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Would NOT Recomment IPL for Freckles and Sun Spots

Went to dermatologist for consult about having...

Went to dermatologist for consult about having some freckles & sun spots removed. After a quick look at my face, the doctor said he could remove everything with 1 session of IPL for $600. I'd become increasingly self-conscious of minor blemishes and dark spots left behind by sun damage and acne. I said I wanted to do it. The doctor told the nurse to prep me right away. I stopped him saying I had to work tomorrow (I bartend), and since the recovery time is 1-2 wks, I should reschedule. He brushed it off saying I should be fine tomorrow, it was minor &I'd be able to work. His nurse chimed in repeating the same. I was reluctantly persuaded to have it done that day.

They numbed my face and right before the precedure was done, the nurse handed me a short 1 page consent and disclaimer form to sign. She seemed put out when I insisted on reading it first. I had it done.

Aftercare- I had to prompt for insturctions beyond bacitracin oinment and no lotion for 2 weeks. I asked about make-up since they said I sould work the next day. She wasn't sure.

Needless to say I couldn't work the next day, or the one after that, or the one after that. I've lost 4 days work, (5 shifts) so far and will lose at least one more. So the real cost of this procedure is actually easily twice what I paid. Add to it, my face is now swollen, blotchy and patchy, this has NOT been a good experience. I am afraid my face is going to end up worse off than it was before as the spots seem to be forming dark pigments on my skin (after the original spot was shed).

Can anyone take a look and let me know if I should be worried. The last pictures are of day 5 after. I seem to lood worse and worse.


That's pretty much what I looked like. It all peeled out after a week. Looked way better afterwards though. I don't work face to face though, so that helps me.
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Hope things are better now! I never had pain when I got my IPL treatments and I was fine the next day (just a slight rosiness). That doctor sounds terrible.
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I had IPL a few years ago and it made a huge improvement to my skin. Yes, after each procedure the face looked awful with brown spots BUT there was never any swelling like I have seen in your pictures. That should not have happened. It looks like whoever did the procedure used too much power on your skin. Go back for a review but do not have any more treatment from this practice or go see someone else for an opinion and help.
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Absolutely no aftercare. I had to do everything...

Absolutely no aftercare. I had to do everything and ask myself. My skin is now worse off than it was before I ever saw him and his doctors. I definitely do not recommend his practice.


Looking at your pictures and reading your story, it seems like you have had another type of laser treatment, such as CO2, YAG, or else. Again, by reading your explanation and looking at your pictures, it does not look familiar in any way to IPL. It has been a while so I hope everything is fine by now.
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I did the treatment for the same reason you were probably considering it, it sounded like it was actually good for my skin, and it was something I considered to be a treat and non invasive. I was wrong. I'm glad you aren't going to go through with this and took our experiences to heart. It's not a procedure to take lightly, as many would like people to believe. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :)
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Ouh,,,,,im so sorry,,i was just considering to do this treatment, now,,and thats before my wedding I'm sooo over it after all this negative comments...i already had a bad experience after my second restylane treatment under eye.,first was good ,,second look like too much and now I've got bags,,the same lady at the med,spa,who did my eyes,recommended the ill..i have very mild rosacea that i can cover easy when make up on,,no wrinkles,and very few open pores on chick,just dry skin,,,so I'm considering a less invasive treatment,,,maybe a micro derma abrasion?or just nice mask,,scrub moisturizing treatment before wedding and thats it!!im afraid we women fall often into the trap of vanity,,,and many of us don't accept what we are,,and don't realize until we do something like this that damage us,and we think,was it worth it??by the way you seamed you didn't need a all a treatment,,why did u do it in first place??hope u heel soon!!greets from an italian living in finland

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New York Dermatologic Surgeon

He and his nurse just wanted my money. Despite my protest that I had to work the next day, they went back on their word about 1-2 week recovery period and said I'd be fine the next day. I was not fine and have lost a lot of money losing a week of work. And my face doesn't seem to be healing right. It's swollen and splotchy and rough.

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