Breast Implants Experience, 27 Yrs Cohesive Gel Unders 118 Lbs, 5'4, Pre Op A-AA - Toronto, ON

Hi Girls, After many years of thinking about...

Hi Girls,

After many years of thinking about this, I finally had my BA today, @8 AM. I still cant believe I did it! For the past few days, and esp last night, I seriously considered backing out, I was terrified of anesthesia and all the sillyness I found online about implants. But at 8 AM today, there i was laying on the OR table, terrified...
A bit about me- im 27 years old, no kids...yet, 118 lbs, 5'4. Pre op size, A-AA, never bothered to measure, but i wa sbasically flat in clothes/from the side. Always wore padded bras. I decided to go with 335 ccs silicone gel under the muscle. Due to my small frame, I didnt want to go too big, and look unnatural since I had very little breast tissue. I am hoping to end up a medium C.
When i got to the OR, i was given an IV to make me feel a bit dizzy, and a mask. Next thing I knew, I was in recovery room.,,,alive!!! I was sore as heck, and still in much more pain than i thought-mostly when i try to move, or get up. Luckily my amazing hubby is helping me with every step. I will update with post op pics in 2 days, once i get to shower :)

Post op day 2 Torpedo Boobs !

Hi ladies
It's been 2 days since my BA and I finally got to shower. I was so excited to get the tensor band and my surgical bra off! I must tell you, it feels better with it on! It got quite painful when they were 'free' .i didn't realize how huge they looked from the side till I was naked, without my band and bra on! Sure hope it's just the swelling and will decrease as they drop. They don't look that big In pictures, but when I saw them in person I was so surprised ! I'm sill very stiff and had to move around, it was however much easier to get out of bed . I'm trying to stay away from the pain meds, although they really help , they make me super nauseous all day .just can't wait for them to drop and "in-stiffen"!! I will keep posting progress pics .

One week post op!

One week post op!

Okay ladies!

So it has been exactly a week since my BA! Happy to say pain is basically gone, no more morning book! Although it is still a tad sore when i first wake up. I get out of bed no problem. Still sleep on my back, and sometimes' half sideways '. I don't feel occasional sharp shooting pains and I can feel the incision pain now whereas before the bottom of my breasts was completely numb. Glad to know I won't lose any feeling :). The only thing that kills me now is the ace wrap /tensor wrap that I have to wear above my breasts. The torture wrap! It makes it more difficult to breathe and definitely very uncomfortable. It is such a torture! It is so hard to find clothing that hides or conceals it well. It can make you look' 'boxy' up top. So I stay away from going out until this dreadful thing is off!
Hm I think I am starting to see a small improvement in the appearance.. They are definitely not as hard, they are slowly getting softer... But still quite hard. They look great in some sports bras but they still need to drop and 'unswell' to look great naked. Do you guys think that they have changed since my day2 pics? Ahh I m just so excited for them to heal and buy pretty bras and backless dresses!!

A couple more pre op photos

almost a month post op .

So its been almost a month since my BA ! and I can't believe the changes I am seeing. .pretty much daily . they are much much softer now . Still a bit firm on the top but that's yet to drop more . The swelling is almost gone . again , they are still a bit firmer on the very top ..guessing it's the last bit of swelling . they look amazing ! almost natural looking . still a little round and fuller on the top part, but I can just see that once they drop completely , they will look amazing and super natural . I'm so happy !! the best part was stopping wearing the tensor band after 3 wks . it was such a relief being able to wear normal clothes that don't hide it . They are quite squishy especially at the bottom and sides . no more pain at all . sometimes I can feel them 'move'..or shift with certain movements , especially the right one (which is dropping a bit faster but it's barely noticeable ).. that implant moving feeling inside is pretty strange but I hope it's normal. almost ready to take my steri strips off ! They were changed once at my 3 wk post op and scars are much better than I thought :))) can't wait to get measured and buy nice bras once it's settled !!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. E is super sweet,kind and knowledgeable. I felt i was very comfortable with him and knew I was in good hands. He came to see me before and after my surgery, and his teamis amazing and helpful as well. I cant wait to see the final results

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omg ! I am SO glad i came across this. I am going to the exact same place and getting the exact same size lol ! Your boobs changed so much, looks amazing ! Makes me feel more calm ! Of course im starting off in a bad place though lol
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:-) they look even better now . updated pics this week!!
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You're results are beautiful! I got mine done by Dr. Edelstein too and love my reults so far, but I am only about 2 weeks post op. So you wore your tensor for 3 weeks?! I thought we only had to wear it for 2 weeks? I was getting ready to stop wearing mine, but maybe I have to wear it longer?
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Hey ! no I wore it for 2 wks ! isn't it a torture though ? your results will continue to change so much from now on you will love it !! Dr Edelstein is the best !!!
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Oh ok! Ya I can't stand it lol, I'm so sick of hiding it too. And yes I can't wait for them to drop and fluff. I'm so impatient for that, but I notice changes and a big difference already :) Yes, he is the best! I have my post op next week so I'm looking forward to it!
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Aw so exciting ! mine are still a bit high can't wait till they are "ready "!!
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How are you doing now? Is the pain better?
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No more pain ! just nipple sensitivity .. they are getting softer pretty much day by day . I will update photos in the next two days
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Congratulations!! One month till my ba. Looking forward to seeing how yours continue to change
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its 10 days post op, and i swear they are changing every day! they look so much better today than 7 days post op:)
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I almost got the exact same as you: 339cc Silicone, under the muscle, inframammory incision yesterday :) doing great so far? My ribs are super sore! How do you feel?
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OMG the ribs ! Yes !! And my back hurts a lot , but I feel It is a bit better today ! From sleeping propped up . The pain is not as bad anymore , i still can't raise my arms above my head but getting better :) hope you are happy with yours !! Happy healing :)
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They look beautiful! Bet you're so glad you didn't back out! :)
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thanks! i just cant wait till they drop!
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How was your experience with Dr. E ? I really would like to go with him but my consult wait time is crazy ! Did you have to wait long for a consult ? Where you on a cancellation list ? And what was the time between your consult and surgery date ? Sorry for all the questions I just have seen and heard wonderful things about him and kinda have my heart set on seeing him, but I'm inpatient and sometimes thing to contact another p.s that I know I can see sooner . Thanks !
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Hi Sammic! I did wait awhile for a consultation , I can't remember exactly how long but it was a few months ! After the consultation I had my surgery booked within 3 weeks of the consult . I think it only takes a long time for initial consult but surgery it lself is much faster . Honestly it is worth the wait. I believe my results will be amazing once they have settled! Hopefully sooner than later :)
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I think there is a reason as to why such a crazy wait :) with other physicians you can have it within the same week lol .Dr E is great, I think if you wait for him you will be very happy
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