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I developed early at age 12. I alternated my...

I developed early at age 12. I alternated my entire life between a large C and small D. My breasts always sagged somewhat, as my tissue is very dense. In a nutshell, I was always embarrased by the sagging, even in my 20s. When I hit my mid-40s, for whatever reason, my breasts got even bigger (menopause, hormones?) I gained 15 pounds and voila! Breasts became a DD. They honestly looked like rocks in a sock!

After meeting with three very reputable surgeons in my area, based on recommendations from friends and my own family doctor, I finally decided to go ahead and do the surgery. Wow! My breasts look prettier, perkier, and sexier than they ever looked in my entire life (even better than my 20s).

The procedure took 5 hours, and I had very, very tiny saline implants put in behind the muscle for some fullness at the top of my breast. I am so happy!!!!! The pain was minimal. My surgeon made me take pain meds for the first 48 hours post-surgery whether I needed them or not. He stated that he didn't want to take the chance of my experiencing any pain which could cause my blood pressure to be elevated and interfere with the healing process. I was brused and swollen (they sat high on my chest for a few weeks). I wore a surgical bra for three months.

It has been 7 months since my surgery and they look terrific. The scars are healing nicely (I have what is referred to as "key-hole" scars), but they are thin and will fade more in time. I am now a full C or small D (depending on what bra I wear).

After my divorce, my self-esteem and body image were in the toilet. I waited three years post-divorce and decided to have the surgery done. I am so glad I did and wish that I would have had this done 10 years ago. If you are contemplating this surgery, my advice is to seek out a few board certified reputable surgeons (ask your family doctor or trusted OB/GYN for some names) and go to the consultations. I based my final decision on the time my surgeon spent with me explaining everything step by step (and drawing pictures). My tops fit great now and I feel sexier than ever!

HaHa - "NASA bras" OMG that's a good one! As far as scarring - it's been just about six months. They are fading, but they are there, you know what I mean? There are thin lines from the nipple to underneath the breast and then there is a scar (thin line) in the crease of the breast. I know that some women are freaked by scars, but honestly, they don't bother me. My breasts looked hideous before -- sagging (nipples pointing toward Puerto Rico) heavy, stretched skin, etc. The scars are a small price to pay. They get lighter over time, I'm told. I remember my appendix scar was pretty ugly for about two years, now I can barely see it. I take Vitamin E (my doc said it might help), Vitamin C, and I use a cocoa butter creme on them. I recently read where you can get some kind of silicon sheets(?) that are suppose to reduce the scarring. I don't know if this is true or not. I've been meaning to call my doc and inquire about it. One doctor in my area advertises that he can do this surgery without scars, yet when you go in for the consultation he admits there will be scarring (WHAT????) So unfortunatey, scarring is inevitable. My one scar is a little wider than the other, but I did something strenuous that I was not suppose to do 4 days after my surgery. (UGH!) If you really hate your breasts (the way I did mine), the scars will be a small price to pay. You're not draining me at all -- feel free to ask away. I wish I would have known about this site before my surgery!
I am a full C or small D. According to my doc,, "Victoria's Secret" has skewed true cup sizes! I fit in some C cups, some D (depending on the manufacturer). Right before the surgery, my girlfriend was staying with me (she has implants) and she is a C. She looked so "small" to me (probably because I was used to DD). I didn't want to be as small as her so I told me doc to go between a true C and true D (more like a full C). Mine are perky, but I've been told that gravity never stops so eventually, they will began to slightly sag, but never to the degree that that were (well, maybe when I'm 80 lol!). To be honest, I love the size except when I go running. Of course, to make my breasts "running ready" -- I'd have preferred a B cup. Otherwise, I'm happy with the size. They look good in a sexier top, but also look proportioned and good in a sweatshirt (before I looked like a jersey cow). Look at some pics in your doc's office (even the ones that have had implants). That might help you to decide. What does your doc suggest?
Plus -- I can let you know more as I loose weight, albeit it might be too late as I believe you said your surgery was scheduled for this month. I think they will be the perfect size once I drop the 15 lbs.
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