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3 Kids and a 100 Lb Weight Loss my Body is Done. - Forest Hills, NY

Hi everyone my name is Dee, and I am...

Hi everyone my name is Dee, and I am 46 years old with three amazing kids (26,14,and 6). My husband and I are done having kids so it time to send my body to the repair shop after 3 kids and 100 lb weight loss it's looking kind of tired.

So, needless to say I've actually been going on consultation for a year, I've seen dr's in NY and NJ.
I've been on so any consultation that today when I went on my consultation with Dr. Sadeh I pulled
up I said " hey, I was hear 4 weeks ago for a consult" which should tell you how many consults I've been on to do that in NY.

The truth is I had a Plastic Surgeon I finally found "THE ONE" that is until today. I saw some great reviews on DR. Sadeh and thought it's a free consult so it wouldn't hurt to go see him. I am so glad I did, you can say I saved the best for last. I left his office at about 1:45 ( my son had a dr's appt today also so I couldn't stay any later) got home from my sons dr. appt and by 4 pm I had a surgery date.

That's it for now I will update as we go along, but so far so good. I will add before pics when I get a chance

Before, During and After weight loss photos

Picture update


Picture Clarification

All pictures posted are before Tummy Tuck. pictures are from my before during and after weight loss journey.


I feel like I'm preparing for my babies to be born again. Got some of my supply's, searching for some freezer meals to prepare, if I don't my husband will feed the kids McDonald's and Taco Bell till I can cook, and I can't do that to my kids!

Shopping for Supply's

So I decided to pick up some stuff I will need and some things I wanted. I got a package of 18 wash clothes for 4$ at walmart I figured I could use it once and threw them out, just to make sure I keep everything clean for 4$ why not. I also bought my first ever ( as an adult ) bikini.


Supplies Check
House Clean Check
Shopping done Check
Freezer Meals Check
Bills all paid Check
Kids all sorted out check

At this point if I forgot something it's to late, I'm ready to have a nervous break down so I decided tomorrow I am going to see 22 Jump Street, and have my last good laugh without pain.


I'm on my way into the city for my surgery will try to update as soon as I can

on the flatside

Hi everyone sorry so late with my update, but I made over to the flat side. They brought me in the room at 2 15 and at 6 I was being woken up suing to bring my husband back. > did wake up early at one point said I was hurting and got pain meds. right away in my iv. It was a rough walk out of the office and even worse ride home through the city and queens during a Strom. I swear if I didn't know better I would say my husband was hitting every pothole on purpose. Had to stop writing this for 30 min so I could go to the bathroom, take my meds, and vomit. I have nausea meds, but my stomach is so sensitive they aren't even working, I have vomited 6 times since surgery . Pain is moderate when moving and mild when sitting down. I will update more tomorrow. Oh I had the best recovery nurse ever. everyone at my doctors office was so great, my doctors excitement and pride in is work and me feel comfortable, it wasn't a bragging confidence it was an " im so excited you are going to look great" he is so adorable. I haven't smoked since 2007, but because of that there was a area on my upper flanks that they would lipo because it would cause a lot of bleeding, you knew this many years later it would still be a problem, but better safe then sorry since I am a little amenic (?) ( low iron) he still did the flanks just lower. So all together it was TT, muscle repair, Hernia Repair, and lipo on upper stomach, lower flanks and inner thighs. Thank you everyone for the prayers.

Correction (pain meds and the worst written review )

sorry for all those words that are spelt wrong or just dont make any sense. Correction to above
I didn't know smoking so long ago would affect this sugery and because of that he wouldn't do lipo to my upper flanks

pain, pain go away

Disclousure: thisIis not to scare anyone off, you need to understand i am extremely sensitive to pain meds, my case is not the norm.
I have been struggling, between vomiting from the pain meds, and having to stop the pain meds because of the wrenching to my stomach. My stomach feels like it has a 1 ton weight and everything aches extra strength Tylenol doesn't even work on my cramps so it sure isn't doing anything for this pain. I'm praying tomorrow will get better. Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but right now this just sucks.

First Post op visit

Today went great, I didn't get my drain out he said he could take it out, but we decided that since my next appt. was Thursday we might as well wait and be safe. I got permission to shower ( Thank you Jesus ) He gave me tape to put over my incision, and gauze for my BB. On Thursday if is also going to take out any exterior stitches he said 98% were inside and he is going to put something over my BB to make sure it goes in ( I had a huge hernia inside ) Them him and my husband proceeded to make jokes that really hurt.

Shower Day 4 Post OP

Yes, the shower feels great, but I was so exhausted after. here are some pics from after my shower. I was a little heavy with the Neosporin on my BB that's what the greasy stuff is.


Is anybody else using juicing for the swelling? I bought a juicer and tried it for the first time today. Pretty good tasting summery drink. Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try it.

1 1/2 cups pineapple ( I used what I had left of my fresh and then used from a can )
1 orange
1” piece of ginger ( I used the ground up type you buy in the jar just a little it is strong, I used enough to fill the tip of a teaspoon )
4 oz coconut water

- Cut rind away from pineapple then chop into cubes and measure.
- Peel orange
- Cut ginger

- Juice pineapple, orange and ginger.
- Add coconut water to juice

2nd Post Op Appt.

So I had all my stitches removed as well as the dreaded drain ( although mine wasn't in a place that is really bothered me. ) He wants me to start Lymphatic Massages if anybody knows someone in the Queens, Nassau area PM He gave me someone in the city, but it is a hike and I just don't have the energy for that right now.
On a side note I had a walker, but it was my moms (FREE) I used it the first two days then it got in the way, I did use the zero gravity Chair, but only a few times when the family was in the living room trying to enjoy themselves I didn't want to be the sick person in the room so I had it set up in the bedroom. I was sleeping back in my bed by day 3 or 4, but I didn't have an extended TT so that could cause a delay? I'm using Arnica Cream on my bruises, not really helping me, but I'm not very good at remembering to do it. Bath chair seems like something you may not bother to get, you will not have the strength to take a shower without sitting, and even that wore me out, and everything after the shower takes every ounce of energy you have left. I got mine on amazon for about 25$, originally I thought oh my hubby can just jump in with me, nope that wouldn't have worked either. I will post anything else I can think of, but everyone is different so we all will need different items for different reasons. I take 4 Zumba classes a week, 1 pilates class and make sure I walk 10,000 steps a day on my fitbit, today walking to my post op visit ( 1 block from where I parked) a old lady about 70 passed me Geezzzz lol


Last thing I need right now are menstrual cramps????>l am aways regular even after previous surgeries, so I'm a little worried that it's only been 2 1/2 weeks since my last one. I am also adding some picture of a crease by my bellybutton anyone ever see this or have this?

compression garment

Can anyone suggest a conformable one? I know that may be asking alot, but I can't find any that I like. If it fits my legs it's doesn't fit my stomach, if it fits my stomach it doesn't fit my legs, or the torso is t short . I am spending as much on garments as I paid for the surgery. Please help.. I had thigh lipo so I need for the legs too, I bought one that was high waist but kept rolling down ( no joke that hurt my flanks really bad from those lipo sights.

Lymphatic Massage

First, I want to thank everyone for their suggestion for who to use. I was considering a couple of them, and said let me try to find someone on long island one more time. The thought of driving in circles in Queens or Brooklyn for parking really motivated me to keep looking, plus if the meter only allowed for an hour I didn't feel like getting a freaking 75 $ meter ticket or whatever they cost now.

So, I finally called the nurse from my dr office and she gave me someone in Long Island yay!!!
I have to tell you that was the best 1.5 hours I've had in 2 weeks for the last 30 minutes of it my body felt so good it didn't even feel like I ever had surgery.

When I got there and she brought me back to the room I looked at the table, and thought this lady doesn't seriously think I'm laying flat lol, well she didn't she gave me a pillow for under my knees and raised the head of the bed and gave me one of those airplane pillows. I remained in my defensive fetal position as she put this infrared heating dome over my stomach area, then put blankets over me and turned down the lights and told me relax and rest? by the time she came back my stomach was so relaxed I was able to straighten out my legs, she then started the massage part of opening the main lymphatic drains I thought this would hurt, but it didn't of course I was sore but it wasn't painful, then she did the massage with her hands, after that she did a massage with some heated ultrasound machine. I was in heaven she massaged again with her hands and then put the dome back over me I just wanted to stay there all day.

She showed me how to massage around my incision area ( not on it still to soon ) I got up and stood straight for the first time in 2 weeks, and felt good even had a little more pep in my step. I love her! I bought a package of ten, I went in thinking I was getting 6 that quickly changed after she finished. If anyone on long island is interested in her info PM and I'll give it to you I don't know if we are allowed to post it.


wanted to post some pictures still trying to figure out an easy way to do side by side. I did one of my crease to see if it has improved ( think it did a little ) but it took me forever to do the side by sides. Don't laugh at the full frontal one I was afraid to shave close to the incision.

Still Swelling like Crazy!!!

Anyone else still swelling like crazy? I put on my bikini and took it off just as fast, I look horrible. It makes me want to cry. Is this normal everyone else at my stage is posting these great pictures and their tummy's look so flat. I am losing hope.

6 weeks Post Op Pictures.

So I went for my 6 wk post op, and I got cleared for exercise, and everything else. I had a few stitches that pop out, it didn't hurt at all since my stomach is still numb. I am still experiencing a lot of swelling, and he promises these aren't my end results. He said some people just swell more and longer then others. I have to small openings one in the front and one on my right hip wear the drain was, so he doesn't want me to start scar therapy yet. Here are some pics... Oh and the crease is gone now

forgot pics

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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Hope you're doing better w the swelling. Compression garments should really help, but lots of water and low sodium too. Xoxo!
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At 1 month po I was still pretty swollen and at 10 wks po I'm still experiencing swelling. Just this morning when I looked down I thought 'that sure is a rounded belly'. Be patient with yourself. It really does take time and many experience swelling for up to a year. =)
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There are days I wake up flat and feeling great, and there are times I am so swollen I can barely get the binder around myself...lol... Hanging out on this site reminds me how differently we all heal. Hang in there gf - look how far you've come already and celebrate! Your transformation is fantastic! Happy continued healing!
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I'm just so scared cause my swelling is constant, I'm really afraid I'm going to stretch my skin out again. I told my husband that and he said " no you won't it takes years to do that" I said "really ha that's funny it only took me 9 Mos the first time" I sit down and have this swollen belly sitting g on my lap now, I'm just going to be sick if I spent all this money, time and oain just to look the same. I'm just so demoralized right now. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer
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I've had a few good cries myself... from what I hear that's normal too! I've seen people do side by sides of their before and after on Some of the tougher days to remind themselves where they came from... maybe try it? From here you look like you've come a long way, and keep getting better! I'm rooting for you - flatter days are coming!! Give yourself permission to take your time healing! You've got this!
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I know what you mean bc sometimes I feel the same way! When I wake in the morning I feel like my belly is the first thing I look at to see how big it is. Some days it's bigger than others.
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That crease as completely gone away. I can't even tell that you had anything there. I also need my thighs lipoed but I was afraid that it would turn into loose skin if he took the fat out my inner thighs so I chose to leave them alone and live with it. My skin elasticity in my inner thigh is not that great due to my age, I think! I had creases on the sides of my scars to where the drain was but they seem to be going away nicely. Yours will too, give it time!
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At 4 weeks u seem right on target. The swelling will get better trust me!
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Thank you. Don't know why it say's 1 month should be 6 weeks
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the swelling in normal i guess….Iam almost 4 mos post-op from a tt with dr sadeh and I still swell in my lower stomach.. from your pics, you look great!
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oh…lol …some days I am super flat, in the mirror all day in amazement lol…and there are days I am swollen and very uncomfortable and I question why I did this to myself….I just can't wait till this whole "healing process" is complete….
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Wow your scar is so low! That's awesome. Mine is much higher, I could care less.... But your surgeon did a wonderful job! U look great!
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I am still swelling! Some days more than others. If I put my binder on it makes my hips swell. I'm fighting and infection and it is making me swell like crazy, watermelon belly! I know it's hard but try not to compare your journey to someone else's. It's like comparing pregnancies, they are never the same! Nor are the deliveries. We are who we are. Remember that the projected date to really see true results in 6 months!!! HUGS.
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Your tummy look just like mine! I don't know what others are doing to end up so flat so fast! But I'm sore and swollen still! We will just have to continue through this journey together! You still look great though!
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I'm 3 1/2 weeks post & my swelling is also out of control! Can't wait for it to go away so Maybe I can see some abs! You're looking great!
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You don't want my answer lol, I am such a Debbie Downer right now about this whole journey.
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You don't know if it's something I'm doing or not doing, and honestly I swell more with the CG whats up with that? I'm doing everything the plastic Surgeon said I read things on hear and try it. I don't know what else to do. I will post more pictures from yesterday, you can still see the swelling.
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Hahahahahaha I hear ya sister!
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Haha half baked.... I'm with you girls!!! Although I will say.... I never had a compression garment from day one as my PS doesn't believe in them. But I had read comments from u girls on needing them and I panicked and bought tight high waisted panties. With that being said... The days I DO wear them , the tighter panties, I swell terribly. A line where the panties end and a ridge at my incision and it's so painful. On days I DO NOT wear anything, just loose low waisted stretched out old bikini low rise cotton loose panties I have very minimal swelling. This lines up in theory with my dr saying no CGs bc it restricts healing blood flow. That's just my personal experience and 2 cents! ;)
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Hi! I'm abt 10wks and I'm still swelling up! My nxt appt is November but I think that I'm going to go in for an early visit to make sure it's not anything else. I think that my swelling should have resolved some by now. But all the docs on RS says that sometimes it takes up to 6mos. I'm trying to be patient!
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I hear ya on the swelling Chica. We r about the same time. I feel the swelling and see it as well on myself. Just above the incision is my swell. It's still soon. Give it more time. We really did go thru battle. :)
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looking good chica!! how are you feeling?
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I'm doing good, going through some depression over still not being able to stand up straight and swelling is awful. I'm so used to bouncing back fast, I guess I wasn't as prepared as I thought.
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