Tummy Tuck/Lipo- Folsom, CA

Tummy Tuck scheduled for 1/27/14 I'm 47 yrs old. ...

Tummy Tuck scheduled for 1/27/14
I'm 47 yrs old. I have a soon to be 21 year old daughter. I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck January 27, 2014. I've been wanting to do this for 20 years.

Pregnancy destroyed my body. I was small before and my body never recovered. I worked hard to lose the weight and I did but my stretch marks and the tummy area never tightened to where I felt comfortable. I've since hid my stomach in one piece bathing suits, lose clothing, larger jeans....sometimes having to tuck my stomach into my jeans. Yuck!

My insecurity with my tummy has affected me in all areas of my life and most recently I have seen the negative impact it has on my romantic life.

I've started dating again from a 3 year hiatus and met a wonderful man who accepts me tummy and all. I can't get past my issues and realize I need to either get over it or do something about it .

I started researching tummy tucks, breast augmentation (I need that too) and mommy make overs. Ive had many friends have plastic surgery procedures locally and honestly never felt the outcomes they received plus the time and financial obligation was worth it for me. I Stumbled upon Real Self and by reading reviews and what I needed not only from the surgeon but the staff, I found Dr. Kaufman in Folsom ca, 5 hours away.

Since I'm such a distance from Folsom Dr. Kaufman called me on my cell for the consultation to make sure we were a good fit. He asked what I was looking for and was interested in my life in such a way to make sure this was what I wanted and why. And if I recall it was on a weekend night. He made me feel important enough to make the time to go meet him in person.

A few weeks later I went to have my in person consultation. At the time of the consultation I was wanting breast augmentation as well. My top and bottom never matched. Dresses never fit. My hips and thighs are on the thicker side whereas my waist and breast are on the smaller side. My goal is to go into a dressing room and have clothes fit....or at least better.

After my consultation with Dr. Kaufman I decided on only a tummy tuck. He knew financially the both would be hard on me so he was honest to say if I had to chose between the two procedures, he would go with the tummy tuck. He thought I had "modest drooping" and would be pleased with the tummy tuck on its own.

So, here it goes.


Good luck!!
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Updated Photos


Welcome n good luck future doll!! Mwahz oxoxo
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Thank you!
You're very blessed, you really have a youthful body, you're going to be a knock out!
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My Pharmacy Surprise

I decided to get prescriptions sooner rather than later. For privacy, I considered going to a different pharmacy than the one I've been going to for over 8 years because I've gotten to know the pharmacy techs there. One of the ladies (I'll call her Karen), her daughter and mine went to grade school together so I've known her for 15+ years. But, I held my head high and went in with the long list of prescriptions from Dr. Kaufman. As I stepped up to the counter, I handed Karen the script for meds. She began inputting and then stumbled upon a question about one of the meds that I couldn't answer so she needed to call Dr. Kaufman's office. As she was on the phone, she glanced down to the script and then did a double take at me and back to the sheet. It was kind of comical. She then circled "Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgeons" and gave me a smile and thumbs up. After the call, she asked me what I was having done, how much and why I was going so far away. I filled her in on the details and she was supportive and encouraging. An anxious moment turned out to be uplifting and reminded me that I made the right decision!


Awe, that was cool! Maybe in a couple months she too will be on RS!
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welcome. I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago. I felt just like you do now. The surgery changed everything. I finally feel confident and so happy with my body. good luck. I know you will love your results
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Thank you! How are you feeling? Any tips or suggestions?


I'm having such anxiety and nerves as each day gets me closer to my TT. I want it make sure everything is in place and ready. I keep checking my to do list. Researching ... Should I get a recliner? Should I rent a mini van for the 5 hour drive? Should I freeze meals ahead of time? I don't want to be a burden on anyone. Is this too much for my boyfriend? I'm stressing because I'm not fit right now and have read the more physically fit you are the better recovery you'll have. I'm on hear reading as many posts I can for suggestions and tips and appreciate how candid and helpful everyone is. 31 days and counting but wanting to barf at how overwhelming this is!


Oh wow, we are set for the same time frame. I'm on 27 Jan. Ya the nerves are normal, or so they say. From what I've read, ya need either a recliner or an adjustable bed for best sleeping. Most seem to get/rent a recliner. We bought an adjustable bed 4 years ago, cause my hubby was having sleep apnea issues, so I'm lucky there. They are two twins side by side. I am NOT fit either, right now. That's part of the reason I'm getting the TT. Had the breast reduction for VERY large and saggy breasts, cause they kept me from really being able to move (in an exercise kinda way). The mommy flap also hinders me. So, long story short, these surgeries are gonna help me move with more ease and get more active. The BR has ALREADY! I am trying to go for walks and do squats each day from now til sx day. Everyone says that anything you do HELPS. Try not to freak. I'm in this with you. You're gonna do great!
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Thank you for replying. I have a friend that's loaning me a recliner. I'm going to buy a wedge and 4 pillows. Once I scheduled the TT in my head I was going to get more physical with jogging, lunges and squats but haven't. I'm so relieved to know the support is there with this site. No one really understands unless they've been through it or about too. Can't wait to be on the flat side with you! Thanks so much!

A New Year and a New Me

My boyfriend and I are starting a new lifestyle change beginning January 1st. Ha ha! How many times have you heard someone say that? Countless, but this time we are serious. I am 26 days out from my tummy tuck and it's a good step for us both to become healthier together. I'm going to do a cleanse and then a healthier diet leading up to surgery date.

I don't know why or if this is normal but I've gained weight since scheduling my tummy tuck. I haven't been as strict and have been eating uncontrollably and have gained close to 5 lbs since starting this journey. Anyone else had that experience?

The closer the date comes, the more emotional I get. I want to cry. I'm excited but really scared and anxious about aftercare and my work. My work is based on timelines by the federal government and I only have 2 other team members to help out in a large county, so I feel a little guilty for that.

But mostly I'm trying to look out for my primary caregiver - my boyfriend of only 6 months. He is going to be with me thru the entire process. Trust me...I've considered calling my best friend, my mother, my daughter...anyone other than putting him thru this. Let's just say that we have a "romantic period" coming up of him helping me to the toilet, bathing me, changing my dressings, my drains, my stitches, my everything...

Happy New Year!

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Questions for doctor at pre-op this Thursday

My appointment will be over the phone because my doctor is about 5 hours away and it's too difficult to take time off work and life. So, Dr. Kaufman kindly agreed to have it over the phone.
I haven't even started a list of questions to ask. Anyone have suggestions on what to ask?
Thank you!


First of all, let me assure you that you are in excellent hands. Dr. Kaufman performed my tummy tuck last January and did a phenomenal job. I'm not going to lie, the recovery is intense…especially the first couple of days. It's good that you have already gotten all your meds. Make sure you take a stool softener every.time. you take a pain pill. Take it with the pain pills. Let's see what else…I'd rent a recliner if you can afford it…it was definitely worth it…having it the first 10 days was a lifesaver. Perhaps a walker too. If you have the time, head over to my profile-I wrote a pretty in depth review on my experience and I think it could help prepare you. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and excited to see your results! Let me know if you have any questions :)
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Thanks for the well wishes! I still feel 100% confident that I made the right choice and it's been so positive to hear about your experience with Dr. Kaufman. I'm borrowing a recliner from a friend and that's going to be my new bed for a little while! I've said it before but I'll say it again - your results look absolutely amazing!
good luck!! I am super excited for you. We are both two weeks out and I cant believe this is going to happen. I just keep thinking what its going to look like to lok down and be flat :) tomorrow is my pre op and I am super excited. Is it me or what but I swear I am nesting lol
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10 days and Pre Op done!

Dr. Kaufman called me last night to go over everything we would if I had been there in person. He put my mind at ease letting me know I'm a good candidate for the surgery and will be very pleased with the results. I have anxiety about my belly button not looking normal and he again assured me that he is 100% confident it will look about the same minus the "fluff".

What I didn't count on was the emotional release that happened after the call. I think it was a combination of the emotions I've been stuffing and the reality of having elective surgery. I've not been sharing my emotions simply because I haven't shared this journey with my support circle, only my boyfriend. And it's not fair to lay it all on him, it's girlfriend stuff. I have extreme anxiety having elective major surgery. I've never had major surgery before and I'm wanting this!
Then I read RS updates and photos and see all the amazing flat tummies and the anxiety disappears for the moment. I can't wait to be done with this stomach!


Trying to stay busy and CALM! Thinking good thoughts for both of us. I report at 7am, I'm the first surgery of the day for my doc. Best wishes for a safe surgery...(((HUGS)))
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We will be going to surgery on the same day. Very excited. We can all get through this together. Can't wait to see everyones after pics. Especially several weeks after. Keep your eye on the prize.
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I'm nervy/excited..you are not alone :) same day! ❤
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Tomorrow is the big day!

I can't begin to explain the whirlwind of emotions I have been feeling these past two weeks. Happy, sad, nervous, you name it, I've been feeling it. I have to say now that I am less than 24 hours away from surgery I am finally a bit excited about it. I know the first week is going to be tough but I feel like I have all my ducks in a row and have prepared for as much as I can and now have to rely on my support network to be there for me.

One thing I know for sure. Dr. Kaufman was absolutely the right choice and he is a wonderful man. As I am traveling to him for surgery he has taken time to call me on his personal schedule to be sure all my questions are answered and that I feel prepared. He has assured me that I will be ecstatic with my results and has really made me feel good about my decision. His gentle way even comes through over the phone and its so appreciated.

Leaving in about two hours to make the trip to Folsom for my big day! I'm excited. :-)

Wish me luck!


You are in amazing hands. I think you know this already. I am very familiar with this office and truly know how much they care. Thank you for sharing your journey with others. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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Thank you Ali. I'm excited! :-)

It's here!

My last post before the new me! Just got marked up and I'm bordering on terrified but the Anesthesiologist is readying a "cocktail" for me so woohoo! Here we go!


Good luck with everything!! Looking forward to following your recovery.
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I can't wait to see the new you!
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She's Out!

Hi RS Friends of NuMe2B,

This is her BF posting on her behalf and she is out of surgery and sound asleep in our hotel room so she asked me to post an update. The surgery went fantastic and the doctor said she is going to be absolutely thrilled with the results. He said he could not be happier with how the procedure went.

She was an absolute riot when the meds kicked in before surgery. She woke up pretty groggy and in some pain but overall doing well and in great spirits. Hopefully she gets some sleep now and can sleep off the meds from surgery.

She got one drain put in and has a pain pump inserted as well. Overall the practice was incredible and everyone was so kind. Dr. Kaufman has been doing some commenting on her story on his own Facebook page so check out his video he posted this morning on the results - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153760480160612&set=vb.405481615611&type=2&theater

More later as she wakes up and is up to posting her post surgery thoughts.



What a great friend you are! Glad to hear she is doing well.
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Post op day 1

I've been a bit quiet but now finally feel up to writing. I've been tired and nauseous . The pain is tolerable if I don't move, ha! Went in for post op this morning before the 5 hour journey home. Dr. Kaufman and my boyfriend were very happy with the results. I didnt' really look cus i was feeling quesy. Will try and update often.


Who is that!? Wow! I think you are going to love the new you! Happy Healing!
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We are surgery twins. I had mine yesterday...it was outpatient, so went home midday yesterday. You are looking awesome. I'm not supposed to unwrap yet, so can't exactly tell how I look. Peeked down my binder to see if I could get a glimpse of my new BB, it looks a little elongated and up high, yeah!
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He is wonderful! Now if I could not be so nauseous. Haven't had anything to eat other than crackers.

Post op day 3

It's all been a blur....sleeping, peeing, taking meds...and repeat. Trying to walk more but the back pain is pretty intense. Haven't showered yet, can't until pain pump is out. The recliner is heaven. So happy I borrowed it. Haven't had a BM yet either.....the doctor says it's pretty normal until day 3 or 4....fingers crossed it's going to be day 4. I don't have regrets for having the surgery in fact I'm more excited post op than I was pre op.
Trying to schedule my one week appointment for next week and dreading the drive. My poor boyfriend. He's been so good, anticipating my needs before I have to ask. I'm in good hands. He's looking forward to removing my pain pump line. I'll be sad to see it go.
Hope everyone is healing well and will post pics once I can shower.


Congrats you look amazing already :))
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Thank you!
I am 2 days PO also. No pain pump, just oral meds, and they are working pretty well. Won't get to see my tummy til my follow up, next Monday. Hang in there and HUGS ;-)
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After shower... . PO day 3?

Can't stand straight so these are the best I can do


Wow, you look great already! Happy healing hun!
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Thank you so much! You are looking good too!

Post Op day 6

Frustrated I'm not straightening out. Not sleeping well unless I take a narcotic. Lower back from being hunched is definitely the worst of the entire thing. Appetite is back for sure but trying to be smart. I love the flat tummy and my love handles gone. Progress slow but on track. My drain is minimal. Won't be telling my daughter today after all. Hopefully tomorrow.


Wow looking great and you are up and about. Your bruises look like they are healing--I noticed a big difference at week 3 with bruises? Rest and take it easy. :-)
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Thank you! I'm up and about but still as hunched as I was day one. It feels so tight that straightening anymore would be impossible. The bruising is bad but I expected it to be cus i bruise easily and they tend to stick around. So, how has your healing been? When were you able to walk upright? Drive? Shower on your own?
At 2 weeks I started driving--stiff at first. I showered at 4 days with help and then the next day by myself--took forever!!! I was so slow and weak. At about 3 weeks I was walking pretty upright, but I tell you, some days when I'm tired and feeling tight I still hunch a little bit (I'm 5 weeks today). My lipo spots are still tender but better. You are through the worst--everyday gets better and every shower easier!!

Day 7 post op


You are looking flabuless!!! Beautiful ! God bless!! Happy one week to us! I still have my drains in too. I go in wed to get them out. My pain in minimal and I don't know why but I have been upright since day 3? I find myself hunching myself because I think that I should be?! Maybe he didn't " tighten me enough" I'm just trying to take it easy because I feel good I'm prob. Doing things I shouldn't ...and I'm getting bored. My 9 year old is taking pleasure in making me laugh and I keep saying stop it hurts...lol take it easy xo
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Thank you! You are looking just as flabuless! And amazed how upright you are. I've been walking totally hunched for a week now I fear it's permanent. And it hurts like bloody hell! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you progress.
It will not be permanent! :) just think of it as you are super duper tight! My PS told me to expect that! So hang in there! Talk soon ❤❤❤

Day 8 post op goal

My goal today is to straighten out more each time I stand or walk. I really think I can do this. Last night while sleeping in the Recliner I realized I was stretched out pretty good so gosh darn it, I should be able to stand more tall. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Aint that the truth about the back pain…the worst part of the whole thing. Hang in there….you should be turning a corner soon! :)
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You look great! Gonna look so great this summer. Keep positive and take care of yourself. Thanks for the updates. You have already come a long way.
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Pam, you're so kind!

Drain is out!

On the way home from the 9 hour round trip to Dr. Kaufman 's office. He removed the drain and stitches! What a relief! I'm free! Will post more tomorrow


I'm drain free too' isn't it great!!? I joked when I got them out holding them saying " they have become such a part of me" yeah right see you later!! Showering is soo much easier without them! You are looking soo great! Xo
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I think losing the drains was the best feeling ever! Standing straight will get easier each day. You're looking great!
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I'm so happy for ya! Hope things are going well. I'm feeling a bit better. This recliner is a God send I was so sore this morning and most if it was lower back pain. I've been getting up more and cutting back on pain pills this afternoon. You look awesome btw doesn't look like you're very swollen at all!
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Day 12 Post Op

I've been feeling a bit discouraged the last few days. Moments of why did I do this? I'm sore, tight and swollen.

Yesterday I drove for the first time since surgery and I felt like I was 16 yrs old taking my parents car out for a drive. I felt giddy! That was a bit of independence that I needed badly. However good that felt I did pick something up that must have been more than 5 lbs unbeknownst to me....and ouch! Felt like I tore something. And I did more walking, climbed stairs and in general more than I had since surgery. I felt it at the end of the day. I was not only exhausted but in pain. I overdid it.

Last night I questioned this entire process. Everything from is the pain to losing 2 weeks of my vacation time worth it? Inconveniencing my boyfriend and not being able to laugh without crying worth it? Ya know?

I am truly lucky to have the best boyfriend. He has taken exceptional care of me. He hasn't once made me feel like a burden or guilty for not only putting myself thru this but, putting him thru it as well.

I didn't sleep well last night either. I'm still in the recliner.

I took a shower this morning. I'm still not able to stand the entire shower time. Showers have never felt so welcome. My skin is incredibly dry and itchy. I have major swelling and bruising. So, after the shower I wanted to take a couple cute photos with bra and panties that I've seen others do. Ha ha. I'm so swollen on the back side that cute panties aren't quite my thing just yet. (Sorry Honey but I don't think cute bra and panties are gonna happen for Valentines Day either).

I did put on my regular panties and bra and my boyfriend snapped the attached photo. I wasn't feeling good about it and wasn't even going to post it on here. I was having a pity party. But then he came in and showed me the photo of my before and today and I almost cried with joy! I had a genuine smile on my face and was honestly able to say it was worth it. So worth it.


I was looking through your posts and I'm so thrilled with the legion of support you've developed on Real Self. As you know, I've really enjoyed taking care of you and think you're very special. You're really coming along great and just know that each week is better than the last. You've made it through the tough part! Keep on thinking positively and before you know it, you'll feel normal and just thrilled in your skin!
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Thank you Dr. Kaufman! I appreciate your kind words. You've helped make this process easier by always making sure if I had questions or concerns to contact you - which I have done and will continue to do. ;-). I also appreciate is how you answer my concerns or questions in a way that makes sense to me and you always remind me of the positive and your gentle approach eases my insecurities. I'm absolutely thrilled with my tummy and grateful for your artistry in giving me what I wanted. The belly button is beautiful! It was worth the drive! And yes, the support I've found on Real Self has been a double blessing!
Wow….a personal comment from the renowned doctor himself! You are one lucky gal ;) You look great too….glad you are feeling better :)

15 downs out and this is what I know so far:

Recliner. Can't imagine life without it for first 2 weeks. Last 2 nights have been in bed and I must say, it's not as sweet and I do t sleep as well but missed my partner.

Smooth Move Tea. MOM. I tend to be constipated so this part of the recovery I was worried about. My doctor indicated it was normal not to have a BM until day 3 or 4. I didn't worry until day 2 knowing something needed to move. First I did the tea alone, nothing. Next day I tried tea with MOM and sure enough.....felt better. I still have the tea about every 2 days cus I need it. But just the tea.

Saltine crackers. For day 1 until about day 3 this is about all I could handle. I was incredibly nauseous. Thank goodness I never got sick. But boy it sure felt as though I would. I think the saltines helped.

Water. Lots of it. You'll get dehydrated. Drink.

When allowed to shower sit down about 5 minutes between removing your garment and showering. First few showers I didn't. I also about fainted after the shower because of it. Freaked me out. I recommend anytime removing the garment to sit tight for a few before getting up.

Pillows. Lots of them.

Step stool if your small and have a SUV. My boyfriend has a Suburban and brought me home in it. Without the step stool I wouldn't have been able to get in and out of it.

Avoid sodium. For me it's been hard. I love salty fried foods. I have to believe the strong possibility I am up in weight and swollen is diet. I haven't been as careful and I need to get on track quick or why did I even do this?

Strengthen your back prior to surgery. Your back is going to feel the brunt of it for the first week for sure. For me, it's still going on. I was super hunched and at the end of the day I hunch and my back feels it. I didn't workout to strengthen any part of my body prior to surgery and regret it. I got lazy.

Take the recommended vitamins from your PS. I took vitamins and still do and feel this helps me in recovery. I took Organic Life liquid daily, probiotic, vitamin C and B, calcium and magnesium with vit D.

Get outside when you can to breathe in fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun.

The medical assistant at Dr. Kaufman's warned me that about week 3 not to be alarmed if you get emotional for unknown reasons. She says she has seen multiple women lose it in the chair when they came in for their post op appts. I have been up and down....all over the place.

That's it for now. If I think of anything else I will add. Happy healing!


GREAT update! I think you're right on all counts. I have felt mostly good emotionally, I've just started into week 3, so we'll see. Thanks again, you rock!
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Wow 15 days already? I like your post you put down some great tips for us who are getting closer! Take care!
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I know, 15 days. It went by fast. This site is so valuable and the women share great info and resources. And it helps to know you aren't alone. Good luck to you and keep updating as you can. Take care!

Removed SteriStrips

This morning I was able to take tape off.


Wow, looking great, that scar is going to be nice! I agree, wk 3 beyond our emotions, maybe because were tired and hungry, lol! Your doing great girly, and you look crazy good!!!
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Thanks Suzy! You rock too!

23 days out

Here are updated pics of scar. Scar appears to be healing nicely. The swelling has me frustrated as well as my thighs that now don't match my flat tummy. Time to work out, slim down and eat better.


You look amazing! Scar is nice and low.
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Kudos to Dr. Kaufman for the thin low scar. He's an amazing surgeon. I also started using CortiSilMDX a week ago on the incision.
And thank you!

On my way for 4 week post op appt

Heading out the door for the long drive to see Dr. KAUFMAN. Will post more later about how I've been doing. I went back to work and have been super busy.

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And I got a speeding ticket :-(

Back from my 4 week post op appt. It went well, he says my scar looks nice. We're both pleased I haven't had any real issues post surgery. He gave me the silicon tape and some cream for the bob and lipo areas. And won't see him til July! Frightening.... Anyway, no ab workouts for four weeks. Cardio is all he suggests and some arm weights if I like. He said I can be done with the garment in two weeks! Yay! And it's up to me if I want to wear spanx.
I haven't really updated my profile lately cus going back to work has left me exhausted at the end of the day. I will try though.
All I can really think of to say was February 15 I had an emotional break down. I pushed myself physically for 2 days prior and on the 15th I hurt bad. Felt like I took 5 steps backwards. I cried like a baby. I didn't think I was ever going to return to normal and it's was hard.
Today, I'm feeling so much better. I've taken it slow and easy and feel everyday I'm stronger and that much closer to normalcy. Baby steps and listen to your body.
I'm bummed I haven't lost weight. Shame on me though cus I haven't been eating clean. I'm over it! When I see Dr. Kaufman in July I want to look awesome so I am going to start paying closer attention to what I eat and start increasing the cardio.
I'll try to update weekly with photos.


You look very good !! Keep resting and drink lots of water. :)
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Not bob but belly button


You look great! I think we've all had periods where we felt like our recovery took a few steps back. It's so hard to listen to your body! I still have good days, bad days. Swollen days & not so swollen days. I agree with eating better. If I'm up a pound on the scale I feel huge. I guess there's no where to hide it anymore!
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Checked out your updates and pictures. You are healing nicely. I think we have the same problem when we over do it. We pay. I have had to keep from letting that happen. Time will heal us if we let it. Its just so hard to be patient. Happy Healing. You look awesome!
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You look great
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Folsom Plastic Surgeon

I did my research. I researched PS's from the LA area up to the Bay Area as well. It didn't occur to me to consider the Sacramento area - so happy I took the few minutes to broaden my research. I stumbled upon Dr. Kaufman's site- best happy accident of my life so far. Reading his bio was incredibly interesting. 3 of 4 brothers of mine served in the armed forces and I know what special men they are so this was a major selling point. Dr. Kaufman's photo gallery speaks for itself. He is a true artist and it was clear to me that he cares for the outcome of the patient and not wanting to run patients through as quickly as possible. One obstacle for me was I have always had female doctors. Always. He does share a practice with a female doctor however I felt a strong pull to at least have a consult with him. Just because of my issues with male doctors I shouldn't let that be a factor in deciding the best doctor to perform this very important life changing surgery. Since I live 5 hours from Dr. Kaufman he was agreeable to having our first consult over the phone after I sent him photos. He called at a time convenient for me. He was incredibly kind and thorough answering all my questions. His bed side manner was apparent to me. So, along with this and his photos of previous patients, I decided to move forward with him. Oh, backing up a bit....I also had other consults with a couple other PS and didn't get good vibes starting with office staff to the PS. Dr. Kaufman's staff was also friendly, efficient and professional. On the day of surgery they all took very good care of me. Explaining everything as it was happening. Loved knowing Dr. Kaufman's wife was my nurse! And a good nurse she is! They took the time to explain aftercare to my boyfriend so much so that I swore he had a nursing degree. I've had 2 post op appointments so far and everything has been seamless and they have worked with me by combining appointments so I don't need to make the long drive as often. Dr. Kaufman has been available by phone or email. Always getting back to me the same day. If it's a silly non urgent question the staff is always available and willing to answer my questions. They told me there are no stupid questions. I return for another post op appointment on the 25th and will update.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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