Finally I have boobs!! 540 cc's Saline moderate profile, slim mommy of 2

I've been wanting breast augmentation for awhile!...

I've been wanting breast augmentation for awhile! I nursed both my kids, my daughter for over a year. I have always been flat chested so after nursing my daughter I have been completely deflated. I have seen Dr.Hause, Dr.Yamahata, and Dr.Sumida. I had more of a connection with Dr.Sumida there is no consultation fee and he lets you try on the sizers. I have decided on Saline implants, placed through the areola. I am thinking on 600cc's which I'm hoping to make me a 32dd or 34 d. At Victoria Secrets I was measured at 33 so I can wear either a 32 or 34 I wear a 34 a right now. I have my money ready I'm just trying to get the right amount of days off at my job. I though 5 days would be enough but the patient coordinator and my co worker said I need at least 9 days. So I'm hoping I'm approved for vacation that long. I'm ready for a new set of boobs.


Did u get a surgery date set up yet?
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No I wanted to get the surgery between the 8-16th of this month but my co-worker said I would need more time to heal.

I'm going to make the call!

I have been going back and forth as to going forward with the surgery, sometimes I'm like do it! Then other times I'm like do I really need this? I really haven't done anything for myself since having my kids. I told my fiancé how I felt he said, ". I say do it" !You haven't done anything for yourself!


I tried all those doctors and I was most happy with dr mabourakh I'm also in the sac ca area... my big day is June 13th one more week !!!! Yayyy
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Thinking about going smaller

When I took a picture with the 600ccs I didn't think it was that big but people are telling me that's too big! I have wide shoulders it didn't look too big when I had the sizers on.I don't want to look like a black Dolly Parton in the chest area.I don't want to go too small of an increase in breast size or too big if that makes sense.


600 are a good size! That's what I have and sometimes they aren't big at all
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Go girl!!! I wanted to set up a consultation with him but he was booked on the days I have off. Does he let you try on the sizers ? I had a consult with Dr.Yamahata he was nice and soft spoken I was just disappointed he didn't have me try on the sizers.
Yes he will let you try on sizers, he's very very busy I'm surprise I got in when I did.. keep calling he's work is one of the best I seen. And when you book with him he will give you a 500 discount off your surgery

Going for it!

I have been debating about scheduling my surgery and reading and rereading people's blog. I said to myself " make the call"! I called paid my deposit and set my surgery date Y.O.L.O lol????set for July 31st


That will look gorgeous on you!! I am very petite and 350 is pretty small, so go with what your doc says will look good. You will love them.
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I was able to try on different sizes and 600 ccs didn't look that big, I'm just scared of my skin getting stretch marks going that size. I'm going to start putting oil on my skin before surgery. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement.
You are welcome!! You've already had babies, so the skin is stretched. Did you get stretch marks during pregnancy? I had a few but I felt like the implants made them less visible now (and didn't create more) because it filled the space. Stretch marks are more visible where the skin sags.

Pre op July 14th

I got myself a membership to a gym. I love it! I want to get toned and put on some weight. I feel great! If anyone knows anyone knows any vitamins or supplements pre op and post op let me know


God luck girl! Your day is almost here! I just got my 700s last Friday! Go big or go home :)
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Great date to choose! That's my birthday! Your boobies will be AMAZING!
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Almost didn't make it !

Had my surgery at 4:30 pm, it was going to be cancelled because my blood pressure wouldn't go down! I'm 5'7 been watching my sodium intake and excercise, I lost 4 pounds making me 114 pounds tiny for my height. Dr Sumida was so concerned he talked to my primary care doctor and my PC doctor added another blood pressure medicine to my daily pill regemine ( spelled wrong) sorry feeling loopy. I spent the day before surgery resting on the couch and going to Rite Aid using the blood pressure machine.

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So I checked in to the surgery center which is above the doctors office, my fiancé took me and the kids are in school so I had to pick them up from daycare. He was aggravating me cause he wasn't driving fast enough and I was late but I had to chill or my blood pressure would rise...I thought happy thoughts, butterfly's,puppy's, my kids I was checked in and brought to the back, my blood pressure was checked it was normal-thank god or my surgery would be cancelled! The nurse started my I.v Dr.Sumida made some markings and expessed his concern about me taking care of my blood pressure he really is a great doctor I will take my meds everyday. The anastesiologist came in and talked to me put something in my Iv and that's all I remember. I was sitting in a chair when he was talking to me. I woke up to my kids and a nurse asking me my pain level I said a 10! She gave me a shot in my hand but it just made me sleepy. My fiancé went and got me food and juice, he's been giving me my meds, and helping me go to the bathroom. I just love him! I'm still in pain I was going to go for 600 ccs but I wanted to get resized and went down to 540 ccs saline. Well I'm falling asleep watching Naked and Affraid I'll keep everyone updated.

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My implants are under the muscle I feel engorge, like when my milk was coming in after I had kids except way more pain and my arm pits hurt. My fiancé got me frozen pea bags to put on my breast to help with the swelling, it does provided me some relief.


Just crossed the other side with you, good luck on recovery!!!
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Congrats to you Realself sister! Are you waking up every hour? I am, how are you feeling?
I just wanted to say good luck on recovery and take it easy as much as you can. Your going to look so good, reading these reviews has given me that push to go ahead get a consultation. Any advice on how you choose your PA?
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Spongebob Square girls

My armpits hurt like a motha$&@ I skipped my after op appointment cause I was in pain. My wonderful fiancé has been on top of getting me my meds and my frozen pea bags. I've been falling asleep usually when I take my muscle relaxer and Vicodin. The kids are going to granny's this weekend so it will be just me and him taking care of me. My stitches on my left breast burns, like I rubbed my breast against the carpet rugburns. Ouch!

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My pics didn't load


Did your PS give you a compression band? Mine were very high up and swollen up top and I was given one at my post op visit.. They help push the implants down into the pocket maybe you should ask about one at your visit :)
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My surgery was 7:30 am and just within this last two hours i am feeling somewhat "better". The pain is actually moved to more of a soreness. And yaaaassss girl i def was in and out all day. I finally forced myself to get up and socialize with my family. Does your doc have you lifting your arms above your head?

Sitting down

Time for another bag of peas I'm hurting:-(


My PS made me wear an ace bandage when I went for my 2-day post op for two weeks. It definitely helped and now I am just massaging the crap out of these girls. Hang in there...the first few days are bad but it gets better!
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Thank you! I hope so I've been on top of my meds so it's getting a lil better.
I see him on the 8th I did have an appointment yesterday at 3 but I was like I'm not walking anywhere hell no!

Chillin and Relaxing

Another day spent lounging around in my bed and taking my pain meds, I watched bits and pieces of Sharknado the kids went to grannies this weekend so it's just me and my fiancé at home. I got out for awhile to get some circulation in my legs we walked around the grocery store, he wanted to make something with Ahi Tuna. I'm feeling better today, I can use my arms a little more but am still swollen. My fiancé like " I hope they stay like that" I told him their swollen right now lol ????men, all of the sudden he's a boob guy


Omg you're gonna look great! 540 looks like it will be perfect on you! I remember the armpit pain, that was the worst. Honestly it all got better around day 6 for me. Hopefully you're almost there!
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No, he told me not to use my arms. Sometimes when I do I hear a gurgling, I guess it's air trapped in the pocket.
Yours look so good, I love my new additions so does my fiancé


Everything is going fantastic! I'm back at work all the girls asked to see and touch my new additions, I'm a makeup artist at a popular makeup brand. Now everyone wants implants! 2 of my co-works has implants.One of my co-works who got hers done last year wants to go bigger after seeing mine. The doctor took out my stitches, and told me I can start massaging. I've been sleeping on my stomach, I hate sleeping on my back. My left breast is squishy my right is getting there, since it was smaller and has more fluid to be even with the left. No pain, I can't wait for the swelling to go down, they're still pretty high.


Can you hear your implant when you press or massage the top of your breast?
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I had that ! Its air trapped under your skin it will go away in a couple days
Thank you!! I was wondering!


Thursday I'll be 2 weeks post op and I've been noticing some upper back pain is that common? Will it go away? The doctor gave me the okay on going to the gym, I think after my light workout I'll get a heating pad for my back.


I love how yours look!! My surgery is on Friday and I'm hoping to get around that same size. Can't wait to see how they look when they drop and fluff!!
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Alright! Congrats on your surgery

My scar-2 weeks

This Friday I took my stitch tape off, my incision is healing really nicely! I know I will have no scar by the end of the month.


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16 days later pic

Everything is going ok, I have occasional upper back pain but the girls are dropping nicely. I went to the gym and did an hour of cardio and abs they are still pretty high, I did get some stares but no pain the following morning. I usually spend half the time either bra-less or wearing my sports
bra I bought from wal-mart. I bought a small in the sports bra and it's comfy. I'm getting use to the implants- sometimes I like them, sometimes I feel strange with them (like everyone knows) .My feelings change throughout the day. Well I'll update in a couple of days.Any questions just ask!


Looking amazing so far. Welcome to the other side. Congratulations!
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How did the gym feel? I went 4 weeks post op to the recumbent bike and my boobs got sore. Now I'm too scared to do it again!
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It felt really good. I did the eliptical for an hour non-stop no soreness and the ab machine. I tried to do the stairs nope still can't do it for 5 minutes lol

Dr.Sumida is so kind and enthusiastic with wanting to transform you! I totally trust him and have co workers that have gone to him and their results look natural. They don't look enhanced at all. He will give you the look that you want, he also let me try his skincare which minimized my pores! My fiancé wasn't able to come with me to my consultation but Dr. Sumida was there to help me decide and tell me what looks good.

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