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I am a 27 years old with 4 kids..I look like i was...

i am a 27 years old with 4 kids..I look like i was expecting.I hated it.I didn't want a six pack i just didn't wanna look pregro.when i went 2 Dr. L he told me the best thing 4 me was a tummy tuck.before i did it i weigh 183 now im 144 and i feel great. i went back and decided i wanted a little lipo on my love handeles and back.that was done jan 8.less then a month i am 139 and still have a few weeks 2 see my full affect.i have pics of my tummy tuck.like they say pictures tell a thousand wrds.so see for urself.if any one has any question feel free 2 email me. i would love to share my experience with u and will be back to post more pictures soon

New York Plastic Surgeon

when i meet the Dr. L I felt so comfortable the staff was great.they have 24 hrs services so if i felt something was wrong i would just call.Dr. L is one of the best doctor i have ever meet.

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Hi Jenny: Did you say you went from 183 to 144 as a result of a tummy tuck and lipo? If so, that is beyond amazing! What has your recovery been like?
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Hey 3!
Consults bring up all kinds of questions - afterwards ; )

In retrospect I wish I had asked questions about going all the way around. My incision goes around further than most but I still have some loose skin that probably would have been helped by a "lower body lift", which is what my PS called that. It is my understanding that if I had done that - my butt and thighs would have been improved. I also wish I had considered the "anchor surgery" because I still have some loose skin across my midriff. I did not realize that was an option at the time.

It is a lot of discisions! However, I am still glad I had it done. I may have a revision if my result is not what it should be the beginning of March when I will be 12 weeks PO.

Take care....
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all i wantedwas 2 get rid of my pouch so i put in in my doctors hands and i was amaze...i did lipo jan 8 and he said i would see results in 2 months a month later and i saw it...i was just speechless
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Hey Jenny,
Just had my consult today. Liked it, but a little confused. My doc recommended an extended tummy tuck which is the one that goes all the way around, butt crack to butt crack. OR he said just a regular TT with lipo. I would get better results with extended on the back and flank area, however, reg TT with lipo would be good too. Now I am confused. I know you went with lipo after. Do/Did you have dog ears? I am just wondering why he recommened either. I am 5'9 185 lbs
I will post a review and pics in a bit after dinner gets on the table! :)
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i went 4 the tt i was huge..4'11 183 pounds...i look pregnant.it was bad i just wanted 2 slim down a lil then he told me tt and i put all my trust in him and the results were great....i was so happy i felt like a new person then i notice i had a lil love handles didnt really need lipo but he did such a good job that i went 4 it i weigh 144 after the tt and i swear i didnt even do 1 sit up...i am so happy with me results i dont even call him dr lee i call him my miracle worker i didnt think it was possbile
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Wow Jenny! You look great! Congratulations!
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ty so much i feel like a new women
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WOW you look amazing - I'm now excited about having it done on the 30th of March - I'd also like to know how much painful it was and if you were able to manage with 4 kids - I only have the one but I will be alone with him most of the time because of the hours my husband works.
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ty thats great that u doing it and right b4 the summer so u can enjoy it..how old is ur baby? its hard but everyday it gets easier.i had help but still 4 kids u know they still want their mommy.u will be uncomfortable but u know wat i looked at it like this..i had 2 get up move around at the same time take it easy...it was exciting 4 me cuz all i kept thinking of was after the pain im gonna look good and thats wat helped me recovery faster and if i had 2 do it again i would.if u wanna know anything eles feel free i love to share my story with any1.i didnt even own a long mirror now i love 2 look in it
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Jenny wow, you look fantastic. did you have any lip on your stomach, or was it just a tummy tuck?
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thank u.well that pic is just a tummy tuck i just had lipo a month ago.it takes like 3 months 2 see the final results but i already see it.i will put up pics soon under this name so u can see.it is an amazing thing and i want u 2 see it.only a month and im happy then ever
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Jenny you look amazing!  You must be so happy and feel wonderful.  Keep us up to date on your progress as you heal.
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thank you.im doing great its been 1 month since i had the lipo still a little tender but already see the results.i will put a pic up soon of my results now and then again when dr lee takes my final pic
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Oh my gosh, what a difference! You look amazing. Thank you so much for posting your photos. It looks like you got a little more added to your tatoo as well. :)

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lol thank you and yes i added my kids names.i will put up more pics so u can see after lipo just look under this name jenny5757
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OH WOW you look GREAT! So happy for you!!

I am 29 and have 4 kids. Can you tell me how your recovery was with the kids. That is what is bothering the most about going into this surgery.

Thanks so much for any input you may have!

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hi julie..i have a new name.srry it took me a few days 2 get back 2 u. thank u i feel and look great.well about the recovery i had 3 c-sections this was a lil more cuz u have 2 walk leaning forward.i would say if u could have help for the 1st week thats great.u have 2 take it easy but u also have 2 move around.the pain meds helped alot.it took sometime 2 recovery but honestly if i had 2 do it again i would in a heart beat.its been a month since i had the lipo and i feel great and still losing weight i will post more pic from after the lipo and u going to see a difference.but 4 kids did a number on my body as u seen 4 ur self.i did this and have no regrets.even the scar doesnt bother me.my panties covers.but julie if u have any more questions feel free 2 ask.i wish i had some1 2 talk 2 about b4 i did mine so let me know if i can help in anyway
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