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I've had Sientra Silicone 320cc implants under the...

I've had Sientra Silicone 320cc implants under the muscle for 11 weeks. It's been a rough road. I immediately had multiple issues, not so much with the implants, but with my body from the implants and I've had enough.

I have a brachial plexus (nerve) injury from the surgery
still have side effects from the general anesthesia (hormones out of whack, numbness and tingling in feet, anxiety, feeling weak, etc.)
constant headaches
arms hurt
and just feel overall weak and crappy all day.

I was in the best shape of my life before this surgery. I had just run a marathon and got my taekwondo black belt in the months prior. I was kicking ass. Thought this would be a quick recovery and I'd get back to life soon. Who knew that the tummy tuck part of this mommy makeover would have been the easier part...

I wanted to do this to enhance my life, not ruin it, so out they are coming!!

I meet with my PS tomorrow and will schedule asap. We talked briefly about it at my last appointment and he said it's a quick procedure, no need to do anything but take them out. However, I do have to have sedation. I just don't want to go under again. My body does not like medication and especially not anesthesia. I wish I could just do local and pop a valium or something. I will be begging for that and see if he will in any way consider it.

My husband also finally confessed that he really didn't want me to have it done in the first place. WHAT??!!! I wish he had told me that to begin with. I must have asked him 1,000 times if I should do this or not. He just told me what he thought I wanted to hear. Makes me mad. I was partially doing this for him and have hung on to them this long because I thought he liked them. I just wish he had been honest. Would have saved me thousands of dollars and potentially permanent problems from my nerve damage and other issues I'm now having. UGH!

PS thinks that because I've only had them in for 3 months they should go back to normal.
I'm wondering if the muscle will also heal and stop moving everytime I lift anything or flex my pec muscle. Does anyone have any comments about this? I hate that my breast moves everytime I do anything.

I know that even though I want them out badly, I am going to be in shock when I look at them. It's now hard to even remember what they used to look like. I'm going to upload before implants, with implants and then after my procedure photos for comparison.

I just want to be done with this and move on.

Explant scheduled for 7/19

I met with my PS today. It was so bittersweet. He's been supportive every step of the way and I have a great surgical result. My body is just having so many problems adapting to the implants and I'm tired of trying to make them work. I did finally say that it was probably best that I just remove them rather than going to a smaller size as I may still be unhappy and have trouble with smaller implants and may end up removing them anyway. I was very emotional today, but I know it's what I really need to do.

So, no I'm gearing up for surgery again and getting off any supplements and vitamins, motrin, etc that is on my forbidden list and getting my post op stuff together.

I'm so happy I didn't get rid of my pre op sports bras, I'll be needing them now!! I had a few that were very expensive and my favorites and was going to list them on eBay and I snatched those out of the box and they are back in my drawer! Under Armour Armor Bra and my Moving Comfort Bras are my favs.

So, I'm doing a simple removal, no capsule removal, no drains with local and a light IV sedation. I'd do it without the IV as I am not looking forward to those meds again, but he won't do it without.

Will take a few days of recovering and a few weeks off of running again.

Then I hope to be on the road to healing and hope all of my troubles with nerves, back pain, neck pain, etc start to retreat.

Back to basics and I'm ok with that. I just wish it was sooner, but with the 4th of July holiday, they are booked up until then. 3 more weeks with these boobs...
I think the headaches are muscular too. I had a few weeks where I didn't have any at all and after we were traveling over the weekend (12 hours of flying and driving to get home from Florida) I've had the headaches ever since. Some of it may be jet lag and also my muscles all tightened up again. I feel like they are tension headaches. I'm hoping anyway. My PS won't remove the capsule at this point, so I'd have to go to someone else. If you don't mind sending me a PM with your email I may pass it along to my girlfriend. I am planning on doing the explant, waiting a couple of weeks and doing a system cleanse/detox and hoping that will also help get all this crap out of my system.
Sounds great. I'm doing a great cleanse with a nutrionist starting July 10. She's on Facebook, under Wellness with Rebecca, if you are interested. I'll pm you now.
Wishing you all the best! I just explanted 5 days ago and am very glad I did so. I don't look good right now, but I'm trying to focus on the "bigger" picture, lol. And I know time will take care of most of it. I've read it can take up to 18 months for the skin to retract as much as possible. So give it time and stay in touch so we can support you!

Thoughts about removing capsule?

I am starting to wonder if I should also be having the capsule removed since I have silicone. I am trying to read about it and finding all kinds of different answers. Some doctors say to leave it, no problem. Others say it causes problems later. Some say that if some toxins leached out from the implant shell, it will be in the tissue and may cause problems. Can I detox from that? I have so many questions. Does anyone have any comments on this??
Hi Mommy, sorry to read what you have been through. :-/ I don't think you need to worry about the capsules after such a short amount of time. I really hope that explant will solve your issues and get you back to feeling normal. It's crazy that your TT was the easy part of the surgery- I would think it would be so much harder to recover from! Do you think some of your back pain can be from the way you had to lay during recovery from your surgery? I know I had an achy back from having to lay slightly upright after my explant.
I think initially my low back was hurting from having to walk hunched over from the TT, but now it's all pec minor, pec major and scapular problems which are all posture related because the implants feel heavy and are huge. I feel they stick out to far that I don't stand up straight and hunch. Because of that, the pec minor is so tight that it's compressing the brachial plexus and continuing to aggravate the nerves causing numbness and tingling in my hands and arms. I also have a nerve stretch injury from how they positioned my arms during surgery. I woke up with both of them very numb and weak, not fun. I just can't wait to get them out and heal so I can get back to life. I called my PS today to see if there was any way they could move up my surgery date, but they are booked. I'm on the list for cancellations, but they rarely happen :-( Thanks for your input on the capsules. I have freak out moments where I think I have to have them out or I'll have some horrible toxic reaction later and cause all kinds of problems, then I calm down and relax and think I'll be just fine leaving them in here. UGH, the roller coaster!!
I have issues with my sciatic nerves- my muscles 'pinch' the sciatic nerves and create a numb, tingly feeling through my legs and feet if I don't stay on top of it. When I first had this problem, it was treated with LOTS of stretching, massage and red laser therapy. It took only a couple of weeks to go from having a difficult time walking without pain to feeling 99% back to normal. Maybe this might work for you?

I feel like I'm car shopping... If I'm buying a new Honda, all I see is Hondas!!

So, i was at Six Flags today and of course, with tank tops and skimpy shirts everywhere, I was looking at boobs all day. Funny how my perspective has changed. I really noticed that all the small breasted women were really more sporty, feminine and attractive than the women with larger breasts that were bouncing and hanging out of their tops. I can't wait to go back to the IBTC once again! I hope these three weeks hurry up and fly by!!
Aw this makes me sad, you need these terrible things out. I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. It's scary not knowing how your body will react after surgery. I mean you think about all the positive results from something like plastic surgery, but not the "what if's". But good thing is you have not had them long (even though I am sure it feels TOO long), so you should bounce back beautifully. From your activities you seem like a strong kick ass chick, you will do great! Is it your breast muscle or the implant that moves when you flex or lift things? Because I could feel something move around when I did push ups or lift light weight objects as well. It was the implant.
I'm hoping it's just the implant moving, but it's all so hard to tell. It's just weird. Does yours still move weird now that you've had them out? My PS said I may still have some weird muscle stuff just because the muscle was cut to accommodate the implants. I just keep thinking, what did I do to myself? and why? I really was fine and in great shape. ugh. Thank you for the kind words and support. I really appreciate it.
They cut the muscle to place the implant? Is that common? I'm scared.

Sometimes Doctors just don't understand

So, I asked a question about the capsule removal on RS and several doctors responded. They gave great answers and nearly all agreed that I didn't need to have them out. However, I had one doctor give me a reply that really floored me.

"You have had an excellent result and there is absolutely no correlation between your back pain, neck pain, etc. and your implants. However, if psychologically it will satisfy you to have them removed, yes there is no need to have the capsules removed as well, especially if they are soft. I would leave them in place because there is a good chance that you will regret having had your implants removed and will want to have them back, in which case it will be easier to re-insert them with the capsule intact."

Wow, I love how he knows my back pain isn't related. Funny, the three other doctors that I see say that it's directly related to the weight of the implants and my posture because of them. I thought it was funny that he thought I would have them replaced again later anyway. Are you kidding me? I am not going to go through all that I've gone through and have another surgery to put these things back in when I can hardly wait to get them out.

Anyway, just had to vent. I read that response and was left shaking my head. I'm so glad to have several of my own doctors and friends and of course all of you wonderful ladies on here that understand where I am coming from and that I'm not imagining that my neck and back pain are from the implants and that I didn't make the decision lightly to have them put in or have them removed. Now I just can't wait to have the out! 16 more days and counting...
That's obsurd! I've gotten some whacky responses as well. I asked a question about my anxiety after implants and one PS responded asking if what I really wanted to do was "post-pone my nuptials" and a lot of his response (8 paragraphs long!) was either in quotes, bold, or italics! He was very rude and mocking me! I was furious! Although many surgeons on here have excellent bedside manners, there are a select few that definitely do not! I see my PS on the 18th to check to make sure my scars have healed enough to re-open for removal. I'm hoping he'll say they are, and he can fit me in the morning of the 19th- same day as you! We will see though!
OMG "neck and back pain" --- not related?! Yeah, okay. Unbelievable, seriously.
Wow, how arrogant of him. I suppose they have to convince themselves that implants aren't a problem in anyway. I had the capsulectomy too, even though the ps said it wasn't necessary. He did say that silicone does bleed into them, even without a leak and that if I was concerned (read: paranoid) about it, he would remove them. Gee, thanks. I wish they didn't assume they are smarter than we are and that they don't have a motivation to always agree implants are safe. Good luck to you!

Surgery is 7 days away!

I went in for my pre-op today getting ready for my July 19th surgery and guess what? They had an opening on the 16th woohoo! I can be implant free even sooner than I thought!

They took my vitals, went over post op info, gave me my prescriptions for post op pain meds, paid for the procedure and bam, pre-op done. That was fast!

Things are much easier the second time around. I'm not even nervous. I'm more excited to just get this done.

I asked questions about using my arms and muscles after surgery. He said it will be similar to the BA when I needed to not lift anything heavy for a few days. He said to take it easy the first week and wear my tight sports bra at all times and try to sleep on my back. This is all to help avoid any bleeding or fluid accumulation in the capsule.

He also told me he will be scoring the capsule to help promote it healing back together, I was happy about that.

I'm ready to get this done and move on with my life. Boobs have taken over way too much over the last 6 months. Now I just need to work on not feeling so guilty about all the energy and money spent on this entire process. I feel so bad about it. We have bills to pay and things are piling up and I spent so much on boobs, it's really disappointing. I know that this must have been a lesson I needed to learn, but gosh, I wish I could have learned it in a less expensive way.

I will be doing some cooking and cleaning over the next week so I won't have much to do after. Hubby is going to take that day off of work so he can drive me to and from and help me after. I don't think I'll need much help the day after. I'll be sore and need to rest, but my 9 year old can do many things on his own.

So, until I'm on the flat side, ciao for now!
Thank you for your comment! It's crazy how much this experience can really take a toll on you! I'm very excited for you! 3 days!! I cannot wait to hear how things go for you! I see my ps Thursday. He's going to check on my incisions to see if they have healed enough to reopen, and to make sure removal is still what I want! Hopefully I won't be too far behind you!
Congrats on the date being moved ahead! I am more than ready too, and my explants is the same day as yours. I am right where you and cleaning, paving the way for some recovery time. Good luck, will be thinking of ya!
Thanks! I will be thinking of you too. We will both begin our journey of getting to know ourselves once again. Are you going to post pics?

Tomorrow is the big day...

For the first time in my whole life, I can say that I'm excited about surgery tomorrow. I am so ready to have these implants out and can't wait to be on the other side and putting this whole thing behind me. I had a long (30 min) talk with my anesthesiologist, she is awesome. I told her about all the awful side effects I had with the GA and we talked about the IV sedation. She is going to really start with just a tiny bit to relax me and they may be all I need. I'm glad she is being so understanding about not wanting to just knock me out. I know I would be more comfortable, but my body doesn't like the meds and I just don't want them. I would go straight local if my PS would do it, but he won't.

So, I'm picking up my meds today and getting ready. I've taken care of all the house stuff, yard work, cooking food for the family and now I just need to get through one more nights sleep and be at the office tomorrow at 8am.

I will update as soon as I can and let you all know how it goes.

Thanks for all the support on here, it has really helped me. :-)
Hugs and prayers!
Yay, I just prayed for you! I am so excited! I know exactly how you feel...being excited for surgery! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
Thank you! I will update as soon as I can. Thanks for thinking of me.

Yay! They're out and I feel fantastic!

Just got home from my surgery. Everything went great. Had very light IV sedation to relax me, but I was awake through the whole thing. There wasn't even much tugging and pulling. I am still numb, but have no pain or anything. I did not have the capsules removed, but he did score them so they would heal together better. I'm taped and in a tight sports bra.

I took a quick peek at them and they look just as they did before, just a little jelly like and squishy.

I'll take pics as soon as I can.

Post op in 1 week.

Thank you ladies for all of your support. It meant the world to me and I was thinking of all of you as I was going in for surgery.

Time to get something to eat, drink and take a nap!!
Happy happy happy!!!' Cannot wait to see your pics! I'm so glad everything went well and you're finally able to RELAX!
YAY!! You sound so happy :-) I'm glad you feel so great already.
Would you describe how the local anesthesia felt like please? You've read my review so you understand how scared I am about the pain!!

Day 1 Pics

The tape is going to be here for a week, helping to support my poor jellies, but you can get an idea of what I have left. It is very soft and squishy.
Good for you! You look beautiful and I bet you feel better!
Even though I am quite sore now that the local had worn off, I feel amazing. So glad they are gone. I keep looking at my profile and shape in the mirror and feel I look much more proportioned now. So glad to be on the other side of this thing. Thanks for thinking of me and the compliments, means a lot.
Congratulations Mommy! You look great and I am positive things will get better and better looking and feeling. I had mine done yesterday and we are wrapped exactly the same. I have drains, but no sports bra. You have to wear the sports bra for some compression to avoid fluid buildup because you don't have drains. I keep the drains until Thurs or Friday, then I will have the sports bra too. :) And mine are soft and squishy too but they feel so awesome, and the relief of having them gone is incredibly. I will post pictures later in the day when I get around to it. Stay positive and will be thinking about you and looking for your updates. :)

Day 2

Had them out yesterday. I found out that I felt so awesome yesterday because I was still numb. It lasted almost 12 hours. Had an ok night. Slept with pillows all around. Quite sore today, but nothing I can't handle. I'm pretty tolerant, so sticking with Tylenol even though Vicodin would make me more comfortable. Hate that stuff. I'm just in love with being back to me. I love how much smaller I am in the mirror. I feel more proportioned now. I feel slimmer.

I told myself that my reward for loving myself enough to go back to natural is going to be pretty bras. I'm never wearing a plain squishy bra that is unflattering again. I would just throw on anything sometimes, no wonder I didn't like them. Thankfully I got rid of all of those after BA, so I'll be making a stop at Nordstrom and VS soon for some pretty stuff for my poor jellies. They are not to be neglected anymore. I feel so bad for what I put them through.

I found an awesome bra at target yesterday. None of my old sports bras were fitting right under my breasts, they were pressing on my incisions. I'll take a pic of it so you can see it. It was $20, but worth every penny. So comfy. And I can wear it after healing since it stretches. Went from a large to a small in a day!!

I thank all of you wonderful ladies for the support. It sure has made this process easier. My husband can only tolerate so much talking about the same thing over and over, so I'm glad I have RS to go too when I needed the support. I'll update more later. Happy healing to all!!
Still healing well I presume? When does the tape come off next week? You look so much better without the implants! Everyone does. It's bizarre, because I used to look at augmented breasts and I thought they looked wonderful! A much more perfected look compared to the originals. Sick, huh? Now my perception has taken a complete 180! Natural, to me, always looks (and feels!) 100% better than an augmentation. It's just refreshing and comfortable to be in your natural skin. I miss it! I am only 5 weeks out and I've forgotten what it feels like to be in my own skin.
I actually ended up taking off the tape yesterday. After I took a shower, the gauze that was under the tape was very wet and I didn't think it was going to dry, so I called my PS and they said to just take off all the tape. There were steri-strips under it. That hurt! That tape is 4 inches wide and STUCK to my poor jellies. Felt much better after I got it all off though. I will take some new pics soon. It is funny how our perception changes. I am right there with you. I no longer think that perfect round boobs are even sexy at all. I think the smaller, athletic boobs are much cuter and make you look healthier. My mind has completely shifted and it happened so fast. Why couldn't I have felt that way before my surgery? ugh. Even though I am still recovering, I so much prefer the feeling of 100% me than with the implants. Even though I'm squishy and have no volume, it's ok. It only took a couple of days before I started to forget what the implants even feel like. I'm back to me and FREE! love it. You'll be there soon.
So happy for you!! I definitely view you as an inspiration! Excited to follow you as you heal! Longing to be on the natural side.

4 days post op

It's been 4 days. things are definitely improving. I had to remove the large tape from underneath because the gauze that was under the tape got wet and wasn't drying after my shower. I called the PS and they said to remove it rather than let it stay wet.

I've been up and down over the last few days, more ups than downs though and getting better every day. I can't wait for the incisions to stop hurting. It's hard to wear a bra because it presses on it.

We are headed out, so just a quick update and pics. Hope you are all well.
Hey, you look fab! They're gorgeous. Try a post surgery bra with a longer band under the bust. I'm wearing Anita 5100. Its been so comfortable and the band is longer so its not on my insicions. Also, compression bra's, that Songbirdie recommended some time ago, has a longer band and she says it very comfortable x
Thanks. I bought a sports bra that has no seems and is long, I just finally ha to wash it and am wearing a regular sports bra. Not comfy. Will get the other one on soon. I am trying to always wear something tight, that's what PS recommended.

Oops, almost forgot.

I finally got up the nerve to show hubby while I was in the shower. With a pleasant look he said, they look nice. That's a big compliment from him. I'll take it!!!
So happy for you! You know I was reading your original review and so much seemed to be happening for you, the sequester, the finances, the multiple panic attacks :(, if it had been any of my business to comment I would have said maybe this wasn't for you. I'm glad I didn't because you love your tummy tuck and your boobs look just as lovely post explant as they did pre implant. It's probably only a coincidence (or maybe these folks post more?) but it seems as thought ladies who suffer with terrible anxiety before the surgery often have a problem with the results. Maybe your body was telling you something, who knows? But I am so pleased for you, you look amazing, but more importantly, I hope the nerve damage and pain can be resolved for you. Good luck and hugs.
I do like the tummy tuck, but I would have been just as happy to not have done any of it at this point. I went through so much with the anesthesia and after effects that I am still having that I don't know if any of it was worth it. However, I can't change any of that now, so I'm just trying to stay positive and like the things that I cannot change. I am so much happier now that the implants are gone. I do also notice that anxiety that exists before is only exacerbated by implants. Part of it for me was the tightness across my chest that didn't allow me to take a full breath. That only added to my anxiety. The reaction to the anesthesia didn't help either. I had a good friend tell me not to do it. She has made suggestions before that I haven't listened to and regretted later. I'm going to pay more attention next time. For now, I'm not making any decisions about doing anything other than getting healthy and getting on with my life. Thank you for your comments and for reading my review. The support on this forum has been so incredibly helpful.
I agree with you on the friend issue! My fiancé has always advised against things that I did anyway, and later regretted. It pains me because me I never really took his advice into consideration and it always hurt his feelings. I was very much, "I do what I want!" Which, I have every right to make a decision for myself but I have now realized to not be so insensitive towards his opinions and to think twice when he advises against something. Glad you have realized that about you friend! She sounds like she's very intune with you.

Added a side by side comparison

Here is a side by side comparison of me at about 6 months ago before my BA and me yesterday at 4 days post op. Funny how my nips are riding higher now than they were before. I'm sure that will change...
You look so good! I am so happy for you!!! Are you noticing that they feel any less "jello" like? I am just shocked at how fast you bounced back. I hope I can expect this. Do you think your fitness level/ diet helped with this? I'm trying to eat healthier and become slightly more active incase that plays a factor. I've noticed that may be a theme in women who snapped back.
Thank you! And yes, I totally feel my healthy diet and fitness level has helped tremendously. I tried to do as much activity as I could before surgery so that my post op goes quickly. So far, so good. I walked 5 miles yesterday as I haven't been released to run, and for the first time in months, I could take deep breaths. It was awesome! I almost felt normal again! I am also rubbing on coconut oil to the outside of my breasts, which I started doing a week before. I wanted them to be well hydrated and the skin be in the best possible shape. I skipped the day before surgery as I didn't want any oil on my skin to inhibit the job of all the surgical scrub they use in surgery. I hope the next few weeks really fly by for you and you get them out when you have planned. Let me know if you have any more questions.
You look great I only hope my results are as good! Congrats!

Favorite sports bra

This is my favorite bra I have found to be most comfortable since explant.
how have you been? I have been off RS for a while and just wanted to check on you. I see that you have them removed but as long as it makes you happy that's what's important. I'm just glad that while reading your post your doing wayyy better :-) praying for your faster recovery xoxo
Thanks for checking on me! I'm doing very well. Still healing. Have some healing to do inside and out. I'm so glad I had them out. I wish I hadn't ever had them put in, but that's now in the past, so time to move on. My explant went very well. Feeling better every day and getting back to my normal life. How are you doing? How are your workouts going now? I too have a very weird feeling when trying to use my pec muscles, it moved my implants (and now my natural tissue) in a weird way. Feels kinda gross. I'm surprised how much my boobs jump up and down when the muscles flex. I was hoping this would go away after explant, but it hasn't. Do yours do that? I think it's part of having unders. Anyway, I'm doing very well, I hope you are too and I appreciate all of your support. RS has been such a wonderful place. Take care!! xoxo
I'm assuming that I will never be doing anymore chest workouts or even pull ups ever since it just feels like I'm going to tear a muscle of I do...a pierce to pay but never the less I'm doing great thank you for asking :-) just more healing but I'm used to it 70% of the time now. PS told me a year before it really feels "at home" so I guess I will have to wait and see :-)

2 weeks post op already - new pics

Wow, it's been two weeks. Time has flown. Feels like I had these out months ago since I am back to feeling pretty normal and doing all my normal stuff for the most part. I'm still taking things a little easier than I would have, but don't have any pain. I still have a little aching sometimes around my incisions, but the sutures have not dissolved yet. I massage them with coconut oil every night before bed.

I took pics yesterday at 14 days. I really don't think much has changed. They may have shrunk just a little now that all the swelling is gone, but they look like they used to look before I had implants. The only permanent thing that I am going to deal with is of course the scar, but also the muscle changes. My muscles seem to grab the bottom of my breast and pull it up about an inch when I flex my pec muscles, which of course is all the time. It's amazing how much you really use those muscles. I hate that they make my boobs jump around. I wonder if I will ever be able to do chest exercises ever again, or even push ups.

Last December, after three years of hard work, I tested for my black belt in Taekwondo. For that test, I had to do 100 pushups, from my toes. I don't think I could even do one now. It makes me sad. I know 1000's of women do this surgery every year, I just wish I hadn't ever done it. I hope that the muscles get better with time and doesn't do this quite as much, I just don't know. I also am not sure if working them more would help, or just not working them at all. I'll have to experiment when I'm released to do more.

I am not supposed to run until next Thursday, but I help coach my sons cross country and struggle with not running with the kids. I ran at practice on Tuesday and I took my son for another 2 miler yesterday. I just strap them down and go! Everything seems to be fine. They never hurt at all.

I feel so glad I took these things out of me, my body really did not like them. Now I just have to get used to the permanent changes and accept them as my new normal. I somehow got caught up in the whole plastic surgery enhancement thing and regret the whole thing. I had an entire mommy makeover at the time I had my BA and am still having issues with my tummy, well mainly numbness. My skin is all numb over my whole stomach and it's bothersome. I really wish I had left my body alone. I didn't need the enhancements, they were really just small tweaks, but have left me with some pretty major permanent issues to live with. I guess I'm feeling a little down today. I almost feel depressed at times that I did this to myself. yes, things look fine. My stomach is completely flat, my breasts are back to normal, it's my mind that needs to heal. I think it will just take time.

I'm sharing all of this so that anyone considering this knows that the roller coaster still takes some time to go away. I don't miss my implants AT ALL. So happy to be back to me. Emotions just take time.

I hope everyone is doing well. I've enjoyed seeing all the other stories on here. RS is an amazing platform for all of us going through this craziness.
Boobies look good :D!!! I guess I'll have to ask my PS about that muscle thing at my pre-op this week. As of right now I can only "flex" and distort my righty... so I wonder what that will mean for my bewbs after removal. As for wishing you never got the "mommy makeover"... I know it sucks, but honestly, none of us had any idea we were going to react this way to such procedures. Your right in saying 1000s of women have this kind of surgery every year, and most of them, to my amazement are completely thrilled. I guess we just have to be happy we realized the error of our ways before we had to carry around those silly rocks for 10+ years!! It sucks, but I'm hoping by next summer when all is healed and this is more of a memory and less a thing that's happening too me I'll feel my little boobies and appreciate them in a way I didn't before. :)
YES!! I feel like I can't wait for 2014 to get here. New beginning. I will be more healed and hope to just put this behind me. Best of wishes to you. I will be following your recovery and I thank you for your continued support. This process is crazy, but you can handle it!!
Mommy2two you look FANTASTIC! I am so happy for you!! I pray my results are similar and I can return back to my previous state too. I worry about the muscle damage. I'm just trying to imagine the discription you gave in my head... Not working. Does if look like your breasts are significantly lifted each time you flex? Is there any wrinkling? I'm sorry you're feeling down. I know I can relate to that feeling... I'm sorry you felt the need to do any of these surgeries as well. But I'm so glad you're realizing all of this, and I hope the numbness and muscle issues decrease with time. You look great. Keep us updated and Hang in there!

Muscle Deformity with flexing

I know many of you that had unders are going through the same thing dealing with the crazy muscles jumping all around whenever you use your pecs. When I do this in front of the mirror, it almost looks like the muscle is grabbing the incision and taking it with it as it flexes up. It's hard to explain, so I took pics. Just wondering if this is how yours looks too when you flex.

One more pic side by side

I really hope this improves when the sutures dissolve. They are still there under the skin and I hope that is part of the what is grabbing and pulling up. You can really see the tension on the incision as it moved up, like it's stuck to the muscle underneath. If it wasn't attached under the skin, it seems it would just lay there and the muscle would move back and forth under it. I don't if that is the case, but here's hoping...
Hi Mommy! Ok, I see what you mean by the flexing thing now. I'm going to check it out on me today and let you know if mine do the same! I'll get back to you later today, and take photos if they do anything wonky! You'll have to ask and show the surgeon next time you see him, he can explain why they are doing that, and should be able to suggest something that can help.
You look wonderful! I'm so glad this has brought you peace. Your story had me teary-eyed, so sorry for all you've gone through! Hope you feel better soon!

workout update

Well, My PS told me I could start running at my 3 week mark, which is tomorrow. My 4th grader started school today and I just couldn't help myself, I had to go for a run. It is part of my normal routine, or what used to be my routine. I would drop off kids at school, then go for a run or cycling. So, I took my son to school, met his new teacher and came home and laced up my shoes and ran 6 miles!! I'm not as fast as I was before, but it still felt amazing. I'm sure I will be sore. My shins hurt already. I haven't run this well since before my mommy makeover in April, those big boobs were just keeping me from being able to breath. It felt amazing to be able to run and breath and not have to be strapped into that ridiculously huge sports bra. I'm only a day early and I feel ok, so I hope I didn't do anything too bad.

I just wanted to post an update. It feels so good to get back out there. Maybe tomorrow I will go cycling!!
OMGoodness! Reading your post felt like I was reading something I wrote myself! I'm 11 weeks today, and I am having mine explanted as well. I regretted my decision from day 1 post-op. I had bad depression afterwards, back pain, difficult sleeping (since I'm a former :( tummy sleeper, etc. I take lots of vitamins and LOVE working out...what was I thinking putting this toxic junk in my body! I have gained weight from emotional eating and not being able to work out like I use to! :( I'm just so mad at myself!! I'm encouraged though, because you look great! Thanks for sharing your story!!
I'm so sorry to hear that you too regret having them in . It's funny how your thinking can be all one way one minute, then completely different the next. I don't even like the way fake boobs look on other people anymore! Thanks for reading my story, I am glad that it helped you.
Wondering if all your arm problems (brachial plexus, weakness and ect..) resolved after implant removal? I am having some issues with nerve pain running from my rt armpit to my hand. Valium seems to resolve it, but I'm not going to live on Valium. Breasts aren't worth it. I am 7 weeks out and the arm nerve pain didn't start until last week, but has been pretty constant. Kinda freaking me out and trying to stay calm.
Shahriar Mabourakh, MD, FACS

Dr. Mabourakh was my original surgeon for my mommy makeover and he did a great job. I'm not explanting because of anything that he did. His staff is always courteous and supportive. I had an excellent result, but they just aren't for me. I would recommend him again to anyone thinking of having plastic surgery.

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