Severe Pain from Capsule Contraction - Fontana, CA

Happy New Year! This year has to be better than...

Happy New Year! This year has to be better than last. I received my first implants, which were saline, in 1993. One breast started to look smaller than the other in 2001. So I saw a plastic surgeon that I've worked with doing home health. So my implants were replaced with teardrop silicone implants. I loved them! They were soft and looked natural. Well, one child and 90 pounds later, both breasts have contracted, my right breast is extremely hard and I'm having severe pain. I went to the VA hospital, I'm a disabled veteran, and was told to apply warm compresses and take Tylenol. Yeah, not helping. So I called Kaiser and they said go to the ER and they sent a referral to plastics in Fontana. I absolutely loved my implants and now am already greiving. I start a strict diet tomorrow, so hopefully I'll lose weight to match my small boobs. But I am in so much pain! My right breast, arm, and neck hurt so bad. I just want to take a knife and cut it out! BTW I'm 41 with 4 kids.
Sounds like a rough time! So glad you have them out and are on your way to recovery :-) Hang tight as the healing process continues

Depressed, I am going to miss my breasts

Does anyone miss their implants or feel depressed since having them removed? I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon at Kaiser Ontario California about removing my implants tomorrow. I am really nervous. I don't want an inexperienced doctor messing with my chest. I'm sorry if I sound vain, but I like having boobs. We're also having a pool put in and I don't want to worry about how my breasts look. I know that I have to remove these implants due to the pain, contractures, and health. I guess if the explantation improves my health, I may have a more positive outlook.
Thanks for the encouragement. I really need to visit this site more often. I still don't have a surgery date. I'm really frustrated! But I do see so many positive results from explantation, it helps. Thank you for sharing!
Nothing wrong with grieving the loss of the bustline you've become accustomed to, I too felt sad and worried about how I'd look. I'm feeling pretty good about myself these days, small busted but happy with my results! You'll be great, don't you worry. My doc did some internal stitches that helped pick what little boob tissue I had. The most important thing you have to give yourself is TIME, time to heal and fluff/fill out. If it can happen to me at 55, it can happen to you. I love my light little boobs now and SO will you!
I haven't had the surgery yet. I need them out asap because of the pain. I'm so conflicted and afraid. I would seek therapy to mentally prepare myself, but I don't have time.

Explantation Day

I had my surgery about 13 hours ago. I am in so much pain! I have drains in both breasts and a pump slowly infusing local anesthesia into them. My breasts are bound tightly with an ace bandage that I am to wear non-stop until next Wednesday. I had to request to see my surgeon after the surgery because the nurse said they usually don't see their patients after. But I awoke with extreme pain, got it controlled, and went home around 3:30 pm yesterday. I felt good until 6:30 pm when I became dizzy, lightheaded, and had a low grade fever of 100.4*. I was home alone and afraid I would pass out so I carefully walked to my neighbor's house to wait for my husband. Thinking I was overreacting, I called the Kaiser advice nurse who told me to to the ER. So I went to Kaiser Ontario, CA emergency room. They gave me some fluid and talked to my surgeon that said it was just the anesthesia and basically, "get over it." After being in the ER for 4 hours, the pain returned, and I'm intensely anxious. So, here I am exhausted, in pain, and anxious.

Oops! I accidentally posted before finishing

I guess the pain meds are affecting my head rather than the pain. :-/ So, I'm having a hard time. To top it off, the surgeon told me I was "flat", that my breasts were "90% implant" and I have "no breast tissue" left. What's worse is that he told me in front of my father, who didn't need to know that much info. Patient confidentiality out the window. I only asked about the source of the fluid between my implant and the capsule, fearing it may be silicone, and how large my incision was. I am so depressed. Has anyone else experienced so much pain? I'm taking Norco without relief and the ER doctor didn't want to treat my pain or anxiety. I really don't like Kaiser anymore.
I just got mine out the other day too. It's a big change and shocking to say the least. I had silicone, they were leaking. I feel so much better having them out though. It's a good decision. I believe it does affect health. Sorry you're in so much pain though, and that they the doc spoke so freely in front of your father. I can imagine, that might be worse than the actual surgery! But I'm sure your father loves you very much and it's good that someone close to you is informed as well. .Maybe the doc can switch your meds to something that agrees with you better? and try not to be so sad. Big boobs aren't everything, in fact they do not at all define you as a woman, and we are all flat now! :)..give yourself a break, and keep in mind the long term. This is a huge step in our lives, for better health! and THAT is important!
Yes, thanks! :-)
Hope you feel better

Post-op day 5

It's post-op day 5 and I thought I'd be feeling better by now. I know everyone heals differently and I'm no longer having neck and back pain. Yay! I don't think it's due to the pain meds because my knee is still hurting.

I see my plastic surgeon tomorrow and get my first good look at my breasts. I have peeked down my ace wrap and I'm not happy with what I see. My skin looks all wrinkled and crinkled. My plastic surgeon said I was completely flat and it looks to be true. I'm having a hard time finding padded bras in my size. I wore a 42 D prior to surgery. I'm pretty chubby, but I'm losing weight. Of course I'll have a better idea of my size tomorrow, but I think I'll be close to a 40 A. We'll see.

Has anyone tried any skin firming creams? Do they work?

Post-op day 8

I been so obsessed with reading about everyone else's journey, I haven't kept up on my own. Even if no one reads my posts, I think journaling helps.

First, I haven't posted any pictures yet because I don't want to see myself. I know that's wrong because I'd like other women to know they are not alone. Especially since my outcome isn't the norm from what I've seen. Reading the other reviews and seeing their pictures gives me mixed feelings. Jealousy. Anger. Hope.

Today is post-op day 8 and I still feel not just emotionally, but physically awful. I guess the pain is worse where the drains are. My surgeon won't remove them until I have less than 25cc of fluid out in 48 hours, per breast. I currently have an output of approximately 35cc a day per day, per breast. I also injured my knee prior to surgery and I'm disappointed that it's not improving. I want to get back into the gym as soon as the surgeon clears me, but my knee may prevent that from happening.

I know my friends mean well, but their reactions sting. Yesterday a friend said, "Wow, you don't seem to have anything left." Yeah, I already know, thank you. And after having my dressing removed on Wednesday, my other friend said, "It looks like you have some boobs there." Yeah, because I stuffed add-a-cup silicone inserts into my sports bra. I don't know when or if I'll ever show my husband my results. Sigh. Tomorrow my best friend is having a birthday party for her kids, they both have birthdays this month, and I'm not sure if I want to go. I don't know if I can tolerate the pain or the comments. Even just "the looks".

I've been reading the "mommy makeover" reviews too. It pains me to admit it, but I'm seriously considering having another BA. Yes, I know. Of course I need to heal from this first and I'm praying my health and appearance improves during that time. But if not, I feel, at least now, that I have to do something and I don't have anything to lift. Fat graphing sounds risky too. It all is! Anytime you put something in your body you take a risk. Even the food we put in our body can cause us damage.

Enough rambling. My daughter's at school, so I'm going to nap. Hoping some healing will take place while I sleep. :-)

Insurance coverage

Just a note. If you are considering breast implant removal and you have capsular contraction, rupture, leak, or pain, please let your Primary Care Physician know. Your insurance may cover the cost to have your implants removed. I have Kaiser and they do not like to pay for anything out of the norm, but I complained of severe pain in my right breast and they did an ultrasound and found the stage 4 contractures, along with the left implant rupture. Kaiser also does out-of-pocket plastic surgery procedures that can be performed at the time of removal. So check with your doctor, don't just call your insurance company, and let them know if you're having pain or discomfort too, it may save you a couple thousand dollars.

Too hot for boobs!

I wish Southern California had winter and spring! We went to a birthday party today, my first implant-free social gathering. I still have some pain and the drains are hard to hide, so I'm not sure what people thought was going on. I put silicone inserts in my sports bra and I liked how I looked. I'm pretty flat otherwise. It was 86* and my chest was terribly hot and 86* is nothing compared to our summer heat! The warmth did help the inserts mold to my chest which is comforting because I fear them falling out. But I think it'll be yucky to wear them in the summer. I know I can use bras with pockets, but can anyone recommend a cool, comfortable padded (and I mean PADDED) bra or inserts? Thank you!
A lot of your feeling are resonating with me! I had a couple of people say "you really look flat in that bra!" Ok. Here I am thinking this is a good thing (explant) and I feel good about it then BAM! People are so insensitive. I hope you will find peace with it soon. :) in a da good experience with kaiser but it ended three weeks after my surgery! W change our healthcare. My new GP didn't even know what an "explant" was!! He thought I made up the word. Great!! What a world!!! Lol. Hope you are feeling better :)
Sorry about typos - getting used to typing on iPad :(
I guess we all speak before thinking sometimes. :-/ I am very thankful that Kaiser expedited my referral and that your experience was good. You'd think your new GP would be encouraging women with breast implants and health problems to have explantation. Did I make "explantation" up? It sounds good to me! Did you have any health issues or just the pain? BTW, you do look like a ballerina! Beautiful!

2 weeks, 6 days post op

As you can see from the pics, I'm not happy how my breasts look. My surgeon says to give them 6 months to heal, but I don't think they'll change much. :-/

I'm still in a lot of pain, especially if I roll onto my side or I've been out and about for a few hours. I had the right drain removed last Friday and I still have the left. I have an appointment with the surgeon again tomorrow because I don't think I should be hurting so bad.

Has anyone had such a tough time post-op?

I stopped checking this site because I couldn't relate to anyone. Everybody seemed to report such a wonderful recovery. I don't believe this site is all about "fluff", so please be honest. I don't mean to offend and if your experience was wonderful, praise God! Thank you!
Hi "Beautiful Mess", hey it will be 13 weeks on Friday, 7/11 since I had my explanation and I haven't taken the time to update recently. I've had a LOT of ups and downs, some of which I've updated along the way, but lately I haven't. I REALLY wanted to remain upbeat and positive about my post-op results, because I AM glad that I no longer have painful, hard foreign objects in my body. I had mine in for 23 years and somehow, some way they never ruptured! I am glad I had my silicone, capsular contractured implants removed because they hurt, it was embarrassing to hug people with hard boobs and I was always worried what damage they may be doing to my body. So, yes, I'm glad they are OUT! But, at this point of my healing, I do get depressed about needing padded bras again. I have one breast that's sunken in on top, so that is harder to camouflage and it makes me upset and discouraged. I miss the normal-looking boobs I felt I had with implants, because they looked sexy in a bra and I felt womanly in my clothes. Mine were the perfect size for my body type. They never felt heavy and they didn't look fake. I still have more pain than I ever expected at this point. But, the pain isn't constant and it's pretty tolerable. I've had an abnormal amount of trouble trying to find ANY bra, sports or otherwise that felt bearable around the band. I attribute that to being overweight, though. The band always rolls up into the crease of my breasts so it irritates my incisions. I still can't find a comfy bra, not even a sports bra. The problem with being overweight, is that every store, online or not seems to think if a woman needs a 44 band size, then she has BIG breasts and that's not the case with me! I need an A/B cup size, especially because the right breast is dipped in. After my explantation, I woke up with nothing binding my breasts even though my PS said he'd put on Ace bandages. Since I didn't have any wrap or some kind of support on after surgery, I always felt like my breasts weren't bound up, so how could the chest wall heal together again? But, nothing wrapped around me felt comfortable at all or not for very long. I still only wear a bra for a few hours, then just go braless when I'm at home. But, I feel as though my breasts should have a chance to knit together and if I can't wear something kind of tight around them most of the time, then they're not going to. If I lift my right arm up to reach for something high, I feel a strange tugging feeling inside as if it's got a pocket in there and it feels like I'm pulling whatever is healing inside apart again. I have no problem with that on the left side. I have twinges in both breasts or a stinging/ burning sensation too. I know a lot of this is the nerve endings hooking back up or just healing. I have a pain on my right side, kind of by my ribs but higher up that feels like a sharp stick poking me. That's been the most irritating part for me. Some days it really hurt a lot and made me very cranky!! Just ask my husband! For about 10 days that pain disappeared and I thought that it was gone, at last. Well, it came back again and it's still with me. I don't know what the heck it is or if it will ever go away. I have read other women's profiles who had surgery before I did and I know it can take at least a year before everything is healed. So, I'm just trying to be patient. At this point, I don't think my breast shape is going to change, nor fluff up any more. The left breast is definitely smaller than the right one. I don't mind that part so much, but the fact that my right breast has a big scooped out look to it does bother me. It's funny, because my left breast was the one that gave me the most pains when I had implants and it was harder than the right side. So, I expected my left breast to be the more "mangled" one! Very strange how that turned out! Maybe I'll just have to go get some kind of mastectomy bra because one side needs to be fuller than the other. I don't really want to have hot, heavy forms or cutlets on my chest, but I'm not having any luck finding bras that are padded enough in my size. I'm like you...I feel as though most ladies on RS had better results, but my natural breasts were always kind of a "triangle", funky shape to begin with! My nipples were always placed low on the breast, so that's how they are now. Yep, a lift plus a fat transfer would have probably fixed everything, but my insurance wouldn't pay for that and I wasn't sure I wanted to put my poor boobs through any more torture. Well, I didn't really want to spend any more money on surgery, either. I hope that my chest wall does find a way to knit itself back together eventually and that my side boob/rib pain goes away for good. IF I can find a padded bra that makes both boobs look even so my blouses look better on me, I'll be happy enough. I still think we all are better off with soft, natural breasts, even if we're not as happy with the post-op results as we hoped to be. At least I know from this point on, I don't have to worry about what may happen to my implants in the future. They are GONE and I don't have to think about them anymore!! That's a very good thing. :-) If you take a look at my pics, you'll see that my breasts are uneven and one is thinner than the other. I think my breasts are much smaller looking in person, especially from the top view. The upper pole area is very flat, even in a bra. Not great looking at all. But they're soft again and they're mine. The hard, painful rocks are gone at last. That's all I can say and I think having the silicone and hard, painful implants out of me is definitely worth it. :-) Good luck on your healing. I know it's not easy and the way our breasts look after surgery may not be the way we want, but at least we are implant-free and that's safer and healthier than the way we were. I know that may be small comfort if you are really unhappy about your results. I understand, because I feel the same way. Some days I feel okay and some days I don't. But, there's a lot of support here for you on RS. You can be honest and open about your feelings. There's NO need to pretend everything is fine if it's not. I know the other ladies will be here to talk to and to be supportive of what you are dealing with, physically and emotionally. That's what's so great about this site. They have been here for me and I don't know what I would have done without them, especially before the surgery. The info and encouragement they provided gave me the strength to get rid of those foreign objects and I'll always be thankful for that. I have no regrets.
Petunia, thank you for understanding! Our results are very similar, except my right is smaller than my left! And you're right, the ups and downs aren't fun. But I keep trying to convince myself I'm better without them. It is nice to have the support of others that have similar experiences. As much as we try, we really don't know what it is like unless we've experienced it. I'm not sure if you've tried the Genie bra or cami, but they are so comfortable, they have removable padding, and large sizes. I wore them prior to my explant, because they are supportive and I had cleavage. Now I wear super padded bras trying to achieve a small amount of cleavage and they do make my breasts look more symmetrical. But I have lost a little weight and can finally wear a 38. But yes, bras with a smaller cup and bigger band are hard to find. Lane Bryant has them, I always found them uncomfortable, but my friend loves them. The Ahh bra is comfy too. I hope your pain goes away and that you heal properly. I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for reminding me I'm not alone. :-) Please keep in touch. Blessings!
I can only see the march update but it says you updated today. I'll check again here in a bit. I hope you are feeling better and not in pain anymore. I had a full lift because of asymmetry and hurt for a few months. Not all the time but on and off.
Dr. Henry

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