but we are all extremists who -like big boobs, get big boobs- -like small boobs, get small boobs- hey, at least we wont get bored with our bodys. Lmao lets.just hope other taste changes dont go this extreme. Lol Thats so fun you are scheduled! Congrats! Are u just getting the removal or are you getting a lift too? And thats so fun you went and bought a new bra today! How did u know what size to get? Well keep me in the loop, im excited for you!!

What the girls look like in a bikini top

Who is the doctor I need one and am tired of looking
Hi, Witch. Well, my doc will be Dr. Edward Melmed in Dallas. I got a lot of info about him on this site, I've talked to some of his other patients, and I sent photos and had a phone consult with him. He's one of five docs I consulted with, both local and out of town.
Still feels like it's forever, tho. I'm going kind of crazy waiting. Sometimes I feel excited, and sometimes I'm afraid that even tho so many of us on this website look so great, I'll be the one that will have a bad result. I'll keep you posted on everything, Derasha. Hang in there!

Ok my girls...Post-op bras are ordered

Nice to hear someone feels the same way I do. I haven't had my implants in for as long as you but, I have been on a roller coaster ride ever since getting them. I've only had them for 15 months but, I hate them. I told my ps surgeon I wanted them big and he gave me big ones (800'cc of silicone). I've hated them from day1 but, at first I thought I hated them because they weren't big enough. I had a friend who went in about a month before me and got 1,200 cc's of saline, she loves them so much I thought I needed mine bigger to be happy. I was prepared to have a 2nd surgery to go bigger but, fate stepped in with something major happening to one of my children causing the drainage of my cash reserves. After living with them for 6 months I began to realize I just wanted them out of me. I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time as I wake up in pain and have to readjust my sleeping position. I tried doing yoga again, that was a joke and I haven't been back since. Working out with them is a pain in the ass and miserable. I look at small breasted women now and I am jealous. I have a severe size difference so if I get them taken out I would have to have the larger one reduced to match the smaller one but, I know I can live long term with that. I'm now saving again for that surgery but, in the meantime I'm begrudgingly living with them wishing I knew before my surgery, what I know now. I wish you luck and I'm happy you are able to get them done.
They are a pain in the ass, right?! Im sorry you cant just get it done now. Fate may step in as it did for you before and give you the means to get it done. I wish you luck and thank you for being here with all of us. Keep me posted if anything comes up. Hey, ya never know what may happen!
I have had ALL of the same feelings as you!!! I just mine explanted in Monday. I am very relieved but have no idea how they look yet. I think I will miss the way they look in some clothes but I will not miss how uncomfortable they were. I am thankful and excited to just be me. My PS would not do a lift at the same time because he wants to see how they heal themselves before doing any other procedures. I am not even sure if I will want another surgery. You will be beautiful!! I am excited for you and your journey!!

Supplies? ?

Hi girls! All my post op friends, can you tell me some items I should get for my recovery? Theres so many lists out there and it seems that alot of the items probably wont even be used. So can you share with us a real world list for an easy comfortable recovery. Also im trying to avoid making my husband go out for me every 10 min cause I forgot to get things. Lol.
You girls are the best thank you! !
If your going to have drains make sure you have a button up top to recover in; easy to clip drains on. Everything else was for comfort...fluids, soups, Tylenol. Extra pillows for sleeping slightly elevated, lots of movies to watch! Good luck!
Thank you sammie. Yea im not sure if im going to have drains. Never asked. But I will keep everything else in mind. :)
I think your PS is smart, as was mine in wanting to wait until later. I am amazed at how well I've healed and how quickly my breasts have bounced to speak.

Ok can I vent?

Ugh! Ok so I was just reading back on my past post and I saw the one that says im 91 days away from my surgery and how I have all that time to get in shape. I ok well now im freaking so depressed cause I noticed the countdown on my phone says 59 days... guess how much weight I lost .... ugh!!!!! F-in nothing. I am so depressed. I feel so gross. In that amount of time I could of dropped an easy 10 lbs. I really dont overeat I am aware of everything I put in my mouth and I am always a complete spaz so I go at 900mph at all times!!! I should be rail thin, wtf!! And if I hear my wonderful huband tell me one more time how active he has been at work, and explaining how much weight he is losing I am going to drive screwdrivers in my ears!! I battle my weight my image and my looks constantly. I know I have an addiction to image and issues deep within myself. Its just something I have to learn to fix, somehow. Now you guys get to listen to me bitch and cry. Lmao. Im sorry. I just have no girlfriends that I trust so your all I have. I love you girls. Even though your not really here I feel like your here. Xoxoxo
Derasha! Wow you inspire me!! Love reading your posts...I can hear myself saying the same exact things. So crazy! So are you at all nervous about being too small? For me personally, I can't wait to have soft boobs and be able to hug people without feeling like there's 2 huge bricks in between us. I'm so used to having big boobs though so I'm scared of being too small after. You seriously look freakin' awesome though and I can't tell where you need to lose weight.
Omg thank you so much for telling me I look great, lol. It must me camera angle or lighting or something cause im a train wreck. Lmao! Im so excited that my post inspired you! That makes me so happy! Im only just being 100% honest with you girls. Thats all I know how to be :) even though honesty gets me in trouble half the time, its who I am. As far as going so small... am I nervous? Fuck yea! Totally nervous! Its funny cause tiny small boobs is the only thing that is visually appealing to me right now. So I know I only like small boobs right now. However what makes me nervous is more, how they will look on me. Thats what makes me nervous. I just need them to be perfect. Unfortunately, I am a major perfectionist and most people are not. Thats where my nerves start. Its going going to be a huge adjustment. Mentally and physically. So yea im all over the place with my thoughts and fears, but its time. Its totally time to remove them. I just am needing it to be now! I hate waiting for anything, hate surprises. So I just want to do it and be done. Im over these fake balls. Just want to be me. Its a pleasure meeting you keep in touch with me! !
Can u give dr name

Step one .... Fail. lmao!

So my first step thru this process...ordering post surgical bras. Ordered them in a large and the band was totally not snug. So I need to return for a medium. Ugh. Hate returning stuff. The amazon chart was different then the web sites chart. So my first step is a big....Fail! Lol
Don't be so hard on yourself! You do NOT look gross! And all of you ladies with the cool tattoos are making me want to get a tat myself!! I always hated my nose, so I got my nose pierced and I love it. So now I need a nice tattoo that brings attention to my body that says "I'm proud of what I've got, small titties and all"! I think you will still have a some boob after your removal (that's a good thing ;) ), and you will look great! And you will instantly lose the few pounds you are worried about when you remove your implants. What everyone has said about removal making you look thinner is so true! I was already thin, and now without my implants, I'm like crack head thin! I need to put on a few pounds! lol
I wish there was a "like" button for the comment above (r1182) and agree you are NOT gross!! I think you're hot!! and I'm sure everyone else agrees! whether you feel a few lbs overweight or not, you got it girl! ;) you will be fine, and be surprised how much boobie you have and how much the skin can retract, from what I've seen on this site (4 weeks of obssessing lol) you will be happy at the end of everything :)
Wow! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Yay... I feel like im sorta moving forward

Ok girls my 6, yes I said 6 week off doctors note is being mailed to me and my pre-op information! Yay! Also I have my 2 week pre-op appt set too! Appt is April 11th! Woo-hoo!! I feel like im taking a step ahead finally. Ok im pumped! I just wana do this so bad! Yes I want it done. Lmao! Im so excited bout the 6 weeks too. I just told her thats what I wanted and shes like "ok ill mail it to you" lmao!!
Ps since most if you are much younger than me ( I am jealous:)), Chico's is a store for the over 50 crowd like me!!:) Ya'll are all SO smart to do this early and Brave in this ridiculous Kim K. World we girls live in... So Bravo:)
Yea media really sucks! Its poison. This is one of the 1000 reasons I do not everrrrr watch tv.
Girl I first read where you said I am having first thought was,'From where, she is already tiny':) You are going to look just like the run way models when you are all done. If I can just look like lets say a Chico's model I will be okay:)

Forgot to tell you......

I was just messaging one of my boobie friends on here and I think I forgot to mention that noone at my work knows I have implants!! They all think im getting a breast reduction! I dont feel its anyones bissness and I have always been the kind of person that keeps her personal life out of work.
Yea, so im coming up with all these storys about my "breast reduction" to my co-workers cause they keep asking about my surgery. Lmao!! So funny.
Oh and if one more person says "save some for me, I can use some" (with a fake laugh, like I never heard it before). God help me! Lmao
Well, you could always save your implants and give one to them and say "HERE I saved some for you!" LOL
True. Lmao!
Hee to the hee!

47 days to go!!!

Hi girls!!!
Omg im so pumped! I cant freaking wait it feels like the days are not decreasing and time is stood still!
I have a strange question for you girls... as soon as you knew you were definitely doing the surgery, did your boobs start hurting?? Psychological, of course it is. But its weird, very soon after my booking all of a sudden my breasts started really hurting. Then I got some dryskin rash. Gross I know but this all happened after I booked!!
I dunno just weird!
But anyhow I am just so excited I offically have my doctors note for 6 weeks off of work...yay! So anyhow just wanted to touch base with u girls. Xoxoxo
Congratulations on your decision to explant! It feels so great to let go of "baggage", both the physical bags in your body and the emotional baggage of feeling like your natural self is not enough. I wanted to comment on your "goal breasts" picture... they are very lovely and as far as breast volume, this could be very reasonable. I do want to warn you though to not compare yourself to something unattainable... you have an amazing life, 37 years old, mother of 2 boys, who has gone through many trials, changes, and growing experiences. Please do NOT get yourself stuck in the trap of "comparing" your breasts to those of an obviously late-teen/early-20s, never-had-a-baby or implants, skinny young woman who's natural boobs are so brand new that they have never even seen the sun. Your breasts will always carry with them your life story as a WOMAN, so please don't compare them to the breasts of a girl who's life story hasn't even been written yet. If you set yourself up for unrealistic expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You have lived an amazing life! The best, most realistic pictures you could use to give you an idea of your outcome after explant would be of a woman closer to your own age who has had babies before; however, your breasts will always be YOURS and therefore one-of-a-kind and completely unique. Explant can bring you very close to what you would have looked like at this point IN YOUR LIFE had you never had implants to begin with... but explant CANNOT reverse the hands of time and give you the never-been-pregnant breasts of a 19 year old who has never even had a sun tan. The best thing you can do for yourself and your mind is to embrace yourself, love yourself, and love the life you have lived and will continue to live. Ultimately, the most healing part of explant is to stop the boob-envy, whether it be envy for big-fake-boobs or little-bitty-teenage boobs. Love who you are, there has never been and will never be another you! xoxo
I appreciate this comment. I have caught myself comparing my breasts to other women who have explanted, and have great looking boobs by day 2 post-op. I think having my three kids and breastfeeding them for a year each has had more of an impact on how I look now than having the implants for 12 years. And I wouldn't have that any other way. :)
Wow Thank you for your amazing advice. I read your post 2x cause it made so much sence to me! Thank you for taking the time to wright to me and thank you for the words of advice not to compare! Its made me realize, your right and im glad I read this before my surgery! Thank you 1000 times! I am trully blessed for being here with all of you and I wish the people we have in our daily lives were as supportive non-judgmental and real as the friends I have meet here. Thank you


Yea im dying to get this surgery done with! I swear, time is not moving at all!! I know patients is not my #1 quality but I have been waiting for my surgery since January! All my ordered supplies are starting to get shipped and thats exciting! I bought a wedge pillow for my back, a special pillow that elevates elevates your legs cause of the lipo, surgical bras and ice packs! Yay. I think I got everything! Its so freaking exciting I camt stand it! I have 42 days till my surgery and 25 days till my pre-op appt!! Yes I even have a countdown on my phone for my pre-op appt! Lmao! The only thing that was positive about waiting this long is that it gave me plenty of time to go back and fourth with my emotions... now I know for sure....IM READY. No more thought that I may regret it!

Previous scars.....

Here is a picture I attemted to take of my old scars ... im glad someone asked me to see them cause I dident realize how light and barley noticable they really are. Yay! Dont mind the pictures they look weird. Lol
I can't wait to see the old you. Lipo? How much are you getting done?
Thank you! Well I'm getting lipo on my rights for a fast transfer to my breasts
Your old scars look great! My scars were super faint too, isn't it reassuring? :) hope the days fly by for you!

Happy Birthday to me!

Good morning girls! Yup today is my 38th Birthday! And my countdown is officially at 29 days!!! Yay! God I cant freaking wait! Im sooo ready!
Happy belated birthday girl!! Yay countdown! It's gonna fly now :)
Thanks girl! !! Yea im 20 days away from surgery I cant believe it! Friday is my preop appt! How are you feeling? You look like you never even had implants. Absolutely beautiful!
Happy belated birthday and congrats on your decision! I have to have mine, after 20 years, explanted for medical reasons tomorrow and I am so scared. Not of the pain because I have been living in constant pain for the last year but because of having them been a part of me for so long that I cannot imagine how I will feel or look at myself without them. Wish me luck and I look forward to continuing to watch your postings.

20 Days till the big day!!!

Hi girls! So not much new going on.. I cant belive its only 20 days away. Friday is my pre-op appt. Any tips on things I should ask?? Im so ready for this. Tgis month I have been busy looking at houses for rent. Im going to be moving soon. Lol. This will be an interesting recovery. My potential move in date will be May 15th! My surgery is April 28th! Omg... how the hell am I going to manage that one? Think ill feel ok by then, god I hope so! Lmao. I can use my boys to carry boxs, but all the fun girl stuff im going to have to do! Never a dull moment!
Well ill update after my pre-op appt and let you know how it goes!
18 Days!
Yay!!!! Thank you for thinking of me!
Yay! Yes, I know how hard it is to wait for our surgery date! I'm having my surgery on Friday the 11th and I can't believe it's finally here! I can't wait to be on the other side!

Its really feeling real now!

So I went to my pre-op appointment today and it's really starting to feel real now! Im so excited! The doctor is all paid, signed all my consent forms and asked all my questions. So im set! I found out that after all my purchases of my compression bras that... I dident need them anyway! I was told that because im having the fat transfer, I cant have compression on my breasts during healing. It will kill the new fat cells! Who knew! So I dont really know what im going to do with all the bras I bought. Lol. Guess ill use them later to sleep in after I heal.
I was also told that I wont have any drains either. Im happy about that!
I asked and he told me that he is going to remove the entire capsule as well. He said if you leave them in it leaves more room and space for fluid and problems. So there going to be gone. And I think that's it. So yup.... im all set. AND IM PUMPED!!!! Its almost my time ... now 2 short weeks! Yay!!!!!
Thinking of you as your surgery is soon approaching! Good luck to you. I'm four days post-op and so far I'm LOVING the smaller boobies. : )
Oh thank you for thinking of me! Omg, tomorrow is my surgery at 10am!!!!! Im so excited!!!!
I am praying all goes well!!! For those of us that are aways off ( Sept.14 ) Please continue to post how you are doing.However it seems that this site for explants have more happy people after the surgery then any of the other sites! So good luck and just remember you have many RS people thinking positive thoughts and praying for you:)


Well tomorrow is finally my surgery day! I cant belive it is actually here! It feels surreal. I want to thank each and every one of you for being there with me through my entire journey. I cant thank all of you enough. I love you all. I couldent have gone thru these feelings without you. I will keep you updated as soon as I can. I have a feeling I am going to be in bad shape tomorrow. See ya on the other side!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo
Thinking about you today! Good luck and I hope all goes well!
I'm thinking about you !!
Good luck tomorrow!! So happy and excited for you :))))) Here's to speedy healing and fast fluffing! I'm having a glass of red in your honor! Wine O' clock! xooxox


Here I lay... Implant free!!!!! All went well today. Im a little out of it right now, but im going to share as much as I can.
As far as I know the surgery was a success, I was told I wasnt going to have drains... but he ended up putting them in me anyway. Not sure why, but Im going to ask him. I cant belive I have to go see him tomorrow! Pain is very minimal im just being veryyyy careful. Im taking valum just to help me sleep. But havent needed the pain med yet. Im sure tomm. is going to be worse pain wise. It feels so liberating to have no implants and be natural! I can't believe its over and im flat! Im sooo happy and relived! Well im going to post pics and updates as I go along. As for now I just wanted to share that im ok and safe and sound in my bed. Thank you for all yoyr prayers and good wishes! I love you all.
HUGS! Rest and heal.....I checked back in just to see how your surgery went:-) Can't wait to see the pictures! It is awesome that you have little pain.
Thanks for checking on me. Yes a little more pain today then yesterday but tolerable. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I haven't even peaked yet. Ill update you. Hugs back!
I am so so so happy for you

Day 2...

Hi girls I took a couple pics with the bandages on. This is what they sent me home with.
Congrats Lady face! You made it :) Super happy everything went well, now onto a speedy recovery xoxoox
Thank you! Yea today is much harder then the surgery day. Much more pain and discomfort.
Congrats Hun...happy healing and soft hugs xx

Feeling bummed a little.

I went to the doctor for my (day after surgery) visit. I felt nauseous and just hurty. Hated being out of bed. Anyhow he took my bandages off and I hated the way they looked. They looked so deformed and weird. The nipples looked crooked and just plain ugly. I am soooo bummed. He said it's cause the compression of the bandages and swelling make them look weird. I guess hes right. I just really wanted to see pretty little boobies...thats all. And weirdly enough they looked bigger then I wanted them too as well. Im sure its due to swelling to. But today was not a good day for me. Because im unhappy feeling sick is just not what I am needing right now. I guess time will tell.
Please keep us updated to how you are doing it's been a long journey and he are hoping for a great ending!
Thinking about you today. Hope you are well!
Thank you for your thoughts. I feel sick all day and I think it may be the antibiotics. So im going to stop them. As for the boobs, I just looked they are still completely lopsided and look totally different from each other. So im a lil down and alot sick. But thank you for your thoughts.

Day 3 update

As most of you know, I have been feeling really sick and horrible! Well I figured out why I cant stand for more then 5 min and feel hot and winded in a few seconds of walking. ....IM ALLERGIC TO THE ANTIBIOTIC! As soon as I started taking it thats when I felt like crap. Well it just hit me today what was happening! So I threw those damn things away! Took some this morning, (before realizing) attempted to drive to my doctor to get my drains removed and made it 1 mile and had to turn around, I was so sick feeling. So im sure thats what it is. Im assuming im going to wake up feeling like a new person! Oh and yea boobs are still lopsided and crooked but as you all told me...give it thats what im going to do. I will update you all as I move along. And thank you all again for all your support prayers and love!

Picture update

Hi, I just wanted to say that I do not think that you look bad at all. How much did you have put in each breast from the fat transfer? Looking at pictures of other fat transfers your breast look very much like the other ladies. I would go back and read some of there stories and see how long before they noticed a big difference. You are only 6 days post op and that is not very long, just like others have said...give it sometime. You may be writing in a few months saying how "HAPPY" that you are! Sending a BIG hug to you!
HUGS......I had wonky nipples too. It does get better. My breasts are still different shapes. It is only noticeable head on in photos. They were slightly different preop and all my surgeries have exaggerated it. Please hold out judgement for several weeks. You had ALOT done at once and your body is amazing at healing. XOXO sending positive energy your way!
PS it takes at least 3 month for skin to have a lot of settling and such to happen. You are still in the inflammation early healing part. Inflammation alone can make things your wonky- honestly you look pretty normal to me for this phase. Just saying. gentle hugs.

So unhappy... So disappointed

Im really freaking out. It sucks so bad. Everyone keeps calling and asking me.. ("are you excited?" "Do you love your new boobies?" "Do you feel better?")
And what can I say... He really f'ed me up! I look like a plastic surgery nightmare! I know everyone keeps saying. .. "give it time, its the swelling, everyone looks messed up at first" Well NO I have been on this site a long ass time and I know what they look like after surgery. I know how weird they look during healing. But not like this! Mine look like 2 totally different boobs! The nipples are completely different. Ones pointing almost down the other is crooked! ! Then there's pulled wrinkled skin in the center and to top it all off the shape is completely different! There lumpy and look totally totally different shapes! Keep in mind I had the fat transfer as well. From my thighs to fill the top of my breasts. Its so f'ed up! Im so depressed. Everything I have been looking foward to is not even fun now. I dont want to go bra shopping. .. I dont want to do anything! Im going to go get my stiches out tomorrow. Im not even seeing the doctor. The nurse is taking them out. I am just completely appalled that I have waited such a long time spent sooooo much money and I look like a f'ing circus freak! Biggest mistake ever and dont know how to fix it!
Hello beautiful lady! You have offered so much support to others on this boards over the months. I know I appreciated when you told me to get dressed and cleaned up instead of moping around! LOL Have you asked your doctor how much fat is likely to stay? I know they have to put in extra to make sure there is some that survives.
Yea and I know he put in a little extra. I told him way befote before and right before the surgury. "I only want a little bit of fat just put in the top part of my boobs, I want them to stay small!" I repeted that to him over and over again. But thats kind of besides the point. Its not the lumpiness of the fat (that I have) or the shape from the fat (witch is also really odd shaped) I can respect the fat that that takes time to settle and heal. Its that he placed my nipples in 2 different spots on my breasts! There completely in diffrent areas. Theres no swelling or time that will make my nipples move to match up. If the magically moved to where they were sopposed to be it would be a freaking miracle. That would only happen on a science fiction movie ---the attack of the moving breasts.----
That would be right beside Frankenhooker on the XXX shelves! ;-P Sending you good healing vibes!

Been a week today since my surgery

I have gotten so many positive beautiful posts from you ladies and I really want to thank you. Thank you for the time you took to write to me. I love you all for that. So ill give you all a update as of today. So... I went to the doctor to have the stiches removed. Of course, I dident even see the doctor. The nurse did it. I knew I wasent going to see him today. I dident even want to. Cause I knew as soon as I started complaining to him the first thing he would say is... "its to soon to tell, its the swelling blah blah blah" So I will wait till the 3 week appt to talk to him so he cant say much of anything other then .."wow, I f'ed up"! So we got the stiches out and they look freaking scary! Now girls keep in mind I had a breast lift as well. This is where everything went wrong! One nipple is almost pointing down and really low, the other is pointing strait. They have looked the same since I first had the bandages off. I understand swelling inflammation and everything else would make them look funny at first. BUT...I have looked at thousands of breast lift before and afters and they always look weird BUT ALWAYS MATCH! I would need 4 inches of skin to disappear from the top of my breast to make it even look close to the same as the other. I wont even mention that when she took out my stiches my areolas are 2 different shapes too! What a nightmare! Biggest mistake I ever made! I am so f'in depressed! Oh and p.s. the nurse agreed that they looked odd..and said if they dont get better mabey he can fix them in the office under a local. Great. Ugh just what I wanted to do....have another surgery, but I know im going to have to.

Just about at the 2 week mark...

2 weeks have almost past... and here I am in the exact same situation. (Like I told you) they still haven't improved at all. As I knew they wouldent. I dont want to sound like a dick, I just need to tell you. They are in the exact same shape they were in the day I came home from surgery. I knew it...I freaking knew it. Wana know something sad to... my husband hasent even seen them yet. I wont show him im so embarrassed. Can you believe it. He hasent seen anything that the public hasent seen. Just me in a shirt. Thats it. I cant, wont show him. Where before id think nothing of sitting having a serious conversation topless. Just how I was. So sad that I let someone to this to my body! Shoulda just left well enough alone and had an extra 9000 in my pocket and had great big boobs. Wtf! Biggest mistake I ever made in my life! I want my old boobs back soooooooo bad! So much better then Google eyed boobs! Uggggg I feel like screaming! Showers have turned into a drama scene. I hate undressing anywhere near a mirror. Done venting. Im just pissed off!

One more thing...

I just spent the last 2 hours looking up post op breast life photos... (now I really feel like im gonna vomit)...
They all have assematry. . Everyone of them there nipples match up!!!! Im over hearing.. time, swelling, etc..... HE F'ED UP!!!! W H Y M E!!!
I am praying right now that today goes well!!!!:)
Im kinda going back n fourth. Im feeling afraid to call right now. Cause I know when I see him. He is gonna give me a line of crap that its the swelling and give it time. I dont want to waste a trip and be disappointed from it. What do you think? Should I call and go today? Or wait for his appointment on the 27th??
If it's causing you anxiety I say go and document the visit. It shows that something was wrong from the beginning.

Called office and bitched...

Ok thanks to my girls boosting my courage to call the office... I did. I told them I want to get in the office either today or Monday cause im a mess from this surgery. The receptionist said ..."let me get the nurce to talk to you" .. nurse gets on the phone, I told her, "I need to get in there to see him asap, he messed me up I look like a circus freak and he needs to do a revision surgery during my time off of work" she asked how long has it been, I said 2 weeks and cut her off before she even had a chance to mention swelling. .ugh and told her "listen I knew something was wrong the second day when he took those bandages off. He messed up I know that this is not a result of healing and not stupid and he needs to fix this during my time off"
She said let me call you back im going to go talk to the doctor...
She calls me back and said the woman is going to call me back on monday to give me an appointment for next week.
Ok I called and I really am glad I did. Thank you for your support and tge little kick in the ass that I needed. I love you guys and I wish I could hug each and every one of you.... so we will see what next weeks update is going to be. Lol
Oh girl I am SO EXCITED for you!!!I actually do not think you will have to say to much...IF he has an ounce of integrity he should just send you to the scheduler to fix the problem! I will keep praying until this get resolved the way it makes you have peace again!:)
Thank you Callee! I will update as soon as I can tonight. My appointment is not untill tonight. Im acually feeling good that im going tonight! I dont know, just have a good feeling. Like im acually fixing the problem instead of just bitching about it. So I have alot of positive energy right now.
Yes! that's what I like to hear :)

Requested Doctor Appt Update...

Ok girls after the highly anticipated doctors visit. I have to say it went very well. Heres the story: I waited about 15 min for him to come in (I swear he was dreading talking to me) lol. He walked in with a gloom face on, I told him "sit down I need 10 minutes of you not talking and just listening to me"... I explained everything (basically everything I have been saying to you girls) explained my complaints and how I felt he messed me up. I also explained how I expect him to fix everything! Then after all the pictures I showed him and when I was done venting, I told him he may speak.. but I said dont even say the words Swelling or Time! He smiled asked if he can see my breasts and said " I see what your upset about and I agree with you" he said "your right, the asymmetry will not improve with time, they will look better but not what you want them to look like." He said he would be willing to perform another surgery and he will cover all the charges of the facility and anastasia and himself and he will fix the problem. I told him I wanted it done right away, he told me tge soonest I can safely do it is in 3 months. He said because the surgery requires removal of the nipple doing it again to soon you risk losing the blood supply to the nipple. So the absolute soonest he can do a revision surgery would be 3 months. I said that was ok cause the last thing I would need is lossing a nipple! Omg! So he said "come back in 3 months and if your still unhappy we will book it"...I said "hell no, I will be unhappy still in 3 months so book the surgery date now so I have it set in" he said ok. So....... July 30th ismy new revision surgery date. Thank god! So I feel good and relived. starting to see the light. Thank you my girls for being there for me! I can be a bull dog when I want to be! Well my husband would correct me and just say that im always a bull dog. Lol
That's awesome! I glad it worked out for you!
Thank you so much! Me too!
I'm proud of you and happy for you. Good job!


Ugggg! So my husband finally said to me, "honey you have got to show me so I can understand" I wanted to die! I was so embarrassed!!!! Noone has seen them except for my doctor and his nurse! Just the thought of my husband seeing me like this made me want to vomit! ! But he grabbed my hand, walked me into our room and was being so kind and supportive and I was standing in the corner saying "no, I can't". Over and over again! Finally after about an hour he helped me open my shirt, and said "it's OK I'm here and I'll just be honest" "trust me" well I allowed him to open my shirt on the count of 3. Lol and showed him. He was great! I knew he would be, it was all me and my mind. I made him promise not to tell me that they look good to make me feel better, I was so afraid he was going to do that. I told him "I know there really bad, so just tell me the truth". So, he said that he agreed he thinks the doctor completely f'ed up. He said at first he thought I was exaggerating but that's why he wanted to see them so he can help and support me. But he said that it looks as bad as I have been saying and now he understands why I would go thru another surgery. So just wanted to share the new boobie news in my world. It was another big day for me.
Hey derasha, maybe I've missed some of your latest news you may have posted elsewhere, but what's the status on your situation? Do you have a surgery date yet? How are you healing at this point? I've been thinking of you!! xxx
Hi!! Yea I updated everything under... "Requested doctor appt. update" above. Other then that all is the same on my end. Just waiting till the end of July now. Lol.
Oh, okay, I DID see that awhile ago, DUH!! Yeah, I thought your conversation with your doctor was absolutely priceless and I love how you went in and just let him have it with both barrels! Good for you! He certainly deserved to hear the truth! I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts for the surgery! I'm sure you will post before that, so I'll be looking for your update before surgery. You did good!! :-)

Finally have something to update about...

Ok this is gross but I have to share with my girls. Lol. Alright so im 6 weeks in thru this horrible surgical experience. So healing wise I haven't had much of any issues. Keep in mind I had a lift too. So, 2 days ago inwas about to go in the shower, took off my sports bra and I had a sore spot on part of my incision, part thats around my nipple. So I looked at my sports bra and it was a lil bloody and wet. I looked close at my incision and it had a puss spot on it, of course I squeeze a lil and puss and blood came out!! Now its 2 days later and its still leaking nasty puss and lil bits of blood. There are 2 lil spots size of a sesame seed that its coming from right on the incision line. It looks as if an internal stitch popped or something. ..I dont know. Has this happened to anyone else 6 weeks post op?? So weird! Please dont message me to call my doctor. Lol. I know to look for an infection. Im going to try n see if I can handle it with benidine and neosporine and if it dosent get better, then ill call him. But I really was just curious if anyone ever heard of this happening this late in the healing process? ? So weird. Thoughts?? Lol I know I know your saying to yourself "how much more is going to happen to this girl?" Lol lol. Never ending drama. Lol
I'm so sorry you had to go through all that! But thankfully the dr. Is doing the right thing by you..Please let me know if I can message you. I have a few questions about your doctor. .thanks
Thank you, and sure you can.
When I had my first surgery back in January I had a spitting stitch around six weeks. The doctor just told me to put Neosporin and keep it dry. The Neosporin worked at the beginning but then kept it gooey. So I stopped the Neosporin after a few days. It was healed within a week after that. Hope that helps.

About the 10/11 week mark... the new journey begins!

Hello all my long lost friends!!! Well I have been back into the grind with work and wife-ing and all that good stuff. But here I am at the 21 day mark to my revision surgery! Cant believe I will be back under the knife again! Im super nervous (as expected) cause of what I recently went thru. But im as ready as ill ever be. I guess he has alot of pressure this time to makr them as perfect as they can get. I will be sure to be putting alot of pressure on him as well. Its bull sh@t tat I even have to go thru it all over again. I will say its fun to grab my soft breasts though! It feels so nice. I havent felt them like this in about 20 years! I just cant look at them in thw mirror. Its a fright. Lol. But anyhow, I miss you guys so much and I will keep you updated with my new revision journey. I hope your all doing well! Hugs and kisses!
I'll be thinking of you, hoping all goes beautifuly....
Thank you! !
Hi derasha!! So good to hear from you again!! Wow, the time is getting pretty close to your revision surgery! I can imagine how nervous you are feeling and also excited at the same time. That PS had better get it right this time! I just updated my profile yesterday and it's kind of long and rambling. I kind of go all over the place in it, but too late to change it now! I also added new pics of "the girls" with notes for each pic, but none of the notes showed up and all of the pics are out of order and some didn't post at all!! Oh well! I think my boobs look weird and I don't like them, but I'm still glad the hard rocks are OUT and they are soft and real. LOL, I love how soft they are again and am still kind of amazed when I touch them. I'm always squishing them in front of my hubby and saying, "Feel how nice and soft my boobs are!" and he'll laugh and say I'm a crazy lady, fondling my boobs again! Lol!! Yep, that's me, the crazy 61 yr old lady with the soft boobies, feeling myself up!! Hey, it's better to just laugh at myself and move onward, because my saga is over with and my boobs are what they are now. I'll take them and am just happy no one is giving me hugs and then wondering what those hard rocks are! I'm all me again and once I find a comfy padded bra, I'll look pretty good and I'll be ready to move on. We'll be here for you, so keep us posted in the weeks ahead, okay? We're rooting for you!! Great to hear from you again!! Hang in there!!

Had my Pre-op appt last night.

Hi girls. Ok so went to my pre-op appt and im not sure what to say how it went. I felt alright going in, mentally im talking. Then when he walked into the room, I got really bad vibes from him. It was weird like almost like he was annoyed with me. I felt my body start shaking and feeling major anxiety! I need him to be positive and reassuring... that is not what I got at all. Then he pointed at the most f-ed up boob and told me that one is the better of the 2. I explained everything that I needed to, I just hope he was listening. Cause I dident feel like he was! I just felt like it was not good and I dont feel good about it. My surgery as you know is on the 31 and im going to do it but I ask that there are alot of good vibes being put out there for me...cause I certainly did not get any from him. Well thats all for now... I just hope everything goes ok. Theres no excitment just nerves. Uggggg!
You need to tell you PS how you feel, because if you have the surgery and you're not happy it will be 3 more months before any one can help... I agree you sould get some other opinions you never know what could happen. I think a fee bad revision could be way worse that paying for perfect revision... and trust me I feel your stress these roads we've chosen to have our implants removed are not cheep roads
I dont have any money to see another dr. I wish I could, but I cant. Thank you for yoyr words and if you posted what I said I would give you the same advise. But unfortunately I cant.
I totally understand then if he's your only option please talk to him explain your fears, you have to put it out there how uncomfortable you are feeling.....I am praying this one goes well you so deserve perfection!

In response to the comments.

Girls please know that I appreciate all of you and your thoughts and opinions. But instead of repeating the same thing over and over again. I made the decision after my first surgery to go ahead and have him do the revision.
I understand that you girls dont know me on a personal level to understand the way I am and how strong minded I am. But just so you know I share on this site to let you know my feelings and thoughts. To bring you into my head thru the process. By the time I post something, my decisions have already been made on a very smart level. You need to understand that I work in one of the largest trama hospitals in the pathology department. I deal with doctors surgons and pathologists all day. I know them on a personal level and I know inside and out about each one. Regarding my doctor. I see his work everyday, I know his reputation from his colleagues. I know hes a very well trained respected talented surgeon. My case was the "one in a million" unfortunately. So I am not going to "bad mouth" him or put down his skill. He f-ed up on me, ive never seen him do this before to any of his other patients. So my case was unique. So one girl mentioned "im not going to pressure you into giving your dr a low score on the stars" Understand I cannot be pressured into anything. Its something that is not possable with me. I am to strong minded. So that was insulting to even assume anybody has that ability to pressure me into anything. I have made all the decisions I plan to make and im just here to share my experiences with all of you. I appreciate the concern, I really do. But unfortunately with someone like me once I have made a very thought about decision, thats set in stone. Im proud of this. Im also not here to bad mouth my surgeon. He obviously was my top pick due to the work I have seen and the recommendations I have received from my fellow surgon co-workers. He made a mistake on me, yes. But he is willing to fix his mistake and say out loud that he dosent like the work he did on me. Trust me doctors dont like admitting mistakes. So given that fact. I do respect him and trust him to go back in and make me look right. So thank you for your thoughts and I love all your comments. Just please dont attempt to try and change any of the decisions I have all ready made. This is being said with the upmost respect. Cause you all have been a huge part of my whole experience and I love you all for that. I just needed you to know what kind of person I am and where I stand. Xoxoxox
Good Luck with your revision. I cant imagine not getting a good feeling from my doctor. My heart is heavy for you. Lots of prayers that everything goes smoothly as I'm sure it will.
Thank you so much. Im sure its me and my nerves. I cant believe its 3 days away! I can use all the prayers and good wishes ... thank you so much!
I see a lot of posters are having the same thing done. Don't you wish we could have seen a crystal ball when we first chose to get our implants? Geez. Anyway, I wish you all luck and wisdom when choosing the right surgeon. We don't want to end up on "Botched", do we? Well, you might see me there.


Hi girls! I cant believe its going to be tomorrow that I will be in the same place I was 3 months ago today! My revision is set for 7:30 and I have to be there at 6:30. Im so nervous, But prepared. I made him a diagram to bring into surgery with him so he fixs everything I need fixed, since I of course will be asleep and wont have a voice. From many years working in OR's. I know how everyone is chatting, music is playing..I dont need him to get distracted and forget something. Lol. So please send me out lots of good vibes and wishes and I will let you know how I made out tomorrow after I get out. I love you all....Ahhhhh!!!!! So nervous!!!
I have been saying a prayer for you to have a wonderful surgery and for you to have peace about the results!:)
That means alot to me. Thank you
Good luck Hun praying for you

The day of surgery.

Ok revision surgery is complete. I have a good vibe about today, not sure why I can see anything exept huge bandages and ace wrap. But I have a positive feeling. Surgery went well. He liked my diagram and my typed out instructions. Lol. He used it when he marked me up and said he wants to bring it into the OR. So that's good! Im laying here hours later, anastasia is wearing off nicely and feel very sore but no pain. Tomorrow I have my appointment at noon where I will have my reviel. Thats when I will be super nervous! This is it so I pray that they look amazing! Ok girls just wanted to let you know im safe and in bed. Xoxo
Good luck!
I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how they look! Get some rest...
Thanks! Yup ill let you girls know as soon as I get outta there! Ive been resting all day, just came out on the couch to watch my husband cook dinner. Lol. He's grilling so it should be fine. Lol.

Day of Surgery

Sending positive energy for breast to look great upon reveal..
Praying for a great reveal. ....
Sending lots of healing energy & positivity your way :)

Revision Post-op Reveal......

First let me give all of you a great big thank you for your prayers and good wishes sent to me! I couldent of done this with out my girl army behind me! Thank you thank you...
Ok so, I went to my 12:00 appointment and they took the bandages off and they were perfectly symmetrical and the same size!!!! Yea they look like frankinboobs of course im 1 day post-op. But who cares they dont look like faternal twins anymore, now identical twins! Thank god!!!! Ill be excited to see the changes they make as they heal now. Im so happy. (Deep breath)...
He did say it was a really tough surgery givin I was only 3 months post op, that I had alot of bleeding and scar tissue. He was joking and said plus the pressure I put him Good! Guess it worked cause now they match! Ok well my husband went back to work today so I had to drive myself to the doctor an hour now shot out and in my bed. Time to rest with a clear head and sleep a bit.
Girls, from the bottom of my heart Thank you! Really!
Oh my God YEA I am getting my hair highlighted and at 12 your time I closed my eyes and prayed for you! The girl asked me what I was doing and I said praying my computer friend gets good news:)
Your simply amazing! Thank you for praying for me! Some of you, including you are better friends to me then my "real life" friends! Thank you thank you
oh my gosh.. you are amazing. only one day after surgery and you drove an hour away, then an hour back. wow congratulations on your results. :))))))

First look.

Need to keep modisty because oviously with all my tattoos everyone can tell who I am. Lol. But you get the idea. Just put nipples in place of happy sunshines. Lol
I haven't been on the site for a while. You came across my mind the other day so I wanted to see how things are with you. I'm sorry you had so much trouble. I remembered how excited you were. It will be good to get this be hide you and life goes on..Once you get boob happy you never think about them much anymore. Just happy. You look good.
Good to hear from you again. Yea I cant wait till I dont even think about them anymore. Its been a long tough road, but the light is finally shining thru. Thank you
Thank you for sharing your story, some of it was hard to read but necessary especially for the gals out there who still want implants. You showed your vulnerable side and the result was a lot of love and support from the real self community. In sharing your story you are helping so many of us....tremendously to have the courage and fight to not give up! There is so much beauty in the female body, especially without those silly bags!

Stitches out!

So went to the doctors today and had my stitches removed. The girls definitely look symmetrical and even but I am soooo swollen. More then last time. My poor girls have been thru so much. Im also more sore now then ever, since I had the stitches taken out. I just hope the swelling goes down so I can see what they are gonna look like. I will post more pics once they look a bit better. Xoxo
Wow, you have been on a very long journey. I'm so sorry you went through so much, what an ordeal! You look great now though, so you made it through like a trooper. You seem like such a nice person and I'm so happy things finally worked out. After all the healing you are going to look amazing. I can only imagine your thoughts coming out of the anesthesia after the second round!
Thank you so much. Yea quite an ordeal, mentally and physically exausting! My body has just had enough. 3 months and I was back under the knife again! But all and all I think I willl make it out ok. Thank god. Lol. You never really think before a procedure that it may not come out perfect. You just assume it will look just the way it should, well you live and you learn I guess.
Absolutely !! If I were you, and this is just my two cents, I would now focus on your general health as much as you can, clean eating, healthy proteins, there are a few natural supplements that help with healing. Healing is your focus now !!

Picture update comparison! !

Hey girls! Im just checking in to say hi and update you with my First surgury on the bottom picture and the new revision surgery on the bottom. Look at the difference! I know its kinda hard to tell with my sunshines. But notice the shape of the breasts, where the nipples are located (sunshine are directly covering only areolas), all weird lumpyness is gone.... Check it out!
Derasha - you look SO good! I'm so happy for you - you have been through so much and you deserve to put all this behind you. Move forward - walk the path of health and always nurture your beautiful self! Please keep us updated as the swelling goes down.
Thank you so much!!! I will
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I ment to say the top picture is the new surgery. Thats pretty important. Lol
Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I admire your focus and determination. How much time did you need to take off from work to heal for the second surgery? Continue with the updates.
Your welcome, and thank you. I was instructed to take 6 weeks off to heal. Ihad alot done!
Wow, I got my books when u was 20. Had 2 book jobs so far. Now have 800 cc in each one. I want them out sooooo bad. I'm just so scared but yours look awesome!

21 days post-op.....

Hi girls, ive been doing good. I cant belive its been 21 days since my revision surgery! But ive been doing ok. Still have alot of swelling and there are a few incisions that are fighting to heal. But I do have a question; anyone who has has a breast lift... How long does it take for the swelling of the areolas to go down. There like sticking out and puffy and look so weird even in a sports bra and shirt. I know its just swelling and it takes time but I would assume that they would at least start to have reduced swelling. Any time frame would be appreciated!
Other then normal surgical healing phases, im doing good. I dont see my doctor again for a few weeks but lll keep you updated! Xoxo
Thank you so much!!
Gosh you look great girl! He did a great job on your revision! "Normal swelling takes time to resolve. In the first month, 80 percent of the swelling should go down. It can take an additional three to four months for the rest of the swelling to go away and for you to be at your final shape. Some patients may experience a small amount of residual swelling for up to a year."
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