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I haven't done my tummy tuck yet or scheduled my...

I haven't done my tummy tuck yet or scheduled my consultation but I'm really serious about getting this procedure done. I have some friends and family members really trying to talk me out of doing this but my mind is made up. I'm really uncomfortable with my stomach after three kids and I've exercised. Everything goes down except my stomach. It's too saggy and I hate to look it the mirror.


Then you should go for it!!!  Set up at least three consults and start doing your research.  We will all be here for you.

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Thanks a lot. I've been really searching for doctors close to me and I've found a few. I'll be calling Monday for consultations. I understand my families concern but this is my body and I wann be comfortable with it.

That is exactly right!  It's your body and your move forward with pride and confidence.

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