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Counting down 1 month and 1 day

Hi: I hope this doens't sound crazy but I...


I hope this doens't sound crazy but I have been contemplating on surgery for over a year. I have been actively working out for over 3 years (bootcamp(s), personal trainers, spin class, aerobic class you name it I was doing it. I had become addicted to working out but work out wasn't matching my results. I will tone my body but stomach will not make any significant changes. Feeling overwhelmed, I have recently had a consult for lipo for my mid section (stomach) and was advised by the physcian I wasn't a candidate for lipo but a better candidate for a Panniculectomy. He did explain the reason and basically told me the difference between Adominal Plasty and a Panniculectomy. He also advised that I would not recieve the best results with lipo and most likely feel like I have wasted my money. My question is how important is it to loose the desire weight before surgery. Also is there a really high risk with a Panniculectomy if I have anxiety, high blood pressure and acid reflux. (I am on a very low dose of blood pressure meds). Thus far I am very pleased with my surgeon he has allowed me email him or the staff for questions. BUT I AM SO SCARED.....


Hi GG, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

I would definitely take your surgeon up on his offer to email him questions, as a lot of your questions should be answered by your surgeon. He will know your body, if he has examined you and more importantly, he can give you the correct medical advice regarding your blood pressure, etc.

We also have an Ask a Doctor feature, that you could use. You simply click on the link, submit your question and it will be sent out to board certified surgeons, who hopefully will be able to share their advice with you.

Whether or not you lose weight first really depends on how much you have to lose. If you only need to lose 5-10lb then some people go ahead with the surgery and let that give them the motivation to lose the rest of the weight. However, if you still have quite a lot to lose, then you may want to wait until you've lost it, so that you don't have to have further skin-removing surgeries post-weight loss.


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I have set my final date for surgery with Dr. Mani...

I have set my final date for surgery with Dr. Mani with the Face & Body Clinic in Flowood, MS, it will be May 21 with one overnight stay. I will have my next consultation on May 3. I have been reading a lot of comments on realself.com and YouTube and the results seem amazing although I am still nervous I am very excited to see what lies beneath...


I'm happy that you've made this decision but not sure I could hold it all together waiting 2 months for surgery. So will you have the internal muscle tightening with the surgery he's talking about instead of the actual tummy tuck? Can you post before pictures so we know what you're talking about? Thanks
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I received a call that if I wanted I could change...

I received a call that if I wanted I could change my date. I am very excited and I will confirm the early date. I have also been working on a list for after care. I will show all my pics after the surgery. It will give me something to do on downside.

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My new surgery date is may 8. I have just received...

My new surgery date is may 8. I have just received the patient profile questionnaire. I will go in on may 1 for my last consultation. I am makimg all the list of things to get. I have been calling around for recliner chairs, I have now decided I will rent one a week before the surgery. I have noted things I may need.

Antiobotic pain reliever (tylenol)
Thin Non stick pad
CBS Throat lounges (cough drops)
Acid reflux meds
Gas relief Hibiclens or dial soap
Stool softener
Sports bra
Moisturizer no fragrance


If I choose the panni no but if I choose the abdomen tt yes. I will still recieve lipo to my flanks.

I guess I am just so nervous and really it isn't...

I guess I am just so nervous and really it isn't the procedure so much but being put to sleep. I have never had a major surgery and I have never been pregnant so I am not familier with all the descriptiosn of pain as it pertains to c-sections etc. I have procedures where I was put to sleep and I didn't have any complicatrions. I have mentally tried to condition my mine that things will be okay. I guess I am on here trying to get a realization of what my expectations should be, some on RS have great changes and looks Darn GOOD and it is well worth the money. I have been trying to explain to my sufficant other that this is not a weight loss surgery but a contour surgery. I think in his mine he feels that the biggest part of me will be gone and that is weight loss (got to love him) I assume although I will appear to be smaller/slimmer it is only that I want have this pot belly to hide the hips that lie beneath lol.

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Today I spoke with a young lady who had the...

Today I spoke with a young lady who had the surgery and recieved amazing results but stated she has gained some of the weight back. I am not sure what she means by as I understand this is not a weight loss surgery but I believe my results should be long lasting because I work out several times a weeks. I have slowed down because of inflammation but I am still pushing myself to do a walk etc. I will ask her more detailed questions because she has me concern!!


Hi Kirsty if I needed to change my title to tummy tuck will I have to write a new review?

I have decided to have the full tummy tuck. I have...

I have decided to have the full tummy tuck. I have gone into pay my PS fees and anesthesiology fee. Now it real.


Hi there,

Are you no longer having the panniculectomy?

No the full tummy tuck

No problem, I'll change it over for you now.

Today marks 1 month until my date of...

Today marks 1 month until my date of transformation. I can say now that I have paid the facility and PS all that is left for me to do is wait. I am still very nervous and some what excited. Now that I started to share it with people more like an informative conversation and I have a better response. I notices if you are unsure people tend to give an opinion and at this point I don't need any opnions just support. I have prayed about it and thus far I haven't recieved any reason that I shouldn't proceed. I will go back to my internal medicine doctor before surgery to be sure everything is still the same.

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