I dont know where to begin :) Its been a long...

I dont know where to begin :) Its been a long journey for me.back in 1999 i had my first set of implants thinking i wanted big boobs LOL!!I Back then the saying was, "go BIG or go home".So I went BIG I went from a small "A" to a FULL "D"I had saline implants,Mentor under the muscle the left was 360cc & the right was 335cc which put me at a "D".As soon as i got them i was miserable.I felt i had gained a so much weight and i instantly wanted them out. I suffered through and kept them and while having them i got capsular contraction in my right breast.Not to terrible,deffinatley still live able. A year Later i noticed one was much larger than the other.So i had the smaller one replaced with a larger one,the left was then changed to a 385 to even it out.after years of not liking them still, i decided to exchange them for smaller ones. i wanted MUCH smaller.So in 2008 i had them replaced with Silicone Mentor under the muscle. the Left was at 300cc HP & the right was 275cc HP. Explaining to my doctor i wanted to be a "B" that i was really over the big breasts. First i contracted an infection a few days after the surgery. I was uncontrollably shaking.My body was so cold but the coldness kept moving around so i had heating pads and electric blankets and it was summer time. Couldn't get a hold of my doc. So my husband being a GREAT guy. started giving me antibiotics that we had left over,"i know your not suppose to do that but desperate times call for desperate measures LOL :) "

Finally getting a hold of my Doctor he subscribed me some antibiotics and i was feeling much better.After all that then my right breast started hurting a LOT and was tightening and was as hard as a rock and now deformed. I could barely use my arm. I also discovered a swelling on the incision.So of course i contact my doctor.He wants to prescribe me Cingular for the capsular contraction which im already taking for allergies.I email him a pic of my breast incision where there is an infection. My response back from the doctor and his nurse was "that i had burnt my breast with a curling iron!" I was like are you kidding me??!!!! I would know if i burnt my breast with a curling iron.I finally got to see him in person,mind you i had a sever capsular contraction and was in soooo much pain i could barely move my arm. He told me he wouldn't touch it.He said he was going to just leave it alone. UGH!! so after living with this pain for a while a friend of mine suggested acupuncture.I know there's a lot of skeptics to acupuncture cause i was one of them,but at this point what did i have to loose.It either worked or it didn't.i wouldn't be any worse than i was.It worked a lot!!! It loosened the muscle quit a bit,so at-least its livable and soft. I still have a capsular contraction but no where near what i had. So that's my long story now im at the roads of what i want to do. I've always thought id change my implants out for some that are really small like 150cc,but after finding this site i have finally made a decision to "ex plant" im very excited and scared. Im scheduled August 10,2012 Ive met with quite a few doctors and have finally chose one in Orange county CA I am having my nipple lifted on one side just to even them up.He said i do not need a lift and i should be a "B" when all is said and done.Im really scared about doing this of course on how there going to look.I keep coming back to this site and reading everything all you ladies have gone through and its been soooo helpful to me. Everyday i keep hoping im making the right decision.I truly feel i am but still scared out of my wits :)

Okay the count down is on! Its official my surgery...

okay the count down is on! Its official my surgery is Friday at 10:30!! Im getting a bit of anxiety.I hope they look good :) im ready to be free of the weight and the painbut still really scared

Im getting really nervous ,i know the surgery will...

im getting really nervous ,i know the surgery will go fine cause im in good hands.Its the after look and hoping i dont regret it. i cant stop noticing boobs everywhere i go and how much nicer the small ones look to me.So im excited and scared all wrapped in one lol. only 4 more days.ill take any words of advice from anyone :)

WELL 1 more day!!! Tomorrow morning i will be...

WELL 1 more day!!! Tomorrow morning i will be laying in the surgery room :) im all the above right now, ( Excited,scared,nervous, and ready to be me again :) Im sure ill be checking this site in the morning on my phone LOL!!

Well posting 1 more pic of the TaTa's LOL!! before...

well posting 1 more pic of the TaTa's LOL!! before i say good bye LOL!!

Well tomorrow at this time(9:15 Cali time ) I will...

Well tomorrow at this time(9:15 Cali time ) I will be implant free :) my stomach is doing FLIPS LOL!! But I Love all my new Friends on here :) I want to say," Thank You ladies!" You all are sooo helpfull and supportive and it means sooo much to me that I have a place to turn to when I panic and no one else seems to understand :) all your kind words and positive outcomes has made me feel that I've REALLY made the right desicion for me :) Thank You!

Well ladies there out :) won't be writing to much...

Well ladies there out :) won't be writing to much cause I'm kinda loopy lol but do far so good & no drains YEA!! I'll try and post a pic tomorrow when I can shower. Long 3 1/2 hour drive Hm cause the hwy is sooo bumpy but I'm almost Hm. So as soon as I get Hm it's all about my favorite things I picked up that I knew would make me happy in case I freaked out LOL! Peanut Butter M&M new jammies my favorite dinner and a movie. I can have Tylenol pm so I will be taking that to help sleep :)

Okay here's the newest pic. Not very pretty but...

Okay here's the newest pic. Not very pretty but it's only the first day so I keep telling myself they are going to get better :) the left looks pretty good. The right is the one with the CC so it will take longer to heal. I noticed that my nipple looks folded but I think part of that is from the tape. I'm hopeful it will fill out. I took this pic myself so not the best LOL!! hope this doesn't discourage anyone. I almost didn't post in fear of someone changing there mind but I decided I need to cause when making my decision I wanted to see and read every detail. Still in pain today but deff feel better and I'm hopeful the end result is going to be just perfect :)

Everything going good so far.My right breast is a...

Everything going good so far.My right breast is a bit more swollen due to the CC it is Day 4My nipple looks flapped over but im pretty sure thats from the way it is taped. So far so good :) I am happy

Well saw the Doc today :) looking good except for...

Well saw the Doc today :) looking good except for the side I had the CC on. It's seems to want to pull back in. The best way to explain it is it wants to close the gap. So the bottom of my right breast is pulling up. Doc says its going to take time and in about 3 weeks I can start massageing it. That should help loosen it up. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm sure it's common just want to hear that there's hope it will settle down. Other than that I am very pleased :)

So im adding some more photos :) im still soooo...

so im adding some more photos :) im still soooo happy with my results!! GREAT DOC!!!! I LOVE putting on shirts and NOT feeling them out LOL!!

Also my right Nipple is Taped up really well, so...

Also my right Nipple is Taped up really well, so its not as bad as it looks in the pic. :) but i want to share even my ugly pics to LOL! Not to freak anyone out but in case it can help anyone thinking about doing this what stages they might go through :) and that it is all worth it :) and that it takes time for the healing process,and that they dont just look perfect over night and that were all going through this together :)

Well today its been 10 Days :) and i couldn't be...

Well today its been 10 Days :) and i couldn't be any happier!! I have to share that this morning while i was taking a shower how good it feels not to have implants anymore :) im sooo happy!! i feel like a WHOLE new person!! I was looking down being THANKFUL i didn't go to a smaller implant, i know id have been regretting it right now if i had gone with a small implant :) and please don't think that i would ever judge anyone with implants, cause i don't & never will.They just weren't for me :) Im SUPER HAPPY!! I know they have a lot more healing to do but i think there looking GREAT for 10 days :)

Okay im having a bad day :( im a bit depressed. My...

okay im having a bad day :( im a bit depressed. My right breast is having issues.my nipple is caving in.I know its nothing the doctor did its just the way my body heals.The areola did not heal correctly at all.This is the same side i had the cc on.I love the size of my breasts and i have NO regrets taking them out.I just hope this can be fixed where it looks normal.Im pretty sure there will be another procedure to fix the areola area.My husband is sooo right,when it comes to my body if there is any side affect that could possibly happen,even if its a 1% ill get it. I see the Doc next week. I havnt posted any pics of it cause im quite embarrassed and i dont want to freak anyone out that is thinking of doing this. Im not your typical case :) Im still sooo very happy with my small breasts i was just hoping to come out of 1 surgery with no complications

Okay so here it goes LOL!! still some caving in on...

Okay so here it goes LOL!! still some caving in on my nipple area,but from what im told it will work itself out.Not so much tightening on the cc breast as there was.Im trusting my wonderful Doc :) I cant start massaging until i hit 3 weeks. which im still to sore to massage anyways LOL!! Im soo very happy when i put on a bathing suit top or even a tight shirt!! I went from hiding my breast to very confident :) SOOO VERY HAPPY with the size :)

I think its looking better but it could just be me...

I think its looking better but it could just be me with wishful thinking 20 days post op LOL!! What do you ladies think :) Cant wait to wear a regular Bra but everything hurts right now except the smash me down sports bra LOL!!! :) but i dont mind at all :)

Having a GOOD day :) I'm seeing my right breast...

Having a GOOD day :) I'm seeing my right breast get better. Hopeful it will just keep on trucking in the right direction and I won't need any kind of revision :) today is the Best day it's ever looked. The pulling up seems to be dropping so fingers crossed that the sunk in look goes away :) question for you ladies, how are you massaging and does it hurt? I have to push flat on my breast hard and massage around. It HURTS LOL!! But I do it. Does the massaging hurt anyone else?

Okay everyone im going to update my pics so i can...

okay everyone im going to update my pics so i can share a bit of what im going through.Im really embarrassed and am struggling to show my hubby BUT it seems to be getting better :) so im hopeful :) but i am still very GLAD im implant free and have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. i LOVE my little boobies in a bathing suit top LOL!! :)

Well it's day 30 for me and even with the...

Well it's day 30 for me and even with the complications I'm having i am still so happy :) I finally decided to go to a bra shop ( not VS) either. The lady was Lovely :) and I happy to say I'm an A !! :) AND IM EXSTATIC ABOUT IT LOL!!! She had me trying on push up bras when I finally decided I just wanted a plain cotton bra with no padding and no push up LOL!!! And I LOVE it!!!! I know walk around with my shoulders back and much better posture!! My boot camp trainer even said I look more athletic build now!!! YEA!!!!! I know I have a bit of a road ahead of me and I'll have my good days & bad but right now I'm walking tall with my shoulders back and more confidence in myself than ive had in a LONG LONG time :)

Well still having issues. They have softened quit...

Well still having issues. They have softened quit a bit but still a lot of puckering. I believe i see a revision in my future. 6 months needs to come fast LOL!! My spirits are up though :) im still soooo very happy i explanted and am loving my small boobies. I am getting more comfortable every day with them even with the complication i am having. All my bras i buy have no padding and no push up cause i LOVE how they look being small in clothes LOL!! I feel more feminine :)

Hi Ladies :) well I'm 43 days out and just...

Hi Ladies :) well I'm 43 days out and just discovered one of my dissolvable stitches sticking out of my skin. Has anyone else experienced this?? I actually thought they had dissolved by now.

Well its been almost 2 months. there looking a bit...

well its been almost 2 months. there looking a bit better but i still have the puckering. still feeling pain and soreness but its tolerable. Im still soooo VERY happy that i removed. I love the size and the softness. Now if i could just get rid of the puckering LOL!! but i dont dwell on it anymore. My left areola looks a bit different, thats the one i had lifted a bit to make the nipples symmetrical, but im sure in time it will look more normal. My scars have been working themselves out A LOT! so i am very glad about that :) all in all im doing well and am super happy to be implant free :)

Hi Ladies :) Well im just over 8 weeks. I took...

Hi Ladies :) Well im just over 8 weeks. I took this pic this morning and i really think its looking better :) So Reed69 WE have HOPE my friend :) Im doing a lot of massaging with a massage pillow. Which i think has been a HUGE help. I didn't feel i was massaging hard enough and i had read about a gal using a massage pillow. Well it seems to be working!!!! YEA!!!!!!!! So fingers crossed, its only been 2 months so who knows i may not need a revision :D Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC!!

Well its been awhile since i've updated :) i have...

Well its been awhile since i've updated :) i have had a few minor good changes in the past few weeks :) which makes me very happy :) I may not be perfect but who is. Right? LOL!!! I updated today because there was just 1 thing i really wanted to share because it just made me sooo happy, and no else would understand except all you wonderful Ladies. I had a family function this past weekend and for the First time i could actually hug everyone ( i know it sounds silly lol ) but A REAL BIG hug LOL!! Not the lean in kind where i was always worried my Breasts were going to get in the way and i would be embarrassed LOL!!! I've always LOVED to hug but really withdrew from it all these years because of the insecurities of my Big Hard Breasts. I think i hugged everyone twice LOL!! they probably thought i was crazy, (not knowing i had, had my implants removed) LOL!! But it felt sooo Good to wrap my arms around them and just hug and not let go :) all the while i was thinking " I missed this soooo very much" So i want to thank all you wonderful ladies.If it wouldn't had been for YOU and and this GREAT site. I may have been going thru another CC with smaller implants. NOT that theres anything wrong with implants, they just weren't for me :)
So GREAT BIG SOFT HUGS to all of you!! :)

Just a quick update :) sorry i've been gone...

Just a quick update :) sorry i've been gone everyone i haven't had access to a computer where i could update with pics. We had severe water damage to our house and am now living in a Hotel until it all gets rebuilt. All is Good though :) I have very little change but am very pleased so far :) I know there not perfect but im really comfortable in tops now YEA!!! I see my Doc on Dec 6 to discuss about making them a bit perkyier LOL around the nipples :) Im posting a pic i took today.I probably wont be back for a bit but will read your posts. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! Great BIG SOFT HUGS to ALL of you!! :D

Well it's been 6 months and I'm still super happy...

Well it's been 6 months and I'm still super happy :) Best decision I could of ever made :) even with all the complications I wouldn't change my decision for anything :) I've missed talking to a lot of the girls on here so much. My life has been crazy busy but dont think I've forgotten you all :) I'm always checking in on people's updates when I get a minute or two :) this is one of the best web sites. And for any of you girls out there thinking of doing this, just listen to all these wonderful ladies on here :) there the Best support team ever :)

Its been a while since ive updated. i have still...

Its been a while since ive updated. i have still been checking up on all of wonderful ladies :)
Probably not much change from my last updated pic. But im Still doing great!! Im sooo Very Happy with my decision :) I have soo much more confidence now than I've had in years :) still can't wait for my 1 year mark to do a little revision :)


Ya!!!!!! Hi all my friends!!!! I figured I better do a 1 year update with everything and all the complications i went through. I want to give anyone who is having problems hope :D it's been quite a journey for me but the out come has been AMAZING!! I love, love,love , did I mention LOVE my breasts now!! I'm sooooo much more confident and love wearing clothes that are fitted. For me it was the BEST thing I could of ever done, even with all the complications :D I feel like a person that has just released a lot of baggage off my shoulders! So here are my pics!!! I know I definitely don't have a body of a Greek Godess LOL!! But it sure does feel great to be confident in myself again :) Great big Soft Hugs to all you wonderful ladies! :D
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

He is AMAZING :) His staff is WONDERFUL!!! I highly recommend him.He listens and Explains very well,Best decision i ever made was using him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hi, I am having my breast removal op in October with an uplift. What size was your natural breasts before implants and have you found them to be smaller after having them removed from the size they were originally. Your pictures look great. Yes it is scary knowing if you are doing the right thing, but I just keep telling myself it is. I have being having some health issues not sure if it could be down to these. Glad your happy and have no regrets
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Hi little Mynx :) I was about an A before implants.My first pic is my before implants. Im a B now.I didn't have any lifts.My doc believed i had enough breast tissue that i didn't need it and he was right :) It was very scary for me, i drove everyone crazy asking what i should do lol but now im glad i did it.I love not having any implants and being free again.I love this site and was sooooo glad when i found it.I did go through complications so there are definitely some risks that could happen. I have absolutely nooo regrets :D the women on here are amazing in fact i made a great friend that im still friends with today :) Great Big Hugs to you and cant wait to hear how your doing when you've crossed over :D
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Hi Elle, I think I was prob an A before my implants. Don't think I will have a lot of tissue once removed and was recommended an uplift to tighten my skin. I look back now and ask myself why I even put myself and health through this but I suppose I was young and not a ware of the side effects. I am looking forward to having them removed but not to having the operation. I have decided just to get some breast prosthesis as only my husband knows about my implants and people will notice. I will just be glad of not having to worry about them anymore. I am new to this site and wondered how I can view your before and after photo's you mentioned. I must take some photo's before removal to keep people posted. This is such a great site and am glad I came across it. Thanks for your comments
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You should be able to see my pics at the top of this page? Have you registered on here? If not maybe that's why? Scroll to the very top and you should be able to see everything I went through . :)
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Hi Elle, I have seen your pics thanks and they look really good. Makes you wonder why you had them done in the first place. Like you said probably will never be perfect but at least they are your own
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Thanks so much for sharing everything! I had another consult yesterday and got to get em out! You are very inspiring!
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I love your look in that white bra! What size are you? You look like a good A or even a B in that bra. So happy for you! I appreciate your posting after a year. You give us hope :-)
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Im a 34 B But in some bras an A,but the lady at the store said 34 B LOL!! I wear padded push up bras I also have an amazing swim suit "voda" they are awesome suits! :) you look AMAZING!! you will be up and running in no time.You had a great out come immediately after :) soft ((huggs)) to you :)
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Thank you for coming back and sharing! You look awesome. I hope I can post pictures as nice in one year! AndI am so happy that you are celebrating life :-)
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You look amazing... I can only hope to look like you when its all said and done... What exactly is a nipple lift? The Drs are all telling me I NEED a lift but if I can just get a nipple lift in my right boob if its low then maybe i will just suggest that?? Thank you for your posts.. Makes me more excited to see how I look :)
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Sorry just now saw your comment :) it would be taking my areola up a little higher so they don't point down as much.as of right now I still haven't done anything :) I'm thinking I'm May just leave them alone :) I'm a bit afraid of having a complication and since I'm happy with them I'm thinking maybe just leave them alone :)
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You are an incredible lady and you look fabulous and healthy!
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Thank you so much!! I know your getting closer to your surgery date :) this is something I did before surgery, I went out and bought 2 sets of comfy Jammie shorts and shirts :D I bought my favorite foods and candy in case I felt down,bought funny movies. I did anything I thought would make me feel happy :D it all came in handy :) I'll be thinking of you as you approach your date :) sending good vibes your way :)
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Thank you so much! The first thing after my two week pre-surgery appointment is buy some button in the front shirts and sports bras. I have sweatpants ready! How long did it take for you to have use of your arms again?
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Awhile, my chest was really sore. My doc stitched my breasts up to my chest muscle. Which helped the healing but I was in quite a bit of pain for awhile. I have no pain at all now. I was able to use my arms after about a week but it took me a few months for my chest to feel fully healed. And I would say a full year for all the healing to be done :) BUT everyone is different, there has been girls on here that felt great in a week! :D do hoping you will be one of those lucky ones :)
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Thanks for your response and taking so much time to answer my questions!
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Am I understanding it correctly? From your story it looks like you had a contrature, silicone sensitivity, areola incision and a small lift? You are a trooper and everyone is harder on themselves, but you really do look amazing!
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I did have a severe cc when I recieved my second set of implants which were silicone.my incision was my areola, but no lift :) I'm oh soooooo glad to be rid of them. I still have a bit of puckering but only when I lift my arms. That's definitely something I can live with :D
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WOW.. just read your whole story. What a long, trying journey for you.. but you look fantastic now!! I'm sure your story has been very helpful to many women here who've had issues. Thanks for posting and congrats on your amazing outcome :)
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It was a long journey :) but soooo worth it :) I've never been so happy in years. I love giving hugs now without great big balloons between me :) I hope my complications and everything I went through can help anyone else not feel alone :) I was really embarrassed when I first posted the complications and now I'm soooo glad I did. If the pics help 1 person not feel alone than it was all worth posting them :) Great Big Soft Hugs to you :)
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Wow thanks for your comment you made me very happy when I read your journey and you truly inspired me !!! Congrats you look amazing I hope to heal like you :)
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Thank You :) it took me while to post my complications but I'm glad I did :) I felt like if it happens to someone else I didn't want them to feel alone. If you still have pulling in a month or so message me :) Ill give you a bit of info that helped me and may help you :) but I've seen women who had pulling and then it relaxed. Soft hugs to you :)
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Looking great girl!
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Thank You! It's been a rough journey :) but I'm finally happy again. For me it was the right thing to do. Everyone needs to do what makes them happy :)
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Just read your review, you look amazing.
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