Disfigured in Sacramento

I had a slightly lowered brow and wanted to raise...

I had a slightly lowered brow and wanted to raise it a bit. I paid for sedation, but was operated on for an entire afternoon without any sedation, since Dr. sent the anesthetist home (saves him money). I was awake, in pain, and terrified for hours. I could hear the loud sound of the needle going into and out of my head.

Dr. has had six shoulder surgeries and complained during the entire procedure about how tired he was,how he couldn't get the needle through my skin, and how much his shoulder hurt. THE NURSE actually finished the surgery behind my ears for him (she did the stitching, which turned out horribly, and which she is not trained to do).

Dr. cursed during the entire procedure (every word in the book--especially "I'm so God-D tired...) My forehead is so low now that I cannot open my eyes fully. I have ugly scars radiating from my eyes to my hairline. I have lost over 50 per cent of my hair. I have to wear a wig full time. I cannot raise and lower my eyebrows normally. I will need extensive reconstructive surgery. There is nothing that can be done regarding the hair loss. This surgery was a tragedy and disfigured and damaged my face and hair permanenetly.

Dr. should not be performing surgery of any kind--I believe that he is very unstable, angry, and imcompetent. I would not recommend any physician associated.

SUE! you only have 2 years to do it after the surgery, don't wait
I do not normally advocate suing people, but in this case I would. He needs to stop and it was so unethical that he operated without sedation.
We live in a civil society. It is very important that people are able to take action against individuals who have caused them harm. Feuding and war are the result when people are unable to resolve their issues before the justice system. I am currently in litigation about harm that was done to me by a board certified plastic surgeon. Everything is set up for the doctor to have the advantage. It is very very difficult and very expensive to sue for medical malpractice. Depending on the state you live it it will be almost impossible to sue even when you are the victim of medical malpractice. AVVO has a pretty good referral program and some attorneys say they will take the case on. I got turned down by several attorneys before I found one who would take the case. Also I learned that medical malpractice is a "specialty of law". So the average slip/fall lawyer is not capable of doing a medmal case. You need to find a specialist. Check with the county and state bar association to find such a legal specialist.
Dr. John Osborn, The Plastic Surgery Center

Doctor has had 6 shoulder surgeries, is both physically and mentally impaired. He permanently disfigured me and I am now permanently having to wear a wig. He operated on me with no sedation, although I had paid in advance for sedation--I was awake and in pain, terrified. I have chronic severe eye pain now. Dr. did not help me at all after the surgery.

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