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I got a tummy tuck last thursday. The original...

I got a tummy tuck last thursday. The original plan was to do the panni but my surgeon did the whole area minus the muscles. Best experience. The staff was incredible and made me feel so comfortable. They took off 25 lbs pulled down the muffin top pulled up the iss. Above my vagina. And left me with a flat tummy. I started this journey 5 years ago at 303 lbs. I started eating better and workingout bringing me down to 229. Then had to have gallbladder surgery. In the last 3 years since the gallbladder removal I have not been able to lose a lbs and have went back up to 258. I was still workingout with weight training to keep my legs arms and back tight but the abdomin just kept getting saggier. I got on this site a few days before my surgery and really felt more at ease and saw so many great results and wanted to share mine. So here is the surgery and the one day post opp


Awesome that was a lot. Taken. Mine was 9 ponds and I'm blown away I woke up 17 ponds lighter all together. Awesome
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Those photos are fascinating and you obviously look awesome in your post-op photo! This will definitely help you, if you're still trying to lose more weight!

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I am still trying to lose more. The Monday following my post op I was up moving around. Just 3 days later. This coming Friday is my 2 week appointment but since it is my 30th bday my doc movie it up to Wednesday as well as they left one drain in and plan to take it out then. We were very cautious over the mass of the tissue being removed and there was a great concern for healing. However she says I am healing perfectly I dont feel any of the pain in the front just a small pain on the sides. By week one I was up and about doing my hair putting on makeup and so on. This has really been a life changing decision. Some people have asked if I had my breast done since they look so much better without the flab under them.

cant hold still

I am so happy with my results. I love trying clothes and just enjoy looking in the mirror and being happy. I cant keep still I just wanna be on the move. However I still have one drain in and I don't walk all that fast lol. I do pay for it the following day tho.. being exhausted.

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Those are some awesome pics! Glad everything went well for you.
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I cant wait to get back to the gym and start running. I love how I look in my workout clothes.

I'm so glad you're doing well! Your photos looks awesome and I'm sure you're results will progress as you heal!

Do keep us updated with your progress and have a great 30th!

2.5 week pix

Couldn't be more happy! Enjoying the scar massages to help with the knots!


This post is so helpful! I just got insurance approval for the panni only. I am so worried about my muffin top- I want to be sure that it will be gone after!!
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I'm having my panni and breast reduction sept. 16. I was worried about muffin top. You won't have a really bad one as long as the ps relocates yor belly button.
Wow, you look absolutely amazing! I too am looking into Dr. Clark for abdominoplasty. I want to lose 20 more pounds before consulting with her. Wondering if she did liposuction on you along with the surgery. I would be so happy to get the same results you have :) Thanks! Carrie
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scar is fading

The scar is fading nicely. The scar tissue around the internal suture is a bit sore. But still soo happy. Went back to work at 5 weeks.


Love the way you look..awesome ...I just had my TT, abdom, panni on sept 10th, can't wait to see my swollen inch go down.. You look absolutely fabulous...
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Wow you are so lucky. my ps took off 15-20 lbs of excess skin but now I look pregnant. My ps did a horrible job....did insurance cover your surgery?
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You results are great! I am currently waiting for insurance approval for a Panni BUT I am hoping my surgeon is as generous as your to agree to do a full Tuck. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
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