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Hello...I'm 28. The day of my procedure I was...

Hello...I'm 28. The day of my procedure I was 171.5lbs. My procedure day was on Aug. 11, 2011.

I had about 3 liters of fat taken out. 2800cc.

Write more later.

Ok i'm back. So...Oct 2000 I had my first...

Ok i'm back.

So...Oct 2000 I had my first baby and I blew up! I wasn't one of the lucky girls who are able to just drop the weight and fat right after birth so...let's just say, I stayed fat.

I had my second baby in 2008. I was lucky enough to not gain too much weight but the weight from my first baby has just been long over due and since I'm not consistent with exercising I decided I needed a reason!

Smart Lipo is my motivation for me to exercise and get healthy and stay healthy! Of course eat healthy as well. I didn't spend all this money to waste it!

Anyhow...for me the most painful part of the procedure was the numbing part. Other than that everything else was smooth.

The next morning after my procedure I was pretty swollen, sore, and bruised up! I didn't have to take any pain medication. My bruises went away after a few days or maybe it was a week, cant remember.

I drained for 11 days but after my 4th day it was just a little here and there.

After two weeks most of my soreness went away.

I'm now a month and a few days post and still a little sore and my swelling is finally getting better.

I will post pics once the doc sends them to me.

I see and feel lumps that I thought were normal...

I see and feel lumps that I thought were normal but I don't think they are any more! I hope it is normal and will go away.
Thanks! Unfortunately my older son ran off so it was just the three of us. So far I do like my results...I just don't like the swelling.
you are an adorable family...I hope you have a very successful recovery... I had abs and sides done on July 1 and have no regrets.

Hi Aznchic -- Congrats on your surgery! Some post-op lumps can be normal; has your doctor recommended massaging them?


Last night was my first night without wrapping...

Last night was my first night without wrapping myself up with any garments. I thought I would be extremely swollen but I'm not! Yay! But I am still a little swollen. I'm still waiting patiently for my pics from the doctors office!
Triactive is a massage thing that they do at the office I go to. Im waiting for my before pics. The office has to send/email them to me.
What is triactive? I haven't worn my compression garment (except while working out) since day 20 and I don't see a difference in swelling either. Do you have before pics?

Here are my before pics...Finally!!!

Here are my before pics...Finally!!!
As for the lumps/garment...I wore my garment religiously for 3 weeks and still got them about a week into it : /
Did your lumps eventually go away though?
Yea They r going away.

:( the left side is silghtly bigger than my left....

:( the left side is silghtly bigger than my left. but bumps/lumps are gone! but still swelling up every now and then.
hey! stumbled mupon your review again! i have my touch up in two weeks. whats your update?
hi I had liposculpture done on December 9 2011, my doctor took out 6 liters also . I felt the lumps on the bottom of my stomach and felt the bottom of my stomach shift as I would try to move. I rubbed and massaged the lumps towards the drains - thanx to the pain meds it wasn't to painful.
Hi. I had upper and lower ab lipo the day after u did! U look good and almost flat. I am very pleased for the most part with mine just one weird spot that I hope smoothed out more over the next couple of months. I have gone down almost two sizes! How did your hips go? I may consider going back for hips and outer thighs later. Did your hips go down several inches? I know I lost around six inches on my waist. He took out 2700 cc's so almost the same as u! Lots of similarities. I hope it happy because I see a big difference in your pics
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