Porcelain Veneers for Peg Laterals (Small Teeth) - Flushing, NY

I've hated them for pretty much my entire adult...

I've hated them for pretty much my entire adult life for many reasons. Although I am very grateful for having pretty straight and healthy teeth overall, these two tiny teeth bothered me. It made me self conscious to smile but I would anyway. I always had a fear they would break since they were so tiny. And food easily gets stuck in between the gaps they cause. After lots of research and careful consideration, I've decided to get porcelain veneers to correct them. I am going to have my first consultation tomorrow. Once I make my decision on who I chose, I will update this with more information and hopefully help others in their journey :)


I agree your smile is already very pretty. Best of luck.
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Thank you so much! :)
Thank you so much for starting a review!!!  When I saw it was you, I immediately went and looked to see if the doctors had answered your question.  Nice to know they agree with me, that you have gorgeous teeth already.  Getting two veneers will be expensive, but it'll look fantastic!  You'll have that perfect toothpaste commercial smile :).  I'm so excited for you, and excited to hear about your consultations and how they go! :D

Happy New Year!
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Consultation on 12/31/13

After careful consideration and researching lots of doctors over the past year, I was very happy with the responsiveness and knowledge of Dr. Richard Gochman. He had galleries of his other patients and I was very pleased on how he improved their smile with a very natural look. I had a consultation with him on 12/31/13. He and his entire staff were extremely friendly, gentle and attentive. It made my feel so much more confident and excited about going through with this! I'll be updating after I get fitted in a couple of weeks! :)


Are you some sort of counselor or something?  Since you say you've been though a lot helping others?  :D

And congratulations for picking a doctor!!

Temporaries Put In!

So today my dentist put in my temporaries. Didn't feel any pain since he numbed my gums with an injection (thats where the pain ends, its a big needle!) He shaped my peg laterals and used what I believe is a resin composite material. They look like regular teeth far away but you can tell when up close that they aren't. Pretty good for temps though. My natural color of my teeth are B1, which is the lightest shade on the Natural tooth color scale. Could have always gone for the super white bleached look but wanted natural looking teeth. My teeth are a lot whiter than this but this was the lighting in my bathroom, kind of dulls the color. I'll make sure my final pics are clear and true to color! :)

He said my porcelain veneers will look 10x times better. I will see him in two weeks to have the porcelain ones put in, so excited!


I also have 2 peg's. My dentist recommended Invisalighn before the Veneers. I have about six months left. Thank you for sharing!!!
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Great smile! Can you provide the name of the dentist?
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hi, I'm in nyc as well. I am getting a lot of pressure from dentists to put in 8= veneers when I just want veneers on my peg laterals. What dentist did you go to?
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Hello everyone. So sorry I haven't gotten around to updating. Schedule has been pretty crazy! Anyway I went back to get my permanents put in. I was a little disappointed because one of the teeth he placed didn't sit right, so I had to go back in for a second time to redo my left tooth. I do appreciate that Dr. Gochman was the one who noticed it and wasn't happy with it's placement and immediately told me to come back (no charge of course) to get it redone. His whole staff was extremely friendly and gentle with me. I now have my permanent teeth in. They don't look perfectly symmetrical, but I wasn't being a stickler about that. I just wanted normal sized teeth! My smile looks 10x better now! I've attached pictures so you can see what I mean about the teeth not being exactly the same. From a distance you can't tell but up close you can. Normally I'm OCD about things like that but to me it gives me a more natural looking smile so I don't mind. If you are looking for that perfect hollywood teeth smile, you'd probably be unhappy. I'll definitely keep you guys posted on how they uphold as far as discoloring and such. I take very good care of my teeth so they shouldn't discolor! The only pain experienced was when he did the local anesthesia in my gums. After the swelling subsided I didn't notice any difference, the teeth sat perfectly in my bite as the others. Overall I'd definitely say it was worth it because now I love my smile!


They are great! A natural beautiful smile, so just smile and appreciate the improvement
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Your teeth look congrats!
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Welcome back!  And thanks for keeping us updated :).

I had to get really close to see the difference, but now I do.  It wasn't noticeable to me, and they look perfectly natural in the close-up.  In the pics with your natural smile, yeah, I can't see the imperfection at all.  

Do you think you're gonna get fixated on them?  After my Invisalign, I started noticing more and more that my teeth weren't perfect.  I'm still not sure whether I want to complain or just stop thinking about it.  :)  Everyone says I have such perfect teeth when they see them though, so I think I'm just going to call it a day!  I don't think about it except when I put in and take out my retainers.
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Dr. Richard Gochman

So far I'm very happy with my first impression of him via email over a couple of months and finally meeting him in person. I will update more on the results of his work when its completed! :)

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