44 year old, Petite, 5 ft, 110 lbs. Saline Implants..32B to 32DDD

So far I'm just doing a lot of reading and...

So far I'm just doing a lot of reading and preparing for recovery. I have also spoken to one of his most recent patients and she was pleased as well. I'm excited and can't wait for my preop on March 4th. I have been wanting breast implants for 22 years. I am 44 years of age, I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 118. I have never really waivered on whether or not I should get them, it’s just the timing financially hasn’t been right. I have two children 23 and 16 and I breastfed both. While breastfeeding did not impact the shape of my breast I have always been petite. I currently wear a 34B but really think I’m a solid 34A. My goal is to go up to a 34D. I will know what amount of cc’s that is equivalent to after my pre-op. I’m thinking like 450 ccs. My ultimate goal is to get them so I feel better in clothing, I don’t have low self-esteem and honestly for the past year really deciding if I really need them at all. Well my decision rested on YOLO (you only live once!) so I’m going for it. I will keep you all up dated on my journey.

Wish Pic #1

Hoping mine will turn out like these

Crease Vs Aerola

I am 19 days away, preop this Tuesday 3/4 and I can't decide on going through my nipple vs the crease. I am African American and can not have anymore children. I initially told my dr I wanted him to go through my nipple, but now I'm afraid of scarring. Not to mention from the YouTube videos I've seen, looks pretty brutal. I am about a 34B going to a 34D. Help!!

Before Pics

Size 34B hoping for 34d

Bag #1 & 2

Some days I feel like I'm over prepping and burn out wishing surgery day would come. Still shopping! Below are pics of my survival supplies. New panties, ice packs, straws, soups, meds, stool softener, 2 cases of water, surgery day socks, five button up the front gowns, face wipes, Dial soap, feminine wipes, panty liners and a surgery day outfit (zip up the front jacket and yoga pants. Carpet cleaner comes tomorrow. Surgery is in 12 days. I'm so excited!!!!'

They are here!

No pain. Wonderful recovery!! Just trying to be patient for them to drop. I was able to take care of myself even thought my mom was here. No constipation and no nausea. I got 420 and 430 saline cc's. They look painful but are not. It's 7:57 pm and I haven't had a pain pill since 4 am this morning.

One week post op

Today is week one and I got stitches taken out yesterday. I'm a little bigger than I thought but I'm ok with it. Massaging is painful and be sure to take your laxatives. I wanted 420 cc bad wend from a 34B to a 34 DD. Oh and the brush of the wind sends my nipples into a tizzy, guessing I'm hypersensitive??

Mentor Card

Says I'm 420 right 430 left

Morning swelling

New wireless Victoria secret 34DD

So excited!

My lefty (tattoo) won't cooperate any advice??

Day 15

Well I'm still alive but I'm a little impatient to this whole dropping process. I want them to drop the day they are placed in or at least within a day or so ????. I know I'm asking for the impossible. My incision sites are healing very well. They are a little larger than I wanted but I'll be 50 in 6 years and will probably appreciate it. Thank ALL you ladies for your support, Beth what you're providing for us is AWESOME!!


I know it's soon but VS sized me at a 34DD and Nordstroms said I was a 30E. I hear DD=E (European lingo) needless to say I plan to stay in my sports bras and band until June 19th (3 month). Being off work for 3 weeks I got a little anxious!

I'm alive!! 1 month Post Op

No one says recovery is living hell. Omg I must have low tolerance for pain because it's week 5 and I'm barely feeling normal. During the 4th week I started lactating and my breast began contracting at the sight of a baby, stroller or just because. The PS said it was normal and would dissipate in time. Today is 1 month 1 week & 3 days. Still in sports bras. MAJOR nipple sensitivity on my left breast. Can't say I'm 100% ok with outcome. My left implant decided to do its own thing. We will see what that is over the next 30 days. My final 3 month drop and fluff date is June 24. In some ways I wish I had gotten silicone. I want my breast to move and jiggle a little. I also want them to be evenly aligned but they aren't. I was thinking for $5,000 they should be pretty even, but maybe they need time. The right breast (non tattoo) settled perfectly. Almost so perfect I'm not sure which one is right or wrong. I'm open to suggestions. Oh and I massage 3 times a day and feel like my scars under my nipples healed great. Sort of tempted to leave them alone for that very reason.

1 month - thoughts?

I feel like they are uneven

Week 7

Random discomfort in left breast still wearing band 24/7.

Week 9

Feeling close to normal. Can sleep on my stomach occasionally. No swelling or pain anymore. Still massaging and wearing band. 3 month check up June 24

No bra 9 weeks

Month 4 (week 16)

Girls are dropping nicely. No pain or discomfort. PA released me to full duty and cleared me for underwire bra. What a journey. I settled into a 32AAA.
Folsom Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman by a friends who he performed surgery on and they all had great things to say. After meeting him, I knew he was the perfect surgeon to take on upgrading my girls!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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what helped you choose saline? there's so much speculation re: silicone being the better option.. my doctor recommended I go with Saline because of the smaller incision (I'm prone to hypertrophic scars) and I'm having a hard time deciding what to choose& where to place the incision (areola or armpit?) I have to decide within the next week :( any advice is appreciated
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Um u mean 32ddd?
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Isn't it the same?
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U put 32aaa
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Lol that's major deflation. Thanks !
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If it's okay, I am going to use you for my wish pic boobies!! You look great!
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you heal amazingly. I am asian and I am going to need to get one side of my breast adjusted up as it sags on one side more than the other. dr was going to cut underneath on one side and around the areola on the side. I was thinking that I should just have them both cut around the areola... yours turn out awesome. I have a c section and keloided a bit... do keloid bc your have dark skin?
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Looking good
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Thank you!
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You make an excellent point about turning 50 in 6 years...you'll appreciate a little extra on top when your body starts rounding more down below as we age. ;)

Glad to hear RealSelf has been helpful in your journey!
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Saw from your other comments that you're going to ask you doctor for a band to help push them down. Did you get to see your doctor yet? I think you're going to look just like your wish pictures in due time!
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Today at 1:15 is my appt. I'll keep you posted!
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I got the band and for me it's much more comfy than just the sports bra. I'm going to wear it 24/7 so hopefully this will move thing along..
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Oh good! Will keep my fingers crossed that the band does it's job!
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Week 8 still wearing the band. It feels better with it on kind of stabilizes them. I'm sure ready to transition out of it.
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Oh, I bet you're so tired of that band. Hope you are feeling a bit more like yourself these days. 
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your results look very good, how are you feeling today...
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You have great results! They look so perky, full and round! Beautiful!! I saw your post on the forums about the pain, and you aren't alone. I thought the first week was going to be much easier than it was! Ask your doctor about reclining more at night after the first week; mine said it was okay and it feels so much better than sitting up. My BFF had hers done via the areola and told me hers were SUPER sensitive for a few weeks, so I think that is normal. I use gauze on top of my incisions to prevent them from rubbing on my bra. Maybe try the gauze pads over your nipples to decrease the rubbing against the fabric. I hope you start feeling as good as you look soon! Best wishes to you. :)
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Mkct110261526 thank you for the encouraginnging words. I'll try the gauze but it's that darn morning swelling that is so painful. I wish my left boobie would behave like my right boob. Oh well I'll keep you posted hopefully in a week or so I'll feel better.
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I agree, morning boob sucks! Lol I'm 2 weeks out and still get it, but it's not nearly as bad as it was! Would your doc allow you to use any ointments or creams on your areolas to reduce the discomfort? I'm guessing he would say no until after the stitches came out. :(
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Just started using gauze and not to be offensive to nursing moms but right now my nipples are soooooooo sensitive I feel like I'm walking around nursing two 8 pound babies. The sheet on my bed feel like razors! This is crazayyyyyyy!!
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Ouch!! I hope it starts getting better! My best friend went through that too with her surgery. :(
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How is your rash? Did it finally go away? Your boobs look great do you still massage and are you in normal bras? I'm in my 8th week and still massaging.
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I was told by my PS not to massage mine; I guess every case is different. I think if your tissues are tight, it would help them settle in, but I had a lot of loose skin so maybe that's why. My rash did go away, thank goodness! Thank you, hope you're doing well!
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