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I am 32 years old. A recent picture made me decide...

I am 32 years old. A recent picture made me decide to get Radiesse for my NLF. First picture is what made me get the injection. 2nd and 3rd pictures were taken 2 hours after injection. The swelling was pretty visible. 4th and 5th pictures were taken 3 days later. All the redness and well went away and I'm very happy with the result.

here are the pictures

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Dr cui was very honest about the procedure, he explained exactly what to expect. He gave me lidocain injection in my mouth, just like how dentists numbs your mouth before a procedure. 10 minutes later my entire upper lip and around nose area were numb. It still hurted a little bit when the needle pierced my skin but it wasn't bad at all. After finishing injecting my right side, Dr Cui handed me a mirror to let me see the before and after (left and right side). It looked great. Then he proceeded to the left side.

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Radiesee is great for the NLF. u look great and can see the difference.
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thank you ColoradoMaiden! I was debating between radiesse and voluma, but since this was my first filler, I went with radiesse since it's been out on the market longer than voluma.
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Yes I had Raddiesse and ready for a booster. I had very little swelling, pain, or bruising. Hope ur filler works well 4 u.
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Voluma is suppose to last longer and causes less swelling since it doesn't have to be injected as deep as radiesse. Your radiessee pictures look great!
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I had radiesse today it's my first time doing a filler. Everything was good, doesnt hurt at all, but I have a concerned. My smile it's not the same at all, i can do the smile as always. It's that normal?
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Correction** I can't smile as always**
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the swell takes couple of days to go away, give it time, it's normal.
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Soem doctors inject lidocain with the filler. Possibly the smile is uneven because your face is frozen.
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Wow you results look great!  Sounds like this was your first time trying any sort of injectable filler in the naso-labial folds?
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hi Jill, thank you. Yes, it was my first time trying any kind of injectable filler.
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Gotcha.  I'm glad you like your results, especially since you picked one of the semi-permanent fillers.  Let us know how long it lasts for you :)
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