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I always been very active and I weigh 133lbs but I...

I always been very active and I weigh 133lbs but I cannot get rid of the pooch on my lower and upper abdomen. I saw the hype of Smartlipo and the down time for recovery so I decided to save my money to get it done (planks, upper and lower ab) thinking of great results. It hurt and I was bruising terribly after but I'm glad the bruising have disappear but I have a large lump and irregular shape in my lower abdomen that is not healing. It's been two weeks and my lower abdomen looks worst than before I had the procedure. I am super disappointed with myself to ruin my body this way. The doctor said it will heal but I doubt it even though I diligently wear my compress garment. I will never recommend Smartlipo to anyone.

4 weeks update

Sorry it took me so long to update my progress. Today mark the four weeks since the procedure. The good news is I'm able to go back to the gym and workout with no pain. However, the bad news is the irregular shape and harden areas (lower ab) are still there with numbness. It looks like a "pooch". I massage the area regularly with an electric massager but I don't see any difference. I also continue to wear the garment. I am still very hopeful it will eventually disappear as it heals. Check out the photos.
Dr.Mohammed Siddiqui

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How is the hardness in the absence area going? I had my lipo in the same areas on the 4th of January. I am still facing the same situation at nine weeks. I wear my CG 24/7, swim 45 minutes a day, walk a couple miles, message, and did lymphatic messages but the tummy in not flattening out and the hardness remains. The and look forward to your update.
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Hi Colorado Maiden, my hardness still remain despite being active and I wear the tummy wrap when I workout since I don't want to wear the garment. I also uses the portable massager every night hoping it help but I don't see any shrinkage. I went back for a six weeks post op follow up two weeks ago and state my concern. My doctor said it's my muscle but I highly doubt it. It's good to know other people are going through the same issues. Makes me wonder if that's the side effect because it's very frustrating spending good money to have this result. Any thought from your doctor?
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My doctor said not to worry it will resolve itself. I wonder if the problem might b that I did not have much drainage after surgery and the fluid did not drain from the area. 13 days after surgery the bottom right side scab came off and a bloody fluid soaked a bath towel before it quite. That side is not as hard. Did u drain slot? What do u think of my theory?
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I didn't have much drainage at all after the surgery and my flanks looks great. From what I read from other women, we just have to wear a tighter garment and massage the area. After the massage, I put on Ben Gay because I believe it helps with the pain and reduce the swelling. I'll post an update the next two weeks.
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I also had Smartlipo 6 months ago and all but one small area has resolved itself. There's still hope! :)
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How long did it take you to completely heal? My lower ab is still sore and numb.
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Hi, I had mine done on 02/14/14.( waist, lower abs and flanks). I'm still swollen and my lower abs are a little bit hard and some areas of my flanks..I did see a change especially on my lower abs however, on my waist area not much and a little on my flank areas. I know it's only been 16 days, and it takes time. Been using my stage 2 garment..size medium, really tight and I know it helps a lot with the swelling. Just avoid too much sodium and drink lots of water. I'll be doing the Venus freeze on March 7, and will keep you posted.
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Hi, how was the Venus freeze? My lower ab is yet to flatten and the numbness still remain. I still wear the garment but it doesn't seem to help. I love my side flanks results. The pooch is very unattractive when I wear a dress or jeans....looks like mini muffin. :(
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Don't get discouraged just yet. You're only 2 wks post op. It's very possible the lumpiness & irregularities are swelling. The swelling is going to get worse before it gets better & can takes months to resolve completely. It's way too early for you to become so terribly discouraged & feel you've made a mistake. Wear your garment exactly as your docs instructs. It will help with the swelling & also will help your skin contract & tighten. Good luck & keep us posted...
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Hi PDA, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I will continue to wear my garment and hope for the best. I need to get back to the gym though before I get too comfortable. Don't want the procedure and money to go down the drain. I will update with pictures the end of the week. :)
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Great!! Can't wait!! :)
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