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Just Had Upper N Lower Abs/flanks/back Done Today!

I was so nervous but they gave me something to...

I was so nervous but they gave me something to relax. They numbed me all over with a lidocaine solution which was the only part that was painful, but tolerable with some deep breathing. The rest of the procedure was completely painless! I am not in any pain, but they said that will come tomorrow. I felt fine when it was over, a little wobbly but only for a few minutes, then I was OK!

I feel a little tired but have to remind myself to slow down! Lots of "leakage" but I went in the shower and tried to squeeze some of it out, as they said the more that's out, the less swelling and bruising later.

Everyone was professional and my doctor and nurse were making me laugh. So far so good!

Day 2:  Lots of soreness around entire torso,...

Day 2:  Lots of soreness around entire torso, skin sensitive to touch, no more leaking as of this morning!  My belly button looks sunken in and the skin over it looks kind of saggy, hope that changes. Kind of tired today.

Day three:  Not nearly as sore, no longer...

Day three:  Not nearly as sore, no longer need pain meds. I have been taking Arnica tabs and using the cream to help with bruising and swelling. Bruising not so bad, a few spots where it looks like blood has settled but nothing alarming. I am noticing some uneveness around the right side of my waist but hoping that the Velashape treatments will help even things out.

Update day 6: I went for a 2 mile walk yesterday,...

Update day 6: I went for a 2 mile walk yesterday, but got itchy and hard to breathe with compression garment on. Today I walked/ran for 2.5 miles then did weights for upper body and stretched a lot. Stretching felt kind of painful like I was separating some tissue in my body or something. My bruising is still in a lot of areas but fading. I am using the arnica gel everyday like three times a day. I have a hard ridge area below my belly button at this point and I think it will go away but it's there right now and it is very visible at this point. My skin is still sensitive but not as much as before. I am drinking about 80 oz of water a day and still watching what I eat. Hoping this turns out the way I want it to!

Update day 10- skin is no longer painful to touch,...

update day 10- skin is no longer painful to touch, although a little sensitive. Bruising is all gone, and compression garment now on the smallest it can go. I do have a lot of lumps and ridges and uneveness, hoping that will go away and smooth out soon. I do have two Velashape treatments that came with my lipo, so if I still have lumps at that time then I hope that will help.

Day 21: A few lumps here and there, and some areas...

Day 21: A few lumps here and there, and some areas that look ripply, uneven, but this seems to lessen as the days go by. I am DEFINITELY smaller around my "muffin top area"! I no longer have a fat roll that I can grab or that hangs over my pants, I am very happy about this! My skin is still sensitive to the touch but this is gradually going away as well. I do seem to have a small area of fat on both sides of area above my waist that was not removed. It's not very noticeable and I wondered if she left it there to look natural? My belly button doesnt look saggy anymore either. I switched to Spanx which is nice. I am going for a f/u apt next week and then I will go for some velashape treatments that came as part of package. I hope those smooth out the lumps and ripples!

Name not provided

For the actual procedure I would recommend, but it is too early to see results. She said I would be happy, so I anxiously await! This is why I am leaving her name out for now.

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Hi Vonnie I'm thinking of having smartlipo done and Dr.Menon will be preforming the procedure. I'm 19 years old with a BMI of 35 and I'm planning to have smartlipo on my upper/lower abdomen and flanks. Do you recommend the doctor? and how satisfied are you with the procedure? I already had a consult and they said because I'm so young I can recover quickly but I'm still very nervous it being my first procedure and all. Do you have any before and after pictures? What was recovery like?
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Hi Not sure if you wanted my dr's name in Folsom, but if so he is Dr Zimmerman on Bidwell. I went to him about 12 yrs ago for lipo under my chin and now going back for upper tummy lipo on June 21.
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Are you willing to divulge your Dr. or Center? I'm interested in looking into this and I really would like to go to someone who is recommended.
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Hi I live in Folsom also and having my upper tummy lipo done by Dr Zimmerman, who was your dr? I'm a bit nerveous about the recovery. 58 years old but I'm in very good shape with not medical problems. Hope you are feeling fine now. I would like another update if your don't mind. Also who was your dr in Folsom?
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Dr. Menon at Physicians skin and weight center in Folsom.
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