Knee, Ankle and calve Liposuction -June 18th Folsom, CA

My name is Sarah and I am 5'4 with three children....

My name is Sarah and I am 5'4 with three children. I have been researching tummy tucks (click here to read my review) and ankle liposuction for years now. I'm ready to get both done but not sure when or how I will be able to afford it. I have put everyone first all my life and I'm hoping I can put me first soon. I love my kids and will always put them first. I can't imagine spending so much money on myself without feeling regret. I know us as mothers feel this way. I hope I can get passed this feeling.

I will continue to update when I find out my dates.

June 3rd is my pre op appointment

So this Tuesday is my pre op appointment for liposuction on calves, ankles and tummy tuck! I have so many questions for my doctor.

I'm not sure if she will be doing smartlipo or traditional but I'm pretty sure she does traditional. I'm very nervous about the risk and complications! There are a lot! My worst fear is blood clots and damage to muscle.

Making sure your doctor is skilled in liposuction is a must and doing background checks, along with reviews from other clients!

I will update on Tuesday!! Happy healing!!

Pre-op appointment today

I went to my preop appointment this morning and it went great! Dr. Clark answered all my questions and we discussed my lipo on my knees, calves and ankles and explained the process and the aftercare. She stated I'm going to have amazing results. I was super nervous before I went in but after I left I'm not as nervous.

I have my prescriptions and going to fill them this week!

I am more than excited, I almost started to cry because I wanted this for sooooooooo long! I bought a few bikinis from Victoria's Secret along with so really cute thongs but of course, the bottoms are to small and I ordered a medium thinking for sure they would fit. My thongs that I bought also I didn't realize I got super low rise ones UGH LOL. My boyfriend said well maybe they will fit after surgery. Lol men!!

Well any who I have 14 more days until I'm sucked and tucked :-) eeeeekkkkkk getting real ladies!

Late post but here's the review so far

So I arrived at the surgery center/ doctors office at 9:40am. I waited in the waiting room until 10:30am. They called me back then, I changed into a gown and peed in a cup to check for pregnancy. (Which I wasn't and I ended up get the depo shot yesterday because my period was really heavy once again) I met with Dr. Clark and she was a sweet heart. I was super nervous and told her I felt guilty getting this done and leaving my kids for a day. She totally understood and reassured me everything was going to be fine. She then marked marked me up and within five minutes I was in the operating room. The anesthesiologist laid me on the table asked me to breath some oxygen and the next thing I knew was waking up from surgery!

The nurse was putting me on my clothes and then started to get me off the bed. Omg it hurt so bad, not my tummy tuck but my calves and ankles!!! It was sharp stabbing pain. It hurts to walk around BUT with every time I get up I start to feel better.

I can't get comfortable to save my life :-( I have squeezers on my calves to prevent blood clots. I just talked to my doctor and she said she took over a liter of fat from my calves, which is super crazy.

Well ladies my post op appointment is tomorrow morning at 9am to get all cleaned up. I hope you are all healing and praying for safe recovery!!

I will post pictures that my bf took but my operating room pictures are on my phone and it's charging so will post those later :-)

I'm now 8 days post

So all I have to say is since last night I have been having trouble walking because the pain is so horrible :-( I tried to ween myself off meds three days ago but gave in to this morning.

Walking every few hours is mediatory hands down. You will need a walker for sure if you don't have someone around the clock to help you get up and walk around.
My bruising went from minimal to major all over my lower half from knees down to my heel. Pictures to follow

I wish Dr. Clark left all liposuction holes open. I wouldn't have cared about how much mess it would've made because the trade off would've been worth it to not be overly swollen!

Kinda regretting this but....

So I'm kinda regretting this procedure only because of the recovery process but I know in the end it will be all worth it just like any other surgeries out there.

These pictures are of today and they are bad. I have been putting arnica cream on them and maybe why the bruising is coming more apparent who knows. But sorry for late review.


You can see from days 3- 8 days post have significant swelling!

12 days post op

Okay, where do I begin. So in doing this procedure I did another one a tummy tuck(I had no and still have no pain from that) at the same time. The night of surgery I felt pain but was so drugged up I didn't know where to pinpoint it. So fast forward to today UGH ......IM STILL IN HORRIBLE PAIN! I mean PAIN! This pain is worse than labor, a c-section, breast augmentation and lift. I mean the list can go on and on.

When I try to get up to walk, I can feel all the fluid rush straight down my ankles. When I walk my legs feel so heavy. I'm bruised from my toes to my hips. I honestly wish I never got this done. I know some of you will say "when the pain has subside and you're out of recovery you will love the results". Well that might be true, I may love my results but if I could go back I would try to love my fat ankles and calves. I can't walk very far without gasping for air because this process has taken a lot out of me.

What you will need that I didn't have is a "walker" and tons of options of support if you have children. And at least a month off of work to fully heal.

Now I had standard liposuction done. Only the holes by my ankles were left open so the fluid can drain. There was a miscommunication between my doctor about the other liposuction holes that I also wanted to be opened but she sutured them. I'm not upset but if they were all left opened it would be 4weeks to heal and not 10 weeks like I'm looking at. I might and probably wouldn't be so swollen either but hey, I still love my doctor! She's still hands down amazing. I do know she from now on will be leaving the liposuction holes open to release the fluid for a faster recovery!!

I was able to get some photos of today after my shower. They are on my phone and will be downloading them after this review.

Please if you have any questions I'm here for you!!
Don't be scared by my review or pictures just do this procedure if you really need to because no matter what we are all beautiful!

Oh and I also HOPE that my the beginning of September I'm healed because I'm going on a cruise and I so want to enjoy it with no pain!!

12days post op

I forgot to mention, that I'm always taking arnica pills and cream! Not sure if they are helping but why not! I also take 1000mg vitamin C everyday along with a multi vitamin. It's super important to take for healing!

I also tried shaving today worst idea ever!! It felt like I was cutting myself open. I think because first I'm not healed and my legs have been in some major trauma. I have numbness everywhere and I know that when something is touching my legs it freaks me out because of the sensation. I recommend Nair or some sort of hair removal for legs after this procedure.

6 weeks post

Okay so I'm 6 weeks post op. I'm still numb behind my calves and ankle area. My inner knees is tender to touch. I notice a big difference on my left inner leg which you can see is more curvy than the right. I'm afraid that it will look like this long term. These photos were taken this morning at the least swelling of the day.

No matter how tight I make the compression On my right leg it never looks like my left leg. Oh also I have this rash on my right front ankle area and I'm taking antibiotics for just in case for 7 days.

I do like my results I just know I'm going to need a revision. Which is ok.
Dr. Christa Clark

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Congrats!!! I am glad you are Happy with your results. :)
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Hi there, how are you going are your ankles feeling any less fragile now? Has the numbness lessened at all?
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Hey girl, I'm doing okay. My ankles are okay its my calves that are still very numb. My left leg is more shapely than the right one. I will take a picture in the next few days and post. How are you doing?
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Pretty good thanks my ankles still swell a bit by the evening and sometimes get a bit sore but I've been for my first run last wkend and they were fine. I'm wk 8 today so I'm on track. I can't wait till summer so I can get some sun on them and wear skirts and shorts!
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Oh yaay you! I probably won't be able to wear shorts or skirts until I get a revision or if this swelling goes down.
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Hi there gosh I'm shocked you really look like you're in massive pain, but you most recent pics look like you'll get an amazing results!!!. I didn't have anywhere near your pain but all my incisions were left open and I only had about 450ml off each side so maybe mine was minimal to yours. My bruising was also pathetic in comparsion so I think your ankles will end up slimmer than mine. I'm nearly 5 wks in and I'm still sensitive around the achilles if I brush up against something or if my ankles cross over in bed etc.. Good luck I'll keep checking on you. X
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Thanks for the posts. Really appreciate hearing how the swelling has/ or is, resolving for you. Is it better by now? I'm having those same areas done in late August.
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Hey, well I'm 12 days post op and I am going to do my review. I'm going to be honest and I hope it doesn't scare you! But I can tell you I'm in horrible pain and the worst pain I've ever been in my life. I had this procedure with the tummy tuck and that didn't and doesn't hurt one bit. I have a ways to go I know!
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How are the legs doing post surgery? Pics?
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Sorry I just posted my review :-)
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Isn't Dr Clark amazing? I feel so confident with her as my surgeon!
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Yes she is! I still email her when I have questions and she gets back to me in a timely manner. I'm so jealous that your getting thigh lipo :-) I so need that!! But maybe in a few years if working out doesn't work lol. Do you have everything for post op? Are you nervous ?
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Here you are!!! You're so lucky! I swear we have the same legs. My knees go in too. I asked my PS, and she shot me down immediately. My surgery is already planned for 7-7.5 hours though since I'm getting the full LBL with fat transfer back to my butt so that probably plays a roll. I'm still interested in having my knees and ankles sucked so I'll be following this one. You are so close to me.
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Hey girl! I'm so jealous that you are having a bbl.... I soooo want one!!! lol. Oh my your surgery is long so that is probably why your PS said no because it would be another few hours on top of that if he does your knees and ankles. I'm super excited that this is FINALLY happening! My Dr. Is amazing. And I love that she is a woman and mother. She knows what women want! She isn't money hungry either. We do live close by :-) eeeek its getting closer...crunch time for sure!
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I won't be getting much more ass through my BBL, unfortunately. The LBL takes 3"-4" of nice full(in my case anyways) tissue to lift and not have high scars so the primary goal of my BBL is to not lose any volume. My lowest abdomen (where skin will be removed), flanks, and lower back is where I'm getting suctioned and I don't have a lot of fat at my height and weight without using my legs (I wish). My doctor promised to give me a perkier and shapelier ass with no loss of volume. He said if he gets enough fat to make it a little bigger, he will but don't count on it, however, with the lipo on my lower back, it can give the allusion that I'm packing more junk that I am. LOL! You will begin healing in two weeks!!!! Yay!!!
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Have u contact any Dr? What did they recommend? Good luck.
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Yes I did contact a doctor :-) and she will be doing it hopefully on June 11, 2014. She said I will be a great candidate. We had a virtual consult and gave me a quote. I have a great deal :-) thank you for the well wishes!
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