I Want This Soo Bad!!! Tummy Tuck and BBL in Domincan Republic - Fords, NJ

Well im 24 i have a 7 year old i really want to...

well im 24 i have a 7 year old i really want to get this done im just scared that i do the tummy tuck and i decide to have a baby has anyone had a tummy tuck and then had a baby? what happens would i need to get another tummy tuck? ughhhh soooo confuse!!! -_-
but anyhooo i was thinking of dra.duran or dra.yily but they take soo long to get back at me!!

OK...sooo i decided i want to have a baby before my tummy tuck

OK...sooo i decided i want to have a baby before my tummy tuck. one problem i usually never get my period maybe once a year and some times not even. So i told my doctor and he put me on MEDROXYPOGESTERONE i took this before i ended up getting my period when i was done with the meds but when next month came no period. Im worried because me and my boyfriend tried to have a baby before but i never got pregnant ive never been on birth control so now im worried.

I have tried but fail!!!

So I can't get pregnant I've tried but fail so I'm goin for the surgery I don't know who to go for yily or duran I got In touch with yily her quote was 4500 of a tt bbl n lipo but I can't get in touch with duran I already requested my vacation oct 5 till Oct 21 just waiting on duran!! I'm really nervous I don't even know where to start! I would be very greatfull if you ladies could gimme some tips n advice!!

so I'm in with yily October 6

So surgery Is on October 6 I'm gonna buy my ticket tonight found one for 378 I think that's the best I'm gonna find I need to find a hotel near by but I've looked but can't find one those any know of any nice but not so expensive hotels near I have no idea what to take I'm trying to convince my sister to come with because I heard. A lot of horror stories about recovery homes so I really don't want to deal with that it's so hard to save with bill and a 7 year old but I'm trying my quote is 4300 plus everything else is gonna be hard my boyfriend said he'll help with the hotel but it's still hard I'm so excited I just want October to get here already!!

so I bought my flight 370!! round trip..

Now I just need pass port and book hotel I'm thinking about plaza del sol aparta hotel the more modern room is 455 for 7 nights the less modern room is 335 for 7 night has anyone stayed here? If So Can yo I let me know if it's a good hotel still looking I also need help on what should I bring? I'm so confuse!! Need help!!

48 days left!!

So I got my passport and most of my supplies!! 48days left I can't wait still don't know what hotel should I stay in they are so expensive ughh this trip is costing me a fortune Lol but Hey anything for beauty right!!

19 more days just waiting!!!

I have everything but hotel!! 19 more I'm just afraid my hemoglobin is not were it's suppose to be I haven't gotten it check since I don't have health Insurance and I can't be spending anymore money I've been popping iron pills like crazy Lol October 5 come quick!!! I'm so scared and excited at the same time can't wait.

wish pic!!!

Can't wait!!!!

all my stuff

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Sounds like you have PCOS: polycystic ovary syndrome. Clomid would help you ovulate and get regular periods, and very likely get pregnant within a few months.... If not, you need to take Provera to get a period at least every three months - if you don't the endometrial lining builds up and stagnates in there, and can lead to uterine cancer. You need to see an OBGYN doctor on a regular basis. Once a year periods are very much not good for you. Also, the right dose of Clomid could have you pregnant before the end of the year. Just something to think about....
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Treating the PCOS with Another drug called Metformin also helps with belly fat, excess body hair, acne, and blood sugar problems, if you have any of those.
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Welcome to the community.   There is always the possibility of stretching the tummy back out with pregnancy.  Kinda depends on your body and skin elasticity.  We are all do different in how we respond.  Personally my body doesn't bounce back so well.  

Just prepare yourself for the possibility of maybe needing a little touch up work after.  

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I know someone that had a TT and got pregnant 2 years later. Everything was fine. She didn't get as big, she looked 5 months pregnant when she delivered. Her body went right back into normal shape within 3 months. The Dr.'s told her she would be fine as long as she waited 1 year after the TT. Get an IUD to make sure you don't get pregnant in the first year.
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Not all tt require muscle repair. Why do you need a tt? Everyone's body is different. Ive known 2 ppl that had tt and got pg afterwards and they had flat tummys. But its a risk ur taking. I personally would try to avoid a tt at all cost possible. Its major surgery. I just had a tt and bbl and let me tell u the recovery is so uncomfortable cuz u cant lay on ur stomach or sit on ur butt. I tried my best to prop myself up with pillows but it was still uncomfortable and i worry about killing my new baby fat cells. I didnt go for a donk so its not a drastic change to my butt so its hard to tell if i ruined my bbl. ive posted pics in my story.
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I'm 24 and I'm having a TT. It's a choice you have to make no one else can tell you that you can't most doctors on this forum will tell you that you a TT won't affect a pregnancy but in the event of having a nother child it should be some years later. Everyones body is DIFFERENT some women have had TTs had a baby years later and only needed skin tightning treatments others needed a revision and if your getting work done in DR it's not going to cost an arm and a leg. Just stay away from crabral he has some malpractice cases under his belt. Duran, Disla, and Robles are very reputable and have all the proper credentials as well as experience. My fiancée and I won't get married until next year and want to be married 5 years before having a child so we can focus on my who is 4 that my fiancee is adopting as his own son. After so many years your completely healed. And if your getting a tummy tuck in DR you'd be paying like 2-3k in comparison to 7k-8k you would be spending in the states. So it's really not that financially unethical if your getting work done in Latin America. Just make sure you research your doctor! Good luck!
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Occasionally the muscle repair from a tt causes a pregnant woman's uterus to not have enough room to expand to carry her baby to term and she has preterm labor. Also, a pregnancy after tt usually ruins the results and you would have to have an expensive and difficult surgery all over again. It is much, much better to wait until you are sure you are finished having all of the children you are going to have.... Most of the ladies on my tt forum are in their very late 30's, 40's, and 50's....
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I understand how u feel!! A lot of questions and u have every right to know what u getting in to.. I'm strongly considering going to Dr Yily. I love her work but I have yet to start the process.. You are young so u def should think abt it and do plenty of research! Good luck doll!
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