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Hi, I am a 26yr old stay at home mother of 2...

Hi, I am a 26yr old stay at home mother of 2 beautiful girls, 4 & 2, done having children and ready to have this gone!! haven't had my surgery yet but I can't wait!! I will keep this updated with my progress.

I have always been tight and athletic and was really shocked how my body didn't bounce back like everyone said it would after I had my babies, everyone is different I guess! I am 5'7" and 133lbs!!

Hi, I am 26 years old, mother of 2 gorgeous little...

Hi, I am 26 years old, mother of 2 gorgeous little girls and am DONE having children. I am 5'7" and weigh 133. I became unexpectedly pregnant when I was only 20 and I gained a whopping 80lbs!!! I have always been thin and athletic. I had another baby 2years later and am married with a happy little family, except the one thing I feel robbed of, my youth. I have a sagging skin on my tummy and I had little boobs before pregnancy, like 32A little lol and they blew up to DD, and then deflated, so I am left with that. I just want to feel young again, there is this nagging feeling in me that keeps saying "your only 26 and can't wear a bikini?" Not only that but I can't stand for my husband to touch me while we're intimate, I just feel gross.

So, here I am with my surgery date scheduled and I am soooo happy and scared and all those feelings!!! Dr. told me all I needed were implants, no lift (which I was surprised) and a mini tummy tuck!! The only problem is financing, we may not be able to get the boob job for another year, depending what we qualified for at the bank, either way I am stoked!!! We can do the mini for sure and that's what bothers me most anyways, hopefully we can work the boobs out but whatever happens happens!!!!

Soooo, I a going to share a little private info...

Soooo, I a going to share a little private info and wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and what they did.....hhmmhmmm, here it I quit smoking so I could get this surgery done, which I had been trying to do anyways so it all worked out perfect BUT, here's the embarrassing part, I have become super constipated, bloated and gassy, idk what to do about it?!! I was never a heavy smoker, maybe 2-5 cigs a day, but my morning coffee and cig "got me going"...anyways any advice would be great lol!!!
Also, I am having to deal with criticism from my MIL who is 100% against and disgusted with plastic surgery, ugh, talk about uncomfortable, I wish she could understand how I felt but she thinks you should embrace and love what your children have "given" you aka mommy body!! She is very much involved with my kids and a AWESOME grandmother and I feel blessed to have her in our families lives and I respect her BUT, her lack of respect for my point of view has really irked me and to be blunt, pissed me off!!! Still excited none the less, even though I have a mixed crowd of supporters and none *sigh*....

So I am starting to get really nervous, Surgery...

So I am starting to get really nervous, Surgery day is right around the corner and I still haven't found out if I can get the breast augmentation yet, I am on pins and needles waiting to find out!!! The bank better hurry up because full payment is due on my pre-opp which is on Monday, they said it would be here on or before the 29th which is Friday, cutting it close, but if we didn't do it now we wouldn't be able to do it until next year because of how my husbands vacation time works, I just wish we would have planned this out a little better but this whole process has been a learning experience for both of us.....Also really nervous about putting this on a credit cart, I know it's advised against but we have been talking about getting a credit card for years, neither he or I have EVER had a credit card in our entire lives!! Ahhhh I will keep updating!!!

Another update, only getting the mini tuck this...

Another update, only getting the mini tuck this time, going to have to wait another year for the boobs but I am still super excited yay!!

I can't believe on this day next week I will...

I can't believe on this day next week I will be in surgery OMG!!!! Sooo, I am pretty sure I will have other people "with me" on this but I have been having some crazy nightmares!!! I have been having trouble sleeping and still have problems "in the bathroom".....I know it's gross but I hope I don't have to resort to an enema! I quit drinking coffee at the same time as cigarettes maybe that wasn't such a good idea, might have to get me some ducolax and get back on the coffee!!! The only reason I quit coffee was #1, my teeth get stained really easily and it turns them yellow....anyways the nerves are starting to kick in, I have been trying not to think about it!!

Whew, 5 days and counting.....starting to become...

whew, 5 days and counting.....starting to become really concerned about infection, for some reason that's my biggest worry, all these darn "super bugs" these days!! My PS is also 2 hours away from where I live so that worries me also, although he is good about it, my friend and a boob job and a blood vessel ruptured after a couple weeks and she had to make the 2hr drive in the middle of the night, and he personally came to the hospital at like 3am to see her!!
I am also worried about scar placement, I have seen some pictures and the scar is higher than normal and I want mine LOW, also worried about my skin being wrinkly still afterwards, I have seen pictures of that too!! On a positive note pretty much anything will be better that what I have now so if it doesn't turn out "perfect" that's okay, he just better put that damn scar low LOL!!!

Soooo Tomorrow is the Day and I am so scared and a...

Soooo Tomorrow is the Day and I am so scared and a bundle of emotions but at the same time, it doesn't feel real........ahhhhh be back later today..............

So here I am probably for the last time...

So here I am probably for the last time "uncut", spent the day cleaning and running last minute errands, got a comfy robe and bra to wear......I will take pictures asap, so many of the "just after surgery" pics look so painful, but then later comes and the results are awesome, can't I just skip to the awesome part? ;)haha NO, no pain no gain!! I can't believe the time has arrived already, it just always seemed like something that was talked about, researched yadda yadda, but now comes time for it to be real ahhhhhhhhh!!!

So here I am!! Post op Day 2....haven't posted...

So here I am!! Post op Day 2....haven't posted any pictures yet because I can't open my binder and won't get my bandages changed until Monday but wow, pain is crazy, tolerable but just strange feelings!!! My drainage hasn't been too crazy so I am hoping I can get it out by Monday!!! That would be awesome......It still didn't feel real for me until they had me on the operating table, then I woke up and was like holy shit it's done, it really happened!! Now I just can't wait to see it!!!

Funny story, when my husband was in the waiting room he was there with another woman's husband and they were both getting instructions and the guy just turned white, slammed his face on the counter and hit the floor with the back of his head, knocking himself out and cutting the back of his head and was laying in a pool of blood!!!! So of course my husband to the rescue, the receptionists were all freaked out, my surgeon had to stop in the middle of stitching me up to help the guy, he ended up leaving in an ambulance and his poor wife was in recovery and had to make all these phone calls for someone to pick her up!! CRAZY!! They said that had NEVER happened before!!

Folsom Plastic Surgery

Great Dr. and staff, I am satisfied with my decision......he went beyond my expectations and would highly recommend him to anyone I know =)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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nice results :)
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hi there, i was wondering if you could confirm if this was the dr you went to:
im just starting to compare dr's and get estimates etc but im hoping to actually be on the table in feb. your progress looks great!
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Hey can you let me knoe were exactly you got your surgery done so I can contact them? ;) I have the saggy skin problem and i like how you came out looks good.
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You look so good! I don't know if you still check in on here or not, but I was wondering how hard your recovery was and if you had any lipo done at the same time? I am having a mini tt with some lipo and a breast aug and want to know if it is really as bad as I am psyching myself up for.
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Congrats girl i think you look amazing :) really nice work!
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im still amazed at your bikini pic, i mean i thought you looked good before too, but wow, your stomach is so flat, i tried on my bikini and didnt like my stomach, its kinda flat but i have mini gut :( i wont do any surgery until i know im done having kids, still want a girl after 2 boys though, but yeah wow...great pic! put up a newer one,lol
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Thanks!!!! =)
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Hi Ashley - how are you doing now?
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Hi!!! I am doing well, sorry I didn't write back sooner but my computer was out for a while and I just got it back!! Everything is awesome, still wearing my support garment and still have a slight are you doing?
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Doing really well. My night swelling is very minimal now but I have to say I liked how my tummy looked with the upper swelling bc it smoothed out the stretchmarks! I really like the lower half but I keep telling myself, it is soooo much better than before :) I was cleared to work out this week but havent' had a chance to get to the gym, hopefully tonight if my husband gets home early enough. Do you still have to go and get the seroma drained? Have you been back to the gym yet?
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Hi, it's been a while wanted to see how your doing, finally got my computer back again!! My seroma is gone and I have been excercising, just doing a workout video at home with my husband and we can already start seeing results in eachother, my butt its a little less "wide" and his chest is bigger!! It's the Jilliam Michaels 30 day shred and only 20minutes but really tuff!!! So how have you been doing?
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How have you lived without a computer lol ?? I am doing well, no more swelling at all - just normal bloating now. I am back to the gym but not allowed any ab exercises until my 6 month po. How do you find your muscle tightening now? I feel like mine is loosening or something or maybe its just my upper abs are out of shape since I am not working them out ??? Its weird. I hardly think your butt is wide but I notice that when I don't workout I get a droopy bum. That's great that you and your husband are working out together! I go to the gym but my hubby works out at home - I just feel like I don't push myself at home. My friend does the P90X and I notice a big difference in her - she looks amazing. I might try that once I am cleared for full workouts again. Do you have any disappointments with your surgery?
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Hi, for some strange reason when you write me back I don't get a notification, weird!! IdK how I lived without my computer LOL!!! My abs are still super hard where I had my surgery but I have noticed are still very sore, my kids come to jump on me sometimes and I have to block them!!! I noticed that when I bend my upper abs are way droopy LOL. Sometimes it makes me think I should have gotten full tummy tuck BUT, I didn't want to go the "extreme" route either and I am super happy with the way things turned out considering I was so unhappy before, things aren't "perfect" but I am satisfied.....I fell behind on my workouts, blahh, I hate working out I would rather go hiking or play basketball or something, I am competitive that way and working out, I get bored in about 3 minutes and lose motivation-and my husband has been working so much that we just fall asleep after we put the kids to bed! P90X is crazy, I tried it once lol, but it does do the job, I have a friend that does it and her arms are "big" like mine and they look so much thinner now!!!! For disappointments I don't actually, he put my scar super low and that was a big deal for me and, I still have stretch marks and loose skin, but explained to me it would still be that way and said if I had gotten a "full" that my scar would be higher and he recommened a "mini" I went with you have any disappointment with yours?
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I was wondering what was taking you soooo long - haha, I thought you were computer-less again!

My only disappointment is the stretchmarks really, and its only because after surgery the swelling made them disappear, I thought this was part of my results. Actually if I pull both sides of my skin outward from my belly button they blend in - almost totally disappear.

There is no way I could have had a full TT and have been happy with the results bc my c-section scar was so low and I would have had to have that vertical incision way up to the new belly button position. The vertical incisions can have issues when stretchmarks are present and it was too risky. Plus I wouldn't have gotten rid of all of them anyway. But over all I am happy. I wore a bikini in my backyard, so that is a step in the right direction for me.

Keep working out and keep in touch!
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HAHA ;)!!! It is really weird you are the ONLY one who I don't get notifications for.......ewww yeah no thanks on the vertical scar thing, I have seen those and I was wondering why they were like that! I actually wore my bikini this past weekened, I usually wear a monokini!! You look awesome and should rock your bikini always! I want to get my belly button repeirced, hmmm maybe I'll do it tomorrow haha, and then post a new pic! For sure I will keep in touch!!!
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You look fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos with us.

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Thank you =)
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damn girl, you look friggen great! love the new pics, it looks like you never had work done, bikinis look good on you, hope u have a great summer!
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awww thank you =)!! I am hoping for a great summer, looking forward to getting back in shape, I may be thin but I need my muscle back ;)!!! I hope you have a great summer too!!
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You look amazing!
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Thank you!
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Just saw the new pic! You look beautiful :)
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Thanks, so excited for summer =)
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So they said Mederma was ok already?? I was told nothing. Yesterday I cleaned around my incision with peroxide to remove some of the dried blood (as instructed by Dr.) and it really bubbled a lot - is that normal? And now its super itchy! I can really see the stitching under the skin around my incision, which Dr. said will go away as they dissolve. I start using Mepiform, its a silicone strip product as well, on June 6th. I feel its really expensive; I anticipate it will cost around $360 for 6 months supply. I want to minimize the scarring as much as possible though - I wish my ps had given me the ok for something!! And this itchy feeling is very annoying ... did or do you have that feeling??
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Yeah, they said just at night and not to put it on the drain site until that heals all the way....I was never told to use peroxide, just some neosporin and wash with a mild soap and he said lots of lotion because my skin got really dried out from the stuff they used before's amazing how different Dr's are!!! For me they said to wait to use the strips because it adheres to my incision and they don't want that to get irritated so wanted it to heal more. Ha that's funny, I was told to start the same thing on June 6th!! I think the bubbling is normal, are you still on antibiotics? I ran out yesterday and wondering if I should call for another prescription..... I can't see any stitches, the only part i could see was sticking out and he pulled that and cut it, so now there is nothing........I do feel itchy, sometimes are way worse....I feel the lotion helps with the itching, I noticed my skin is actually starting to peel!
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