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MWL Patient - 3 Surgeries with Dr. Christa Clark to reveal my "real body"...

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Clark and...

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Clark and her staff. I've lost about 100 pounds by natural methods (I now eat a healthy, plant-based diet). I am a middle-aged mamacita with 5 little ninos running around my casa! So I have a lot of excess skin. The surgery went so well. The staff is so friendly and soothing. I did have some nausea the 1st day, but that was expected because I always am nauseous after surgery (I've had many C-sections). Dr. Clark called me on my first night, very sweet. But her team does SUCH a good job of giving you post-op instructions, that I was doing just fine. The hardest part is getting your SUPPORT TEAM in place and prepped!! Especially with a casa like mine, LOL! There's something happening every minute. I am 4 weeks post-op. I still have some swelling in the arms and hands, but it is normal. They are healing BEAUTIFULLY. I am very careful to follow the nurses' instructions. I wear the compression garments 100%. I highly recommend Dr. Clark!!!

Surgery #1: Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Thigh Liposuction

Since I changed the title of my overall post, just wanted to clarify what was done for Surgery #1 in March. All went extremely well! I did not have an augmentation, so my breasts are wonderfully lifted but small -- but the overall look I'm going for is athletic so that's okay.

Surgery #2: Lower Body Lift, Inner Thigh Liposuction

I am now 2 weeks PO from my 2nd surgery with Dr. Christa Clark. I have an interesting situation, because I had 2 hernias repaired back in April plus a tummy tuck --- by a different doctor because of my insurance paying for the hernia. Don't like to speak ill of docs, but can NOT recommend the TT with the other doctor (Dr. Lim). He did a decent job, but my belly button was pretty ugly, he didn't remove enough skin, and although he did a pretty extreme muscle repair --- oh man, I was in PAIN and the Norco was not cutting it! I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was in tears after that operation. I wanted to go back to Dr. Clark and the Percocet so bad. But I muscled thru it (pun intended). Fast forward to July -- I decided to do a full LBL with Dr. Clark and in advance of my thigh lift she added liposuction. WHAT A DIFFERENCE with Dr. Clark! It was a long surgery, but I had very little nausea and pain. I was on Percocet for about 5 days, then switched to Tylenol. Dr. Clark took 3.5 pounds off my tummy and back side! And - she made the cutest little round belly button. :-) Wahoo! I'll have to see if I can post some pictures of me CLOTHED. Sorry - I am way, way, way too shy to post naked pics of myself. That was probably the hardest part of my surgeries so far...taking the naked pictures with the nurse, LOL!!! But maybe I can find some clothed before & after pics. Again, I have to say that following the post-op instructions to the "T" is a must. I wear my CG all the time. I have the kind of CG that is crotchless and zips up the sides. The wonderful thing about Dr. Clark is that the CGs are included in her price - she gives me 2 CGs so you can swap them out while cleaning.

A word about the price....

As you can see on the title at the top, it says 40k...just wanted to clarify that is for ALL 3 surgeries, not just one...

2 Days away from Thigh Lift...

I have to admit...this is the surgery I am the most worried about. I have really saggy thighs. And even though I've lost 100 pounds, my thighs remain stubbornly like tree trunks. I've never had teensy thighs. So I am scared that I'll be disappointed. I'm *hoping* that the thigh lift will give me smoother looking thighs, athletic-looking....I know they'll never be stick thin, I just hope they don't look like smaller wrinkly versions of what they are now! But Dr. Clark, great surgeon that she is - she did liposuction on my thighs twice before this thigh lift. So I know she is doing everything in her power to make them shapely!!!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I had to leave a review now even though I have more procedures scheduled with Dr. Clark. So far it's been a breast lift (no augmentation), arm lift, and some thigh liposuction. I am a "extreme weight loss"-type patient...getting rid of excess skin. Dr. Clark and her staff are simply FABULOUS. Friendly, courteous, professional. I am a frugal person by nature but as my husband told me --- plastic surgery is not a time to be "cheap". The prices are pretty standard for the area. I have followed my post-op instructions religiously and I am seeing steady improvement and exciting results! I cannot recommend Dr. Clark HIGHLY enough!

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Mamacita! I am also using Dr. Clark and agree that she is wonderful! I had her reduce my long, droopy earlobes, which are now about as cute as earlobes can reasonably be. Nice work! I am hoping to have an arm lift and breast reduction next month, but we are waiting for clearance somehow from the anesthetist. I have Kaiser and that makes this kind of tricky. Congratulations on your good recovery and your advice to follow the doctor's advice! I'll try to remember that!
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NinthLife, just saw your post...good luck with your arm & breast lift! You chose a great doctor...Dr. Clark is very caring and does great work. I did follow the recovery instructions implicitly and had no complications whatsoever.
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Just got back from my 4 weeks follow-up appt. All going well (though I'm still using Ibuprofen a lot!) and healing nicely. I agree with you totally. Dr. Clark is really great! Now I'm planning for a tummy tuck to even things out. And I got my new cute ears pierced today, so in 6 weeks I'll be wearing my favorite earrings again. Such an adventure!
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Woot! Glad you're healing well! And Dr. Clark does GREAT tummy tucks, you'll be so happy!!
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Hey there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Congratulations on your weight loss, that's a huge achievement! How has your recovery been as far as pain? How long before you could things such as lift yourself up, etc?
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Kirsty, just saw your post...Well -- I have 5 kids so I always have something to do, LOL. The pain from the brachioplasty really wasn't too bad. I went off the Percocet by the first week. My arms were swollen but I wore my CG all the time. I can't remember how long it took to lift myself up but I think by about 2 weeks I felt strong enough to support myself *a little* at a time. Then by 6 weeks was able to do most things. My arms would be swollen by the end of the day though...even though I was taking it easy, I was still putting away dishes, wiping counters, etc. (but NOT running the vac cleaner) :-)
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